I'm Going to Hand You the Formula for the Easiest Way to Rake in as much as $30,117.25 Per Month With Your Very Own Membership Website!




From: Tanner Larsson, Rachel Rofé, and Eric Holmlund

Dear Friend:

It doesn't matter what skills you have (or don't have).

It doesn't matter how long you've been online.

And it sure as heck doesn't matter how much of an expert you are. Fact is,

Virtually Anyone - And We Mean Anyone -
Can Make A Fortune With Membership

It's true.

We've seen some of the most highly unlikely people make astonishing fortunes online. You name it, we've seen it:

arrow 13 year olds
arrow Blind people
arrow People working 70-80 hours a week while doing the online thing part-time
arrow Retirees
arrow ...and everyone in between!

And here's the KEY: It's just as easy to make a subscription sale as a one time product sale. The only difference is you get paid over and over with the subscription.

So that's the biggest thing you should know from the offset:

If You're Interested In Making $5K,
$10K, Or Even $100K Per Month
From Membership Sites...

Then as long as you're armed with the right knowledge (more on that later), you can easily do it. Period.

You can wildly prosper even if...

arrow You're not technically savvy
arrow You're awful at copywriting
arrow You're not an expert
arrow You have no idea how to get traffic
arrow You have no startup capital

None of it matters because there's ways to get around all of it. (Hint: they don't cost money.)

And the coolest thing is when you have a membership site, you banish the "where's my money going to come from THIS month?" mentality. Every single month you can be completely confident that money's going to enter your bank account.

We mean, how confident would seeing this month after month make YOU feel?

Part of sales from 2 days - see how many rebills there are?

And if you want to learn from people that've had real-life results,

...Then We Have Some
Great News For You!

Before we even go further, here's why we're qualified to be writing this letter:

tanner Tanner Larsson is an offline business expert who found his passion marketing on the Internet. He has launched, operated and sold numerous six figure businesses and has a knack for finding high profit opportunities.

Tanner’s focus in the online world primarily revolves around business coaching, info product creation and membership sites. Over the last year, Tanner has been shifting his focus almost exclusively to building membership sites in a ever widening array of niches.

Tanner says membership sites are the fastest and most efficient way to build a stable recurring income and that banks and investors look at passive income generating membership sites as stable business assets.

Currently Tanner operates 7 membership sites in various price ranges and typically prefers either drip-fed or fixed term sites.



Rachel Rofé has been a full time Internet Marketer for 2 years.

She's dabbled in many different areas of Internet Marketing (from copywriting to ebook products to everything in between). Throughout everything she's tried, membership sites have always been her first love.

She says they're the easiest way to maintain her six-figure income and dabble in her passions. She also says they take away all the stress that comes with being an entrepreneur since there's never any "Can I pay my bills?" months once you've gotten them running.

Rachel has several membership sites, ranging from very low price to very high end.


As you can see, we're all passionate about our sites. Besides banishing all stress and giving you definitive income, membership sites are such a no-brainer because they're easy.

We mean, think about it.

You Could Make Over $100k With Less than 100 Customers!

$8,333.33 a month is all it takes to make six figures in a year.

If your membership site costs $97/month, you could make $100k with less than 100 customers!

Or suppose you're only charging $19.95/month. It would just take 418 people to bring you to $100k/year.

That's a VERY small and easily attainable number of customers when you consider how big the Internet is, and how many potential customers are on it!

And once you learn the core of what it takes to build a site... just think... you could build two... three... or tons of membership sites!

The sky truly is the limit with membership sites... at least when you know the secrets to setting them up correctly and outsourcing all the work.

And you don't need to do anything hard at all. Think about it...

check You don't need a huge opt-in list (or a list at all)
check You don't need to have massive guru JV partners
check You don't need to have a gigantic advertising budget
check You don't need to be a technical genius
check You don't have to be a great copywriter (You should see some of the "letters" that produce thousands upon thousands worth of sales)

You don't need to slave over huge ebooks or monstrous home-study courses

In fact --

You Can Have Your Membership Up And Running Within 48 Hours -- Even If You've Never Launched a Site Before!

For some types of membership sites all you need to get started is one article and you could be taking orders right away.

One article - and floods of recurring sales month after month. You can handle that, right?

And you certainly don't need any "fancy" websites, either. Did you know some of the most successful membership sites don't even have a member's area?

You'd be astonished at how quickly things can happen. Check out this email:

Email sent the night of February 23

Rachel got that idea on a drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. She quickly emailed Tanner her idea when she got to her hotel, but being that she was in Vegas, she didn't have much time to work until February 25th.

The site was launched on February 26th! (3 days after getting the idea, and only 1 day of work)

Here's an email that followed soon after:

$6,849 a month in less than 48 hours - not too shabby, right?

And did you see how the email mentioned making everything hands-off? It's true - it's entirely possible to run a wickedly effective membership site without needing to know anything about technical stuff. It's true -

You Don't Need An
Ounce Of Technical Ability.

Heck, Rachel's so un-technical that she once accidentally turned her personal blog into a yeast infection sales letter she'd been working on. She barely knows how to FTP and can only set up a sales page if the planets are aligning correctly ;-)

However, that hasn't once stopped her from logging into her inbox and seeing things like this:


Can barely set up a sales page - yet the sales come rolling in...

Or this...

Rachel doesn't mind not being technically competent  - as long as she can read her inbox, she's happy....

That's because she uses braindead simple methods to launch her membership sites. In fact, her favorite type of membership format doesn't use a member's area at all - it's almost 100% done through writing articles.

Another one of Rachel's very first membership sites was launched with just one pre-recorded call (so much for bells-and-whistles websites). More was added later, but to gauge demand, her and a partner started with just that. Here's what happened:

67 members in one day - all starting from a one-hour recorded call.

You do know how to talk, right? If so, you could be seeing the same success.

At this point your mind might be going into overdrive, thinking of all the money-sucking things you can create with the sheer power of membership sites. Maybe you already have a product and want to know how to transform it into a membership site. Or maybe you have a great idea but you're worried about how to make it valuable enough to turn it into a monthly program. Either way we'll show you --

How To Easily Turn Your Ideas Into
Profit-Producing Machines Your Customers Can't Get Enough Of!

You see, that's really important to us. It's easy to quickly make money with any kind of slapped-together product... but we'll show you how to easily and instantly make top-notch sites that fatten your wallet and elate your customers.

We'll teach you things like...

check Choosing "golden ticket" markets with hordes of rabid subscribers that would be overjoyed to hand you money
check How to provide enormous value for minimal work (In fact, we'll show you how to get other people to work for you... for free!)
check Mega-valuable "stick" tactics that make your subscribers flinch at the thought of ever unsubscribing
check How to unleash massive waves of traffic to your site... without paying a penny
check How to create ultra-lucrative membership sites almost overnight (Literally - we'll teach you how to get your first one done in less than 48 hours)
check How to set up your very own thriving 6-figure membership sites for less than $10
check Secret-weapon tricks to double... triple... and quadruple your profits
check ...and much, much more!

Finally Made Public:
Monthly Income Formula

We've given review copies to some people and here's their initial feedback:

"I'll be launching my first membership site this week. I already made that promise to my list."
"Wow Rachel!

I'm almost through the reading the first manual and my head is buzzing with ideas. I already have several ideas for membership sites. Digging through the rest of the material will be a lot of fun.

Right now the hardest part is staying focused on not starting anything up before having read all 4 manuals (as I was told :)).

I found the business plan template included in the package to be extremely useful. I'll be launching my first membership site this week. I already made that promise to my list."

Mike N.


"Step by step, complete guide to build membership sites."
"Wow - what an absolutely fantastic, step-by-step, complete guide to building membership sites. This Home Study Course is so complete that I feel confident, even as a non-techie, that I now have a blueprint to create a site offering valuable content, attract members, and make money!

Thank you Rachel and Tanner for all the information, much of which I can also use in other components of my business. What a great value."

Martha Mayo

"It has everything you need to know and more."
"I haven't gone through everything but I have gotten through the manuals and I have to say this course is awesome.

It has everything you need to know and more. And it takes you from the absolute beginning all the way to the end, which is great for ignorant people like me. :)

Not only have I learned everything about launching membership sites and making lots of money but I've learned a ton of great tips for Internet Marketing in general.

I can't wait to get started with my first membership site!

Chai Rose

"This course will not only save you tons of money but you'll make gobs of it, too!"
"This course is killer. Rachel and Tanner take you step by step to build a membership site... and there is no fluff.

They even warn you of A HUUUUUUGE mistake that most internet marketers make...and they tell you about right from the beginning. This course will not only save you TONS of money but you will make gobs of it too if you follow everything they say.

I, for one, am really siked about the ideas I have gotten and I am
even more siked that I have a step by step plan layed out in front of me now to implement those ideas and turn 'em into cash. I cannot wait to have my first site up and running!

I will keep you guys updated on my success!"

Tajwar Alexander


You see, the course really does teach it all.

Everything You Need To Know To Create An Atom Bomb Of Income To Your Bank Account...

Here's a sneak preview of what's inside:

This manual covers everything you could possibly want to know about how to create your membership site. You'll learn...


How to find scores of rabid buyers that would love to hand you cash (Finding these markets is like tapping into goldmines...)



How to instantly know what market will earn you the most profits possible



How to set up your very own membership site within 48 hours



 Membership formats that'll blow your mind (Most people think you need to have a J-O-B with membership sites and this couldn't be further from the truth. We'll reveal how to run thriving sites that you only have to touch ONCE, even though you'll rake in the income for years to come...)



 The best possible payment processor to use (And why we loathe certain ones)



 Avoid trying out a million membership scripts - we'll tell you which ones are worth their salt and why (We'll even give you a copy of our very own membership website script - but more on that later)



 How to maximize your profit potential and squeeze out as much money as possible from your sites (while still overdelivering like nobody's business)



 The three reasons you should never enter certain niches



How to price your sites exactly right - make sure you're not throwing any money on the table, but still getting as many targetted subscribers as possible...



 Out-of-the-box ways to find goldmine niches



 Why you don't need to be an expert to start up your membership site



 Membership styles that practically chain your subscribers to your site (Use these and your subscribers will never, ever want to leave)



 How to set up a membership site without ever creating a member's area (You'll be shocked when you see how wickedly effective this is)



 How to set up your content so that it's "drip-fed" to people - once they sign up for Month 1, they only get Month 1's content, and so forth...



 How to look at your niche and know exactly what features your membership should have (Many people do far too much - not only does this create a J-O-B, but it often backfires... and we'll tell you exactly why)


bc  and much, much more.

This manual covers everything you could possibly want to know about sales and marketing.

We'll go over everything, including...


Free traffic techniques specifically tailored to membership sites (Use these and watch your signups multiply)



Hidden secrets about traffic methods and how to use them to your benefit



An underutilized free method that spreads avalanches of traffic to your site like wildfire



Specific little-known websites that you need to be utilizing if you want hordes of targeted traffic



How to ethically manipulate YouTube to send you thousands of passionate visitors in your niche



A ridiculously easy way to make super-converting videos in 10 minutes or less (We'll even show you where you can find free software)



How to find joint venture partners that'll fall over themselves trying to promote for you (Including an actual script that you can copy and paste)



How to buy traffic for pennies on the dollar



How to get featured in newspapers and magazines for FREE (We were astonished at the results when we tried this.)



Traffic methods you can pay for that'll dramatically catapult your return on investment (We're talking returns of 500%, 600%... even 1000%!)



What Rachel spent $80 on that ended up featuring her as a cover story on the 50th most circulated magazine in the country



How to instantly have 50, 100, 250+ paying members to your site (This one action will literally dump them in your lap all at once)



How to create small authority sites that catapult your membership's credibility (These practically send people over to your main site with their credit card in their hand, ready to type out the numbers...)



How to unleash scores of affiliates that couldn't be happier to promote your product (You'll also learn a crazy fact about human nature here.)



Why some affiliates would rather promote something where they only get $77 commission instead of $197 and how you can use that to your advantage



How to help your affiliates help you (Exactly what to share with them so they're empowered to send you loads of traffic)



Where to find SuperAffiliates (making $10,000+ a month) that would kill to promote your product (Hint: It's not Clickbank.)



How to find tons of advertising opportunities that you'd never otherwise see



How to write an iron-clad sales letter that converts like gangbusters



A little-known fact about sub-headlines and something crucial you need to know about them (This alone could increase conversions by 100%, 500%, and more.)



Amazing sales letter conversion tactics that skyrocket your bottom line



The one thing you absolutely MUST (must!) do to every single sales page you put out (Unless you want to potentially lose hundreds of thousands of dollars)



How to get the-best-of-the-best membership "bells and whistles" for FREE (You'll go crazy when you realize this has been under your nose for a long time.)



How to private label memberships (sell them in bulk to certain people) for instant income and targeted people who've proven to spend money in your niche



How to develop mindblowing products that your customers tell you in advance they want to pay for...



and much, much more.



This manual is all about what scares most people off from making membership sites: how to effortlessly have tons of amazing content and offer incredible value.

When you're done with this manual, you'll know exactly how to have a phenomenal brimming-with-value site that people can't get enough of.

You'll discover...


How to get people to joyfully create your content for you (In fact, some of them will even pay you for the privilege!)



Where to find some of the hands-down best content in the world (Hint: you can get it for free.)



How to use the same one piece of content and repurpose it 10+ ways... skyrocketing the perceived value of your site yet not wasting anyone's time (This one's almost evil, it's so ingenius)



Where to find the very best people to outsource to (Hint: It's not elance, guru.com, or scriptlance)



A mindblowingly simple technique to use on bidding sites that'll drive bids down to the ground (It takes no more than 5 minutes but will save you hundreds)



A grave mistake that you should never, ever commit (It's counterintuitive but you must know it - a friend of ours messed up and lost out on $10K)



An out-of-the-box method to find top-notch workers (We can almost guarantee you've never thought of this.)



Why hiring people you like can be disastrous



How to put your members into submission, making sure they never want to leave...



What people are more than happy to pay for time and time again...



Blazingly obvious yet amazingly underutilized triggers to use within your site



The 4 Crucial Questions to ask yourself when developing your product...



How to effortlessly get others to do your work (Use these tips and you'll be astonished at how much time you free up)



A tactic that works even better than forums, hence killing the need for moderation but still allowing you to have a "community" feel...



How to get your members to give you all the content ideas you could ever want



How to "hook" the member in from the very first month...



How to practically force your members to give you feedback so you can constantly improve



...and much, much more.



This manual focuses on breaking down every single technical issue you could possibly experience.

lay it out step-by-step for the greenest of newbies so there's no possible way anyone could encounter any problems...

bcHow to seamlessly use your membership site script (Unless you prefer to simply use an autoresponder - and we'll explain how to do that, too...)

bcGo right to our "rolodex" of free website templates - seamlessly add one to your website (we'll show you how) one and watch how the sales come pouring in

bcMake one-time-offers, upsells, and downsells a piece of cake

bcHow to set up any kind of membership site you want - traditional, autoresponder, newsletter, or fixed-term

bcThe hands-down best forum to add to your site

bcSmoothly set up a help desk in less than 10 minutes

bcInstantly integrate any payment processor to your site (You'll be amazed at how easy this is - including PayPal, PayDotCom, Clickbank, and a merchant account)

bcMake setting up a sales and thank you page no sweat at all

bcShield your membership from thieves - we'll show exactly how to make sure nobody ever steals your content

bc...and much, much more


But besides just reading about what's worked for us, you can actually take a look at what we and other successful membership site owners have done.

Real-Life Case Studies From Some Of The Most Successful Membership Sites Out There:

Someone we really respect once mentioned that the quickest way to achieve success is to study what other accomplished people have done. This way you can avoid wasting time reinventing the wheel and go right into duplicating other people's success for yourself.

That's why these case studies are so important. Not only will you read what we say you should do, but you'll actually get to see for yourself. Check out what we have in store for you:


Dennis Becker is the owner of a thriving Internet Marketing website, Earn1KADay. He has over 750 members with unheard-of retention rates (way past the "industry average").

Dennis not only digs in deep into his site, but he explains...


Precisely how he makes sure his members want to stay members for life



How he started the site for under $15 (including domain name, membership script, and hosting!)



How he "accidentally" earns thousands of dollars monthly from his subscribers in addition to the membership fees he's already receiving



Exactly how Dennis generated the amount of members that he has today, step-by-step



A mindboggling idea Dennis had that ended up giving his members an overflowing amount of content (Hint: He paid a whopping $0 for it.)



How to create over 40,000 value-ridden posts on a forum



Bulletproof ways to get customers stark-raving in love with your site



Why Dennis almost had to turn members away because demand was getting too big



Why people offered to moderate Dennis' site... for FREE!



A simple touch to implement to your customer service that people find almost too good to be true



A stealth tactic that makes it almost devastating for members to leave before 4 months


bc ...and much, much more.



Amy has been Internet Marketing for under a year. She's tried her hand at a few membership sites before with lukewarm success.

Her latest project, The Niche Blogger, netted her over 600 paying members within a month. Amy explains exactly how this happened, including...


The key mistake Amy made with her other sites - and how, once she corrected it, was able to skyrocket her income (This goes against what many "gurus" will tell you.)


How Amy "accidentally stumbled" upon this cash-sucking membership site (And how you could be accidentally ignoring your own goldmine.)


Precisely how you too can get 200 monthly subscribers within 24 hours of putting out your offer 


How to automate your content so that you can do the work once and walk away


How you can start out with less than $30 and run a thriving membership site


How to pre-qualify your subscribers (Do this wrong and watch your conversions suffer.)


How to make sure you get a lot of members to your site right away


Easy upsells to offer that double, triple, and quadruple your income - AND give you more ideas for content within the site (Talk about a win-win)


How to get scores of affiliates promoting your offer for you



How to make it extremely easy for people to promote your site (Put these tools right in front of people and they're practically foolish not to get the word out for you.)



An ethical "win-win" that makes your customers appreciate you... yet also practically chains them to your site for life


How to know your market will be profitable before getting into it



Key mistakes to avoid so you're earning as much as possible and as quickly as possible


bc  ...and much, much more!


You can succeed in many more niches besides Internet Marketing, and Tanner shows you exactly how.

With this fixed-term membership site (a membership site that expires after a certain amount of time - we'll tell you all about them!), Tanner has been able to generate a solid passive income in a niche with many rabid buyers.

Tanner shows you exactly...


Whose squeeze page he "legally stole" from and how he was able to multiply his conversions because of it



How to get new subscribers trickling in on a near-constant basis



Insider sneak-peek inside the member's area: you can see it all...



How to automate your site to the point where you do zero work per week



The exact amount of content you can deliver for $19.95 a month (It's way less than you expect, but if you position it correctly, people are overjoyed with it)



Precisely how to word your sales letter for optimum conversions



A secret retention strategy to use that'll skyrocket the amount of people who stay members (It's only two lines worth of text but makes a huge impact.)



How to effectively cross-promote other products to double your profits


How to get your site making money nearly overnight (Before you spend more than an hour coming up with content.)



A strategy you can implement to get people refusing to leave your site



How to keep subscribers incredibly energized and excited to keep getting more information


bc ...and much, much more.



Andrew Wee has been a very successful marketer for several years now. Most people know him from his incredibly popular blog, WhoIsAndrewWee.com.

After years of customers begging him to teach them more about blogging, Andrew decided to launch a Fixed Term Membership Site (this is one membership format you'll learn all about).

Andrew took his own knowledge, "best of the best" knowledge from the marketing greats, and feedback from his customers to deliver the ultimate membership site. In the interview, Andrew talks about...


The most failproof possible way to know if your site idea will succeed before putting in one single solitary minute of work



What most people forget about when calculating costs in running a site (This is absolutely crucial.)



The #1 thing to focus on (This alone has landed Andrew in newspapers, top blogs, and given him amazing networking opportunities. Warning: It's not what you think.)



The one tweak that catapults customer response rates and why you'll never do it any other way once you see the err of your ways



A 10 minute plan that massively increases the number of customers who succeed with your material



Why bonuses plain suck a great majority of the time



Brilliant strategies that help you squeeze more profit from every customer for years to come... without having to change your core products



How watching trends can explode the perceived value of your site



How Andrew is currently boasting a 100% retention rate with Secret Blog Weapon (This alone is worth listening to the interview for!)



 What Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, and John Carlton have to do with your success (This has nothing to do with copywriting.)



 How Andrew banishes all "3 month average retention rate" stories and shows how HE aims to keep people for 10... 15... 20 years+



 How to legally steal other people's ideas and skyrocket your own bottom line



 How magazines like Golf Digest and PC World are able to come up with 10 years or more worth of content over and over - even though they're still writing on one core topic!


bc  ...and much, much more!


In this case study Rachel goes through, in an in-depth video, everything that went into creating her weight release membership site, yayFOOD.

She spills exactly why she did certain things, how they impacted retention, and other amazing tidbits that she could've only picked up through trial and error.

She went through the hard knocks for you and now spills the beans. You'll learn...


The absolute first thing you need to ensure every customer sees (Considering how most people drop out of membership sites on Month 1, this is crucial.)



How to get people begging to give you content - even paying for the privilege...



A super-stealth way to implode your site's "Viral Factor"



How to get never-ending content without doing any extra work



How to keep people super-motivated to keep using your site



Precisely how to figure out your customer triggers and what to do once you have them (This'll add tons to your bottom line.)



The shocking realization Rachel got after sending out a survey - and how she remedied the results with lightning speed (This can be applied to any niche and the results'll astonish you.)



How to dramatically supercharge the "community" feel of your site



How to earn at least double the membership fees of your subscribers each and every month... give them even more value... and increase happiness levels... without doing any extra work past the initial 5 minute setup



How to ensure your forum never looks empty



How to use a free resource to add thousands of dollars worth of perceived value in your site


bc ...and much, much more!


Here is a screenshot of payments from one of our sites...

$32K+ From Just One Membership Site!


Membership Revolution was the near-6 figure site Tanner and Rachel launched in 2 days.

bcExactly how it took only 48 hours to create a near-$100K business...  

bcHow to make it a no-brainer that people buy from you

bcREVEALED: Every piece of marketing that was used to launch the membership (You can easily take this and use it for your own niches)

bcHow they got instant access to hordes of qualified buyers so quickly

bcThe "master plan" to outsource every ounce of work and make it a truly hands-off six figure business

bcHow to deliver an incredibly value membership site, amazingly quickly...

bc...and much, much more.

A lot of people might stop here. After all, everything up to this point gives you a crystal-clear education on how to bump yourself to the next tax bracket with membership sites.

But we're not kidding when we say we want to make this the most comprehensive, failproof road to success... EVER.

That's why we went through and included way more.

Squeeze The Most From Your
Membership Site With These Tactics:


Nathan Gilder is a master outsourcer, having hired out for projects that range from $45 to $10,000+.

You might think you know about hiring out, but we assure you that Nathan's tips will revolutionize how you feel about outsourcing. That isn't said for hype-value... it's true. Check out some of the things Nathan shared with us...

bcHow to get top-notch work done for 50-80% off the regular price (even on sites like eLance, guru.com, or scriptlance)

bcThe bids you should never, EVER accept - even though it sounds wildly counterintuitive

bcFor technically incompetent: A simple copy-and-paste (less than one minute) you can do to ensure you're getting the best quality work from programmers - even if you have zero technical knowledge

bcHow to get top-performing service providers to work for you quicker AND cheaper - and feel great about it...

bcA simply $50 you can pay that'll save you hundreds - if not thousands - of dollars

bcHow to remain stone-cold-positive that outsource providers will do what they promise (Never be taken advantage of again)

bcHow to expertly speak a service provider's language - and practically trance them into offering you special discounts

bcStep-by-step how to get products from $100 to $50, from $150 to $88, and even more...

bcA gargantuan mistake that the majority of people make in negotiations

bcThe mindset you absolutely need to have when hiring people... and how it'll revolutionize your business as you know it

bcAn imperative tip that entrepreneurs need to take from personnel managers (This alone will spare you hours of headaches)

bcA one-minute trick you can do to ensure that only the most thorough and detail-oriented service providers respond to your ad

bcHow to ensure that deadlines are always met

bc...and much, much more!


After you've created your membership site, you might decide that it's your baby and want to keep it for life.

You also might opt to sell it and recoup instant cash.

If that's the case, Justin Brooke is the man to talk to. As one of the foremost experts on site flipping, Justin selflessly divulged a TON of information, including things like...

bcA ridiculously quick and FREE way to explode the perceived value of your site - skyrocketing how much you make from it

bcWhere to sell sites for maximum profit (This might be contrary to anything you've heard before)

bcExactly when to sell a site for optimum profits

bcPrecisely how to word your auction when you list your site for sale (These unknown tweaks can multiply as much as 304% to your bottom line.)

bcA million dollar secret site you can use to instantly create a Web 2.0 feel to your site - putting the power of MySpace, YouTube, and Facebook instantly on your site... for free!

bcPrecisely how to name your domains for maximum profit (How you do this can mean a huge deal to your bottom line.)

bcThe best possible answers you can give potential customers (All honest - just wordsmithed to perfection)

bcHow to completely protect yourself in every sale

bcHow to practically ensure that your buyers will want to buy more sites from you... as fast as you can supply them!

bcWhat you should make customers do before you even think of giving them the site

bcThe best possible payment processor to use for selling your site (If you think there's even the slightest chance of you possibly selling one day you need to know this.)

bcThe essential 4 things to tell every prospective buyer

bcAn incredible out-of-the-box underground strategy to get even more money from the customer after you sell your site (This usually only goes to Justin's platinum customers.)

bc...and much, much more!

And just in case you want us to really TAKE YOU BY THE HAND and walk you through the process STEP BY SIMPLE STEP...

We're Also Including 8 Step By Step Videos so You Can SEE Exactly How to Set Up Your Own Membership Site!

In this video series, you will be taken step by step to learn how to setup a membership site from the eyes of a membership owner.  You'll know how to plan ahead so you can save time and money in the long run, and so much more.

Here is what you'll gain access to:

1) What you need to know and what tools you need before you get started.

Before you get started, it's important to know what you're expecting first and what tools you will need to have before you started.  You'll also learn shortcuts that will allow you to save time in the future.

2) How to plan your membership site out.

Not having a plan in hand to organize your site and your goals will rip your membership site apart.  In this video, you'll learn how to plan ahead and how to organize your membership site so that you make the experience for your members a good one.  You'll also learn how you brainstorm and take your membership topic and turn it into an actual site.

3) How to setup and organize your download and welcome page.

Knowing how to setup download pages or pages in general from scratch is very important.  We will presume that you have no prior HTML or web development knowledge so that even if you are a newbie, then this video would be for you.  You'll learn not only the best way to organize your website, but to make them upload ready, which allows you to save time when you upload your files to your web host.

4) How to setup a Wordpress blog

Setting up a blog is going to be optional for your membership site, but believe me, you want to create some sort of interaction between you and your members or your members and other members.  In this video, you will learn how to create a Wordpress blog from scratch, step by step of the way.

5) How to setup a Small Machines Forum

Setting a forum allows your members to interact with each more frequently. In doing so, it also allows you to organize the answered questions easier than a blog sometimes.  In this video, you will learn how to setup a nice looking forum quickly from scratch as well.

6) How to Install the Amember pro membership script

In this video, you will learn how to setup the membership script from scratch.  This is where it gets technical, and sometime it can be a big roadblock for some of you.  Well it doesn't have to be so the video will go step by step through this process of installation, showing you quick and easy ways to set it up.

7) How to Create products and protect your files with the script

Creating products within your membership script settings is important.  You'll learn how to do just that using the Amember pro script.  Not only that, you'll learn how to protect yourself from thieves that try to get into your membership site.  Keep thieves out so you can keep your paid members in.

8) Testing your membership site to make sure it works

Testing your membership site when it's completed is always important.  You wouldn't want a malfunctioning membership site on your hands especially when your customers are trying to hand you cash right?  Then you lose money and you leave money on the table.  You'll learn how you can do just that in this video.

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