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The real task is finding quality products to sell . . . and quantity.  Everyone says that you will never get rich selling one ebook.  No matter how many copies of the ebook you sell, you will always be leaving money on the table.

You need plenty of high quality products to sell on the back end . . . that is, you need more products to sell to your customers after they buy that first product from you.

Of course, you could spend the time and money to create all of these products yourself.  Or, you could spend the time (a lot of time, actually) and money to find quality products that have resell rights that you can turn around and sell to your current customers.

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First, take a look at the products you'll be able to sell once you download this package . . .

  MRR Product #1 - Feedback Analyzer Pro

The UNIQUE eBay Software For BOTH the eBay Buyer and eBay Seller!

  • Instantly separate the positive, neutral and negative comments into separate easy-to-read tables!

  • The UNIQUE eBay Software For BOTH the eBay Buyer and eBay Seller!

  • Edit any feedback list using the integrated filtering option.

  • Extract your own feedback comments, then use the NEW ad creator tool to create highly attractive feedback ads you can insert into your ebay auctions ... then watch your sales dramatically increase!

  • And More!



  MRR Product #2 - Email Marketing Dynamo

Are You Ready To Become An Email Marketing Dynamo?  If Your Not Concentrating On List Building, Your Missing The Point!

You have heard it before, YOU must concentrate your efforts in building a profitable list.  It goes without saying, that having a responsive list is like printing money on demand.

But first you need to know where to start, how to build trust, how to collect emails, simply strategies, if you have none of them down then you could be doomed for failure.

This guide will give you that foundation!



  MRR Product #3 - Creating and Writing Your Blog

A Cash-Sucking Blog Isn't Born Overnight . . . You Need to Learn How to Effectively Create Content For Your Blog That Will Have Your Visitors Begging For More!

  • How to write great blog content

  • Ten tips on writing a blog post

  • How to write killer blog titles

  • Developing a writing style and voice for your blogs

  • The how and why of blogging

  • How to start blogging for profit

  • The different types of blog posts

  • And More!



  MRR Product #4 - Cash Sucking Sales Letters

Discover The Simple And Proven Step-By-Step Methods And Techniques To Creating Hypnotic Sales Copy That Turns Visitors Into Eager To Buy Paying Customers!


All you have to do is follow the easy to follow methods and techniques outlined in this straight to the point, no BS guide and your visitors will go from suspicious readers to trusting, eager to buy customers at the blink of an eye…



  MRR Product #5 - Exit Prophet

New Technology Predicts The Very Moment Someone Try's To Leave Your Website & Stops Them Dead In Their Tracks With A Profit Pulling Unblockable Exit Popup

Exit Prophet Pro is a small php script you can use to generate little 'exit traffic salesmen'.  As soon as they get a sense someone is about to abandon your site they jump into action, funnelling the traffic where you want it to go before its gone forever.

You can generate an infinite number of these salesmen and put them on any webpage you want!



  MRR Product #6 - How to Sell Services For Instant Cash


If You Can Brush Your Teeth In The Morning . . . Then You Have The Skills to Start Making Instant Cash With Highly Paid Services Starting Today!



  • Video 1 - How To Sell Services Online For Instant Cash

  • Video 2 - The Internet Is Overflowing With People Who Want To Pay You Money!

  • Video 3 - How To Set Yourself Apart From The Competition- Permanently!

  • Video 4 - How To Use High End Services To Revolutionize Your Profit Funnel

  • Video 5 - Your High End Profit Funnel



  MRR Product #7 - Blog Splash


Do Your Blogs Look Just Like Every Other Blog?  Then Maybe Its Time to Spice Up Your Blogs!


With BlogSplash you can spice up your blog post and get them a little more noticed.  Easily add the ability to colorize the background of each blog post to make them stand out more and keep your readers interest!



  MRR Product #8 - Internet Copywriting Success Starts With The Basics

You're About to Discover How Proper Copyrighting Skills Make Big Profits!

  • The Difference Between Offline and Online Copywriting

  • How The Right Attitude Really Goes a Long Way

  • The Fine Art of Short and Sweet Copywriting  

  • How To Create Impulse Buying With Your Words

  • The Secret To Headlines and How To Make Them Shine



  MRR Product #9 - Cash For Content

Finally . . . A Solid Step By Step System You Can Use In the Next 60 Minutes To Start Generating Real Online Income!

  • Discover Exactly How to Create Content That Pays You!
  • Make Cash On Demand Any Day Of The Week!
  • Leverage Your Content to Build a Real Online Business, In The Fastest Time Possible!


  MRR Product #10 - Black Hat SEO For Beginners

Quickly And Easily Outsmart Your Way To Six Figures Using These Powerful Black Hat Strategies!

  • Gain Better Understanding Of The Games Search Engines Play With Website Owners

  • Enjoy Full Advantage From Your Keywords And Keyword Selection!

  • Optimize Your Pages For Better Search Engine Ranking!

  • Quickly Generate Hundreds Of Backlinks To Your Sites!

  • And More!



  MRR Product #11 - ClickGate Pro

This exciting new software is perfect for protecting your files, or a members subscription site!

With automated signups, protection against password distribution and abuse, and full personalization capabilities, this program has it all.

Everybody is looking for a safe and efficient way to automate the delivery of their product. ClikGatePRO can do just that. Once you have your product fulfillment automated, you can have more time for the more important stuff!



  MRR Product #12 - ClickBank Exposed

Discover The Secret Baby Steps to Making a Personal Fortune From Selling Other People's Products -- Starting As Early As Today...GUARANTEED!

  • Exactly how Clickbank works, and how you can start collecting payments using its built-in merchant system

  • How to take advantage and understand the Clickbank "Marketplace"

  • How to determine which products you will have success in promoting

  • 10 Clickbank super tips to give you a boost and kick-start with Clickbank

  • And More!



  MRR Product #13 - Lightning Fast Product Creation Tactics

Quickly Create E-products In A Flash And Get Your Own Sales Letter And Selling For You… All Within 24 Hours!

  • The Concepts Behind Creating Products Super Fast! In this book, you will learn how you can create your own product within 24 hours!

  • A Simple, Yet Complete Blueprint That Teaches You Step-By-Step

  • How To Literally Get Others To Create The Content For You, FREE OF CHARGE!

  • Write Your Own Sales Letters EASILY!



  MRR Product #14 - One Time Offer Templates

Get 5 Professionally Designed One Time Offer Templates Ready to Be Added to Your Sales Process!  Just Add Your One Time Offer, and Go!



  MRR Product #15 - Making Money With CD Duplication

Who Else Wants To Earn Money and DUPLICATE There's Money in CD Duplication and It's Like Printing Money!

Don't think there is money to be made duplicating CDs?  Think again!  There is a LOT of money to be made, if you know what you're doing.  This guide will help on your first step towards making a killing with CD duplication!



  MRR Product #16 - Blogging On Steroids

Throw Away All That Junk Load You Got About Doing A Living Online And Start Making Real CA$H Through Blogging On Steroids TODAY!

  • What are the mandatory tools for a successful blogging business

  • What is that little thing which will keep your visitors coming back on your blog all day, eager for more!

  • How to write posts the real S.M.A.R.T. way

  • What are the best free traffic providers and how to effectively use them

  • How to monetize your blog like a money "guru"



  MRR Product #17 - Podcast Assistant In A Box

How Would You Like To Sound Just Like A Professional News Anchor The Next Time You Create Your Own Podcast Without Having To Have The Budget Of A TV Network?



If you are creating audio podcasts for your professional web site, you don't want to sound umm like ughh a dork that can't remember what the heck umm they are trying to ughh say! Do it like a real PRO with "Podcast Assistant In A Box" starting today!



  MRR Product #18 - Simple Online Business

If You Could Start Your Own Online Business,
In Just a Week or Two, With Almost No Expense to Get Started . . . Would You Do It?

  • The 4-Step process you need to follow to get a product done and actually making you money

  • Ways to develop killer product ideas, and to get them turned into high-quality products quickly

  • Proven processes for getting a book done quickly, even if you hate to write

  • The three most effective ways to get people to visit your sales page after you've completed it

  • And Much More!



  MRR Product #19 - Customer List Fortunes

Discover How You - Or Anyone - Can Build The BEST Kind Of Gold Mine Online From Scratch And Reach Out To Your Money ONE Email Away!

If You Haven't Been Turning Any Of The Resell Rights Products In Your Hard Drive Into Cash, Here's How You Can Exercise Creative Use In Building Your Very Own Paid Customers List - Even If You Don't Have A List To Begin With!



  MRR Product #20 - My Viral Lottery

Run Your Own Lottery Site And Skyrocket your List!

My Viral Lottery allows you to build your mailing list and get your list to become more responsive by letting your visitors participate in your very own lottery drawings to win your products for free.

A fun way to add something interactive to your marketing tactics!



  MRR Product #21 - Instant Site Creator

Give Me Just Five Minutes of Your Time, And I Will Show You The Secret To Create Profit Pulling Sales Copy That Blows Your Visitors Away And Leads Them Straight To Your ORDER NOW Link, Without Spending A Single Dime on Copywriting Fees

The Instant Site Creator is a powerful system that the simplicity to using it will just amaze you. The fact is that when you put it to use, you can now take that vacation feeling assured that you have one of the most scalable tool ever being developed to make a stagerring online income even when you know nuts about HTML..



  MRR Product #22 - Copy the Super Affiliates to Success!

Who Else Wants To Discover How The Super Affiliates Make Huge Commissions Every Time They Promote And How You Can Copy Them To Success?

  • What Super Affiliates Focus On That Average Affiliates Do Not

  • Discover The Sure Fire Way To Increase Your Sales With This Hot Tip

  • The 4 Steps To Writing The Perfect Testimonials And Getting The Sale

  • 'Force' People To Buy An Affiliate Product Through Your Link

  • And So Much More!



  MRR Product #23 - Killer Video Conversions

Discover The 7 Brutally Effective, Secret Video Techniques That Literally Force Viewers Away From YouTube And Straight To Your Website...
...Time After Time

  • 3 Reasons Why 'Watermarking' Your Videos Isn't As Effective As You Might Think, And What You Can Do About It

  • Force viewers to your stealing this method, dating back to the silent picture era

  • How To Correctly Craft Your Title

  • And More!



  MRR Product #24 - Easy Blog Traffic

New Research Reveals That 95% of Bloggers Suffer From the Pathetic Blog Traffic (PBT) Disease, And You Could Be One of Them!

When you discover some of the secrets I reveal in Easy Blog Traffic, you’ll see how I managed to get one of my blogs from NOWHERE to an Alexa ranking of 4,000+ (highest) and maintain an average Alexa ranking of 12,000+ - This is not a simple thing to do!

When I discovered some of the closely-guarded secrets of generating tons of unique, interested visitors to my blogs, it was only a matter of time before I started making some serious money.



  MRR Product #25 - Niche Marketing Profits

You're About to Discover The Foolproof Method For Creating A Very Profitable Online Business Using High Profit Niches . . .

Are  you looking for way to potentially make hundreds of thousands of dollars from your own online business?  Most people today have at least thought about how they could make money by having a business online. 


In order to have a profitable online business today, you need to be able to work within niches.  Niches are pockets in the market that have not been over saturated by other businesses.



Buying all of these products individually could literally cost you thousands of dollars.  Many of these products regularly sell for upwards of $67 (and sometimes more).


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Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and it's potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request.  The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, and don’t apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.  Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.  As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money. 


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