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Order Here and I Will CREATE A New Product For You!

Hey this is Eric Holmlund. There's a simple reason that I am helping to promote Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula (*other than the fact that I'm an affiliate)...

His formula has worked for me, and it's worked for hundreds of other entrepreneurs in many different markets. His formula has stood the test of time, and it has been PROVEN to get results.

I have personally used this product launch formula to create many successful launches in the past few years including...

  • 1 launch that generated over $1 Million
  • 1 launch that generated over $500k
  • 5 launches that generated over $300k each
  • 6 launches that generated over $200k each
  • 14 launches that generated over $100k each
  • Plus MANY 5 figure launches

    Yes I really have done 27 six-figure launches using this method, and sold millions of dollars of products online.

    But here's the really cool part. Not only has the formula worked for experienced marketers such as myself, it has also worked for marketers with little or no experience, most of whom are OUTSIDE the "internet marketing" industry.

    There's a guy who has made over $100k by using Jeff's formula to re-launch a board game that had previously flopped. Then there's the woman who did a $140k launch to a list of 817 people in the "dressage" (horse ballet) market.

    Needless to say, this formula can work for virtually anyone in any market!

    I want you to experience the same kind of success that myself and hundreds of other people have experienced as a result of Jeff's strategies.

    Therefore, I'm offering a bonus to give you an extra incentive to invest in Jeff's program.

    When you order through my link below, you will receive the following bonus:

    THE BONUS) I Will Create A New Product For You ($1000.00 Value) - Must be claimed by the end of September 20th

    So I decided to do something that no one else is doing. I am going to create something UNIQUE just for you. I'm not talking about something that will be shared between everyone who gets this bonus. I'm actually going to create a unique ebook for each and every person who claims this bonus.

    Your ebook will be original (brand new written just for you... NOT based on PLR material). And here's something even more exciting...

    YOU will get to choose the topic!

    That's right, you can choose ANY topic or niche, and my ghostwriter will create a new ebook for you. It will be totally yours. You can put your name on it if you want, and claim authorship and exclusive copyright to it.

    You can use your ebook for ANYTHING you want. Here are a few possible uses...

  • Use it as a stand alone product and sell it for any price you want (you could launch it with Jeff's formula!)
  • Add it to your existing product, or make it a part of a new product bundle
  • Sell it with the "$7 script" to create an instant viral list builder and income generator
  • Give it away to build your list
  • Use it as a pre-launch giveaway for a product launch (Hint: giving something away something of value is a part of Jeff's formula)
  • Sell Resale Rights to it, or put your affiliate links in it and sell Master Resale Rights

    Anyway, those are just some of the possible uses just off the top of my head. As you can see, it is a perfect bonus for Jeff's PLF coaching program, because there are so many ways you can use it directly in conjunction with the Product Launch Formula.

    Your ebook will be a minimum of 15+ pages in Microsoft Word. In addition to choosing the topic, you may also give us additional instructions about any particular themes or subtopics that you want to have covered in the ebook.

    You will receive the Microsoft Word source file, and I can also turn it into a PDF for you if you need me to. In fact, if you choose to customize the ebook with your own links after receiving it, you can send the Word doc back to me and I'll turn it into a PDF file with your changes and links intact.

    Lastly, I will even create an ecover graphic for you. Just tell me what the title of your ebook is going to be, and I'll create an attractive ecover that you can use in your marketing and promotions. I will choose an appropriate cover photo, or you can send me one to use if you would prefer.

    This is a $1000.00 Value!


    I am confident that you won't find a bonus like this anywhere else, so I encourage you to order through my link below and grab my bonus while it's available.

    You must claim this bonus before the end of September 20th (Eastern Standard Time).

    You must use my link to qualify for the bonus:

    Click here for more details and to buy...

    How to claim your bonus from Eric:

    1) Order Product Launch Formula


    Check your email to get your receipt after you buy.

    2) Go to my helpdesk and post your receipt. Go to the helpdesk at:

    Open a new ticket. Be sure to use your best email address, so you receive my reply. For the Help Topic, select the "Bonus Offers" category from the drop-down menu.

    In the subject line of your ticket put:

    PLF Bonus

    Then within the ticket, paste a copy of your receipt. This is very important so we can verify your order.

    Once we've confirmed your order, we'll reply to your ticket with confirmation and instructions for obtaining/using your bonus. Please allow up to three business days for us to verify your order.

    The amount of time it will take for everyone's ebooks to be ghostwritten will depend on how many people claim this bonus. But I can assure you that we will get started on the project right away, and you will NOT have to wait for the refund period to be over.

    Need help regarding this bonus offer? Just go to and submit a ticket in the "Bonus Offers" category.

    *I am an affiliate of Product Launch Formula, and I will earn a commission if you purchase through my link. I really appreciate your support.

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