Monthly Archives: March 2006

CB Niche Builder Review

UPDATE: This review is now outdated. I am leaving it here for informational purposes only. While this product was good for making “place-holder” sites for unused domains, it was also used to create spammy sites. I no longer recommend this method. As a research tool, it’s also no longer needed, as ClickBank’s marketplace now provides […]

Hot Products to Sell on eBay Revealed Today

Special Edition – 3/28/2006 One of the biggest questions people constantly ask about eBay is… “Where do I find hot products to sell” Well, my eBay expert friend James Jones has just released a huge resource that answers that question once and for all. You’ll discover EXACTLY where to get truly profitable, high-demand products to […]

Instant Feed Reader Links for Your Blog

Edition #31 – 3/17/2006 I just found a great little program that you should check out if you have a blog, or any type of site with an RSS feed… After getting some feedback on the new HTML format of my “Eric’s Tips” newsletter, I wanted to make it easier to allow people to subscribe […]

Eric’s Tips is Going HTML

Edition #30 – 03/15/2006 I’ve decided to change the format of the email newsletter from plain text to HTML. I realize that this will be an inconvenience for a relatively small percentage of subscribers, but I believe the benefits outweigh the downside. First and foremost, it will create a better experience for those who read […]

Eric’s Wisdom Tooth Marketing Sale

Edition #28 – 3/13/2006 I just got back from having my four wisdom teeth removed, and I’m having a special “members only” firesale to celebrate the occasion (and to help pay my surgery bills). An announcement was just sent out to the members of “Eric’s Tips” along with the URL to this private sale. Only […]

The Writing Cash Program Is Now Free

Edition #27 – 03/08/2006 I owe some of you an apology… Last month I launched The Writing Cash Program, which is basically a course which covers the basics of making money with Clickbank and PPC advertising. It’s geared toward writers, who in general probably don’t have a lot of internet marketing experience. When I announced […]