Monthly Archives: October 2007

Internet Millionaire Piano Teacher Jermaine Griggs

Edition #140 – 10/22/2007 Last week, I brought you the story of Valentina, an artist who found her place on the internet. This week I’d like to introduce you to another inspiring artist who has found success online. His name is Jermaine, and he’s made millions of dollars selling piano lessons on the internet. He’s […]

Inspiring Story of an Artist Who Found Her Place On the Internet

Edition #139 Inspirational true-life stories can be a very powerful form of motivation toward taking action or making a positive change in your life. And when it comes to business success stories, nothing motivates me more than seeing people achieve financial prosperity while pursuing their God-given passions. So today I introduce you to a young […]

Hype or No Hype?

Yesterday I sent out a newsletter announcing a bonus for purchasing a product through my affiliate link. Apparently my intentional use of hype offended some people. One guy said he quit my newsletter just because of it. Other people were turned off by it and decided not to participate in the bonus, even though they […]

The IM Myth

Edition #137 – 10/2/2007 Back in 1981, a guy named Michael Gerber wrote a book called “The E-Myth” which completely revolutionized the way entrepreneurs treated their businesses. Gerber was able to verbalize WHY most small businesses fail, and has successfully helped thousands of entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses. Today, a similar revelation has occured in our […]