Monthly Archives: May 2009

LESSON #40: Using Graphics On Your Website

In the recent lessons, we’ve been talking about building your website. Some of the most common questions that I’m asked regarding the website building process are questions pertaining to pictures and graphics. So today we’re going to talk about graphics… (Watch this video… Main points: You don’t need graphics, but they have been shown to […]

Pictures from my France trip

I need to apologize for taking so long getting the next lesson done. I thought it would be done by now, but I’ve been experiencing the effects of jet lag more than usual and haven’t been working a lot since I got back from vacation. LOL, I guess I needed a vacation from my vacation […]

LESSON #39: Outsourcing Your Website

Over the past several lessons we’ve talked about how to create a website. But what if you don’t want to build your own website? Maybe it’s not fun for you, or maybe it’s just not worth the investment of your time. In that case, you should outsource it. Since this is the first time in […]