India Mission Trip Update

I recently returned from a mission trip to India, and I’m happy to report that it went very well.

(Note: I’m always hesitant to post about missions, because I don’t want to seem like I’m boasting about doing something, or trying to use it for PR. But I think it’s important to give a report, because YOU all were a part of it, and when you support me you’re supporting this stuff.)

First I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who contributed toward the trip either through donations, through my special 3-day sale, or by supporting my recent product launch. In addition to paying for this trip, we have now given over $50,000 to missionaries as a result of these online fundraisers.

It was my 2nd trip to India (1st one was in 2009), and also my 2nd mission trip this year (other one was to Belize). You can read about some other trips in the missions category of my blog if you’re interested.

This time I took my wife and four kids with me… what an adventure! We homeschool our kids, so it was a very educational “field trip”.

Here are some pictures of our family visiting the school that we were working with…





My wife teaching their first ballet classes…


Me teaching 100 adults, and being simultaneously translated into 5 other languages…


A couple of family portraits…



The beauty and colors of India amaze me…





And of course the best part of India is the PEOPLE…











I’m also producing a promotional video for the organization to use in their fundraising efforts, using the footage that I shot on this trip.

It’s a blessing to be able to do this stuff, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to do it. Regardless of how successful you are in business and finances, I enourage you to do good things and help others in some way– whether it be across the street or around the world.

Again, thanks to all who helped make this happen.

Have a great day!

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  1. Hitesh

    That’s awesome! Our trip was self-organized too (kinda obvious since I grew up there and my parents are still there). Another friend of ours student-taught at the Kodai-Kanal school right outside Bangalore too – this looks very similar.

    I have a ton of questions I want to bombard you with – where did you stay (with friends?)? Did you visit churches in the area? There’re more, but I’ll leave you be for now 😉

    Would really like to get your views on the ‘growing church’ there…way too many people have an opinion without ever having visited and seen things first-hand.

  2. Satish

    Hi Patricia,

    I am from India, city of PUNE (near Mumbai) Maharashtra Province,
    Being an Indian , I Am so much delighted that Eric did help my countrymen. So also he enjoyed stay in India. Million Thanks Eric and Bhabhiji(Sis in law-ms. Eric)!!. Please do visit again there are lots to be explored.

    Now Patricia I would love to assist you, in case you need my help please contact me on ,

    Thanks ,

  3. Satish

    Dear Ann,

    I have just offered help to Patricia in some other issue. YOU or any one interested in visiting India in moderate budget or such thing please be in touch I shall be happy to provide some kind of assistant.
    SATISH— ,

  4. Osama

    What you are showing here really make me more convinced to continue my way as internet marketer, I finished all your lessons, and continue learning, and learning.

    I should be financialy free, and help others as your are doing now.

    Thanks Eric.

  5. Winson

    Hi eric,
    I was recommended by a friend to join your newsletter…
    It looks like its an excellente recommendation
    You are lifting up people’s spirits and they will one day embrace you in their arms…

    You are a visionary entrepreneur! i admire you…

  6. mustapha

    kool pics.

    i look 4wad to hosting u in my country,Nigeria.

  7. Krishna

    Oops… I am in Chennai (capital of Tamilnadu)… missed the opportunity to meet you Eric 🙁

  8. mustapha

    great pics.we look 4wad to hosting u in our country,Nigeria.

    Keep up d gud work

  9. Osama

    Hi Eric

    Nice pictures

    UAE, Dubai

  10. selvaa

    Nice Pictures, am had doubt this people from Tamil Nadu, when am seen that’s pics. Now am confirmed.

    Am from Tamil Nadu, may i know which part of the Tamil Nadu?

  11. selvaa

    am also need permission of posting your Picture on My Tamil Part Time JOB help forum page.

  12. Ron

    Hiya Eric, Beautiful pics I bet you’re proud of what you’ve given back. It must feel great to be able to do that on such a scale.By the way, while i’m here, I bought the epic firesale download but it was late at night and didn’t finish downloading plus I forgot to bookmark it DOH!So I havent actually got the software or the seminar showing how to use it.I’m having prostraste treatment and i’m doing some divvy things just lately so is it possible to send me the download page again Eric? I know it’s a while ago now but like I said, a bit divvy lately. Thanks

  13. Hitesh

    If you visit down to Texas sometime, be sure to hit me up and we can treat you to some hand-made Indian food from all over North and South!

  14. Winson

    I can’t help noticing your daughter’s picture and the young Indian girl, its an awe-inspiring picture. It shows that if we could put aside all of our differences , the world would be such a beautiful place! The word “Hatred” would seize to exist.

    The evolution of consciousness!

  15. Naveen

    Nice Photos… I hope you enjoyed INDIA.

  16. gloria

    I always love to see pix from other places as it drives me to plan vacation trips too.. you got nice capture of your photos , thanks for sharing yourself and your work…

  17. Lanny's Corvette

    Eric, You are living the dream I wish I could have before turning 60. As a minister of the gospel my heart longs to do both the Internet business and the ministry work that changes lives and lets others know that there are people that love them and that God loves them also.

    You have a great business, a beautiful family and a rewarding ministry work. You have so much to offer and my wife and I will be calling you and your families names in prayer. God Bless richly.

    PS Never saw so many beautiful blonds in one family. 😉

  18. Vi Clark

    Truly awesome photos of India, the people and your family. How wonderful to see. It looks like a great school. Many thanks for sharing.

    All the best blessing,


  19. Khalid Ahmed Helmy

    Hi Eric
    god bless you and your faimly,you have a great family.
    Great family,great job.
    Thanksfor sharing your trip.
    B. regards,

    Khalid A. Helmy

  20. Anonymous

    Real phtography at work.Can I post some of these pictures in my web?Can I use them in my magazine?

    Continue travelling,Mr.Erick.


  21. Juma

    Can I use some of these pictures in my web?

  22. Michaela

    Thank Gary, I think you are doing well as well… Eric is a great source of wisdom, knowledge, and good experience, the single problem I have is the speed, sometime I just cannot wait so long for the next post. I fully understand that he is force to do it this way as he also is doing many, many projects in the same time. So I just wait and follow when I can and I always like Eric’s teaching-videos and fully trust his model.
    All the best

  23. Gail

    Great and beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing.
    What an amazing experience for you and your family. God bless you and your family!

  24. Cash-buyer

    Great story, Eric!

    India has got perhaps the biggest heart and the most beautiful things to see.

  25. Ramesh.G

    Dear Eric,

    This is Ramesh.G from Bangalore, India.
    Infact I am one of your student.You have taught me thru your lessons so many things about interntt marketing. I am really happy to see you & your family visited India.You are such a great humanitarion .you spend your hard earned money for the poors. May God bless you and your family with full of happiness & more prosperity.


  26. Eric Post author

    Sorry but I am only letting them be used on non-profit sites, as I do not want to risk any of these people thinking they are being exploited, etc.

  27. Eric Post author

    Yes we can learn a lot from kids 🙂

  28. Eric Post author

    No problem I’ll send you the download link, thanks

  29. Eric Post author

    Krishnagiri district

  30. Eric Post author

    Hitesh- yes we stayed with friends. I’ll send you an email.

  31. Harold Tee

    This is very inspirational. This is a great example of how we can live with purpose and make a difference. I am more motivated than ever to get my internet business off the ground.Thanks for sharing.

  32. Anonymous

    Hi Eric, just got a chance to look at your pictures. Congratulation to you and family. May God bless you.

    On a diferent note I would like you to send me the web site so that my friend could receive your lessons as well. Thanks.

  33. James


    Those are amazing pictures.

    If just 3% of internet marketers were to do what you are doing, the world poverty levels could come down by maybe 25%.

  34. John Paneerselvam

    Dear Bro.Eric,

    I Praise God for such a missionary+businessman in you. May your tribe increase!
    I am doing the Lord’s ministry in rural areas of Tamilnadu, India. And I am overwhelmed at your zeal to serve God through your mission trip(s). I am also venturing online since 4 years and I am not that successful so far. I am doing this to find financial resources for my ministry projects(apostolic ministry, we have 4 churches all in villages with 1st generation believers, Praise God!). I would be thankful if you will consent for a JV, though I have no idea what that will be.

    Can I have the privilege of your thoughts in this regard by mail?

    God bless you, the family & the vision.

    Pastor John Paneerselvam

  35. Eric Post author

    Thanks Pastor John. Bless you in your work. I’m not taking on any JV’s right now, but we should keep in touch. Feel free to contact my helpdesk. Reference this post, and they will put you in touch with me.

  36. steve

    the picture are touching. Your family are benefitting. The Indian villagers benefit. Well done Eric. We should all strive to contribute like this. If you would like to contribute in Ecuador my adopted country I would love to facilitate that.

  37. Jon G

    Eric & family,

    PLEASE keep on posting the work you do with MISSIONS. The MAIN REASON I became a fan of yours was BECAUSE of the faith and generosity you exhibit by GIVING to others. In one recent post (I’m up to number #38 I believe) you talk about Influence, Authority, and Positioning.
    When my father asked me to help him start an online business I could only imagine all the bad stuff he might be getting us into during the process. I was hesitant to look at most sites he told me about for fear of flooding my in-box with junk. I did not even go to your sites until after he read me the post from one of your mission trips. God has certainly blessed you and I hope he keeps on doing so because after I spent some time with the Tips and the TRIPS I believe what I found was a trust worthy, honest, and God fearing man of character. Keep up the wonderful work.

  38. Janet Makkink

    Wow, after reading this and looking at your pictures, I am starting to get really excited, I am off on a mission trip to work in the slums of Chennia and then to the mountain areas in Maniphur, thanks for sharing…. God is so good… x

  39. Elizabeth Wallace

    Vegetables and grain…chick peas…lentils…peppers…carrots, beans, cucumbers. (Not an obese person in sight. Yes…this tells us all something in relation to how we are meant to eat and what the human body was designed for.) My kind of food!

  40. Pastor Samuel Joshua Geddam

    Dearly Beloved in Christ,

    Hearty greetings of love, grace and peace be to you in the splendid name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    We love you and we pray for you all.

    I have immense pleasure to introduce myself to you as an ardent, faithful and devoted Gospel Servant of God, carrying on His service since last 14 years. We have planted more than 154 churches in different places in Andhra Pradesh State in India. We do weekly worship, fasting prayers, youth Bible Classes, Revival meetings, Night Bible Prayer meetings and weekly Bible Programs etc., very regularly.

    I and my co-workers have been carrying on outdoor preaching by spreading the Gospel of JESUS Christ in visiting door to door, personal counseling, conducting street rallies, distributing the tracts, booklets and New Testaments and the Holy Bibles and we have been trying my best to save as many souls as possible. Our people are mostly Hindus and Muslims who are accustomed to worship ideals, cows, snakes and trees etc., India is bounded by 330 million pagan Gods and also there are 780,000 villages where people still do not know Jesus. Our goal is to plant churches in such villages. Please let us know if you are interested in knowing our church planting in unreached villages.

    We are constantly and fervently praying for you and the Church there. We are praying for the growth and development of your Church and the ministry. Please do pray for us and the work of God in India. Thank you so much.

    I want to introduce myself, I am Pastor Samuel Joshua , Founder of Hope Ministries in India. We are a group of Fellowship having great desire in our hearts to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ among the people of India. Please do pray for the work of Jesus Christ in India. We need your prayers, co-operation and support for the work of Jesus Christ in India. Thank you so much.

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    Tracts and books translation into our Indian languages

    ?Freely received and freely give? Matt. 10:8.

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    If you need any genuine references or any other information or pictures let us know immediately. We will send them to you. In mean time you can log on to and see India page. Stan visited India on a missions trip for 3 times.

    In Christ,

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  41. Andy Duncan

    Hey Eric,

    Excellent! I went on my first missions trip this past July to El Salvador. And wow! What an experience. Be blessed my friend.

    – Andy

  42. Lauren Lancaster

    Hey Eric! I am applying for a six week mission trip to Mumbai this summer. Any advice for a college student that has never done overseas missions? I would really appreciate some advice from someone who has actually been there. Please e-mail if you don’t mind. Thank you so much and God bless.

  43. Eric Post author

    Hi Lauren, That sounds exciting, I hope you get to go. I would expect that your team leaders will give you some good preparation. Many first time mission trippers go with the expecation that they are going to “change the world”. That’s not a bad thing; you can and will make a difference. But it will affect more change on you than anything. You will be changed by the people and by God. So just go with an open heart to receive what God has for you. One of the main parts of the experience is building relationships with your team mates, and with the people you meet. Don’t be afraid of India, it’s a great place. Drink bottled water, and avoid street food. You still may get digestive issues, but it’s worth it.

  44. Pallavi

    If you really care about India and her people , please refrain from promoting Christianity. Its not that I am against Christianity. But trying to impose thoughts is an assault on native culture..Please do not change the faith. Its a request . I hope you see and really understand what I mean.

  45. Bro, S, Barna Boss (President)

    My Dear Brother and Sister in Christ

    Greetings of love, peace and grace be to you and you’re the Director of the Ministry’s. In the most mighty name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

    Dear Brother and Sister I request your kind permission to introduce me, I am very much glad to It is my greatest privilege to introduce myself, as my name is S. Barna Boss I am (President) Servants of Christ. my father is doing this work from last 26 years now I am continuing this lord work in my area with 2 congregations.( Registered Charitable Society In India) My father choose me I am right person to do this lords work. Now I am gathering 47, co-workers and doing the lords work successfully under 69 congregations no church building. We don’t have any support from anywhere. Brother Due to my father age the work is stopped last 4 years. (Luke 15:24) from 1 year back I am taken this great (job) lords work with my hands. (2 Corint5:17) Even we don’t have cycle also my works. We are praying i.e. new church building construction. The land is of 20’ width and 40’ length. We are having planned to construct the Church Building. But we are having no funds to construct the church building. We are very poor and laborers’. Please Prayer for construct the church in this regard. We are preaching the good news and attend to social works. You will be happy to note that we are doing social work like providing food to Tsunami and Begging in streets 27 orphans 15 widows (James 1:27) We are unable to provide daily bread for orphans and widows. Due to shortage of food our orphans are going to begging on streets. This obnoxious Please understand our immense hardships with godly mind and Please your Prayer for orphans need your reward is great in heaven.

    We are in So many Hindus Temples area and very slum area and Gospel and Social full Development work us. We don’t have any support from anywhere. Our main aim is to develop the Christ in our area. In our surrounding areas there is so many other Hindus Temples. We are doing this work in India. Indian people are not converted speedily (John-4:24). Here all are Hindus and so many Hindus idol worship pings to snakes, cows, and pigs. I am working hard in this center of other denominations and Hindus. If anyone lift our work it will be grown up. We are running Bible classes weekly two days with 35 students due to financial problem we are unable to arrange School of Posters classes. (Matthew28:20). If you want any details I am ready to give you. On that time we are giving snack only not giving meals. We are not daring to add new members. (Teaching School of Posters). So many persons want to join this but we are not daring. Because unable to give food. If monthly support is there it will be good and completed two years Teachings. We are giving two years course certificates also. I want to run these Bible Teaching School of Posters classes weekly. I.E. Monday to Friday. And giving to monthly stiffed. I hope someone help to this mails. So I humbly request you please help me in this regard. Please understand these of our needs and send monthly Support, kindly prayers for my Gospel and social work. I want Gospel Partners in Lords work. Please pray for my works continue.

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    Dear Brother and Sister. Finally we need your prayers. Please prayer for us and for our Gospel and social activities .We are all remembering all of you in our Daily prayers.

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  46. Pastor. N.John

    Dear beloved brothers and sisters in Christ.
    Greetings to you and your family and your all your ministry members in the matchless name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

    i am pastor N.John SEA COAST GOSPEL MINISTRY-INDIA, WRITING TO YOU THROUGH OUR loving name of Lord JESUS CHRIST brothers and sisters i want your kind helping hands for our orphan children needs, and please pray for our Co Workers . and Poor widows, and Orphan children, in your daily prayers
    thanking you brother
    your brother in Christ
    Pastor. N.John
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