How to Cash in Like it’s 2004! (Info Cash by Chris Carpenter)

I’ve done alot of product reviews on this blog, but this is going to be more of a pitch than a review. In other words, I’m simply telling you about a product that I’m recommending at this time 🙂

My first taste of affiliate marketing was in the year 2000, when I became an affiliate of Cognigen Networks, who were pioneers in online marketing.

It was a valuable experience, because I learned quite a bit about how Internet marketing works, but I didn’t make any money from it.

Over the next few years, I succeeded in some other ways of generating income online, but it wasn’t until 2004 that I earned my first real affiliate commission check.

You see, in 2004 I purchased a product on ClickBank (my first ClickBank purchase!) called Google Cash.

It was an ebook written by a guy named Chris Carpenter. He had a compelling story about how he discovered a way of affiliate marketing on Google AdWords, and generating income without any website. This method had quickly given him financial freedom, and allowed him and his family to live the “surfer lifestyle”.

I wanted in.

Not just for the money, but also so I could live life on “my own terms”.

I implemented the method from his ebook, and…. it WORKED!

I’ll never forget the vacation to Europe I took with my wife in 2005. It was halfway through the vacation that I finally found a spot to get online and check my stats.

It was an incredible feeling to see that my ad campaigns had been earning over $500 a day, on autopilot, WHILE I was on vacation.

It was more than enough to pay for the vacation. Here I was… on vacation, not working… yet still bringing in a full time income. I would say that was my first taste of financial freedom. I was living the lifestyle that Chris Carpenter had inspired me and so many others to pursue.

That business model lasted a number of years, but then came the Google “Slaps” and Quality Scores, and eventually they made it nearly impossible to promote products as an affiliate on AdWords.

Fortunately, I had always expected such a day would come, and I had built my business in a way that I was no longer dependent on Google (this is the long term strategy that I teach in my lessons).

However, it’s hard not to get a little nostalgic when I think back to the “good old days” of Internet marketing. How nice it was to be able to throw a couple of affiliate links up on Google and see the commissions start coming in!

Well I’ve got some great news for you…

Google Cash is BACK… Minus Google.

Chris Carpenter has turned his back on Google, and has embraced the new Microsoft/Facebook partnership. He’s been perfecting his methods on this new platform, and it’s totally working. Even DIRECT affiliate linking!

It’s like it’s 2004 all over again 🙂

In case you’re not familiar with “direct linking”, it basically means you can make money as an affiliate…

  • Without a website.
  • Without an email list.
  • Without your own product.
  • Without cold calling or face to face selling.
  • With no experience needed.

    Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you should avoid building a website, or a subscriber list. I’m just saying that it’s possible to get started and make money without them.

    Chris has revealed the method in a free video presentation:

    See the video here

    As you can pretty well guess, he’s also offering a paid course which goes into more depth to show you the detailed specifics and step-by-step instructions.

    I do recommend the course. How could I not? This guy got me started in affiliate marketing, and he’s doing it all over again for you today.

    I have no idea how long this window of opportunity will be open. My best educated guess is that it will be a few years, like it was with Google.

    Therefore I recommend jumping on it right away, so you can cash in while it’s working!

    You can get all the details here:

    Chris Carpenter’s New Info Cash Method

    As always, you are welcome to post your questions and comments below.

    Have a great day!

  • 56 comments on “How to Cash in Like it’s 2004! (Info Cash by Chris Carpenter)

    1. Michael

      Eric,what is the total cost of Info Cash?
      Are there upsells,downsells, or OTO’s?

    2. Tom Brownsword

      Hey, Eric, he should have hired you to do that video sales letter. It goes on FOREVER! 🙂

      (BTW, your video sales letters are among the few that I’ll even consider listening to. You don’t ramble and usually offer a written version if I’m in a hurry and need to skim. I like that!)

    3. Richard G

      Hi Eric.
      I am quite excited at the prospect of making some reasonable money online, and am extremely tempted to sign up for Chris Carpenters Info Cash Method, I have been following your teachings for some time, along with continuing to do a 9:00 to 17:00 job in a factory, and believe that as a Christian man I can trust in your recommendations. should I go for the big Package at $197.00 or the smaller at $47.00 I would like to know more, but will sleep on it tonight, and let you folks know How I get On.
      Richard G

    4. Dennis LeBlanc

      Do you all have a phone number I can call?
      How much to get started?
      Thank You,
      Dennis LeBlanc

    5. Eric Post author

      There are two options:

      $47 for the main package or $197 with coaching added.

      There are a few upsells and downsells. As with any upsells/downsells, my advice would be to buy it only if you understand how you will benefit from it and how you will actually use it.

    6. Eric Post author

      Thank you I appreciate the compliment 🙂

    7. Eric Post author

      Thank you for trusting me, but of course I don’t want anyone to buy just because of my beliefs. I want them to buy if it is something they will really use and take action on. So keep that in mind, and if it’s something that you’re serious about pursuing, invest in the package that you’re most comfortable with. Just off-hand, I’d say if you’re fairly web savvy then you’re OK without the coaching, but if you think you’d need more help, then the coaching option could be a good investment.

    8. Rosie

      I bought the offer and am enjoying it..

      BUT im a little torn about a couple of things I learnt here and the different way chris does it.. I enjoyed yr How to get cheap clicks lesson and intended coping your method but now not sure what way to go, tis only small difference but could make a lot of difference to the outcome of an add

    9. Eric Post author

      As you’ve learned from both me and Chris, testing is key in this business. It’s all a numbers game, and all tests are fair game. So try both ways and see which works for you. While my copywriting and keyword research methods are timeless, Chris’ information is more up-to-date than mine in regard to tactics.

    10. Eric Post author

      Hi Dennis, I don’t offer phone support, but I can tell you the price to get started with the package is $47, and the price to get started with the method is as little as $7. (It uses paid advertising, so you can start small and re-invest your profits). If you have a little more money to test with, that’s better.

    11. Rich

      Do I need a website to get signed up with Adcenter?

    12. Rich

      are you recommending this because Google Cash was such a great product so you trust Chris Carpenter , or because you have actually tried this,or are very confident from looking at course that it should work


    13. Eric Post author

      As far as I know, you do not.

    14. Eric Post author

      A little of both actually. This system is based on Google Cash, so it’s a proven system. It’s simply updated and applied to a new platform. I’ve also looked at the course and am confident it will work. I’m just now getting started on it myself, but didn’t see any reason to wait to tell you about it, because like I said… I don’t know how long this particular window of opportunity will be open.

    15. Rich

      Thank you

    16. Widodo

      That’s interesting. You mentioned above that “there are few upsells and downsells” in addition to the main package with coaching added. Do you happen to know if Chris will let us “upgrade” the package (i.e. upgrade to the package with the coaching sessions as well as get those upsells and downsells) when we are ready to? Do you think the basic package will be adequate for us to start making money?

    17. MM_1951

      Will not judge on the training but on the potential results.

      If this is such a proven money maker why would he offer it for sale to the masses? The windows of profiting will be getting smaller and smaller.

      There is an upsell for $197 which includes coaching.

      What about the $147 Facebook upsell? If InfoCash is mostly about making money using Facebook does one have to buy the Facebook upsell to really learn how to profit from the world scale social website?

      I find it a bit confusing.

      Then there is also the membership publisher upsell…

    18. Per Deshayes

      Hi Eric,
      This looks great. Si i will step off your recommendation not to buy any more program or systems :). Regards to buy coaching or not. Ill guess that you will get your answers thru support for the $47 instead of directly from Chris Coaching so isnt that the same thing really? What do you mean by “fairly web savvy ” savvy in marketing or whats web savvy”

    19. Renee

      Hi Eric! I am very interested in Info Cash but after watching the video and reading through the sales page I am still not clear what the difference is in the $47 and $197 versions? Is it only the coaching or is there more training and information shared in the premium package? Trying to decide what would be best for me. Thanks!!

    20. Per Deshayes

      Hi Eric,
      Question regards to Chris upsell. Info-Spy. Isnt that your AdSpyPro?? can i use yours with info-cash? big difference in price from yours $27 to $147??

    21. Dwayne

      Which offer did you go with, $47 or $197 ?

    22. Michael Gorman

      Hi Eric, this is quite exciting, I am using a combo of market analysis and copywriting to promote some good offers, as you say testing is key so I will be keeping an eye on these; are you getting good results from this?

    23. Eamon Moriarty

      The video went on and on repeating over and over…..(yawn!)
      Although he went to great lengths to emphasise that unlike many others he was not a scammer, his promotion has all the hype and other elements which make me suspect he is just like all the others.
      I would like to be proved wrong.

    24. ginger

      This Chris fellow is taking an entire life time to get to the point… 🙂

    25. Eliza

      Hi Eric,

      I’m not sure if this system would work for me.
      You see, I work in the International School and now it is closed for summer holiday; from june 10 to Aug 5, 2013. I stay at home and do not have a computer. I am using my sister’s very old computer that could not download stuff like mph4..etc??? I’m not very technical though I’ll be very thankful if I could really make money with info Cash System and quit my job.
      Thanks and regards,

    26. john

      The sales letter and video sound like something you have warned to avoid in your lessons.
      It can’t be so easy, otherwise everyone would be doing it.
      I’d like to believe this is doable but i am sick and tired of empty promises.
      You do not seem like a guy that is full of you know what… i am a little torn

    27. Per Deshayes

      Hi Everybody.
      First Eric i would like to say that i really like your lessons.
      Now i have a question that i have posted before as well. I have posted almost after each lessons with some questions but i have never get a response to my posts or at least i havent seen any? Where do i get to see the answers to my post/questions? Anyone that knows?

    28. Alexander P. Clarke

      Flash back… Remember Google cash like it was yesterday …I’m jumping on this because I know about the power of Chris’s body of work!! I’m ordering in 5… 4…3…2… 1 Got it!

    29. Roman

      Hi Eric…about that program, if i kinda came late to the game of adwords (2009)and yahoo ads, and “failed” and Facebook ads (2010) and even Plenty Of Fish ads (2012) do you think i still should give it a try? even if is i spent on those things over $500 without ROI? (i do believe that failure is another step toward success+pof ads is cheapest one, im sure ill be back to it in the future and will succeed).
      what is the daily investment on ads involved in it?

    30. Cleuza

      Hello Eric

      For a more fluent read, can I translate written materials into Portuguese?
      Thank you

    31. David chandler


      The Internet has changed a lot since 2004. How can we be sure that this new method will work ?

    32. diwaker srivastava

      hi ericks,

      please tell just small thing that how can i promote our affiliated product on google adwords.
      Google blocked me twice for that

    33. David Chandler


      What makes you feel that this method will have the same impact that google cash had in 2004 ? The internet is obviously much different now and there is much more competition. Especially, in the cpa and ppc realm.



    34. David Chandler

      Sorry foe the double comments…

    35. Georges

      Eric, Merci pour cette opportunité Je suis francophone et je comprend un peu l’anglais Mais Je veux bien m’abonner à l’Info Cash Qu’est-ce-que vous me conseillez? Merci

    36. Roman G.

      Hello ERic, first of all…You Rock!!!
      Now i got few questions about this specific product, i understand it is about P-P-C on Bing? that is now affiliated with Facebook (when you are looking for something that is not available on fb it redirects you to bing search engine)is that right? and what is the cost for a day to spend in order to cash out the big bucks like you said you did back in 2004? i mean if i want start seeing $200 a day in net profit…what is the daily budget to incest? and last question…i tried ppc with facebook 3 years ago and google 4 years ago and even POF ayear ago, and never really made more than invested daily, is that product for me? is it really going deeo and explains it all just like your products (that over deliver byt the way)?
      -Roman G.-

    37. Stephen

      Thanks for sharing Info Cash. It looks interesting, particularly it is based on a proven system. I am keen to get started, but am unwilling to commit $197 now. Can I start with the $47 package and upgrade to the $197 course after a short period, say , after 2 months?

    38. Micah

      Hello Widodo,

      The basic package will certainly be fine for many marketers.

      You would need to ask Chris about any second chance upgrades.

    39. Micah

      Hello MM,

      I would recommend contacting Chris for more details on what is included in each package, to help you to make a more informed decision.

      Chris’ contact info is posted at the bottom of the following page:

    40. Micah

      Hello Per,

      Here’s a lesson that can get you up to speed with being web/marketing savvy!

      Online Business Terms Defined:

      If most of these terms are familiar to you, then you are probably savvy enough to get by without the coaching.

    41. Micah

      Hello Renee,

      I would recommend contacting Chris for more details on what is included in each package, to help you to make a more informed decision.

      Chris’ contact info is posted at the bottom of the following page:

    42. Micah

      Hello Michael,

      Yes, hopefully this strategy will work for at least a few years, if not more!

    43. Micah

      Hello Eliza,

      It sounds like there are some definite challenges to overcome. But, we have heard success stories from other people who got their start on library computers.

    44. Micah

      Hello John,

      You should never purchase anything if is just going to sit on your computer collecting virtual dust.

      However, at some point, you will need tools to help grow your business.

      We only recommend that you make purchases when you plan to actually use a tool for your business right away!

    45. Micah

      Hello Per,

      Due to rampant spam, all comments have to be manually approved. We’ve been in Louisiana on missions this past week, so we’re just now getting to the latest comments.

      Our replies appear below your comment, just like this one!

    46. Micah

      Hello Cleuza,

      Any text on the sales pages could be put into, to help you out.

      But, the videos would need to be viewed as is.

    47. Micah

      Hello Roman,

      Chris would be happy to answer any of your product questions.

      Chris’ contact info is posted at the bottom of the following page:

    48. Micah

      Hello Diwaker,

      Do you still have your AdWords account?

      We recommend that you follow the required changes given to you by Google, when submitting future ads.

    49. Micah

      Hello David,

      Eric was only likening this product to 2004, because of the way it is currently working!

    50. Micah

      Hello David,

      Eric was only likening this product to 2004, because of the way it is currently working!

      Eric’s best educated guess, is that this will only work for a couple of years.


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