LESSON #13: Getting a Vision for Your Business

Up until this point, we’ve essentially been covering the requirements and prerequisite knowledge necessary to increase your chances of building a successful online business.

Today marks a turning point.

It’s time to begin focusing on your personal situation, and to turn our attention to your future business…

(Watch this video…)

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Main points:

  • Without vision, your business probably won’t succeed.

  • I describe vision as being able to “see” a clear picture of your fulfilled goals in your mind.

  • It’s like the box cover of a difficult puzzle…

  • You must begin with the end in mind.

  • Almost every success in my life has come AFTER having a vision for it. (For example, when I won the state championship, and every time I launch a product)

  • The successful business owners that I’ve known ALL have vision.

  • It’s kind of like looking at the world from 30,000 feet. You see the big picture, and not the problems.

  • If you lose sight of your vision, you lose hope. And if you lose hope, it’s game over.

  • As we progress in the lessons, we’ll keep moving forward step by step, but if you don’t start by getting a vision, further efforts could be somewhat futile.

  • If you set your target too low, you may hit it, but there is almost no chance that you will exceed it. On the other hand, if you set your target too high, you may fail, but you will be further along than the “low” target. Therefore it’s better to set your vision higher.

  • One of the biggest things I see holding people back is a “victim mentality”.

  • “Formulate and stamp indelibly on your mind a mental picture of yourself as succeeding. Hold this picture tenaciously. Never permit it to fade. Your mind will seek to develop this picture. Never think of yourself as failing; never doubt the reality of the mental image. That is most dangerous, for the mind always tries to complete what it pictures. So always picture ‘success’ no matter how badly things seem to be going at the moment.” – Norman Vincent Peale

  • Many of us have taken on a “just get by” mentality.

  • The size of your vision will dictate the size of the result.

  • YOU are valuable. Don’t sell yourself short.

  • Here’s my “disclaimer” that I forgot to include in the video…. “The mind of man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” (Prov. 16:9)

    Action steps:

    I want you to take a moment to tell me your vision for your business. The vision can involve other areas of your life too, but since we’re working on building your business, it should be focused on your business.

    It’s important to write your vision down, so go ahead and post it in the comments below. This is YOUR vision, and there is NO wrong answer.

    Focus on the big picture. Don’t worry about the details of how you will get there. We’ll worry about that stuff when we learn about goal setting and business plans, and I’ll be talking about those things in the next lesson.

    As always, you are welcome to post your questions and comments below.

    Have a great day!

  • 1,823 comments on “LESSON #13: Getting a Vision for Your Business

    1. Oliver Ndegwa

      My vision is to build a business empire that helps peoples and families to develop socially, economically and mentally. I have a vision that such business will create job opportunities and those opportunities will be used to create other opportunities. I see such a business empire as a community where every staff member is put to task to create an opportunity for new family. My fulfillment every year will be for every seven figure we generate, we create seven new opportunities where a new deserving group will join the community with a similar vision.

      I am a believe that when you work towards changing peoples lives, everything else comes to play as such are the things that touches Gods heart and releases his blessings to you. ‘Seek yea the Kingdom first and all others will be added unto you’ You’ve heard the adage and it is a principle to be applied by anyone who want to be rich both economically and who want to have a life full of satisfaction.

      1. Janice Gipson

        That’s amazing, Oliver! I have had a similar vision for years, you have tied it down more with the seven new opportunities for every time income reaches seven figures. I’m in the process of trying to focus it into a starting point, but this video and your inspiration reminds me that the vision is the first thing to keep clear.

    2. Bren Stewart

      To be a successful Binary Options Trader: VIP $50,000 Deposits
      Using my facination with fiber and yarns create both unique art works and simple yet intriguing wearable s
      My time is my own, but given to me by God to do His will.
      With this in mind what ever earnings I make tithing to the Lord will be my first and highest priority.
      My next priority is to use the income from my creations to fund programs that are involved with saving children from the slave industry.
      Providing opportunities for these child to use art as a means to release their trauma and find their own freedom within

    3. Kayla

      Hey Eric and friends,

      This video resonated with me, in fact I’ve been told in past that my vision and goals were too general. But no one ever explained it like you. This makes total sense and inspired me to get more specific.

      My vision is to become wealthy. I will use the internet as a platform to generate multiple flows of income and gain thousands of dollars each month. My online business will inspire others and educate those in need. While building my business from home, I will enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.

      Thanks much!

    4. Eliza

      Hi Eric,
      My vision is I am likened a grain of mustard seed which the man took and sowed in his field;
      then go on and read Matthew 13.32.
      It took me almost 3 years ( and 3rd. round) to realize that Eric’s tips make some sense to me
      and how am I going to succeed in Internet Marketing is way beyond my comprehension.

    5. Robert Hughes

      My vision is to attain the level of knowledge and experience that I might be able to help numerous aspiring marketers to reach their goals in life.
      I will establish myself through continued learning as a reputable teacher worthy to assist others.
      I will continue to persevere with this vision, without delay due to circumstances, but will work through circumstances, so that I may haelp those who find themselves in like situations.
      My vision is to reach an income level that will allow me to purchase a new home for my family, and also to give the start-up needed for my two children to pursue the same opportunities that I am now. I will regularly contribute to my church, as well as worthy charities.
      I will take multiple vacations with my wife, if only brief ones, so that we may find the greatest joys in being together.
      I will overcome obstacles to achieve this, and I will look back and see where I came from, and determine to keep others from being in that same place.
      I will fulfill my desire to fully activate a domain that I purchased in hopes of helping other marketers reach their goals, and will make this a highly sought after website.
      I WILL!

      1. Carolmarie

        Oh my gosh Robert, you wrote almost word for word what I would write!!! Changing the ‘wife’ to husband would be one, the second, instead of ‘buying a home’, providing the income so that my late 50’s something husband and I can retire from our day-jobs to better enjoy life and our children ((soon to leave the nest!)). “Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say REJOICE!!”. Particularly in challenging times, particularly when the chips are down. He is the one carrying us through this difficulty and the I am just “walking through” that dark valley, not sticking around in it!!

    6. Leona

      I want to have an information web site that has lots of information. I will begin with information on making foods at home and storing foods for emergencies and to be able to save money in shopping. I will focus on using real food and making healthy choices. I will have information on growing food at home and using real food to create meals. I want to have a photograph with a scripture in each blog post and have pictures of my dog each time. I will keep asking for feedback on what my readers want to know. I will make video blogs to teach people. I want the readers to know I care. I will teach how to use the vitamix and the food dehydrator. I want to have my life experiences in the blog. I will make e-books to sell. I want to interact with other people with the same types of blogs and websites, and hopefully share articles with them.

      I will also introduce and advertise my fiction books.

      There is a lot of vagueness in this because I want to be open to changes as I discover what my readers want and need. I also need to learn to monetize this.

    7. Dominique Richard

      My goal is to help people in need and change life internet marketers. I will be able to generate enough capital in hands so I can be my own boss.

    8. Jorge

      My vision is to build a business comprised of multiple business areas all working under basic social concepts of fairness, integrity, and responsibility. I have specific initiatives I want to focus the business’ capital gains on like homelessness, hunger, recycling, pollution, violence towards women, and much more. Partnering with other businesses and organizations can really make a positive social impact.

    9. Julie Formby

      My long-term vision is to have a successful biblically-based wholistic wellness center where a team of alternative healthcare professionals works together to develop a plan to best serve each client, with each team member bringing to the table their unique skills and gifts.

      I want to restore the wholistic message of health to today’s people of G-d by bringing to light ancient biblical principles, practices and knowledge about foods, herbs, oils, emotions, fasting, prayer, etc. through teaching in the form of eBooks, live presentations, and blogging. I want to build multiple streams of income that will produce both passive and residual income, enabling our family to travel and serve others by bringing the message of hope for spiritual and physical health to people around the world.

      Short-term, and smaller in scope, I am seeking to build a profitable business consulting with women in particular about endocrine and hormone health, using diet, supplementation and lifestyle changes to bring about balance. I believe this experience and the authority I will gain through clinical experience as a healthcare professional will propel me to reach my long-term goals.

    10. Paul Grodkowski

      Hi Eric,

      My vision is to build a business that helps peoples and families to develop socially, economically and mentally.

      These videos are very timely and provide a lot of insight and a perspective that I would not have looked at on my own>

      Thank you Eric, for providing insight and perspective of internet marketing.


      Toronto, Canada

    11. Joseph H

      “My vision is to create a legacy that will generate continuous income and provide financial stability, which will support the multidisciplinary areas in the cutting edge technology of advancement in present and future high-tech Renewable/Alternative Energy Systems. I plan to accomplish this by building a successful online business that will assist in creating additional revenues, as we move forward in the pioneering and investment in the Renewable/Alternative Energy Business. Presently, my vision encompasses building four (4) E+ prototype energy-efficient model residences (homes) to participate in ongoing research and development, as well as, become upgradable as new technology is improved (advances). For this same reason, these model homes can be replicated and can serve as models for future development all over the country. In addition, this vision will come to together with the creation of a professional team and develop a relationship, which includes but not limited to, establishing partnerships with local colleges and universities, who will also assist in the design, development, and building A State-Of-The-Art Renewable/Alternative Energy Facility (Tri-Energy). In return, all areas (expressed above) will be active in continuous research and development, including but not limited to, designing and building better and cost-effective products, with the objective of generating a cost-effective renewable/alternative energy, stimulating economic growth, which will, in return, create viable jobs and clean energy for present and future generations to come”

    12. Roger

      I am starting at the age of 62 almost 63, I currently have about $11,000 in Credit Card debt. I am going to see this paid off completly before I turn 64. I see this happening thur a successful Internet Marketing Business which I am going to build from scratch.

      I have been involved with computers since graduation from High School in 1973. I plan to build my business around my expertise with computers. I want to help others learn the art of using the internet to better themselves.

      God is EXTREMLY an important part of my life, I want to be able to use my 7 figure income to furture the work of my church. I am trying to be realistic here and place the 7 figure income within the next 5 years.

      1. Leonard

        Like yourself, I am in my sixties with too much debt. I, too, am starting an online business to generate the funds needed to retire this debt and, as yourself, help with my church and its community.
        The good Lord has given me more than enough talent to accomplish this feat.
        It’s not the money itself that is important, but what I can do with it to help others.
        I plan to top the 50K level this year and then double it year after year until I reach that seven figure level.

    13. fertat hasan

      Hi Eric ,
      My vision is to creat an online business that provides marketing informations and step by step way to success in arabic for arab community in order to help people having a better life.
      I m totally convinced that contribute to build a better world to live for all human being no matter wish religion, nationality, geographic position, knowledge….and SPECIALLY A BETTER WORLD FOR TOMORROW!!!
      Hopefully, this business will generate over 1 Million $ per year and a huge community to do business with.
      That will allows me to be free, to spend more time with my family (my wife and my kid), to travel all over the world and discover the real meaning of life.
      Warm regards.

    14. Mike

      Create Communal Economic Platform That Produces Positive Change.

    15. Kirk

      My vision is to have an successful online business that makes $1,000,000 per year and is based out of my home. This business must bring in income 24/7 whether I am there or not. My income will be used to provide financial stability for me and my family.

    16. Mary Beth

      My vision is to have a successful online business that will bring in $1 million per year. It will allow me to work from my home on my own schedule, spend time with my family, save for retirement and take several wonderful vacations each year. It will also allow me to continue to do some volunteer work and give to charitable causes. Also my daughter will be getting engaged very soon and we will be able to give her a beautiful wedding.

    17. Len Sanford

      My vision for my online business is to have multiple streams of income from several different niches. I’m into Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing along with selling some of my own products. I generate about 5 million dollars per year, all while spending time with my family, traveling the world and helping others become successful online.

    18. dina pinirou

      My Vision is to have a business where it will be with self development and understanding the wealth with in..to give me financial freedom to give back and help others find their dreams
      And to be happy.

    19. Fabrice

      My vision is to develop several online business that are centered on the niches that reflect my passions, interests and which solves problems and meets needs.
      My goal is to develop at least half a million dollars in six months and at least several multi-million dollars in one to two years.
      My objectives are to have: financial freedom, travel, pursue things I like doing, own things that I can dream about more importantly contribute financially to the Kingdom of God, have the freedom to to fulfill my calling and assignment for the Kingdom of God. I would also like to financially contribute to families and friends in need, orphanages and different charities.

    20. Severo Dia, Jr.

      My vision is to earn enough to make $1.000,000.00 per year from home, with my computer and its peripherals as my main tools. I will be working 4 hours per day on weekdays. From my earnings I will give help to my relatives, close friends, and religious affiliates. Through God’s help I will get myself a new lifetime partner and new suburban home. As God wills it, I will stay humble and unassuming.

    21. Bishop Andy Lewter


      This lesson alone is life-changing. For several years I have been purchasing books and just about every digital product, ebook and WP plugin in an effort to translate the secular things that I was exposed to to the church world. This lesson has helped me crystalize my direction.

      My vision is to create an internet online business that is centered around the passion and experiences I have gathered over forty years of being a local pastor and denominational leader. I see myself being the “University of Phoenix” of the church world with over 1000 students taking at least one of my online courses each month. In addition, I see myself being able to sell at least 300 ebooks each month on a variety of topics that are associated with ministry and church. Finally, I see myself operating a digital publishing house that empowers and enables others to duplicate my efforts and accomplishments.

    22. Stinky McFarten

      My successful internet business is going to help me retire my wife so she can time for herself.
      I will be making a minimum of $10,000 per month.
      I will be able to create a schedule that that fits my lifestyle.
      I will no longer have to feel like I’m not treading enough water.
      I will be able to visit many countries.
      I will have more money than any one person will ever have a need for.

    23. Larry Edwards

      Great lesson Eric. This will help myself and many others get focused.

      I would like to create a sustainable online business in the internet marketing & make money online niche.
      The goal is to create one stop shop that teaches others how to create a sustainable online business of their own, in their own niche.

      In the next 6 months, I would like to generate 5,000 / month so I can quit my full time job, and focus my efforts on my online business. My ultimate long term goal is to average 1,000,000.00 / year with an online business.
      This will ultimately allow me to spend more time with family and friends, and give back to the community. I would like to be able to help others fulfill their dreams.

    24. A. Bangura

      My vision is to create wealth for the poor through business in general and to become one of the first three best Software developer. Thank you very much for your LESSONS.

      Best regards

    25. Maureen Shelly-Burns

      I envision being an expert in teaching the Law of Attraction and helping people to obtain their dreams and desires. I want to especially help people who need to overcome trauma or have something that is holding them back from getting all they desire and deserve. I will be co-authoring a book called The Midas Touch with Dr. Joe Vitale soon. I am currently a minister and a Law of Attraction life coach. I see myself speaking to large audiences, thousands of people where I discuss ideas of how to manifest the life of your dreams, In order to obtain these goals I am going to be an affiliate marketer along the way. Providing products and services that will help people learn to live a life of Abundance beyond their wildest dreams.

    26. Eseigbe

      My Vision is to have a world class online business which creates value for my clients and customers alike while increasing profits without ceasing, generate millions of dollars in the shortest possible time and applying the riches derived to enrich the lives of my family and people in my community to enhance their standard of living in so many ways.

    27. Christine Aurand

      Hello Eric,

      My vision is to promote/sell info products relating to mind, body and spirit as well as online marketing. I eventually want to have my own product in these areas to promote or sell.
      As you can see, I don’t yet have a website however, I do have a domain and have been trying to market just using the domain, not working so well. But, I am off topic….back to my vision.
      My short term goal is to make $2000.00 by the end of January 2015 and double that by the end of February and again, double that by the end of March. I have a larger vision, or longer term vision that includes being able to provide funds for my favorite charities and of course, to help my immediate family. Some of that looks like involving family in my business. Ultimately, I want to and will retire by 62 and that leaves me 2.5 years to accomplish this, and, I am convinced that I will.
      This is rather immediate for me as my last day of my “day job” is December 27, 2014, so you can see that I am not only motivated and determined, I will succeed!

    28. Michael

      I just finished a year long course learning to become an Abundance Coach using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) I want to use the internet to market this technique to help students to lower test anxiety so that they can achieve better results in their courses and in their lives. Eventually I would like to do workshops and create a courses to help teachers learn how to use this technique in the classroom, before tests and for other issues.
      I live in Thailand and I want to continue living in and exploring the land and culture of this beautiful country. I want to find my soul mate to share my life here. I want to have a life in a beautiful comfortable home where people feel free to stop by, spend a few hours or the night and to share in a feeling of love and community. i want the house to be the site of many celebrations, parties and warm memories, with far too many cats roaming the halls.

    29. Cendes

      My vision is to run an online business successfully and generate $100,000 sales every month so that I can totally stop my stressful, long hour and headache-inducing beauty salon business.
      I always dream to have a business which can give me financial freedom and still have time for my family, my prayer and my spirituality enhancement . I can freely travel with my family a few times every year and most importantly I can make more donation and contribute back to society.
      I am running my own business many years which occupy most of my times and I thought that will give me better living and better life but I totally wrong. I see the overhead keep increasing so I know that it is the time for me to have a change! This make me come into online business– No rental , low start up cost, can work at home, can earn better then the physical business, can have many free time….wow ! All these inspire me and I tell myself this is what I am looking for.

    30. RJ

      Hi Eric , I’m retired due to having three back surgeries and now have to live on ssd. My vision is to be financially secure to where I can take care of the people that is the most important in my life (family,grandkids) and also be able to help out the people in need as much as I can.

    31. tony

      My vision is to have a successful Online marketing business center around affiliate marketing and real Estate. In my business I will be able to help my family, Travel, having training in the community about have a business of their own.

    32. William O. Scott

      Eric my Vision at the present is to become a learned internet marketer and established a solid online business to generated a retirement income first that I can live on and be debt free. Additionally my vision is to give to many charitable organizations through my online business and to help under privileged families become empowered,educated and stable to move on in life.

    33. Carrie

      My vision is to build a successful online business centered around my passions of family, self-improvement, learning, spiritual growth, and God. My business will generate a seven digit income and build multiple streams of income. I will work from home on my terms and spend a lot of my time pursuing the things I love and spending time with my loved ones. I will give generously of my money and time to my church and my community. I will do all I can to help alleviate poverty in my community as well as globally and also spread God’s love throughout the world. I will spend my time with my family, my husband, travelling, going on mission trips, and going on various vacations and adventures. I will leave a legacy of change in my family that will improve my children’s lives and on for generations to come.

    34. Barend Groenewald

      My vision is to build an information business that helps peoples and families to
      improve health and wealth. This business will successfully produce a minimum
      online income of $1,000,000 per year and is based out of my home. Income must
      be generated 24/7, whether I am there or not. This income will also be utilized to
      provide financial assistance to those in honest need and who share my vision.

    35. Rose

      My vision is to have a successful online affiliate business centered around my passion of natural health & wellness. I will work from home, and will spend a lot of time in the garden and with my husband and future children. I will work less than 20 hours per week, and my business will bring in at least $100,000 per year. I will give back to the community and my church on a consistent basis, and will take at least 2 vacations per year with my husband/family.

    36. mary

      I can’t see the video but the your paragraphs underneath really enlighten my eyes on how to start a business

    37. Leif Strom

      My vision is that I am financial free – free to share with my children and grand children. I have buildt a proper home for alcoholics/drug adicts and homeless in my comunity. My online business generates $ 100.000 a month and I am often visiting my family castle at the shore of Cyprus. Here the wole family is gathered twice a year. I have my own jet to make the travel comfortable and short. I can see my self with a white robe sitting in a deckchair watching the children playing in the swingingpool.

    38. Melaney Bridges

      My vision is to have a successful online business centered around my passion which is Travel and Photography. I will work from home and on the road in my trusty RV, but spend most of my time with my parents and visiting family. I will work less that 40 hours per week and my business will bring in $1,000,000 per year. I will give back to community by helping our veterans, children, animals, and the earth we live in. I will also vaction several times per year outside of my normal travel. I will build strong and lasting relationships and become a more reliable woman.

    39. Steve

      My vision is to build an online business bringing in at least $10,000 per month. This will allow us to maintain a comfortable lifestyle debt free and be able to financially help our children and grandchildren where needed. We will be able to take vacations when we want and where we want and give generously to our church. I would go to work everyday “for the fun of it” and not because I have to.



    41. Steven Norton

      My vision is to have a business, or businesses, that bring(s) me and my family financial freedom. I will work less than 40 hrs/wk, preferably from home, and earn more than $1 million per year. Working less will give me the time to spend with my family, as well as pursue other interests. My business/businesses will also have the capability to run while I am away for an extended period of time. This will allow me to take my family on missions trips and vacations within the country and around the world to impact it with the love of God as well as expose my children to other cultures. Finally, I will use my financial success to fund and support the dreams and callings of others.

    42. Rosie

      My vision is to master my online business, whilst continuing to grow & my existing business – (in partnership with my husband) bringing in enough money & reducing our hours enough to leave us in the position to be able to do what we want, when we want – in life leaving no debts, and a great legacy for our family .

    43. Telmo Bermeo

      I see it my self as a successful landlord who owns several single and multifamily properties from which i will derive all my income. Upon achieving this, I will retire and begging to travel back and fort from my native country and do some travel to other countries as well.

    44. Terence

      I am approaching 84 years of age, and still working on a home-based busines; the small income from which prevents my wife and I from falling into penury. We owe around $150,ooo on our house and have acredit crd debt of some $15,000.
      My vision is to so succeed in my online business that I canleave this world without passing on debt to my dear wife, and that I can show others in my age group that you do not have to be inyour twenties, thirties or forties to build an empire from which you can continue to draw lines of passive income.

    45. Marty

      My vision is to build a successful online business centered on my interests and passions (writing, history, fitness) that allows me to pay off all my current debts and to achieve financial freedom and personal freedom. Financial freedom means the accumulation of $2.5 Million in liquid assets and an annual income of $365,000.Personal freedom is the time to: teach my family how to be financially free; spend quality time with my family; travel the US and globe; spend quality time on my spiritual quest; give to charitable causes.

    46. Sandra

      My vision is to create an Internet Marketing business around of my passions and continue from there to develop other businesses around my other passions. I’m passionate about several things, so I need to sort out the one which will make my first targeted market. My passions are Child Care, Feng Shui, Customer Service, Travel, Shopping, Sailing, Wine & Gastronomy, and Gourmet Cooking.
      I see myself working from my home office, less than 20 hours a week and making at least 1.5 million dollars a year. This allows me the free time to enjoy my family, travel as often as I want, wine and dine at the best places in the world, both the fancy, elegant, pricy and the small, less ostentatious, yet delicious ones. I also, see myself giving from the top at my church and helping others. I’d be living in my dream home and driving my dream car. Eventually, I will get my own sail boat, not to far down the line.

    47. Lisa

      My vision is to create a product that helps people establish a healthier diet. Possibly pooling together several resources and establishing a support community contributing ideas and recipes. I know this is a large niche already, but there has got to be a way to get more people wanting to be healthy more than they want junk food.

    48. Pelicko

      My vision is to make millions of dollars per year. I have never have a boss before, and i do not plan on having one. I wanna do things that i enjoy doing as well as make a profit out of them. I wanna have the finer things in life. That nice house, that Lamborghini, those vacations per year, and never have to work for another man in my life. That’s is my vision. I ALSO WANT TO HELP OTHERS. THOSE WHO CAN BARELY MAKE IT, I WANNA HELP THEM TOO. GIVE BACK TO MY CHURCH AND MY COMMUNITY.

    49. Murri

      My vision is to be one of the millionaires in internet marketing ever since I started 10 years ago..but I came across those scams with a lot of wasting time and money,and if this is the one that I found..I.e Mr.Eric,I would be thankful to you with the free lessons and tips in this on line business,and also I am considering a charity if this business “boom” for me.

    50. Matt Alvarez

      I have had the same vision for my business for many years. Despite the failures that I have encountered, I cannot, in good conscience, stray from the way I see my life.

      My vision is to build my business, not around a passion but around the premise that there are no boundaries. The vehicle, at this point, is not important. I will make, at a minimum, $100,000 per month across my various products, websites and my “off-line” endeavors. The important thing is that, after each product launch, “autopilot” is engaged. Without the freedom to spend time with my family, travel and pursue the things that are important to me, a business becomes nothing more than a job… trading time for money.

      I will build my business… build my dreams. I would be lying if I said that my dreams do not include a level of monetary wealth, but I only see that as one less thing to worry about as I live the second half of my life to the fullest.


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