One Minute Commissions – Honest Review & Demo

I wasn’t planning on doing this today, but I got sucked into a VERY compelling sales video… and the rest is history ๐Ÿ˜‰

I don’t blame anyone for creating a persuasive video. I make them for my products, and I teach others to do the same. The problem is when they’re misleading (or if they’re so ambiguous that you can’t figure out what the product’s really about).

The product I am reviewing today is called One Minute Commissions, by Mike Auton. The name on the product is Rebecca Roberts, but from what I understand from the JV invitations I’ve seen, that’s basically a pen name for the actress/spokeswoman.

The product pitch made some very bold income claims, but what appealed to me the most was its apparent ease of use. It sounded exactly like the type of product that would be useful to many of my subscribers. So I went ahead and bought it for $46.00 so I could review it.

The payment processor is ClickSure, and it was my first time encountering them. It appears that they are attempting to compete with ClickBank, so I went ahead and signed up for an affiliate account too; perhaps I can report more about them later. It seems they are UK-based, and just entering the business. My credit card company called me within one minute of placing my order, to ask if it was fraudulent.

After ordering, I was taken into the upsell flow (aka One Time Offer), which is to be expected. Again, I have no problem with upsells. I do them myself, and I teach it as an effective marketing strategy. One of my recent launches contained the most aggressive upsell flow I’ve ever attempted, with multiple upsells, and it worked very well.

One Minute Commissions had a total of 5 upsell/downsell pages. My only problem with them was that the “No Thanks” link was hidden for a period of time to force you to watch part of the video on 3 of the pages. Other than that, the upsells seemed pretty typical and they did seem to be fitting with the main product (upsale for “Pro” version, etc.). I did not purchase any of the upsells.

The members area is well laid out, and easy to navigate. No problems there.

The training videos were very basic, but adequate. I had some problems playing the MP4 videos in my browser, so if you do purchase the product, I’d recommend doing a right-click and downloading the videos rather than streaming them in your browser.

The software itself (web based) is simple to use. It takes only a few minutes to employ the method, and I did not encounter any real problems while using it.

Here is a demo of me actually using this product (allow a moment for the video to load):

The software generates videos to promote ClickBank products (or Amazon products using their bonus software).

Those videos are then to be uploaded to YouTube, and traffic is to be obtained from organic Google results.

In theory, it’s a good idea. YouTube videos CAN be a great way to obtain Google rankings.

Unfortunately, the videos generated by this software are very spammy. They’re about 20 seconds long, and consist of one static image, with a random bit of background music.

This provides absolutely ZERO value to the end user, which means users of this software are basically spamming YouTube with these videos, and thus spamming Google with useless search results.

I’d be willing to bet that YouTube/Google will crack down on this practice, thus ensuring that it’s not a good long term strategy.

Therefore I do not recommend this product.

Here’s the good news…

With just a LITTLE more effort, you can use this strategy in an ethical and effective manner. Instead of using this auto-generator software, just get yourself some screen capture software (I recommend Camtasia, but there are free options like Camstudio).

Then for each product you want to promote, create a short review or commentary while you peruse the product and/or sales letter for that product. This way you’re actually providing something of value to the people who are searching for those products.

As always, you are welcome to leave your comments below.

Have a great day!

247 comments on “One Minute Commissions – Honest Review & Demo

  1. Mr T

    Thanks Eric for doing the review i wasn’t gonna buy it as i no longer buy from blind sales pitches.What’s really scary is when products like this are promoted by people you normally think are genuine.It’s a reminder that IM is all about the money,who to trust?.My advise to anybody out there is ,if they don’t show you,can’t tell you and can’t explain it properly DO NOT BUY IT.There are very few Eric’s around to hold your hand.

    Mr T

  2. Donna Sears

    I was so tempted to buy this software, until I saw your review. That was a really cheesy video that got created. I understand that the software costs $46, but all the way through all the videos, the presenters kept saying “no investment” and “free”. I find that in itself misleading. Again, thanks for the review. Very refreshing!

  3. Clifford Mitts

    7/18 I sent the following to you, Paul Counts, and Jeff Wellman re NCIS which I purchase on 7/12/12, ref # 3035/4YL2FEZP:

    Please have one of you to acknowledge,Thanks, Cliff

  4. len

    thank you for shedding light on this. much appreciated.

  5. Matthew Roberts

    I bought this product and the upgrade. My own fault… Anyways it wouldn’t be a complete loss if the quadlink software and the pinger software would actually work.

    What problem I am having is it states:

    Cannot create temporary email, please try again.

    Does anyone know how to get that working? I’ve contacted the support if you can call them that. They never replied to me, any help would be greatly appreciated. At least then I can get some value out of the money I spent.

  6. Prasanth

    I am really pleased to see someone really going through the process of buying the product and reviewing it for their subscribers..
    Thank you for the Honest review eric..
    I too feel like you.. being honest and review the products for my subscribers/visitors But unfortunately I have got no money to actually buy all the products and review them..
    So what would be your suggestion to make Honest reviews without actually buying them(cannot afford to buy all the products right….?

  7. Micah

    Hello Prasanth,

    Sometimes, vendors provide affiliates with review access to a product. Typically, that access may only last a week, or some other short period of time.

  8. olanrewaju

    thanks for your help, can u pls teach me how to use this aftilation software

  9. JC

    Just watched the Gary Ambrose video and it is WAY too long!!! That’s an hour I will
    never get back…but more importantly, the reviews were not very
    good…am I missing something?

  10. Michael Hamm

    Eric, been a subscriber for quite a while.
    Wondering if you are looking for a JV opportunity for another income stream. Let me
    know, and I can send you more information, and
    you can decide for yourself. Thanks.

    Michael Hamm

  11. Micah

    Hello Michael,

    We receive MANY JV requests, so we can’t make any promises. But, you are welcome to send any relevant information to our helpdesk:

  12. spencer


    I purchased No Cost Income stream on 7/4/2012. After evaluating the product, I found that it is not for me at this time even the product was great. Per your 60 day money back guarrantee policy, I would like to ask you to refund 100% ($37) to my Discover Card ending in -6448.

    Thank you,

    Spencer Chao

  13. Patrick

    Great Review, thanks for saving me some money. Greatly appreciate honest review

  14. Antonio Peixoto

    Hi Eric.

    Thank you very much for this review.You were the way a real marketer must be:honest and true

  15. Jens

    I ordered the product and was first REALLY annoyed with the endless upsells at high prices, now said to be necessary to get the result, when the sales hype promised the results with only the initially offered software. However, I thought Iยดd give it a chance, so I bought two of the upsells, losing a lot of time for no good reason. When the product arrived and I realized that it had NOTHING to do with the promises made in the video,would require weeks of work and studies to set up – and not one minute to set up for automated profits as emphatically promised! – and to boot the training was so basic and time-consuming I did not learn anything new and was just losing my time, I asked for a refund. I was told how, so there was no problem there. ClickSure responded immediately that they had refunded my three payments on August 11th, but as of writing this, four weeks later, I still have received no refund. I have complained at least four times and they have replied, but only with evasive mails ignoring my request for PROOF of crediting my card. They say I have to complain with my bank, but if they have made an error in sending the money, there is no way my bank can find it without having the data of their transfer order. To me this smells of fraud, from the initial sales video to the non-refund I am experiencing.

  16. Shannan

    Nice review! Clicksure does not include the program you’ve bought in receipt documentation.
    FYI the first $ I’ve made online was creating my own review for a product and loading it onto YouTube. I might continue with green products and see how long, and if or course, they profit. Properly seo’d it zips right up top.
    HOWEVER I still love your tips, invaluable.

  17. richard bisson

    I have paid these products(17.78 and $28.22)but i have not receive these products.Paid the 09/28/2012:no.V333EJPC and V333EJM4.richard

  18. Ray

    Dear Eric,

    Thank-you for these e-mails and training (Eric’s Tips). I appreciate your
    incredible talent and willingness to share.

    You are a role model and I believe that your servant heart has shown as a fruit of the Spirit manifestation.

    Bread on the water!

    All Blessing

    Ray Dye

  19. John

    Hi Eric,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Your honesty and integrity are so refreshing. Warnings like this would save multitudes of newbies’ hard earned cash, but where are the other voices in this IM wilderness?

    On another subject, I’d like you to check out, some good info there for chicken newbies.

    thanks, John

  20. Eric Post author

    Cool, we have 14 chickens here ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Diane

    Thanks Eric, I was tempted. She kept saying at NO COST at NO COST to you and then at the end you have to pay $49? I am so tired of programs like this, just want to find something that works for a change!

  22. abner

    I got taken in too. i pay $43 and the program was sh***y and you are right they suck you in with that one time fee only!I know better then that (I thought) I’ve always believed if it’s too good to be true it usually is.But i am out of a job and i’m tired of working for people that do not appreciate your talents and effort to getting the job done!I wanted to be my own boss but i guess my dad was right the only way to the top is by working hard and saving what ever you can.There i s no such thing as easy money and as usual he was right.

  23. Rich Ranspot

    Is this the same as Justin Michie’s Commission Infusion for $47? noticed that they didn’t offer Payza or Paypal as payment option. Red Flag there for me

  24. Mich

    I don’t get it. ClickSure is a scam, right?

  25. antony

    hi eric have you tried this guys product by the name steve pierce, his site goes by the name income elite. i would love to know what you would recomend.

  26. Lucy Caulfield

    Hi Eric, I just listened to that video. I always search out a site before signing up. I was thankful to come across your review through google. It all sounded too good to be true. Thank you for such a good review. If I had signed up, I probably would have been lost.

  27. Part Time World

    Hi Eric,
    I was about to purchase the product.
    Thank god.
    You saved me my hard earned money.
    Really your review is honest.

  28. Jagadish

    Really a honest and ethical review which i ever read…..

  29. Robert Orchard

    Thanks for the review. Often, it is hard to find an honest review of a product because most of the time they are just sales pitches disguised as reviews. I know now I will not be purchasing one minute commissions and will explore the alternative methods you’ve suggested.

  30. Micah

    Hello Antony,

    Thanks for pointing out the product. We are unfamiliar with Income Elite.

    If Eric feels that it would benefit his readers at this stage, he’ll be sure to do a review.

  31. Barbara

    Everytime I watch one of these “its so easy” video’s I want so badly to hope that it’s real. Then I think about how it is others like myself who don’t have a credit card or the extra cash to throw at yet another scam. Thank you for providing this forum.

  32. ismael

    Hello Eric, Thank you for the informaton i to got such in to the hype of the one minute commision.The problem i had was everyother video didn’t work, and when i asked if they could fix the video they would offer me another offer to buy i got my money back quickly.

  33. Dieter Nuebel

    ClickSure is a rip off! They pulled the same on me as on Jens above. Played me along for weeks with assurances that my refund had been processed and pleas for patience and so on for 60 days, then their call center suggested to file a dispute with my bank. But after 60 days from your initial complaint the banks can not file a dispute anymore! CLICKSURE IS CROOKED!

  34. Heidi

    Is it time to contact google directly and let them know about this product so they can shut down the owner? This would help lots of people save money

  35. John

    Thanks Mann this was very helpful

  36. John

    I Agree I will bookmark this blog for other reviews Thanks

  37. Frank

    Hi All
    I bought this product at the weekend, seemed nice and simple for a newbey like me. Totally cheesed off. I thought there must be a problem with the video maker or my system.. Nice to know its not me and its their system. Also had to download the training Vids. NOT good answers take days and not satisfactory. Please all dont waste your money.. I am now asking for a refund. Product over sold under delivers I have been done before but this is the worst.. All I need is something to give me an extra income. I am giving up with all these waste of money on line jobs. None work.

  38. Saint Stephen

    thank you Eric….

  39. ian

    What an excellent and honest review, which is pretty dammed hard to find these days.

  40. john Rylatt

    Thank you Eric why are there not more honest people like you out there

  41. Nik S.

    i just paid all

    Member $ 49 – Your ClickSure Order #: 2013062320943703
    Platinum $ 196 Your – ClickSure Order #: 2013062320944163
    Diamond elit $ 195 Your – ClickSure Order #: 2013062320944943
    Xtreme $ 67 – Your ClickSure Order #: 2013062520964143

    Total paid is $ 507

    i can open member link & platinum link.

    i did not get diamond link & xtreme link
    i cannot open many video
    the software all cannot use just rubbish

    one minute commission is scam same clicksure they are one empire scammer

    anyone know how to get back money?

  42. Tamsin

    Awesome review! Enough said.

  43. Tamsin

    I will too!


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