Louisiana Mural Finished

Just a quick update to let you all know that we completed the mural that we started last year.

In case you missed it, here are the first two updates: July 2013 and November 2013.

Eric’s Tips subscribers helped to fund this project, and I said I would post pictures of the completed mural when the time came. Well it’s time šŸ™‚

First, here is an overview of the progress from start to finish:

I’m not going to say much else about it here in this blog post, because there is a website with many more pictures and an in-depth explanation of the mural. Please check it out here:

Destiny Words Mural

Thanks again for your help in making this happen!

As always, you are welcome to leave your comments below.

Have a great day!

29 comments on “Louisiana Mural Finished

  1. Larry Jones Jr

    Looks Great!

  2. Tony Policci

    That is truly a majestic work. Words that can transform lives, hands and feet that can be Jesus to the world. Well done!

  3. Scott Branden

    Great work Eric! Is there larger photos, I ask because these are kind of small. So whats the next big challenge?

    1. Eric Post author

      Thanks šŸ™‚ You can see some bigger pics on this site
      Not sure what the next art project will be, but next up is we’re putting on a dance camp for the youth of the community this summer.

  4. Rafael

    Great mural,

    If more of us would put into action these simple words the world would be a better place. You are doing an excellent job. Keep the good work going.

  5. Ed

    Sorry but I just have to ask. Did it ever occur to you that some of the people who use the excellent tools and advice you provide might in fact not be Bible thumping Republicans?

    1. Eric Post author

      I know for a fact that I have a very wide range of subscribers of all types from around the world.

      1. Rich

        Eric, thanks for having a heart to serve others — not only those who use the excellent tools and service you provide but also those who benefit from your other God-given talents outside the realm of marketing. Hopefully those who have eyes to see will follow your example.

  6. Lynda Kulas

    Wow! What a project to take on…it’s beautiful and inspirational.
    I will be looking forward to hearing about the dance camp.
    Perhaps you will be able to post pictures of this as well.
    Investing in our youth is investing in our future.
    Thanks Eric. šŸ™‚

  7. Eliza

    Hi Eric,

    Very impressive painting! There’s definately a great deal of talent and painting skills manifested on this project.

    Best Regards,

  8. Lyn Campbell

    Fabulous they are painting murals in Kaikohe, New Zealand on the walls of buildings that had rubbish on them and they are not being touched. Love it

  9. mohammad

    Well done ,impressive project .
    God will reward you for that

  10. Paul Perry

    Great job Eric
    you must be pleased with the way it turned out ,after all of hard work that went in to it

  11. Paul

    Eric; I admire your commitment to excellence with character and integrity. I also respect the fact that you are a man of faith and conviction. It is apparent that your heart and your hand are being guided by the One you serve. Your broad audience from around the world is witness to that.

  12. Jeff Carpenter

    Great Job! Very bright and colorful for all to see and believe.


    Well done Eric. Truly impressive. i is wonderful to see the greatness inside you, being revealed.

    Stay blessed


  14. Peter Owen

    Thanks for sharing this Eric, great job and looks fantastic.

  15. Michaela

    Eric, it is an amusing Project, and I am glad you finish and you all are proud of what you did.
    The fact that you have a diversity of people and cultures on your list is a good thing… they may learn something from you as you always offer good actions. Up till now Belize project was my favorite, now it is this painting, and Belize is on second place..

  16. Darline

    Thanks Eric for sharing your project pictures. Awesome. Art is such a great way to touch so many lives that you may never really know that you impacted. AND–Thank you for your work with youth. I work for the Colorado Division of Youth Corrections and am always sooooooo appreciative of people working with youth in our communities. We have come a long way technologically in this world, but that advancement has resulted in our youth having problems due to lack of social skills (texting, video games, etc. prevents developing truly personal relationships). It’s tough being a young person these days and I commend you for getting things like a dance camp to help them relate to others personally Keep up the good work with all your endeavors. You seem to have truly found the reason you were put on this earth!! KUDOS

  17. JFK

    Dang. Talk about busy. Drive by’s can’t figure it out. Stop for awhile and try to figure it out. Unlikely. I like the KISS method. To confusing. Stopped half way trying to figure it out. Way to much in it. Don’t like it. Sorry guys could of done better.

  18. David Robichaux Sr

    Thanks for you and your team of people bringing hope to this town of my home state of Louisiana. I look forward to good things happening for this town. The Mural looks great. I hope to visit there one day and see it for myself.

  19. Jessie

    Thanks for sharing this awesome display of ministry which is serving and the respect and honor
    of Almighty God’s creation and creature. I hope this will last as long as the community last for
    It is great. When I was much younger my children and I went to a housing develop and did
    a mural of athletic endeavors in the community. It has been over forty years and those who were
    a part never forget and always have good memories. I say this to let you know that I relate to what
    you have done is great and the people will never forget the process and the work you and others
    put into this great project.

  20. Tony Jones

    Hi Eric, Thanks for your electronic offerings, response due as soon as possible.

    Congrats by the way regarding above Ministry display, God Bless, Amen.

  21. Mai

    Hello Eric, I watched all your videos! It’s all great information and the best part is…can’t believe it’s free! I have to say that I’m bummed that there’s no other lessons after this, but understand that you have other priorities. Looking forward to more of your awesome lessons.

    P.S. I’m currently using all your pointers. Keep up the good work.


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