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Does Your Small Business Depend on a Large Business?

This is a cautionary tale for online entrepreneurs, with a special warning for Amazon sellers. A few days ago I read an article about an Etsy vendor who sort of got too big for Etsy… In case you’re not familiar with it, Etsy is basically a marketplace for handcrafted goods… artsy things and such. They […]

How’s the Google Penguin Treating You?

On April 24th, Google rolled out their “Penguin” update. Mass chaos has ensued in the SEO world, with much debate among the Internet marketing community. Out of all the Google updates I’ve seen over the years, this one seems to have caused more anger and frustration than the others. So I figured I’d weigh in […]

LESSON #83: Mobile Marketing

While there is a lot of traffic to be acquired from mobile marketing, there are also a lot of misconceptions about mobile marketing, and a lot of hype that’s been swirling around. In this lesson I hope to dispel some of those myths, and clarify mobile marketing for you. (Watch this video – it may […]

LESSON #79: Article Marketing

In the previous lesson we discussed Off Page SEO, and covered many ways of obtaining links to your website. Today we’re going to learn about a link-building strategy that involves other benefits too. (Watch this video…) Main points: Article marketing is an “oldie” but goodie. My definition of Article Marketing: You write articles (or outsource […]

LESSON #78: Off Page SEO (Link Building)

In the previous lesson we discussed On Page SEO, and covered over a dozen optimization factors that you can implement on your website. Today we’re going to learn about Off Page SEO. (Watch this video…) Main points: In most cases, Off Page SEO contributes more to your search engine rank than On Page SEO. (The […]