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By | February 3, 2022

I’ve been creating digital graphics for 37 years. It was around 1985 when my elementary school’s art department got its first computer with what I think was MacPaint. It was one bit black and white, and I loved it!

I created my first “ecover” graphics in the 1990’s with Microsoft Paint before 3D ecover tools were a thing.

I’ve been a Photoshop user for the past couple of decades; a great tool that I love to this day. Action Scripts were a big game-changer. They allowed anyone with basic Photoshop skills to create ecovers. Then Smart Objects took that concept to the next level, making it possible to edit 3D ecovers without having to process an action script.

Then came various graphics tools designed for “non-graphics” people to be able to make good looking graphics. Some of those have been good, and I’ve tested and reviewed many of them over the years. Some were made mainly for marketers, and others such as Canva were created for the mainstream. I’ve recommended a few of them due to their ease of use. However, all of those tools have fallen short in some way for me personally… leaving me to continue relying on Photoshop.

Today I started using ClickDesigns, and I am confident in saying I will be using this tool to replace some of the things I’ve been doing with Photoshop.

Here is my demo video:

(You may wish to watch it in full screen mode and select HD quality so you can see the details.)

What I will NOT be using ClickDesigns for:

– Photo editing
– Creating print-ready graphics
– Creating illustrations from scratch using creative tools like brushes

What I WILL be using ClickDesigns for:

– Creating E-covers
– Creating digital mockups
– Web graphics (for sales pages, etc.)
– Creating product graphics to use in videos

I recommend trying ClickDesigns yourself and see what you think:

Click here to go to ClickDesigns now

Thanks for checking out my review, and have a great day!

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