About Eric

Eric Holmlund is an Internet marketer who has made millions of dollars in the process of marketing a variety of products online, including his own products.

He began dabbling in Internet marketing in 1999, and has been doing it full time since 2003. Eric started the business with about $40, and grew it into a seven-figure business, while working from home with no employees.

He outsourced parts of the business, and elements of it run largely on autopilot, which gives Eric the flexibility to participate in mission trips, train for triathlons, and enjoy his family.

Some of Eric’s online business specialties include list-building, copywriting, joint ventures, and product launches. He has had forty-four product launches that have each generated over six figures of income in their opening weeks. He is also knowledgeable in affiliate marketing, having generated millions of dollars in affiliate commissions.

He enjoys helping others succeed, and teaches his strategies via his Eric’s Tips website (join here) and Inner Profit Circle coaching program.

Eric loves the arts, and enjoys video and music production. He has produced and/or executive produced music albums and documentaries. In 2007 he wrote, directed and produced the Internet’s first full-fledged competitive reality show, The Next Internet Millionaire.

Eric currently resides in Colorado with his wife and six children. They are active in their church, have an online prayer ministry which was started by Eric in 2004, and an offline dance studio that they opened in 2016.

Eric with family