BigWig Video Demo

My friend Dr. Amit Pareek just launched a new video marketing tool called BigWig Video, so I decided to put it to the test.

I created an account, logged in and created a new “BigWig” in just a few minutes.

To start with I went over to YouTube and quickly found a video to use. It took me about 15 seconds to find a video about Photoshop on the home page. I happen to know that Photoshop is a good topic, because there are many Photoshop-related educational products that sell well.

I went over to the ClickBank marketplace and grabbed an affiliate link for a Photoshop product. That took me less than a minute.

I customized several settings, put the link in the description and had my BigWig video page up and running in just a couple minutes. It worked well, as advertised.

Dr. Amit has actually made as much as $300 a day from a single video on his BigWig site, which is designed to get free traffic from search engines.

My only concern was that it only creates the pages on the BigWig video site, not on your own site, so I was thinking… how can I use this tool to put customized videos on my own site?

Fortunately, Dr. Amit included an embed feature so you can put these videos on your own site! Here are a couple of quick examples I set up, using the same YouTube video.

In the first one, you’ll see I customized the player to make it green, I took away the player time bar, and basically made it look NOT like a typical YouTube video. There are many other customizations you can make, such as removing all the controls and setting the video to autoplay if you want to use it on a squeeze page or sales page.

If you play the video, you will see 10 seconds into the video I inserted a squeeze page using a pre-made “Lead Gate” template in the BigWig Video system.

You could also embed the video at full-page size. Here’s what that looks like:

Next I embedded the same YouTube video with a few tweaks. I changed the player a bit, and embedded an actual sales page at the 5 second mark. To do that, I simply grabbed a ClickBank affiliate link and inserted it into the video using the built-in “HTML Gate” feature.

As you’ll see, it displays a sales page within the video frame, and if someone were to click through and buy that product, I’d earn a commission. If you SKIP that ad, you will see 5 seconds later that I inserted another ad using the built-in “Promo Gate” feature, again simply using the ClickBank affiliate link that I grabbed from the ClickBank marketplace.

This was an oversimplified demo I did just for the purpose of testing and demonstrating the system. There is a ton more that you can do with this.

I’m especially a fan of the embed feature so you can put these videos on your own site. This would be perfect to use for covert squeeze pages (where you embed the opt-in form inside the videos itself), and for covert product review pages.

Think about this, you could take ANY product review video from YouTube, and embed it on your own site in a customized player with YOUR OWN affiliate links in the video. For that matter it wouldn’t need to be a product review video. You could take any “how to” video on virtually any topic, and monetize it with affiliate links to products on ClickBank, JVZoo, Amazon, or any other marketplace…

Not to mention the possibility of using other peoples videos to grab traffic for your OWN products!

Lots of cool possibilities and features to play with 🙂

Go Here to See More and Grab BigWig Video for Yourself

Thanks for checking out this demo!