Basic Internet Marketing Tips

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What is Internet marketing? It is the phenomenon of goods, products, or services being marketed online, ie – over the Internet. It is also called i-marketing, web marketing, online marketing, or eMarketing. The low cost of distribution of information, to an audience that encompasses practically the whole world – is one of its main advantages.

Internet marketing is very interactive, can provide instant responses. Not only does it refer to digital media like Internet, email, and wireless media, but it also includes the management of digital customer data, and electronic customer relationship management systems. With Internet marketing, one can do one’s design, development, advertisement and sale – all online!

Here are some basic Internet marketing tips: – Initially it’s necessary for you to set up your own blog. This gives you the ability to communicate and interact with your target audience. There are two basic styles that you could follow – one is putting a short comment followed with an attached link to the subject that you are talking about, and the other is a long-essay type post, which may or may not include a link. Remember to keep your posts simple, reader friendly, and give them what they are looking for.

Another Internet marketing tip is to go for Ezine advertising – as this can deliver your targeted traffic to your website. Make sure to pick the right Ezines, and the right ads – your benefits are sure to be enormous! The main advantage of this Internet marketing tip is that the Ezines are delivered to a highly select group of readers, and focus on a very narrow topic. There are three types of ads you could go for. You could go for a classified ad (cheapest, but also least effective), sponsor ad (these allow for more words), or a solo ad (which will contain only your offer, and is sent to everyone on the mailing list). Before releasing the ad, however, pay attention to the copy of the advertisement itself, and the headline – both should be catchy, and aiming to give people what they want.

Another important Internet marketing tip is to keep your website user-friendly and simple. Remember to use your logo on every page, and in the same location. Try to be consistent. Also, your logo should be clickable, leading to the main page itself. The benefit of this? If a visitor gets lost on the page, he or she has the option of clicking on to the logo, and being directed back to the main page. Keep your website simple, avoid using loud or flashy graphics, these tend to slow the loading down. Stay away from heavy pictures, use graphics that are optimized for the Web. Also, stay away from fancy icons, long detailed pages – again, the keyword is to be ‘simple’. Make sure that your visitors have fast and easy access to what they want.

Also, make use of automatic responders – these are automated email programs that respond to an incoming email with a pre-written message. You can use one-time autoresponders by distributing price lists, giving driving directions, sending confirmation letters, distributing your latest article, sending your company profile, etc.

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