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Comment #281

“He’s saved me untold dollars and tons of time.”

I’m obsessive about helping myself & others save money. That’s why I give away free cost cutting tips to anyone who wants ’em.

Eric’s Tips are just as good. (Well, alright maybe a wee bit better…) They’re always a welcome sight to my Scottish heart!!!

He’s saved me (and my readers) untold dollars and tons of time . . . Time IS money, you know!

Keep it up Eric. You’re a man after my own cheap little heart!

– Squire John


Comment #282

“I thoroughly enjoy reading your Eric’s Tips newsletter!”

Hi Eric,

Kam here just wanted to drop you a line and let you know Just how valuable your information, tips and software offers are to us. I look forward to receiving your Eric’s tips newsletters and read them over at least twice so that all the information sinks in. Keep up the amazing work.

Have an awesome day!!

– Kamellia

Comment #283

“Tips that really help me.”

I really appreciate Eric’s tips, and especially how he gives tips that really help me, since I am a newbie in the internet marketing field. They are pertinent and up to date.

– Jon Lutz

Comment #284

“I would definately recommend Eric’s tips to anyone especially those just starting out.”

Hi Eric,

As i have only been involved in internet marketing for only a few months i believe i still have a lot to learn as this area of endeavour can be very confusing.

So i joined Eric’s subscribe list and found that he is a no BS down to earth guy who offers help to those who need it no matter what line of business they are in.

I would definately recommend Eric’s tips to anyone especially those just starting out and i look forward to getting e-mails from him.

Keep up the good work Eric and thanks again i appreciate it.

Best regards

– Rob Nurden

Comment #285

“Real genuine help, information and guidance.”

A Dolphin in a Sea Of Sharks!

Hi Eric, I am pleased to be one of your readers. In this Internet Marketing lark there are many scammers and rip off merchants, all out to profit from the unsuspecting and in many cases, gullible surfers. You, thankfully, provide real genuine help, information and guidance.

I run a successful Internet Business but I am always looking for information and ways in which I can improve. Your products and Newsletters assist me in this quest and as my business grows, I know that along the way you will have helped me.

Long may you continue to succeed and one day it would be really nice to meet up with you, possibly at some conference or whatever.

– Charles Johns

Comment #286

“Your e-mail is the first one I open.”

Hi! Eric,

Thanks for all your tips. Your e-mail is the first one I open as I know I will get some very good and useful tips.

Thanks for being honest.

– Chris Petal

Comment #287

“It’s always a joy to read your emails.”

It is always enlightening to read your experiences, and to see that there is a fix.

– Irene Ferguson

Comment #288

“Impartial reviews on different products and services..”

What I love about Eric’s tips is that I get to read his impartial reviews on different products and services. He often compares one product to another. This saves time I need to spend on research.

Thank you, Eric.

– Lia

Comment #289

“Reading Eric’s Tips has helped me overcome a lot of things I thought I couldn’t do.”

I have went from living on the streets,thrown off a train and axed in the head and hand,to live.Then to learn to walk again,use my hand again.Now at 55++++++ I am learning the internet.I got this P.C. to keep in touch with my children,grandchildren and greatgrandchildren.But then someone said you should create a web page,I said no I do not think so.Then someone said, she is getting to old to learn that stuff.Well I am on a roll,to old huh! Well I already started my on web page on a free web site. I have been reading all your tips.

With his help and his tips it has given me the encouragement to succeed. Please let him help you, because he has helped me. Because of him, I am not giving up.

– Juanita
The Dove

Comment #290

“Yours is one of a few that I still read and subscribe to.”


I have been reading your newsletter for about 3 months now and I am very happy to report that yours is one of a few out of the 70 or so that I signed up for that I still read and subscribe to. I like the fact that your posts are useful information and not sales pitches for some product or another. So many newsletters start out good and go bad so fast.

Please keep up the flow of good information.

– Raymond Laubert MCSE, MCDBA, MCT


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