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Comment #291

“Addicted to his down to earth, informative materials.”

I signed up for Eric’s newsletter with little or nothing in mind, at first I ignored the newsletters, but on a second thought decided to just read a bit of it, since then I have so become addicted to his down to earth, full of informative materials. I am very new in internet marketing, i have bought a lot of products that never works, but i am never discouraged, i believe that if Eric can make living online, yes i can too.

Eric you are a wonderful person. thank you for all the possitive things you made me to know through your newsletter.

– Sheila Ikpa

Comment #292

“I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to make money online.”

Truck loads of useful info at “Eric’s Tips”.

All of us are busy but it is worth to read every word of “Eric’s Tips” newsletter! Eric provides many effective & simple tips to earn money online.

I am a happy subscriber!

– Niranjan Ranade

Comment #293

“The Tips That Stay in my inBox. Thanks for the tips. They are truly helpful. You might just want to compile them into a Book!”

– Bobby Leong


Comment #294

“Genuine sound sensible advice on all things to do with getting into business online.”

At last among all the scamsters and shysters on the internet peddling rubbish ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes and selling expensive rubbish e-books there is one guy (Eric) who is actually not pushing you with emails to buy into the latest amazing money making scheme but offers genuine sound sensible advice on all things to do with getting into business online.

His regular (but not too regular) emails are short and to the point and full of good advice.

Try Eric’s Tips and you’ll see what I mean!

Comment #295

“Everybody could learn a lot from him.”

Eric’ Tips are very helpful and informative. He has helped me a LOT. He really knows what he’s talking about. Everybody could learn a lot from him.

– Peggy Wagner

Comment #296

“Tips that will really guide you to becoming an even greater Internet Marketer.”

Eric’s Tips are the most informative when you’re looking for some very useful internet Marketing and promotional skills, Tips that will really guide you to becoming an even greater Internet Marketer and even sharpen your Business visions, Ventures for a lifetime, so thanks Eric for sharing with me your Insights, goals and your time.

Sincerely yours and thanks again,

– Laron L Bean

Comment #297

“One of the very few real people.”

I’ve tried many products, spent a lot of money on products from Gurus whom it seems is just in it for the Profit. When it come to service or trying to communicate with these people; it was virtually impossible. It’s just good to know that there are down to earth people who’s willing to give sound advice as well as offer “FREE” tips which; might I add, is also very useful.

Eric….I give a toss to you. You are in fact, one of the very few real people.

– Irvin Singleton

Comment #298

“Very practical and useful.”

Thanks for the tips – straightforward, without hype, but most of all very practical and useful.

– David Rogers


Comment #299

“Prevented me from wasting alot of time and money.”

Hey Eric,

Thanks for all tips you give. I just started trading online recently and your tips and advice has helped and prevented me from wasting alot of time and money.

Thanks alot.

Comment #300

“You’ve got to get on Eric’s list. His tips are the best I’ve ever seen.”

WOW!! Eric I am blown away by all the excellent and relevant tips you give to people. I print them all out and keep them by my desk. NOBODY else on the internet, that I have seen so far gives such pertinent information that CAN ACTUALLY BE USED. Thanks sooo much. I look forward to opening many more of your TIPS.

Warmest Regards,

– Cynthia Placido

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