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Comment #381

“I haven’t been building my web business for long, but I’ve found Erics Tip’s absolutely unmissable. I truly believe I’ve jumped the learning curve and recommend subscribing to anybody!”

– Gary

Comment #382

No Bullpucky, just good useful “tips”!

Eric, Just recently came across “Tips” and what I’ve seen so far is truly refreshing. No Bullpucky, just good useful “tips”!

I’ve been doing internet Marketing for nine years now and still find myself feeling ingnorant at times and thinking why didn’t I think of that. Goes to show the learning curve just keeps going up. Your tips seem to continually contribute to the upward curve by sharing, not selling ideas!

Look forward to your e-mails they always contain valuable, useful, “tips”.

– Denny Lauritsen

Comment #383

“What more can you ask for?”

Wow! What a list of testimonials and certainly merited!

I think Eric succeeds in being a `non-Guru`, which he wishes to be, in that he provides great `after sales` service and value for money products.

What more can you ask for?

– John McIntyre

Comment #384

“Good solid information without the Hype.”

Good solid information without the Hype

As a beginner in the internet marketing field it’s just plain annoying to read all the hype about all the fantastic products around. Whilst I acknowledge that these people may sell more that I do they leave me with no way of knowing weather the product is of any use to me. By giving me good solid information and no hype I am left with a clear understanding of what are good products to by and use.

Go Eric!

– Richard Roper

Comment #385

“People like you are rare to find.”

Dear Eric,

Its such a pleasure to be associated with you and the few people who stand out on the internet. I am relatively new here and am constantly looking for help and find people like you are rare to find.

I hope one day soon I too will be like you.

– Claude Fullinfaw

Comment #386

“It’ll give the “newbie” marketer the “know-how”…”

Wow Eric,

I have read and follow your tips and hope to become a Highly Successful, Respected & Powerful Database List Owner! (someday.) The information is direct and sincere. I’d say it’ll give the “newbie” marketer the “know-how” on how to effectively establish, grow, profit and generally make the most out of their list and traffic. Lots and lots of great resources you’ve shared too. I absoultely love it. Will recommend ANYONE wanting to POWER-UP their List & Traffic.

– Ismail Yusof

Comment #387

“Real, honest, relevant, helpful, and extremely useful.”

I absolutely look forward to receiving Eric’s Tips in my Inbox. What Eric has to say is real, honest, relevant, helpful, and extremely useful.

Keep up the fantastic work, Eric!

– Della Flood

Comment #388

“I love to read Eric’s newsletters.”

I love to read Eric’s newsletters, I really learned a lot from those. And I do see a lot of difference from others news letters, more informative, honest, and very experienced.

Thanks for your so kind help.


– Bente Dahl-Kristensen

Comment #389

“It’s both informative and educative.”

Eric’s Tips is one of the greatest internet income teaching newsletters I’ve ever come accross. It’s both informative and educative. At times i wonder where he gets those tips…

Comment #390

“Wise guidance for those of us just getting involved in marketing…”

Eric’s level-headed tips provide wise guidance for those of us just getting involved in marketing on the Internet.

Keep’em coming!

– David Yarian

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