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Comment #391

“Useful stuff… without any catch.”

I think, Eric, that you are giving a reasonable blend of useful stuff for us readers of Eric’s Tips without any catch and your own income generating promotional information. I will continue to read Eric’s Tips.

What I would like to see would be information about failures without using this info as a pre-seller for the promotion of anything you want to earn from 🙂

– Soren Breiting

Comment #392

“You are a get to the point kind of guy!”

Eric, Thank You for the newsletter you send! You are awesome man! You are a get to the point kind of guy!

I love the newsletter, keep’um coming!

– Dave Crepps

Comment #393

“I’m happy now…because of your tips.”

Hello, Eric!

I’m happy now…because of your tips. You are the best eric. I hope you give me more wonderful tips for Internet Marketing.


– Suryo Kuncoro


Comment #394

“Your tips are a welcome refuge in a storm.”

Hi Eric,

Your tips are a welcome refuge in a storm. The storm is the downpour of emails I receive daily from Internet Marketing (IM) “gurus”. Being relatively new to IM, I appreciate all your valuable insight and advice. I look forward to each and every one of your emails.

Thanks again!

– Erv Mrotek


Comment #395

“Eric has been a source of inspiration.”

Eric has been a source of inspiration to most of us, and I can’t really hold it back. My prayer for him is to learn more and teach us in turn.

May God almighty continue to fill your brain with new ideas!

– Philip Obin

Comment #396

“I love to read your newsletter.”

You help peoples and God will help you. I love to read your newsletter. You are a honest marketer. Thanks for your great articles and products. You are all the time on the top.

Thank you Eric

– Teodor Bita

Comment #397

“You have given me real insights for online ventures.”

Dear Eric,

You have given me real insights for online ventures and whenever i open my e-mail inbox my eyes fix on ERIC’S TIPS. Who is going to reveal these making money opportunities so simply and he provides them definitely not to make cash himself everytime but to care for people.

My deep regards for Eric’s real sentiments for every onliner. I wish him every success.

– Abha Benjamin

Comment #398

“I Love Eric’s Tips.”

I Love Eric’s Tips. It is one of the few ezines I take any time to read. So many out there just bore me to death and yours doesn’t.


– Heidi Ross

Comment #399

“An honest and serious look at how to do marketing online.”

Down to earth and honest review about marketing and making money online. An honest and serious look at how to do marketing online.

Keep it going Eric!

– Kamal Talib

Comment #400

“I truly appreciate you taking the time to offer your advice.”

Hi Eric,

I receive a lot of newsletters every single day, but when I receive yours I actually take some time out to see what advice you have in store!

I truly appreciate you taking the time to offer your advice and experiences on many aspects of online life, keep up the great work!

Warmest regards,

– Bren Jubb

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