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Comment #431

“Good tips and always high content.”

Hi Eric

I am new to internet maketing but have been self employed for over 25 years as a ceiling contractor so this is a total change in direction for me and i have a need of good info from somebody i can trust. Eric you have fit the bill with your good tips and always high content.

thanks for all your help Eric and all the best for the future

– Paul Perry

Comment #432

“What a great source of information and tips!”

Hi Eric

this is Ioannis Mitrou

In the beginning I was thinking to write something about Eric’s work but then I had an Idea: Let’s hear the people what they are saying about Eric:

“What a great source of information and tips!”

“I always watch for your email in my inbox.”

“I recommend it to anyone trying to be successful on the internet.”

“You have provided me with some great free tools that I use on daily basis, and couldn’t do without them!”


I don’t have anything else to say except for:

Thank You Eric!

Best regards

– Ioannis Mitrou

Comment #433

“Very practical, down-to-earth & timely tips everytime!”

I have been on Eric’s Tips just recently but I can now say that Eric’s Tips are worth reading, especially the ones on clearing computer viruses.

Thank you , Eric for your valuable tips! I truly
anticipate each issue of your newsletter as it gives very practical, down-to-earth & timely tips everytime!

You’re so blessed, Eric! I’m so glad you share your blessings to everyone!

Keep them coming, Eric!

May God guide you in everthing you do!

– Erlinda G Tismo

Comment #434

“Worth its weight in gold.”

Hey Eric,

It’s Hugh Fraser, thank you very much for the newsletter every few days, it is worth its weight in gold.

– Hugh Fraser

Comment #435

“My favourite of all the newsletters I subscribe to.”

Eric’s tips is definitely my favourite of all the newsletters I subscribe to, and the only one which I always read. His letters aren’t like the guru’s letters that send what they call tips, but are really undercover marketing attempts, and he even adds a bit of his personal life in too!

His tips always have something useful, and the newsletter is laid out excellently. I’m certainly not planning on unsubscribing for a long time.

– Oliver Springate

Comment #436

“Great advice, info and tips.”

Hello Eric,

First of all, I’m really enjoyed with “Eric’s Tips” newsletter. I have learn a lot there. Thanks for all great advice, info and tips.

To be honest, when I opened my e-mail, I’ll checked e-mail from “Eric’s Tips”.

The reason is its too important for me and I knows something useful there.

Eric, you’re the man!

Thanks again for everything

– Reys

Comment #437

“Honesty, integrity and support.”

Hi Eric,

Thanks Eric for sharing your real life internet marketing tips with someone who is a newbie. For a newbie like myself, honesty, integrity and support play a crucial role in our path to marketing success. I’m still learning and proud to say I’m very glad to be learning from a “non-guru”, because what’s important to me is honesty, integrity and support.

Thank you again, Eric, for being such a great teacher.

– Hugh Fraser

Comment #438

“After reading your tips my website traffic has increased tremdously”

Hi Eric,

After reading your tips my website traffic has increased tremdously and hope to receive more newsletters and tips from you.

Keep up the good work and will support your tips and recommend more people to your tips Keep up the good work.


– Frank

Comment #439

“Reading about your successes and failures has helped me tremendously.”

Hi Eric,

I look forward to reading your Eric’s Tips every day! Reading about your successes and failures has helped me tremendously. Others know your sincerity in helping and giving as opposed to taking.

Keep it up!

-Robert Michael Saddler

Comment #440

“Your sincerity is evident!”


What can I say? I am impressed with your Eric’s Tips and look for it to arrive in my mailbox every day. Your sincerity is evident!

Keep the newsletter coming!

– Janis

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