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Comment #471

“Eric’s Tips have been very helpful for me.”

Many have found Eric’s help of benefit and I agree.

Thanks Eric and Keep On Keepin’ On!

– Will Smith

Comment #472

“I only have 5 suscriptions…one of them is Eric Tips.”

Hi, only a few words in a medium quality english. One year ago, i suscribed to all newsletters, ebooks and everything related to affiliate marketing and affiliate programs. Now i can say you that I only have 5 suscriptions. Its the truth. And the best….one of them is Eric Tips. A very good meeting point to marketers and affiliates from all the world. ( I came from Spain)

– Fernando Corral

Comment #473

“Helped and proved an inspiration on a number of occasions…”

Hi Eric, I will keep it simple and straight to the point, just like ‘Erics Tips’. You have helped and proved an inspiration on a number of occasions without all the complicated guru speel.

I look forward to seeing your name appear in my inbox again soon.

– Mike Robertson


Comment #474

“Your resources help me develop and maintain my blogs.”

Hi Eric,

When I purchased your products, I did not know they can be of such good quality. Your resources help me develop and maintain my blogs. Not only I benefit but others benefit from the valuable information too.


– Bob Oh

Comment #475

“Great tips received from your newsletter”

Great tips received from your newsletter one of which has helped my daughter in Australia with a problem on her laptop, and also one of my members in Singapore of my Forex trading website who was losing money by a severe email time delay of my trading signals – so many many thanks Eric.

– Derek


Comment #476

“Thank you for all of the Tips you have been sending.”

Eric I want to thank you for all of the Tips you have been sending. We are a Fairly New Company and every bit of info helps keep us perepared for the whatifs of the internet.

Keep up the Great Work

– Gail & Gord Durfy


Comment #477

“Most helpful for a Newbie like myself.”

Eric I am very impressed.

Your articles, tips and bonuses are most helpful for a Newbie like myself. When I first started getting your articles, I asked myself “Is this Guy real? He has not asked my to buy anything and he is giving me all this information!

– Carol M

Comment #478

“So Who Needs A Guru?”

So Who Needs A Guru?
I Have Eric…Need I Say More!

– Star Riley

Comment #479

“Eric’s tips are a wonderful resource.”

Eric’s tips are fantastic. It has helped me tremendously with my online blogs and look forward to receiving additional tips from Eric. Thank you Eric for your continued support and excellent information!

– Sonia Colon


Comment #480

“It’s honest, to the point, and I really appreciate what he’s doing.”

The info that Eric is sharing is very helpful. I make sure I read his e-mails before I read other internet experts info.

– Dave Ballstadt

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