Mike Filsaime’s Instant Affiliate Website Reviewed

UPDATE: This review is now outdated, and I do not recommend this product any longer.To get the most up-to-date information and recommendations please join my free newsletter.


Today Mike Filsaime is launching a new program called Instant Affiliate Website.

It’s basically a solution for affiliate marketers to easily create a review site, where they provide product reviews and promote products via their affiliate links.

Fundamentally, I think it’s a great idea. My friend Michael Nicholas (co-creator of Affiliate Video Brander) and I have been talking about making something very similar to this. We simply saw a need in the marketplace for it, because there are so many newbie Internet marketers who want to promote products, but don’t know how to build their own review site.

We won’t do it now, because Mike Filsaime has done a very good job of it.

I am recommending it for anyone who wants to integrate a “review” website into their business, particularly for newbies who haven’t yet figured out how to build a website.

Here’s what you need to know about it…

The way the program is setup by default, is to promote all of MIKE’s products. In other words, it’s a brilliant plan on his part, because every customer automatically becomes his affiliate to promote his many products.

If it were ONLY that, I wouldn’t be recommending it today. It might be a nice tool for those of you who actually want to build a shrine to Mike Filsaime’s products, but its value as an affiliate marketing tool would be minimal.

HOWEVER, Mike went far beyond using it as a self-promotion tool, and integrated the ability for you to customize the output and add your own products and reviews. You can also add a blog.

Part of the appeal for newbies is the push-button aspect of it. It automatically generates your site for you on Mike’s domain. Again, if that were the only option, I wouldn’t be recommending it today.

Fortunately, Mike also gives the ability to host the site on your OWN domain… hosted on his servers or on your own web hosting account.

I believe this is a critical element for those who will actually make money with this program.

And that’s why I’ve decided to offer a special bonus for anyone who signs up through my link…

Click Here for a Preview Video of my bonus and the IAW program


If you order your Instant Affiliate Website through my link below, I will give you a special bonus video that I’ve made which shows you…

-Exactly how to put your site on your own domain with a few clicks

-How to “hack” your site to make sure there’s no footprint for the search engines

-How to customize it beyond what the standard control panel allows

Plus I will give you a special software program (Windows based) which can be used to quickly “hack” and customize your Instant Affiliate Website.

And when I say “hack”, I’m not talking about anything unethical. I’m just talking about being a smart marketer and customizing your site.

How to get my bonus:

1) Go to this link and sign up: Click here to go to Instant Affiliate Website

2) Open a ticket at my helpdesk: www.ericsupport.com
-Register for a new helpdesk account if you don’t have one
-Put the ticket in the Eric’s Tips category
-Use “IAW Bonus” as the subject line
-Paste a copy of your receipt into the ticket
-Allow a couple days for processing

As always, you are welcome to leave your comments here on the blog.

Have a great day!

107 comments on “Mike Filsaime’s Instant Affiliate Website Reviewed

  1. Debbie Fraser

    Hi Gator,

    I’d love to view your Instant Affliate Website. Where do I find the link to it? I could also be interested in a remote revamp of my own IAW site.

    Many thanks


  2. Bob Grubb

    Eric – if you are a friend of Mr. Filsaime’s, as you say, you might tell him that someone in his orginazation has stolen my credit card# and has been charging $39.92 to it every month for more than a year. Justice Dept., FTC, and Homeland Security investigating: believed that money is going to Al-Qaida terrorist group. (If Mr. Filsaime is a friend of yours I hope he doesn’t know anything about it.) I am a vet, and they’ve stolen more than $700 from me – for anti-US terrorist!??

  3. aida c. suarez

    Well, well, well Eric! This whole debate just gave me headches. People just blah, blah and don’t go to the point fast. Like you do and God bless. Yes, I understand, we should be aware of the wolfs. So I will keep saying that life is not perfect. We have to struggle a lot to keep us afloat. Good night! And merry Xms to all! Eventhou now i am late reading! Ho,Ho, Aida.


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