Mike Filsaime’s Instant Affiliate Website Reviewed

UPDATE: This review is now outdated, and I do not recommend this product any longer.To get the most up-to-date information and recommendations please join my free newsletter.


Today Mike Filsaime is launching a new program called Instant Affiliate Website.

It’s basically a solution for affiliate marketers to easily create a review site, where they provide product reviews and promote products via their affiliate links.

Fundamentally, I think it’s a great idea. My friend Michael Nicholas (co-creator of Affiliate Video Brander) and I have been talking about making something very similar to this. We simply saw a need in the marketplace for it, because there are so many newbie Internet marketers who want to promote products, but don’t know how to build their own review site.

We won’t do it now, because Mike Filsaime has done a very good job of it.

I am recommending it for anyone who wants to integrate a “review” website into their business, particularly for newbies who haven’t yet figured out how to build a website.

Here’s what you need to know about it…

The way the program is setup by default, is to promote all of MIKE’s products. In other words, it’s a brilliant plan on his part, because every customer automatically becomes his affiliate to promote his many products.

If it were ONLY that, I wouldn’t be recommending it today. It might be a nice tool for those of you who actually want to build a shrine to Mike Filsaime’s products, but its value as an affiliate marketing tool would be minimal.

HOWEVER, Mike went far beyond using it as a self-promotion tool, and integrated the ability for you to customize the output and add your own products and reviews. You can also add a blog.

Part of the appeal for newbies is the push-button aspect of it. It automatically generates your site for you on Mike’s domain. Again, if that were the only option, I wouldn’t be recommending it today.

Fortunately, Mike also gives the ability to host the site on your OWN domain… hosted on his servers or on your own web hosting account.

I believe this is a critical element for those who will actually make money with this program.

And that’s why I’ve decided to offer a special bonus for anyone who signs up through my link…

Click Here for a Preview Video of my bonus and the IAW program


If you order your Instant Affiliate Website through my link below, I will give you a special bonus video that I’ve made which shows you…

-Exactly how to put your site on your own domain with a few clicks

-How to “hack” your site to make sure there’s no footprint for the search engines

-How to customize it beyond what the standard control panel allows

Plus I will give you a special software program (Windows based) which can be used to quickly “hack” and customize your Instant Affiliate Website.

And when I say “hack”, I’m not talking about anything unethical. I’m just talking about being a smart marketer and customizing your site.

How to get my bonus:

1) Go to this link and sign up: Click here to go to Instant Affiliate Website

2) Open a ticket at my helpdesk: www.ericsupport.com
-Register for a new helpdesk account if you don’t have one
-Put the ticket in the Eric’s Tips category
-Use “IAW Bonus” as the subject line
-Paste a copy of your receipt into the ticket
-Allow a couple days for processing

As always, you are welcome to leave your comments here on the blog.

Have a great day!

107 comments on “Mike Filsaime’s Instant Affiliate Website Reviewed

  1. Dave

    I signed up for one of Mike’s offers in the past and didn’t do my homework not realizing I was signing up for his newsletter at around $40 per month which I didn’t want. When I realized my credit card was being charged I called to cancel. He would not refund any money I had been charged even though I had not intended to subscribe to the newsletter.

    I generally don’t subscribe to any service with the offer of being able to cancel if not satisfied just on principle. I suppose there might be some value in the web site but certainly not $40 per month of value when it is easy enough to create your own website for a lot less and host on you own account.


  2. websister

    Hello Eric,
    first off, congrats on your newborn child, so close to christmas, unfortunatly I have subscribed to the site, later relizing it was also being charged for his newsletter, don’t want. hearing of others having trouble canceling, I hope I don’t have that problem because I can’t even log into the member site, and have been trying for 3 days now, and have sent emails with the problem, so I am canceling as soon as I can get someone on the phone.
    I think I will put Mike in my spam filter real soon.
    thanks for listening, I respect you and I enjoy your emails and tips.

  3. stuart

    Hi Eric
    I signed up under you so hope the cookies are right. Looking forward to receiveing the video. Congratulations on your new baby boy!


  4. Russell Carter


    Sorry, I forgot to add my name above…

    First of all.. great review!

    Although, I think the price is a bit high, I usually like Mike’s product.

    The one thing that I have taken from all of this is the ability to create a review site.

    If using Mike Filsaime’s Instant Affiliate Website Reviewed to create a review site that can get as many comments and traffic as you are generating from this discussion… then it may be worth the monthly fee.

    Also, would you clarify your statement “You can also add a blog.”

    Is the blog actually created by Instant Affiliate Website Reviewed or does the owner have to create the blog first and then add it?


  5. Shelley Pine

    I am familiar with Mike’s paydotcom.com affiliate program through process at home. I paid for the program and some “books” to help me become a better affiliate. Now prior knowledge was “necessary” to become successful. After two months and thirty ads for Mike’s program I made no $ and asked for my $ back. He did refund for the program $197.00 through Angel Stevens, but not for the book, which recently I’ve been told are software,$100.00. At one point I was billed $1000.00, I guess, a typo on the “books” but I was not able to speak to anyone and eventually the notice disappeared ( without an explanation, apology or acknowledgment). I have not heard from him yet on my request for a refund on the “books”/software, that I put in last week. Maybe paypal will handle that one. I wouldn’t do business with him ever again and I am shocked to see you promoting him.

  6. Denise

    Anytime I see something truly FREE from Mike Filsaime, I will let you know. His tactic is one of giving something with strings attached to the tune of monthly payments.

  7. Lak

    Couple of questions.
    1. If we use mikes domain, will we be able to create multiple sites?

    2. Will we be able to promote our own affiliate programs out side of clickbank and paydotcom?

    3. What do you think of “leaving footprint” with so many subscribers?


  8. Ricardo


    Thank you for all of the excellent
    advice you provide us here and in
    your e-mails.

    I have actually read all 56 comments
    here and have notice the 2 main negatives
    to the promoted product are:

    1) The Marketing Tactic
    (free, bad name, lack refunds, etc.)


    2) $40.00 per month or $ 480.00 per year.

    I would have to say that everyone
    here has valid personal complaints
    as complaints go but I would like to mention
    a couple of marketing thoughts.

    We, as marketers, have to realize there
    are 2 main ways to look at every issue,

    a) As a consumer
    b) As a business owner

    Many of these comments appear to come
    from the customer side. Why not try
    to look at the procuct from the marketer

    With most product the real money is in the back end.
    Mike has given away what appears
    to be a good product to get you to suscribe to
    his newsletter. There’s no complaints on
    if the newsletter is good or bad. Or
    even if the knowledge they can learn
    will be good or bad. Think about it.

    Look at where Mike was 3-4 years ago
    and look at him now. Maybe he has
    something to teach that we can incorporate
    into our businesses for the $480.00.

    Maybe we can suscribe, try the product,
    and learn his tactics then throw away
    the ones we don’t like (after testing)
    and incorporate the other ones into our
    businesses. There’s been comparisons to
    several other people’s products & prices
    without mention to the newsletter or marketing
    techniques we can emulate.

    While I have not read Mike’s Newsletter yet,
    I do get the $40.00 per month Stompernet one
    and would say I’ve picked up enought info.
    that I have had to revamp my plans for 2009.

    Regarding issue #1, Mike is using a great
    tactict by making us pay for the newsletter
    to get the affiliate site. Even if the
    newsletter is bad, if we want the website
    we have to pay for the newsletter>
    1b) We are paying to be his affiliate
    1c) We are paying to be marketed to
    in the Newsletter

    What’s Mike doing that any of us
    can not do?

    Regarding issue #2, he will put up
    the website ON YOUR OWN HOST and it
    appears he’s maitaining the maintenance
    of his affiliate portion. Meaning
    no maintenance on our part and updates.
    So when you SALE one of his products
    to someone on YOUR list, if you get them
    to sign up for the affiliate site, all
    you have to worry about is teaching them
    marketing. So now maybe your customers
    may do something with the things they
    sign up for and not just let it sit
    on their computers. All for $40.00
    a month (2.5 weekly Starbuck trips).

    If you get ONE customer through this
    site that’s trained to pay monthy
    How much can you make when you get
    them to purchase your Continuity

    Remember, a buyer is a buyer is a buyer.

    There is some great potential
    here and I’m looking forward
    to giving it a try
    with Eric’s Hacks & Videos 🙂


    P.S Not only do I have someone
    who is already drooling for my affiliate
    link, I have gotten other e-mails
    from people mentioning they were
    going to do something like this so
    this may be something worth checking out.

    P.P.S Hey Eric, great controversial post.
    while I don’t post often, I really have
    appreaciated your information, Thank you.

  9. Michaela

    Merry Christmas Eric!
    I hope Judah is at home with his brother and sisters on Christmas Eve.

    If I’ll take Mike’s IAW, I’ll host it on my Hostgator account, this is a giving.
    Now, you know my point of view, the Site is ugly, just changing colors it is not a big deal of change and will be millions of red/blue/green sites like his one.

    Question 1: if I have the site on Hostgator, how easy is to change at least the header and the footer, I want to brand with my graphics, they are eye catching and I’ll be consistent with all I do

    Questtion2: May I load the site on xSitePro, because if I do I know how to maneuver appearances, and content as well? If YES, how!

    Questtion3: By the way, his site is a php, or a html type of site!

    Regards, have a Merry one!

  10. Michaela

    Good comments but you ignore one important fact. All Mike products were already marketed to the death by him and by elite gurus as affiliates and JV. This really means:

    • The chance to get customers for Mike’s products when will be zillions of new sites promoting his products again is smaller then 1% conversion in my view. We will make money only adding our products and other new affiliate programs.
    • I know the newsletter; it contains bits of info in small articles, not something consistent as Eric’s course which teaches us how to create a business A-Z. To be blunt, Mike is the type of guru that always will tell you max 80% – not everything
    • Then $40.00 per month is just for hosting the site or not hosting the site, if we host on our domains… we still pay $40.00 per month. You have to admit that it is expensive, and impulsive marketing which I don’t like, I will never put my list to this technique.

    Because of all those reasons I am still an undecided voter, and only Eric can convince me to take it, not Mike. The Eric bonus makes a lot of sense.

    If we want to clean Internet Marketing of bragging, not telling the true, telling 1/2 true and impulsive marketing, we have to start resisting to those techniques.

    Michaela Happy Holidays

  11. Ricardo


    Nah, I have not forgotten that the products have
    been marketed by all of the gurus, I have made
    sure to remember that very few people live in
    our worlds thus THEY have not been marketed
    to by those gurus.

    We are marketers or internet marketers and the fact
    we suscribe to Erics list leads me to believe that
    many of us suscribe to sereral lists Thus getting
    tons of the same promotions from the Gurus. We now
    chose what to buy from advice from people like Eric
    or by the best bonus being offered by the different

    But what about our customers? Are they on as many
    lists as we are on? Do they get hit with all of the
    different promotions? Are they as jaded as we can get?
    Can they go to all of these different site to COMPARE the
    different offerings? Are they even willing to do a google
    search and review 4-8 pages of results for better pricing
    or even free versions of the products.

    I say no (for the majority of them). Remember people
    buy emotionally and justify the purchase logically, thus
    with the right sales letter and offer many of our customers
    will just buy the XX right then and there. If not, you
    would not see the number of OTOs all over the place.

    Even your e-bay market. You appear to be targeting newbies
    wanting to learn e-bay marketing. I love your graphics
    with the face and hand and bet you had many customers tell
    you the same, but how many complained and said they saw the
    same thing on X’s site [I personally suscribe to such]? You
    appear to have a PRIME market for this product. Especially
    with the e-bay rule changes and people’s revenue changing
    lately (per a blog posting I read a couple of weeeks ago)
    and the forced paypal use there’s been talk in the forums.
    I don’t auction market so I don’t know the real effect but
    do see an opportunity to piggyback on the current e-bay
    debate and exposing e-bay entrepreneurs with affiliate
    marketing or Mike’s site.

    I will say I tried to sign up after my last posting and
    there was 30 minutes left for the bonuses
    (yeah, I fall for that tactic too) but the site kept giving
    me an error message. I will say that Eric has offered the
    best bonus for this product for my needs and I only got
    one other Guru e-mail with a bonus that caught my eye. Yet
    I still remember my marketing friend
    (Ron Legrand, Dan Kennedy, Eban Pagen, Howie, Etc. trained)
    who went gaga when I showed her Mike’s affiliate site and
    she had not even seen Mike’s bonuses at the page bottom
    nor seen another Guru’s bonuses. Her behavior sticks in
    my mind when I read the posts [remembering she’s a customer]
    and I only post here to “Pay it Forward” share my views/experience
    with other marketers here the way Eric shares with us.

    I will close with: as a consumer, I TOTALLY agree with
    every complaint/point you have made but do not know if
    telling the total truth in marketing would work or not. Only testing will tell.


    PS Eric, I’d also like to know the answers to
    the Hostgator questions Michaela asked, thanks.

  12. Jack

    Thank you for your honest review. I have been so tempted to purchase IAW. It looks soooo cool and has so many great tools. But the more I think about Mike’s not-so-above-board selling tactic, the more convinced I am to pass on it. The thing is, I would gladly pay $39.95/month for IAW…but not for his newsletter. I signed-up for it earlier this year, and although it has some very useful content, I couldn’t justify paying that much for it. My goodness, “Time”, “National Geographic”, and “Sports Illustrated” have 10x as much content for A LOT lower price! I don’t care how big a name he is or how much you may support him, Eric, Mike is a perfect example of what gives network marketing such a bad name in the minds of so many people.


  13. Mai

    Hello Paul,

    I actually a newbie like you said and purchased Mike’s “Free Instand Affiliated Website”, but you are right. I don’t know what to do next. I thinking about cancel my subscription now before I have to pay a montly fee.

    What do you think?


  14. Ricardo

    I understand your concern and decision
    to not market to your list that way
    and respect your decision.

    As far as all of the gurus and marketing,
    I’d have to disagree with that. Yes, we
    are on several list and get tons of e-mails
    from everybody but please remember,
    “We Are Not Our Customers” Even looking
    at how your site appears to focus on
    e-bay newbies. I doubt if the majority
    of them are on all of the lists you are
    on. Even when I talk to two of my
    marketing brainstormers at
    (www.rescuemarketing.com & ww.gkicnewyork.com)

    almost on a weekly basic one of them will tell
    me about a e-mail they got (that I did not) from
    someone on the Internet and I’ll do the same to them.

    Now if the three of us art on these list but not getting
    the same stuff is it safe to assume that our newbie
    or basic customers are not getting the information. And
    from what I hear from them their customers are nowhere
    as knowledgeable as us.

    And if your customers are brick and mortar business
    people or network marketerss I would also say many of them
    don’t hear from the gurus. When I’m out in the field not only
    do 20-30% of the small business owners not have simple
    business cars on their counters, you should see their eyes
    blur over when I mention Newsletters, auto responders,
    and blogs.

    And yes, the $40.00 plus extra hosting (self hosting) may
    be a little high if you look at the money as a customer
    ($480.00 yearly plus $120.00 for hosting) but when you
    look at the product as a Marketer. Looking at it as a way
    to learn some new techniques, I’d say it’s a lot cheaper
    than a seminar or home study course.

    For example: I just signed up yesterday and have not even
    uploaded anything yet, but I saw I lot that someone could
    learn just by looking at and reviewing Mike’s sign up procedure.

    I noticed approx. 4-5 one time offers/up sells/down-sells/cross sells
    during the signup procedure. If all someone did was sign up and print
    out each offer made to them they would have enough information to
    fill up an ebook. Now of course they would need some direction
    on the information, but short of that it’s good marketing.

    I would not say a newbie should try it without training, but as
    a “swipe” file example I believe it’s great. From there you can
    take and use what you like and throw away the rest.

    I truly believe that our knowledge [implementation, service, personality, trust]
    as marketers is what goes into making us the trusted advisors of our
    customers and when we look at new products we have to remember
    which hat we are wearing. In addition, one thought to keep in mind. If
    $40.00 plus hosting is too much for our customers, then OUR incomes
    will become affected a whole lot as this recession gets worse cause
    it’s the middle to lower incomes (the applebee’s ,Mervyn’s, Walmart)
    that are more apt to not spend when money is tight or customer service
    is bad. While the Ruth’s Chris, Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom crowd is
    more apt to just take their money elsewhere.
    when things get tight.


  15. La Vie Viennoise

    Mike Filsaime: “When I hear that name, I run the other way not walk”.

    Well put.

    The guy started in car dealerships. And clearly he’s brought the same techniques to the internet that people adore from car dealers.

    * bait and switch
    * high cost extras
    * behind your back billing
    * maxing out each customer
    * keep smiling while turning the knife

    Eric, the company you keep.

    That said, Happy New Year!

    At least we can talk about these excesses relatively openly here.

  16. Ricardo

    La Vie Viennoise and the rest,

    Very good comments.

    I did not know Mike Filsaime’s name was so
    bad in these other circles. And,
    yes I’ve been reading the billing/
    customer service issues.

    Not good (or recommended) business practices
    for any business (online of off).
    Thanks for sharing (I too like the communication)


  17. Alison

    Hi Eric i just visited the arbitrage conspiracy website and saw your testimonial about the seminar you attended in Las Vegas. i was happy to see you on it as it gave me some confidence about the course.
    is there anything i should be aware of about the course for someone who is a newbie? for example any hidden costs to look out for?
    Thanks Eric

  18. Alison

    Hi Eric i have just read your arbitrage review and others comments on your blog. i have been able to make a descion. Many Thanks for your honest review.

  19. Laurie

    Hi there,
    just getting back to mike’s instant affiliate website…being a newbie I was curious about how many products can be on one website…mike’s 30 plus products and however many more of one’s own products be added is this not flooding the site with to many products and would that put visitors off…or does it not really matter.


  20. Eric Post author

    I would not say there are hidden costs. But there are startup costs. I would recommend at least $1k to spend on tools, plus more money to test campaigns.

  21. Eric Post author

    There is no limit. I think a key concept is that you would only put one product review per page. That way, when someone is searching for a review about a particular product in a search engine, yours will hopefully come up. And another key is to make it a “review” site. Not just a bunch of product promos, as that will put visitors off, as you say. and I’d recommend taking most of the banners off of it, and including only a few.

  22. Laurie

    Thanks for the reply Eric,
    it’s Laurie here from Australia

    I’ve been surfing the net now for nearly 2 yrs or more and buying products like crazy absorbing all the information about earning money online and not getting started on anything.

    it all seemed so overwhelming and not really knowing where to start and I knew I had to stop buying stuff because it all seemed like a lost cause and my confidence began to wither away,

    but it became like and addiction I’m back again looking… now that I have subscribed to your Eric’s Tips which I think is awesome and genuine…so I’m all excited about Mike Filsaime’s Instant Affiliat Website,

    because you’re right being a newbie its all ready to go and that’s a major hurdle for me just to get started so I’m going to take action and go for it.

    Oh by the way your hack video is just awesome what a difference that will make.
    one last thing when I buy my own domain name should it have something in relation to affiliate website or affiliate marketing or or toolbox something like your domain name…and if I get stuck with something is help available.

    thanks Eric
    kind regards

  23. Eric Post author

    Thanks Laurie. For the domain, it kind of depends on your strategy. Be sure to review lesson 23 for some tips. In general, I think that your domain should concisely communicate WHAT your site is all about.

    Mike certainly has support available for his product. And I will answer questions here on my blog as time permits.

  24. Lee

    Hi Eric,

    I just sent you a receipt for IAW.

  25. manisha

    happy birthday to you

  26. Mike Kraft

    Hey Eric,

    It’s Mike Kraft from the Next Internet Millionaire. Happy late Birthday and Congratulations on the baby.

    As you know I live in Loveland and I am getting divorced. One of the main reasons for this is because I wanted to pursue a career as an Internet Marketer.

    I wanted to see if I could take you to lunch some time and pick your brain being that we are so close? Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks

    Mike Kraft

  27. tom

    hello, eric!

    thanks for your insights!

    i just wonder if mike filsaime is so loathsome and uses such terrible tactics as many say he does, how in the world is he sooo successful???

    i bet he must be doing something right, and we better learn what that is!!!

    to your success,

  28. JD

    Hey Eric,

    As a beginner to internet marketing, the first product I bought several days ago is “Commission Blueprint” which a great one.

    Now the tough problem I have to figure out is to design a landing page or website.

    After review some relative products,I think IAW is still my first choice,I know it is going to cost me $480 in one year, but it will be worth the money if I can learn something from it(Also I can cancel the service if it is not working).

    I am going to join under you,Eric.


  29. Eric Post author

    He’s got plenty of critics (as virtually ALL successful people do), but he has more fans than critics.

  30. Mike

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for giving us all this fantastic information on getting an online business started. Eric’s Tips is truly awesome.

    I’m puzzled by your preview bonus video from the above link. Several times the visual will be covered up with a large message saying –

    This section reserved for customers only. (Full bonus video is over 27 minutes in length)

    Can you explain? Many thanks.


  31. Carl

    Hi Eric;

    I only wish I had seen your link to IAW beforehand (ie., before I signed up directly from Mike Filsaimes link).

    Love your tips … you are a natural teacher (besides being a natural marketer)!

    Thanks again!

  32. Gator

    Wow, so many negatives without really examining the whole process. I have been successfully using the Instant Affiliate Website (IAW) since it was still in beta version. I have been instrumental in making many many trouble ticket suggestions for improvement, and 90 percent of my suggestions have been implemented. It is interesting to note that their programmers are in Romania, but they are quick and respond fast when a bug or issue is addressed.

    As for the cost of the subscription, it is NOT for a monthly “newsletter,” but rather a glossy covered magazine that is professionally produced and contains quite a bit of good information each month.

    So, I look at it this way, I pay for a high-priced magazine (it costs less then a monthly subscription to the WSJ), and I get a fully functioning website with everything I need to promote whatever I want to promote.

    Granted, it is the only site of its type I use, and I have hundreds of sites on various topics.

    One thing I have not seen mentioned here is that the monthly subscription is actually an affiliate program as well. For every person that signs up through your link (Isn’t that why Eric is giving away a bonus to sign up through his link) earns 10.00 per month for every month the member remains a subscriber to the IAW (errr, magazine).

    I get 4 people to sign up under me and my monthly fee is paid. More and I am making residual income. So, you have to consider IAW and the monthly fee as just another affiliate program to promote.

    Incidentally, you are not required to promote a single Filsaime product on your site if you choose not to do so. The banners and links are built in should you choose to use them, but you are not required to do so at all.

    My website link will show you my IAW site and some of the things I am doing with it. One thing I have been earning from is newbies that have no clue how to setup a site and those needing help are paying me consulting fees to do a remote-connect to their desktop and show them step by step how to do what they need.

    Great finding you all here. Look forward to visiting again!


  33. Gator

    “My goodness, “Time”, “National Geographic”, and “Sports Illustrated” have 10x as much content for A LOT lower price!”

    But Time, National Geographic, and Sports Illustrated have MILLIONS of subscribers which lower’s their price accordingly!

  34. Gator


    Here is tactic I have found that works well. I have many of my own products and programs I promote on my site. You can add as many “custom” products and reviews as you like. But, you can store all of the products inside your back office, and only publish certain one’s at a time. What I do, successfully I may add, is put out some, wait a week or two and rotate some of the less populuar one’s back to the backoffice and rotate others onto the publishes site. That is what I love about IAW. I can “store” pre-made widget code and then just drag and drop it either onto or off of the site whenever I like.

    Makes updating and rearranging the site a breeze!

    Check out my site. It is loaded heavily right now, but I have been adding a ton of things just to get the right balance and arrangement before I rotate things back off of the site.

    Just lick on my name. I would love to hear comments on it for the work I have done. It is currently ranked by Alexa at about 1,555,000, when 90 days ago it wasn’t even in their top 5 million.


  35. Gator

    Curious as to why my comments disappeared from your blog. Moderation?

    I made three comments yesterday about your review of IAW, and now they are all gone.

    What’s up with that?

  36. John Eather

    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to add my 2 cents.

    The total cost of having the website (IWA) is $39.95 plus $5.95 for shipping and handling for U.S. & Canada orders or $7.95 for International orders.

    Not exactly cheap. However, do remember that this is basically MLM (all MLM products are overpriced) and $10 of that is used to pay your sponser. So if you are able to promote and sign up affiliates and make sales from the site itself, this may be a good opportunity.

    Regardless of your opinion of Mike Filsaime, he is a very slick marketer.

    Best Of Luck,

    John Eather

  37. Eric Post author

    it’s all moderated. I generally approve everything… I just have to weed out a few spam that slip through the cracks.

  38. Norberto Maldonado

    Hey Eric, quick question

    I realize that you want poeple to sign up for Instant Affiliate Website through your link and i would have maybe a couple of months from ago.
    But after educating myself through your website primarily I realize I should build my own sign to offer affiliate programs as you have.
    So, if you don’t mind would you be so kind and answer my quick question?
    I want to promote Mike Filsaime’s IAW as well, I REALIZE in essence I would sorta become a competitor of yours, and build my own site(landing page essentially); Do I have to sign up for his service as well?
    I realize this might be a newbie question but I don’t want to step on any toes along the way.
    As always I appreciate your candor and helpful info and consider you a partner in my journey to emulate your success.
    -Norberto Maldonado(velvetpunch)

  39. Eric Post author

    No problem. As far as I know, you would need to sign up for IAW first. Then you are automatically an affiliate after you sign up.

  40. Stevan

    Hello Eric,
    Stupid question here!
    I got one of Mike’s free BM2 packages through your link. Can I still get your IAW bonuses since BM2 comes with IAW? Not trying to be greedy, just appreciate all the help you provide!

  41. Eric Post author

    there’s no stupid questions 😉

    I wish I had thought of that! Sure, yes you can have it. Just reference this comment in your ticket.

  42. Bette BonFleur

    I should have known, known, known that anyone associated with selling cars would be a sleaze. Mike Filsaime is one and with plenty of dirty tricks. Do NOT do business with him. The next letter he’s receiving will be from my lawyer because I’m tired of his deceptive practices. I signed up to get the $29.95 Butterfly package and that took just under a month to get here. Well, good old Mike said we had 30 days to cancel but I hadn’t even had the package for three days before he charged me another $39.95 for his elementary, fluff newsletter. But this is where the car dealer REALLY comes out. On his site I accidentally hit the button for his Las Vegas seminar and was instantly charged $500. I immediately tried the three ways he listed to get refunded and explained it was an accident. After several hours he finally did refund the $500, but guess what? I just checked my bank statement closely and he has RECHARGED me that $500 + $45.90 for god knows what. I guess it’s the useless newsletter that I cancelled again, but I guess with Mike it never ends. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH HIM.

  43. Regina Hergenroeder

    June 24/09

    HI GATOR: I read your email response to Eric Holmlund about Mike Filsaime’s product Instant Affiliate Website. You said you make money by offering newbies help. If I purchased Instant Affiliate Website and paid you for help in the form of support (and hopefully you could go to my pc if I needed help that way)would this be something you would perhaps do? I find support from a product often is just not enough for me because I am a complete newbie who does need good complete information and just a sentence or two typed not telling me much. So please email me back and let me know if you would consider this.

    Thank You
    Regina Hergenroeder

  44. diane ehrman

    hello my diane ehrman i want to making money i make teddy bears luch hooking and pens with flowers with pots and boxes want very you want on on . i want to tell you about me i have a handcapped i was bron with it i am not work right now by i go to a fram very day i love it very much i will give you eamil adders

  45. Yohanes

    Hi Eric,

    i want to ask, do you have any suggestion where i can apply for a cheap domain that effective & efficient (cheap , i plan to build a lot of domain, i have site profit bot ), thank you

    by the way, thank you for everything you share.

  46. Anonymous

    Hi Eric.

    My name is Barry Biscoe and I live in Austin, although I was born in Colorado – in Denver, which coincidentally, I like better than Austin…it’s the Rocky Mountains, ya know…?

    Anyway, I thought I’d take a minute and write you to say this:

    I had to pass on Eric’s offer. Why? Because, although I bought Mike Filsame’s software AND joined the Developer’s Community, I don’t have a clue what I’ve really got here… the truth is that I really don’t know the real value of what it is that Nick is offering, anymore than I understand what Butterfly Marketing (or the Development Community) really is either…I bought it as an “investment” for my future in Internet Marketing…
    Which leads me to ask you this question:

    What are the chances of you putting together a mentorship and selling it to those of us, like me, that want to understand Butterfly Marketing, it’s uses, applications, etc., and help us find a way to maximize its potential…?

    Whatever you decide, I want to say THANKS – for ALL you do…!! This industry would be bleak without your concern and contributions…!!!


  47. Eric Post author

    Hi Barry

    I show some of my Butterfly Marketing sites in lesson #32, which helps demonstrate the “value”:

    I appreciate the input. I probably will not be putting together any mentorship or training for the Butterfly software because there are several that already exist. The Developer’s community is a great place to find those resources. Also if you search for butterfly marketing training you can find many tutorial videos, guides, etc.


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