LESSON #14: Setting Goals for Your Business

In the previous lesson, we talked about getting a vision for your business.

A vision is the big picture of where you want to go. You need to have a vision, otherwise you won’t be motivated, and you won’t have a clear direction for your business.

However, a vision needs goals and plans to go along with it…

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Main points:

  • Vision vs. Goals. A vision is the big picture of where you want to go; a goal is a specific milestone that helps you get closer to your vision.

  • Important requirements for goals:

    1) they should be specific (measurable)
    2) they should be serious, but attainable
    3) they should have a deadline

  • For example: a goal may be to earn $10,000 of net profit before December 31st.

  • VERY IMPORTANT: Write your goals down, and keep them in sight.

  • (Story about the Harvard MBA graduates…) Those with written goals made 10X the income of everyone else combined.

  • I use a whiteboard… but a piece of paper is fine too.

  • You can have short term goals, long term goals, and everything in between.

  • Re-evaluate your goals periodically.

  • When you reach a goal, be sure to celebrate for a few minutes before setting the next goal.

    Action steps:

    1) Write down one goal, and put it somewhere near your computer.

    (Also please post it in the comments below)

    It should be specific, attainable, and it should have a deadline.

    Keep in mind that you will need to keep setting new goals for yourself as you build your business. As you continue with these lessons, it will become more apparent what your goals should be, so write them down frequently as you go through the process.

    Now you will need to develop a plan for reaching your goals, and I’ll be talking about that in the next lesson.

    As always, you are welcome to post your questions and comments below.

    Have a great day!

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    1. Natalie Eastman

      I can’t get my copy/paste function to work on my iPad, b/c I’m using Photon as a browser (iPads don’t come equipped with flash; so it’s a little debilitating for these videos and comment boxes). But, I’ve created a broken-down set of goals for creating and sending inaugural newsletters for my 2 businesses by Wednesday, 1/7/15.

      1. Russell Plucker


    2. Cyril Almond

      My goal is to earn some money.. I have not made any yet. But each time i do i will set the bar higher

    3. Leif Strom

      Goal 1: To get my book out (in Norway) by 10. july 2015.
      Goal 2: To earn my first $ online by 1st of March 2015

      1. Scottie Marrow

        I hope you made your first goal… And I hope you make your second!!
        Good Luck!

    4. Evie

      My goal is to have my own online business in 1 months time and earn my first $100. Thank you Eric looking forward to your lesson 15

    5. Melaney Bridges

      My goal is to earn $1,000 by January 31, 2015

    6. Steve

      My short term goal is to complete this course by 1/31/2015 (all 100 lessons) and be into something bringing in some residual income by EOM Feb 2015 and then double that income each month thereafter.

    7. Steven Norton

      My goal is to determine a business niche, and have the business running and make $1000 by May 1st.

    8. Telmo Bermeo

      One of my first goals is to complete writing my business plan to raise capital to acquire and rehab single family homes in my local area. This goal should be completed in the next 60 days.

    9. Terence

      I will be earning $100 a day from my online business by 30th April 2015

    10. Sandra

      My goal is to select my niche by Tuesday March 17, 2015.
      My goal is to select and start promoting three affiliate programs related to my niche by Thursday March 19, 2015.
      My goal is to make at least $15,000 by June 19,2015.

    11. Sandra

      My goal is to select a niche by Tuesday March 10, 2015.

      My goal is to select and promote three affiliate programs by Thursday March 12, 2015.

      My goal is to make $30,000 by June 15, 2015 and at least $350 daily from there on.

    12. Lsa

      My goal is to learn about websites, marketing, traffic, putting it all together, in an effective way to earn money and help people get healthier through a website/blog and support groups, by Dec.31st.2015

    13. Matt Alvarez

      My goal:

      I will conduct my first product launch by April 30th.

    14. Gerrard Jones

      Hi Eric. My goal would be firstly to complete this course, secondly to have a website online
      by June 2015.
      Regards Gerrard

    15. Arnold

      My goal is to build my first website within the next three months. By August 2015, I expect to have at least 100 unique visitors everyday. By October 2015, would start my book and towards the end of the year launch my first e-book and make at least $2,500 on the first month from launching from my e-book.

    16. Jos van Doorn

      My goal is to have customers for my AutoLISP programming business, giving me 40 hours per week of work. I want to have them on January 1, 2017. I will be making RM 100,000 per year.

      I also want to be selling five e-books per week by January 1, 2016. I will be making RM 42.50 per week or RM 2,210 per year.

      I open a blog on July 1, 2015. I open a blog with WordPress.com. Weekly I’m publishing the AutoLISP course.

      At the same time I will start my newsletter. The newsletter directs readers to my blog. I will tell what can be found in the blog.

      On August 1, 2015 I have written the book about AutoLISP programming. I will have turned it into a ZIP file.

      Next I will write a book about programming dialog boxes for AutoLISP. I will have written that book on September 12, 2015.

    17. Scottie Marrow

      My Goal is to have my credit card payment platform up by next week – 06/19/2015

    18. Venkatesh Avadhany

      My goal is to earn $1000 per month by November 2015 and subsequently increase by $1000 per month every two months so that by March 2016 I start earning $5000 a month. Having attained this goal I will revisit my goals for future.

    19. Bernardo C. Librea

      My Goal;
      1. I can finish my website this August 2015
      2. I can launch my online business this September 2015

    20. Thomas

      I want to have earned my first $500.00 online from my new website I will build before 8/24/2015

    21. Troy Quick

      My Goal is to finish Erics Tips by Jan 2016 month end

    22. Angella Peters

      My goal is to consistently earn €1000 per week by 22nd October 2016 of passive income running a successful online business.

      1. Kev Alessandri

        I’m about to launch my first Website business not knowing much about how to or what to, etc… I have relied on Eric’s Tips and pretty much have taken him for granted, feel terrible, like a dog salivating and begging for another bone which carries the secret ingredients of bone making written on it .. Customer Support is Awesome and patient with Students. I guess this is what happens when an instructor offers successful publishings. I’ve gotten off track! Your Goal is to make $1,000 consistently per week? Wow! This is wonderful Angella! I can not wait to see my first sell. My Goal is to have learned enough Marketing structures giving me courage to just do it, to launch my first website. I’ve been so scared because of my lack of knowledge at Internet Marketing, If it were not for blogs from instructors Like Eric here at Eric’s Tips, I would still be procrastinating my website launch. I have learned a great much! My goal was to reach my first website launch reaching for my first sale. I’m excited..I’m excited for your Online Success! Your Gorgeous photo of yourself here shows how proud you are. Awesome! And thank you Eric!

    23. Denham

      My goal is to finish his course by April 1, 2016 and start making $1000 per week from my website by July 20, 2016…

    24. Juan Garza

      My goal is to finish Eric’s Tips by Mrach 15, 2015

    25. dave

      Goal is to learn something and take action on what I learn as soon as I have learn it!

    26. Daniel Palumbo

      My goal is to earn consistently $1,000 monthly by April 30,2016 with the help of your course

    27. Gertrude Onwukwe, Nigeria

      My goal is to complete my info product by 30th March,2016.
      Secondly to learn all about free traffic by 20th April,2016.
      By end of May, 2016 I should be earning at least $500 a week.

    28. Stephen Minter

      1.my goal is to follow erics tips and implement them into an online business.
      2. to be making money of 2000 a month by August 31, 2016

    29. Ernest Blake

      Ernest Blake my first goal is to watch these videos everyday during the week. My other goal is to watch all 100 videos by The end of May 2016.

    30. Charles aka 4Real

      My goal is to complete my website using your steps from the live plc fire packages i bought by 31st of march.

      i bought all the live plr fire packages up to the iM tech 2.0. What order would you advise me to go through it in and i am thinking of ordering the socrates theme to make creating the website easier, can you please advise. Would the coaching club still be necesary. Apologies for all the questions. i’m a newbie with great vision and great intent of seeing this through to become 1 of your success stories. i am based in uK, is there anything that I need to do different?

      Thanks in advance, I look forward to your reply.
      4 Real

    31. Diana McKinney

      Today’s date: March 20, 2016
      My first goal is to earn/book $1500 by March 31, 2016.

      A longer term goal is to produce an e-book on wedding planning that will generate monthly online income of $100 or more by August 31, 2016

      To design and build my own home. First step is the goal of finishing the design and submitting to an architect to create my construction drawings. Goal to have this done by December 31, 2016 or sooner.

    32. Pooria Samarbafzadeh

      My goal is to earn enough from internet marketing to buy a PS4

    33. Sharon

      As soon as I begin to put what I’ve learned into action, I need to set a deadline to replace my current income.

    34. Leon

      Complete NCIS blueprint by Sat 23 April 2016

    35. Linda

      My first goal is to get my website created by purchasing a domain name, finishing keyword research and getting my website created.

    36. Linda

      Oops, I forgot my deadline. I will have the website created by June 28th 2016.

    37. Timothy W. Bethune

      1. Earn 1 million by Jan 2017
      2. Email list of 125,000 Jan 2017
      3. Affiliate reps 10,000 Jan 2018
      3 MLM Reps 15,000 Jan 2018
      5. Finish new home on 1250 acres Feb 2017 ( 30th Anniversary )

    38. Gary Isaac

      Goal $1000 first 3 days in my internet business

    39. joshua

      My goal is to earn 3 million naira before 31st December, 2016. This will enable to be financially free.

    40. Sharon Mayer

      my goal is to make a 1,000.00 a day after using eric’s tips on how to use different affiliate websites by 10/31/2026.

    41. Matthew

      GOALS (OR VISION 2017):
      1. Retire into my $100000/yr online business within 1 year from now (31st December, 2016)
      2. Retire the profits into Real Estate in my country and globally
      3 Teach people how to create their online businesses of their own and retire into it ASAP
      4. Support Christian Missions
      5. Set up and Run Philanthropic Organization

      In lesson 13, I write the above as my GOALS. After lesson 14, I realize, this would have better been called my vision. Whatever it was called, goals or vision, let it be known to me that that is what I see myself becoming in life few years from now.

      1. To make $25000. on/before March 31st, 2017

    42. Jacquelynne Myers

      Create an info product – an ebook possibly with videos. Come up with a simple upsell. Extract a lead magnet from the info product. Create a list and email sequence in Aweber.
      Set up the squeeze page, thank you page, sales page, download page, etc
      This is kind of a to-do list to get me to the goal, which is to be driving traffic to my squeeze page and building a list by March 31, 2017.I have recently learned about some awesome sounding free and cheap ways to drive traffic that would be great for someone just starting out.
      Oh boy, I hope I haven’t over-reached, but at least I’ll be heading in the right direction IMHO.

    43. Pete

      My first goal is to generate a consistent and recurring net income of $5,000 per month by Dec. 31, 2017 from my online business.

    44. Stephen

      My goal is to earn £500 a month by 31/03/2017

    45. Marc M. Demers

      Hi Eric,

      My Economic goal is to earn consistently $10,000 monthly by December 31, 2018, the date of my full-time job retirement.

      My second goal is to launch 1 product per month, starting January 2018.

      Thanks for helping us to archive our dream.


    46. Frank Carter

      My goal is to do at least 10 more lessons and do whatever the lessons recommend before next Sunday.

    47. Helena Sebastian

      Goal 1 – Get through the first half of Eric’s tips and have the online business set up and earning by end of May 2017


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