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By | September 13, 2010

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  1. Terry Markle

    Hi Eric,

    I’ve been reading your “tips” for quite a while and think you go beyond the point of being informative. Your newsletter is first class and very helpful to me. I operate a site that is about traffic generation and monetizing sites with AdSense. In addition, I have a lot of niche content portal sites that are monetized with AdSense.

    Your tips have helped me in a number of different areas of my business. I appreciate and utilize the wisdom and experience you pass my way. You are on top of a constantly changing web space.

    Best regards,

    Terry Markle

  2. Jose Damaso Ramon

    I’m learning how to start a profitably business online. Eric’s Tips are very important for me because they are giving me the basic concepts which are very difficult to find elsewhere.

    The step by step videos are very clear and are giving me the concepts I need to understand and build a successful business on the Internet.

  3. Gaynor Rosier

    Eric’s Tips have really helped me to promote my site and develop my Internet Marketing strategy with solid, down to earth (no BS) advice.

  4. Christian Shirley

    I just want to say thank you Eric for the helpful information and products.

    As a new affiliate marketer in the business it was a real tough start, but now that I have been up and running for 9 months I have had so much success.

    My goal now is to help other reach for their dreams the way you inspired me!

    If you ever need anything please do not hesitate to give me a call!

    Thanks Again!

  5. Tony Laurito

    Hi Eric, Your lessons are great! I just want to thank you for all the great info, training, and links to other sources you have provided through your Eric’s Tips emails and your website. You are truly a professional, and give much more than you receive. Thank you so much.

  6. Fraser Taylor

    I’m a great fan of the advice and support you offer to aspiring marketers. I’ve found you always reliable and have bought a range of products that you have recommended, these are playing a key part in building a professional online business for me. Every tool recommended has a place in my business. You get my vote everytime, keep up the good work. We need you!

  7. Marvin Von Renchler

    Eric, if you google my name you will see Im a real person and have many contacts in the USA. I preface my comments with that so people know Im not full of Bull s*** when giving you this reccomendation!

    Ive played with almost all the guru ‘get rich in the net’ stuff for a couple of years. All this has done is cost me time, money and frustration. Your site and information is worth more than ll theirs together, including a man I paid $5,000 for info on working probates—it turned out to be 3rd grade stuff with no value.

    Just one of your tips helped me to develop an affiliate income source. Finally a person who GIVES VALUE. Thank you.

  8. nichole

    Erics Tips are a truly amazing resource… I look forward to recieving his e-mails everyday. He addresses real life issues everyday, in detail. He tells you what most fail to include in their products. For me website building was my biggest obstacle, I just could not firgure it out, and I could not afford to pay anyone to do it for me. Eric basically grabbed my hand and walked me through the process, and I never paid him a dime. He’s amazing, and thank you Eric for being humble, honest, and helpful. You one of a kind.

  9. Alexander John

    Eric’s Tips is a no stress downlow way to go!

    Eric’s tips is one of those rare free systems that take you step by step and give you a life time of information!

    Eric’s tips to me is the only way to go. His esay going attitude makes the show as he takes you through what it really takes to make money online.

    This is the step by step guide is a most!

    Thanks Eric’s Tips!

    Alexander John


    I am so glad to vae had found eric that i am writing this testimonial….it is been great to get the first lesson,that i am going to follow all of the tips…..step by step..i have been reading a lot of stuff..i have my social network for my students and now i know that it is growing fast because all the time i was looking for this was woth.
    So…now i know whomm to follow…and whom to make much of..
    that is ERIC..

  11. iain macc

    Hi Eric,
    talk about fast tracking my success. This information I have managed to secure today is fantastic value. In the past I have spent thousands of dollars to be slowly drip fed information that doesn’t even compare to this stuff. I’m a happy camper.
    cheers iain

  12. rejira

    Eric’s Tips have been a great addition to my weekly reading material. I am signed up for a lot of newsletters, tips etc, but most of them I put in the trash before I even finish reading the subject line.

    With Eric’s tips newsletter I actually can’t wait until it shows up in my inbox. The tips and promotions he has to offer are second to none.

    I recommend it to anyone trying to be successful on the internet.

  13. Neil Hocking

    Hi Eric

    I just wanted to contact you to show my appreciation of the time and effort you put into your tips and to give you an idea of how you have helped me.

    After being made redundant in 2009, I explored various online marketing schemes alongside trying to kickstart my freelance writing business.

    The most beneficial move I made was subscribing to Eric’s Tips. Through your emails I was introduced to Fiverr. Whereas before I had been doing pro bono work to build up a portfolio, Fiverr enabled me to get lots of experience and testimonials for my book. One client I met through Fiverr has so far sent me £700 worth of private work and this is showing no sign of slowing; they have also referred me to a company they work with and work has started flowing in from there.

    Although this is freelancing at the moment, I’m hoping to be able to make more efficient use of my time by continuing to follow your tips.

    There is so much marketing advice out there but yours always seems to me to be the most genuine and most useful.

  14. Pat Volk

    I just started receiving Eric’s tips in connection with “Lay Off Your Boss”. Everything that I have read here is how I perceive his tips to be.I am certain that these tips and Eric will be of much needed help. I am not a “newbie” but I am 85 and need all the help I can get, especially if it is clear, to the point, and easily understood. Thanks, Eric!

  15. Implementation - Coach

    I started to get to know the internet , because I was searching for a part-time job beside my Full-time study, and I end- up creating a Business. My study will come once I have enough money to go back to the study again and start study full-time again. The nice thing I like about Eric is that he is a Christen as well.

  16. Gordie Chase

    I read Eric’s Tip’s everyday and I’ve been in Internet marketing for about 9 years now. It’s not that Eric teaches me anything new but his tips help me remember some of the things Iv’e forgotten or neglected and they always bring me fresh ideas. It’s hard to find someone in this industry who seems to care about others and Eric is one of those who does. Thanks Eric for helping me brainstorm on a daily basis, keep up the good work.

  17. David Barrett

    The content of Eric’s Tips is astounding! The quality and quantity of information that Eric freely gives away is far superior to many high ticket products that I’ve spent my hard earned money on before. I’m currently reviewing Lesson #86: Recruiting Affiliates again to help me with promotion of my newest product.

    One pleasant surprise was the amount of relevant, helpful comments on each lesson. Eric takes the time to reply thoughtfully to comments and you can tell from his remarks that he genuinely cares about his readers.

    The thing I appreciate most about Eric is his integrity. It’s one thing to have the credibility that comes from a long, successful track record, but it’s another thing entirely to be a person of character who won’t compromise their principles just to make a buck. Thanks Eric and God bless!

  18. Linda D Schubarth

    Eric, I love the information you provide. Sometimes I think you must be a mind reader because you seem to know what products I am looking for. I appreciate the information on the video program. I will be ordering it so I can learn this system. Thanks again for all of the help.

  19. Mike

    Eric, Thank you so much for the great Christmas gifts. You always send out the things people REALLY need.
    Hope you had a great Christmas!

  20. Chuck Deese

    Hi Eric, you asked if I was still here so just wanted to say yes I am. My name is Chuck Deese, I have been an Inner Profit Circle member for two years. ($105 a month). I will keep this message short just to see if you will reply to it. I am retired now and am ready to make some extra income using your internet marketing plan. I bought one of the websites you were selling a while back (2 years?) and I’m ready to get started. My wife graduates from Liberty University next month and needs help finding clients for her Life Coach business.

    I said I would keep this short. I’m glad you have healed from your accident.

    Blessings to you and your family.

    Chuck Deese

    Commerce City, CO

    1. Eric Post author

      Hey Chuck, thanks for being a member and that’s great that you’re ready to work on it! I’m replying here but the best way to communicate with me is in the private FB group on the live coaching sessions. As a member you have access to me there and can ask as many questions as you want!


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