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Comment #221

“I subscribed 2 or 3 weeks ago and I am very glad that I did.”

I have subscribed about 2 or 3 weeks ago, to your newsletters and i am very glad that i did that. Some of the things you sent us have helped me. And i hope that i will be able to use as much as i can the information that you share by helping me or anybody else that i can help.

– Aurel Dragut

Comment #222

“I will be on your list for many years to come.”


From just the short amount of time that I have been receiving your newsletters, there has been much information received from you, that has been extremely helpful, and to say the least quite interesting.

I especially like the way that you do not force your opinions on any of us, but rather give us the necessary information and actually request that we, ourselves use what you supply to make an educated decision.

It is hard to find many individuals out there, that do not just give the usual, buy this, get that etc… And for those particular reasons, I will be on your list for many years to come…

Thanks a million!

– Mitch Ripke

Comment #223

“I’m always learning something new from you in one respect or another.”

Hey Eric,

yeah I’ve really enjoyed getting your Eric’s Tips in my inbox. I’m always learning something new from you in one respect or another. I guess that’s because you’ve been at it a while longer than I have, but I’m getting there, and your tips are helping me along the way!

To your success,

– Davin Ogden

Comment #224

“I have not been a member for a long time, but all those tips Eric sends me really help me understand SEO.”

Comment #225

“Great Tips, keep them coming.”

– Robert Nelson

Comment #226

“He actually cares about his readers and his customers.”

If I had to sum up Eric’s Tips in one word, it would be this… Value.

Eric has demonstrated that he actually cares about his readers and his customers, providing in-depth reviews and recommendations that are rare in the world of Internet marketing. No nonsense and straight to the point tips are Eric’s trademark and I can’t recommend him and his site highly enough.

Way to go Eric!

– Joel Comm


Comment #227

“Thanks to Eric I’m finally making MONEY!”

Thanks to Eric I’m finally making MONEY!

I first got turned on to Eric when I purchased Joel Comm’s Adsense Templates.

Eric did a fantastic job of explaining
how the templates work and how to install them.

He has an amazing amount of marketing knowledge and I learn something new from Eric’s tips just about everyday.

– Carl Willoughby

Comment #228

“They have been very useful and I hope to hear more from you everyday!”


Thanks for the tips so far, Eric. They have been very useful and I hope to hear more from you everyday! I have actually used some of your tips on my website.

– Nick


Comment #229

“I like that you give factual info and are not always trying to sell me something.”

Great information Eric. I also like that you give factual info and are not always trying to sell me something I don’t really need or want.

– Richard Embro-Pantalony


Comment #230

“Thanks for the professional mentorship Eric.”

Thanks Eric for your tips, I am interested to try getting a .com webpage and maybe aweber as you do. I like seeing through this process of giving a recommendation and may replicate my own recommendation page with the people I am helping. maybe readers can flow the traffic my way. I am a simple blogger promoting my country and some affliate products. My voice is from New Zealand and I am interested in learning, creating value and finding my life assignment!! I also research for people for a fee.

Thanks for the professional mentorship Eric.

– Helena McKeever


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