Adventures of the Real Guys

By | October 9, 2012

Recently my friends Paul Counts and Jeff Wellman came out to Colorado for a visit.

If you’ve seen our products in the past, you may know that we’ve dubbed ourselved the “real guys” as a way of revolting against all the fakeness in our industry.

Working from home as an Internet marketer tends to be an isolating experience, so it’s important to make sure you’re living in the real world too. It’s also good to get together with like-minded people who understand your business and can relate to you.

If you don’t have some people in your life who fit that description (or if you’d like to meet some more), a great place to meet them is the JV Alert Live conference. The next one is November 9th – 11th in Denver, Colorado.

I will be there and would love to see you there. The price of admission is only $127 for the entire weekend, which is a bargain compared to the usual cost of $497+. If you sign up through my link, be sure to post a ticket at my helpdesk along with your contact information, and I’ll take you out to lunch as a bonus.

More than likely, I’ll wrangle some of my “guru” friends into coming too. But if Paul Counts comes along, let’s just hope he doesn’t bring his computer…

We had a lot of fun making that video, as you could probably tell, but you may be surprised to know that it was actually based on a couple of true stories!

Paul had a consulting client whom he met in a coffee shop for the first time. You can imagine his surprise when she hauled in a big old desktop computer and set it up on the table. That’s the type of computer that I built much of my business on in the early 2000’s. I’m sure many of you can relate, and I know some of you are still using those computers πŸ˜‰

The Wi-Fi spoof came from our friend Rachel who owns the coffee shop where we filmed the video. She actually had a guy come into her store and demand a free “wiffie”, pointing to the Free Wi-Fi advertisement in the window.

We also did some other fun stuff, like hiking a mountain, and going to a baseball game (Click links to see videos).

Jeff caught a foul ball at the game… well, actually he didn’t exactly catch it. It was coming our way, and I was holding my $2000 camera, so I ducked for cover and protected the camera. Next thing I knew, the ball was at my feet about to roll into the row ahead of us. Paul was yelling for me to pick it up, but I couldn’t move quickly enough. Luckily Jeff, the “old” man of the group, was spry enough to lunge at the ball and grab it before it went over the edge πŸ™‚

If you’d like to join us “real guys” in our online adventures, please check out our Coaching Club, and our No Cost Income Stream course.

As always, you are welcome to post your comments below.

Have a great day!

30 thoughts on “Adventures of the Real Guys

  1. cPanel Italiano

    Hahaha! Too funny Guys!! πŸ™‚

    Eric after following 70 of your free Lessons I am definitely a fan of Yours! πŸ™‚ Thanks so much.


  2. p delman

    Thanks guys. We could use a little humor in our day. Theres always time to smile and sometimes we all get to serious about this. Congratulations Paul on your 6 figures.Someday I want to wake up to that kind of news!

  3. Cathy

    I laughed so hard, when the Paul told the coffee girl he’d take her up on that “free wifi” that I spit out my coffee.
    Too funny!

  4. Dorothy

    This is great it makes me happy to see someone {3} have a lot fun.

    Eric I am slow with your lessons but I enjoy them and it helps, but I can’t do two a day. I am at least 18 behind. Do I have to get two a day?

  5. Clifford Petry

    That was a good one there Eric,Jeff and of course
    Paul.I resently got WiFi for my customers also
    here in Goodland,Ks.See you in Denver in Nov.
    Keep up the good Work.

  6. Jim McGarry

    That looked like a fun day.I hope Paul’s back is OK from lugging all that hardware around. I wonder how Starbucks would react if Paul walked.

  7. Eliza

    Hi Eric,
    That video is a good encouragement for me and I love the songs too. I hope to be able to focus and spend more time on ‘nocostincomestream’ so as to complete the course asap. I’m in the process of finding a profitable niche. I’m very slow due to time factor.


  8. Andrew G.

    Hey don’t knock that giant monitor too much it also doubles as a small heater as well!

    (Posted from my 5 year old PC.)

  9. Peter

    To Funny! You definitely are for REAL.
    Could be you are suffering from lack of Oxygen. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Peterinperth

    Hey — I would just love to come to the upcoming conference in Colorado- and the price is right,but the airticket from Australia — is the problem !

    Have Fun — or should i say — KEEP having FUN FUN FUN ( Until daddy takes the T Bird away ) .

    Pete – in Perth, Western Australia

    The land of Oz !

  11. aleck

    Wow!! Eric you look fabulous and inform this year, last year you kept us guessing.
    You guys are awesome.

  12. Mina M

    Loved the video, guys. How funny! Thanks for the inspiration. Just found your site today -the price for Denver is awesome!

  13. Jeff Wellman

    I know I was suffering from lack of oxygen after I hiked up that mountain. I am in fair shape but for sure not use to those altitudes any more lol!

    But I had a blast and we like keeping it real!

  14. Jeff Wellman

    You guys should all consider grabbing a ticket to Denver and coming out and meeting us. A weekend with the Real Guys is something you would not soon forget. Besides Paul needs someone he can hire to haul his monitor and PC around.

    He pays pretty good I hear πŸ™‚

  15. Jeff Wellman

    I am not sure I like Eric’s interpretation of how I ended up with the baseball! “OLD” guy that was SPRY enough to lunge lol! More Like I was the one ducking and covering from those speeding bullets those guys hit. They do not play games when it comes to hitting that crazy piece of leather or whatever it is made out of πŸ™‚ Next think I know I was taking out the masses and disappointing little kids as I dove madly for the ball to save Eric and his $2000 camera and Paul’s PC and monitor. OK so it more like rolled under my seat while everyone else was diving around looking silly trying to grab a little whit ball. πŸ™‚ I seen it because i was still ducking so I did not get hit πŸ™‚ Pays to be in the right place at the right time and looking down at the ground lol!

  16. Joseph

    Hei Eric!Maybe if I can come to your conference in Colorado something can change my mind and my business can grow quickly.It seems there’s a mist in my mind or my eyes that needs to be removed, and your tips are excellent I LOVE THEM.

  17. Mark

    Having fun and making money, that’s what makes life worthwhile. I like the brotherhood between the three of you that’s what makes me stick with you guys. I would definely like to come to Colorado in November.


  18. wapang

    I am from a place where the internet connection is quite slow. Is there anything for me? I have been desperately trying to make some money online but its all ending nowhere.

  19. Micah

    Hello Wapang,

    You might want to try doing as much work as you can offline. Then, you can do any online steps, as an internet connection becomes available to you.

    For instance, any writing or web design could all be done without being connected to the internet.


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