Back from Vacation

By | January 14, 2008

Edition #147

If you’ve been reading my newsletter for over a year, you may remember the pictures I posted from my trip to Cancun last winter.

We had such a good time that we decided to go back this year and bring our family with us. There were 15 of us in all, and we had an incredible vacation.

Here are a few pictures:

Cancun 1
Cancun 2
Cancun 3
Yes that’s me holding a shark 🙂
Cancun 4
Cancun 5
Cancun 6
Cancun 7
Cancun 8

Bringing this many family members on a trip was such a huge blessing, and it was a dream fulfilled for myself. Can you believe everyone even got along the whole time and didn’t get into any fights?

This trip was paid for entirely with money I made on the internet. My online business ran itself on autopilot while I was away, and I didn’t even bring a laptop with me. The resort did have an internet cafe, but I steered clear and wasn’t even tempted to check my email one time.

As always, I feel the need to make a disclaimer: I’m NOT telling you any of this to brag. However, I do think it’s important to mention occasionally that I am “living the dream” in many ways.

After all, WHY should you listen to what I say about internet marketing unless I’m actually DOING these type of things? Most of us aspire to experience more freedom, never worry about money, spend time with family, take vacations, etc.

So if you’re going to learn how to become a successful internet marketer, you should follow someone who is already doing the type of things that you want to do (rather than following a peer who is still only dreaming about it), right?

Throughout 2008, I intend to transition this newsletter towards providing a higher level of helpful tips, and fewer product promotions. I’m currently contemplating a couple of concepts. I do intend to keep providing it for free, but I do want to monetize it in some way. I think what might work best is if I have a “sponsor” for each newsletter which you may choose to visit, but I would keep that part totally separate from the content of the newsletter itself. If you have any thoughts on this matter , be sure to let me know.

As always you are welcome to leave your comments on here my blog.

Have a great day!

51 thoughts on “Back from Vacation

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  2. helena

    This looks like a wonderful family holiday that you all had.
    Thanks for your reliable relevant and current commentary last year and all the best looking forward.

  3. Sabrina O'Malone

    Hey Eric,

    It looks like you guys had a wonderful time! I used to live just outside of Cancun, and it is truly a beautiful place. I hope you made it to Tulum and Cozumel; if not, you simply must return to see them for yourself. Anyway, I can only imagine how bringing your relatives on an international vacation like that was a fulfillment of a lifetime dream.

    (BTW, love the shark picture. And it’s a blessing the kids got their mama’s good looks;-)

    I’m curious to see the new direction for the newsletter. I love “Eric’s tips” (especially the ones I can understand) and I even loved some of the product launches; nevertheless, I think it’s probably in your best interest to provide more tips and fewer launches. That would certainly be a benefit to your readers. And 20+ years of marketing experience has taught me that loyal, happy customers reward you with unheard of response rates -on those occasions when you do have something for sale.

    So welcome back! Bienvenidos. Next time invite the O’Malone’s. But most of all keep up the good work.

    In His Service,

  4. Mathias

    How much will you charge for the sponsor ad? You can email me about it if you want.

  5. Alex Marlin

    Hey Eric,

    It’s nice to see someone enjoying the fruits from the blessings that was
    showered onto them from the Internet. It is the best and easiest way to make
    a great living working from home.

    Whatever your plans for the future, I do hope you will continue to provide
    great or even better information, because your one of the few that I actually
    listen to online.

  6. Martin

    I am glad you had a good time Eric!

    I live by the sea in a nice little English Village but our sea today looks more like poo soup unlike the nice blue sea where you have been!!

    Keep up the good work!

    Kind regards


  7. said hassan


  8. Adedeji Ademola

    You really had a great holiday.You deserve it having worked so hard.Thank you for being there for starters like me.Wishing you a more rewarding 2008 and hope you will keep the flag flying.I would like to ask,was that a living shark?

  9. MoneyMingle

    Checked out the Video Brander…great tool. Your sales page gives a great little education on preselling, protecting your links, and converting your hard earned PPC bucks. Looking forward to your new announcement on Wed.

  10. Bonnie

    Great pics, Eric! It sure is nice to take a step back & appreciate the important stuff, all the people in our lives. Look forward to learning more about your plans for 2008. Finding Web 2.0 evolves every day, and the inter-connectedness of the tools help us be more supportive and compassionate towards each other, while we all prosper. Thanks for great content and an uplifting environment in which to learn. I’ll be watching and waiting for what’s next!

  11. Donnah

    Now I will pay more attention to your emails and info on how to make money on the internet.
    Next time try Barbados! Great place for a vacation!

  12. SimoneW

    You are evidence of the saying “God helps them who help themselves”. The photos of your wonderful holiday are evidence of reaping a healthy harvest for the seeds you have sown, tended, etc. One of the reasons you have integrity (You stand out to me as one of a handful I have found on the internet) is that you do what you say you will. Giving freely of advice and experience in Erics Tips is a way of passing on the blessings you have been given. Actually one of the reasons you continue to be blessed, Eric, is because you choose to generously give to others. In response, because God is good – and Nature abhors a vaccuum – blessings cannot fail to flow back into that space you create when you give.
    Anyway, brother, just wanted to spell out that principal for you. May God continue to bless you as you do the work in the fashion you have been.
    May your family be safe and whole. May you have close brothers in your life. Keep up the good work.
    Simone, Australia

  13. Robert

    Hi Eric,
    Glad you enjoyed your vacation. Looks like a nice place to visit. I recently enjoyed a vacation here in Australia at our beautiful beaches.

    Look forward to your change of format regarding your website. I have appreciated your reviews over the last year or so.

    I am also still getting through the episodes of Next Internet Millionaire which I watch in my spare time. Do I really have spare time? Anyway it is educational.



  14. Dan

    Welcome back!
    What an excellent way to start a new year, your pics are pretty inspiring …
    Last week I spent time not on vacations, but here in Germany, having really nasty weather, with my “new years resolutions”……………., from 2005 ;~))
    Anyway, I just opted out from some 100 lists and newsletters, eating up all my day, afraid of missing out on something. It took some time for me to find out, that I don’t miss out on anything, but only waste my time reading salesletters and all that hyped up stuff. Now there remained 6 information sources only, and YOU are and will be one of them.
    After more than 1 year reading and struggling I begin to get the picture here in this arena called IM.

    In 1994 Sabine and me had our honeymoon in Tulum Robinson Resort, near to Cancun, and we spent some time in Cancun and Playa Car, had some fun on their golfcourse, really a great place for vacations, if there are not too much hurricanes and mosquitos.

  15. steve


    Looks like you had a very enjoyable holiday or vacation.

    And it looks like a very nice place to visit, oh i wouldnt be game to hold a shark.


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  17. Anneab

    Hallo Eric
    I follow you and have joined a couple of things you recommended
    It is so nice to read of you as you re a real and generally nice guy
    Your Holiday shots are wonderful!

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    The Visa card alone is in every country, not been done before and in every currency.
    Anne Borg

  18. Peter


    I am delighted that you had a wonderful time with your family on holiday – I really am. What makes me laugh is the tag line – “I am not telling you this to brag” – how many times have you seen that on some “guru’s” web site? You know damn well you are – otherwise why would you feel the need to drag us across here to see some family pictures of you in Cancun?

    I bet it makes you feel real good that you can take all of your family on holiday to some sunny destination on your internet income….and so it should! But do we really need to know and do we really care?

    Are we really interested in seeing your pictures of you on vacation?

    Is it going to make our day? Probably not.

    Don’t get me wrong Eric, I’ve been to places like Barbados, St Lucia, Martinique, St Martin and probably 90 % of the rest of the Caribbean along with 43 other countries. Do I need to show you pictures ? I don’t think so. The moneyed people I admire in this world are the ones who don’t have to show how they spend their wealth…hey we can all do that!!

    I would have been far more impressed if you had told us how you had spent your holiday helping out in a shelter, or donating food to Africa or something far more noble than hanging out with your family in Cancun!! Now that I would have truly respected you for.

    As far as these pictures are concerned…keep them in the family album where they belong!

    As one guy wrote….next time Barbados! I’ll second that. Next time, Barbados, Eric, then you can truly brag!


  19. Kay

    Thanks for the ongoing newsletters and updates on the latest trends in marketing. It has kept my website at the top of the search engines for the last year (natural search engine placement sure beats PPC!)

    I’m now persuing my real passion (helping couples re-ignite that spark in their relationship) and much of the reason why I am going for what I love is based on the ongoing information I receive from successful marketers such as yourself. I know how to get my site the attention it needs to be successful and with your on going help I know it will continue to change and grow with each new marketing trend.

    Keep sending those newsletters and opportunities our way and it was great seeing your family enjoying your success!

    Lady Kay

  20. Eric Post author

    Thanks for the comments.

    Helena – i just checked out your blog… made me want to visit NZ

    Sabrina- we didn’t go to Tulum or Cozumel, be we intend to next time. We checked out Xel Ha last time and loved it. We explored Isla Mujeres this time and loved it too.

    Mathias- I don’t know yet, but I’ll let you know if I decide on any prices.

  21. The Aloha Kid

    In regards to Peter’s comment above…I would like to see pictures of you in 43 countries! I think that would be rather interesting to see all the places someone has been. I know there are many successful popular blogs and websites that are dedicated to showing photos of peoples travels. Maybe you could start one sometime!

  22. Eric Post author

    Thanks for all the nice comments folks 🙂

    I see a couple recommendations for Barbados, perhaps I’ll have to check it out.

    Peter- It’s really about inspiring people and establishing credibility, not bragging. Of course I’m well aware that most people in the world could care less about seeing my family pictures. But it’s interesting you mention that you would have been impressed if I said I did volunteer work or made a charitable donation. It just so happens that I do give charitably but generally don’t talk about it publicly. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great when people in a position of authority use it to gain awareness for a worthy cause. In fact, I plan on soliciting my Eric’s Tips readers to help with some charitable causes this year. But a vacation is something that most people desire and can relate to, so I think it’s an appropriate topic for this blog/newsletter.

    Daniel- interesting idea, I’ll take a look…

  23. flwong

    Hey Eric,

    What a wonderful vacation you have with your family. Nice… I wish I can be there 😛

    All the best.


  24. Vince

    Hey Eric, I’ve been reading some of your articles and newsletters for a while now. I just wonder, are you are christian? I mean an active evangelical Christian. I tried to visit your main site and I have seen that you are engaged in ministries. So, am I right???

    You have a wonderful family…

  25. dexter

    Hi Eric you are great . I know you enjoyed your vacation. It is somthing that most people only dream of. I knew you would resist the temtation of touching a computer on your holliday. That`s one thing i antisipated you would do as i make my profile of you. From what i see you are a genuine person,you added both good and bad Blogs (hope i used the term right) to your web page.That`s the mark of someone who looks at things from both angles. This year would be a bumper year for you and your family and i hope that i can cash in on this wonderful phonomina called the Internet……Greetings from the wonderful island of Trinidad and Tobago.
    said Dexter

  26. Kalaya

    Dear Eric,
    I am interesting your business but have no time to do now, I will try to learn and to do business with you.
    Thank you very much for your information.
    Best Regards,


    Hello Eric:
    Thanks for the pics of your family vacation. It looks like you all had a great time together.

    We have been in the Caribbean several times and have enjoyed it.

    Thanks for the update on your new adventures. Will be part of them.



    Reading down through your comments re:blog, I realize that you do read your blog and answer the statements.

    Upon reading your personal data, I know that you are a Christian. We need prayer in our family at the moment.

    My mother in law, 94, is lying in the hospital. Flavilla Craft is her name. Mom knows Jesus as her personal Lord and Saviour and she is our prayer warrior in our family. She has always prayed daily for each family member.

    A week before Christmas Mom came down with pneumonia; went to the hospital where she contracted MRSA; with antibiotics she overcame MRSA; her pneumonia continued; she was moved to a step down program; unfortunately a week ago she had a heart attack; the desire to eat and drink has left her; she is getting weaker and weaker; and now it is time for decisions to be made.

    Eric, I have been calling upon God’s wisdom, knowledge and understanding for all of us so the right decision will be made. Several times, throughout these weeks, I thought Mom was a goner for sure. She pulled through one thing and another took it’s place. Her kidneys are shutting down.

    Tomorrow (Tuesday) we are to talk with the social worker and make a decision regarding Mom’s care. Mom still has her faculties, is smarter than a whip, loved by all. During our hour plus ride home tonight, my husband and I talked about including Mom in the decision making about her care.

    There are two decisions we were given by the doctor:
    1. skilled nursing
    a. that means if she has another angina attack, by law, they would have to take Mom back to the hospital.
    b. should her lungs get fuller with liquid (the saline she was given didn’t come back out through her kidneys but went into her lungs), she would be transported back to the hospital
    2. Hospice
    a. should we say that word hospice, I am concerned she will give up for she is so weak at this time.
    b. my hubby will say something along the line the other alternative would be for the nurses to give her the antibiotics and morphine for pain when she needed it but she would not be transported back to thehospital.

    These are hard decisions for any of us to make. My personal belief and desire is for Mom to be healed by the stripes of Jesus Christ. I know many would tell me thatgoing home to Jesus is her healing. I am not playing God. I want what is best for Mom. I know that she will go home in God’s time, not mine or anyone elses.

    Please place her on your prayer list. She is on ours. Our church’s prayer list has grown to 5 pages and most of us pray for each one each week and send out cards to home bound men and women.

    Thanks for listening and praying.

  29. Johnathan

    I’ve just recently signed up to working online, so I am very new to all of this. But if this is evidence of what can happen for me and my family, then what is there to lose. I look forward to starting this year off with a whole new look on work and life.
    Thanks for the Tips and advice

  30. Yvonne


    Love your vacation. May you and the business grow from strength to strength.

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  32. Sawpon

    Hi Eric,

    You are really example. Your nice vacation is splendid. You showed us this is possible. We are inspired from you. Thanks for your infrormation. All The Best.

  33. Selvan

    Hi Eric
    I am really happy as i saw your vacation photos,looks fentastic especially your kids cute.
    May be your wife is very supportive to your e-business.
    In recent times i am bit busy though i enjoyed my new year vacation here in Japan
    visited Kobe city meriken park,world longest suspension bridge and world biggest wodden
    structure near kyoto city .Also hills driving at my big Nissan Rnessa with my friend`s family.
    Thanks for sharing stuffs with me

  34. Nilsa

    Hola, Eric.

    Te voy a escribir en español para que sufras un poco. Tus fotografìas me dicen que disfrutaste muchìsimo de tus vacaciones. Puedo observar que tienes una familia unida y eso es muy importante estos dìas cuando existe tanta inestabilidad en los hogares. Los nenes que aparecen en las fotos son preciosos. Dios los bendiga a ti y a tu familia.


    P.D. Well, I know that I have to improve my English, so in the future I would like to take a composition English course. Would you mind telling me which is the best online? Thank you.


    An update on Mom. She is still with us at Heartland under DNRcc which means do not resuscitate comfort care.

    One thing we learned today is Medicare will not pay for her stay at Heartland if she doesn’t have physical therapy. Mom is so swollen in her arms and body since her kidneys are at 13% and her heart is at 30% it didn’t seem possible that she could exercise at all. Those kind nurses have developed an exercise plan for her by keeping her in bed, lifting her arm across her chest, sitting up on the edge of the bed and getting into a wheelchair. All of these seem so minor however, someone who is filled with fluid, not eating or drinking for her mouth feels like it is full of cotton, these are major exercises and exertion.

    Today Mom got a surprise of her life. At her assisted living home, she developed a strong friendship with a sprightly 91 year old woman named Martha. While my husband and I were at PrimRose, her assisted living home, discussing sending her medication back, closing out her apartment, etc., they asked if we would like to talk to Martha and share how ill Mom was. Since it was lunch time and Martha was eating, we asked if they would talk with her later. We also stated that if Martha could come to see Mom today it would lift Mom’s spirits so much.

    We didn’t tell Mom that Martha might come out to see her in case someone couldn’t bring her out. About 2 p.m. we saw this sprightly 91 year old woman hurrying down the hall using her 3 legged cane and holding onto her daughter’s arm. She literally flew down that hall to us. The miracle of Martha: she’s nearly 95% blind.

    When Martha walked into Mom’s room and Mom saw her, the happiness flowing between those two girls was a miracle in itself. They yakked like two teenage girls. We left them alone for 45 minutes and thought perhaps they were both tired. As we neared Mom’s room, we could hear their girl laughter and joy. So we gave them another 15 minutes.

    Martha told her daughter that she was coming out to say good bye to her best friend. As Martha left she asked if she could come back on Monday if Mom was still here. Yes.

    What a joy and blessing it was to have these two girls get together. God is good.

    I dont’ know what tomorrow brings but I do know it is in the hands of Almighty God and He is in charge.

    God bless you in all endeavors.

    Tobey Craft


    Good morning. My prayer request is for my mother in law (94) who is in the hospital dying. Her kidneys are 13%, her heart is 30%, fluid building throughout her body, has shoulder pain indicating heart (heart attack about 12 days ago), pneumonia and got MRSA in the hospital.

    Sounds like a lost cause, doesn’t it? Mom is a woman of faith. She has spent her entire life praying for her family, her church and for others.

    She wants to go home to Jesus. I told her it was okay.

    However, I don’t believe it is the right time; only God’s timing will do. Even though my sister in law and my hubby would like to see the suffering end for their mother (and so would I), she still clings to life with a sharp mind, a willing spirit and a weakened body.

    Please pray for our Heavenly Father to heal her of her pain. She has to exercise some while in the skilled nursing or Medicare won’t pay for her to be there and we have no other place to take her. Each day those special nurses have her move her arms across her chest, sit on the edge of the bed and get into a wheelchair for about 10 minutes. This is considered exercise. She is in constant pain. Her kidneys ache so much.

    God still good. He is still willing to heal us even when all seems lost.

    Give up on a strong 94 year old woman because of the illness and her age? Never. God has not given up on her. She still has much to teach us until she draws her last breath.

    So please join me in prayer and support for this wonderful mother in law of mine who is still teaching her children, daughter in law, grandchildren and others to live life to the fullest until she draws her last breath.

    Celebrate the older people in your life. They do have much wisdom, love, compassion and teaching us to have more faith through their daily lives for they trust in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. What a blessing!

    Tobey Craft

  37. Shaki

    Hello Eric :

    As you are guru of internet , can you suggest me the best way how I can increase my WS site team for incime for life affiliate programme.
    thank you

  38. proson

    Eric, for the resale right, do I have to set up click bank for processing? can I use others like paydotcom, paypal etc? thanks


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