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  1. Hamed

    Dear Eric

    I am Hamed i hope to help me for a new leave because we are very very poor just you help me.

    Thanks alot all of your campany

  2. said hassan


  3. Alex Gentry

    Hi Eric,

    I have a toolbar or two on my desktop that won’t allow me to download plug-in (I guess for RSS feed) so I went this route instead of tinkering with computer.

    What I want to ask of you is a general “review” of a new site that was brought to my attention. As the site is touted it is supposed to pay you for unique searches all day, each and every day. How this is done is through your own search portal. It’s viral and you get paid thru tiers with the right membership.

    It sounds like I have a grasp of the program, however I get confused with the different terms-of-ology and have only joined as a free member. I’m sure it has a lot of potential but I’d like you to confirm it for me.

    The link is to my affiliate portal for your inspection/review. Should you deem it worthy as claimed I’d appreciate you joining thru my affiliate page. One thing though. I would like to be able to reap full benefit of program and as of present I’m just a free member. I would appreciate a heads-up on maximizing before/if you decide to join.

    Thanks Eric in advance for you help. Go now and read all about it here:



    P.S. searchbigdaddy.com is the name of the new search engine.

  4. Eric Post author

    Hi Alex

    I’ve heard about searchbigdaddy, and checked it out. I think it’s a cool concept, but after reviewing it I don’t feel its worth my time.

    I’m not saying it’s a bad program… in fact one of my good friends who I really respect is very involved with it.

    I just don’t see it competing with the big players in the search world. I think that they created a fantastic viral affiliate program, and it will probably get pretty big in the internet marketing world, as it spreads around.

    However, it seems to me that the vast majority of their search traffic will be from the affiliates who are involved in the program. My theory has always been that sites that get a lot of traffic from internet marketers are able to rank better on Alexa because the internet marketers are the ones who have the Alexa toolbar installed.

    I think perhaps it could get as big as some of the minor PPC search engines, like Kanoodle… but I could be wrong, maybe it will get huge. Time will tell…

  5. eder

    hello eric
    i want from you something if you can
    i neeeeeeeeeeeeed to money this days to my study so pls help me if you can i’m from egypt
    so if you can and want from me any infomation send to me email

    thank you



  6. Dave Palumbo

    Hi Eric,

    To be honest with you I’m not so interested in the BM Manuscript, but I am interested in an affiliate management product. I am very close to releasing my first information product and I’d like to offer a buyer’s only 100% commission affiliate program. Will the lite version of MMS allow me to do that? Also would you be able to provide a breakdown of the differences between the lite version of MMS and the standard version? This would be very helpful!

    …And thank you for your honest, helpful site… they are getting fewer and more far between in the IM world…


    – Dave

  7. Eric Post author

    Hey Dave- Thanks for the comments. I’ll get in touch with you about the MMS program…


  8. David

    the link for buying the butterfly manuscript is wrong, all it does it bounce to the same bookmark on the same page again and again. Any ideas, I was going to buy it but I can’t?


  9. Frank Wyatt

    So many choices out there of programs to buy. How do you decide which one is best? Just spent 297 on the instant templates. Now I need traffic. Any Ideas. Will this program help drive traffic to my sites or should i stick with what o got.

    God Blessing On Your Business and Life

  10. Eric Post author

    Hi Frank- Butterfly Marketing is definitely designed to bring traffic to your site using viral marketing. However, it’s not really designed for AdSense sites. It’s for anyone who has a product to sell. But if you don’t have a product to sell, it’s easy to get one or make one. As for getting traffic to your IAT sites, there are many ways… blogging and pinging, tagging, PPC, SEO, links exchange, free classifieds, directories, ebooks, etc. This is one of the biggest questions we’ve gotten from IAT owners, so we’re going to demystify the traffic issue in the next edition of IAT.

  11. Ron Martin


    Hi again! Sorry to bother you, however, I have no one to go to and you give and honest review of everthing, I have read. I just uploaded a new website I built, 2nd one ever! I’m kinda proud of myself!, I was wondering if you could look at it and give me you honest opion again?

    The address is http://www.instantblogtraffic.net…………it‘s 12 videos on traffic tips and tricks on blog traffic……….and it’s free for anyone to go and watch. I am hoping that the traffic will click on some adsense adds. I will be putting more adds along with some products and a free download page. Can you tell me the best way to promote this website is?

    I’m trying to break into this internet business, you see I have had five back surgeries and I’am now a Framing Construction Manager and when there is no paperwork to do, I am out of work………..I also help my neice and her baby girl with rent, food, lights, etc: until she can find a job. I hope I can do o.k. in this online business………..;)

    Thank You for your help, it means a lot to me.

    Ron Martin

  12. Ryan

    Hey Eric,
    Thanks for your no BS reviews that you post in these blog entries. I am very interested in going to the IMME2 but unfortunely I can’t come up with that knid of money on such short notice. The line up of speakers looks absolutely amazing. I believe I read on their website that they will be holding this event every 6 monthes now so I will be putting away money for the next one. I am definetly not missing the next one. Seminaires are the most valuable form of education in my opinion and the networking is priceless. Make sure you tell us at the first moment that you have the details of the next event (I am sure you will;) Look forward to meeting you in person one day soon,
    Your friend,
    Ryan Puusaari
    P.S. How is Hyper VRE performing now??

  13. Eric Post author

    Ron- The site looks good. Great for only your 2nd site! Heres the thing though…you need to decide whether you are going to focus on AdSense, or building a list. Right now you’ve got a good implementation of AdSense on the main pages (from the IAT template), but no AdSense on the video pages. If you’re going to focus on AdSense, I’d put a bit of contextual content on the video pages too so you can put AdSense on them.

    However, here is what I’d like to see you do… use those videos to build your list. With all those videos, that’s a lot of content. You could probably be charging for it. But since you’re giving it away for free, you should at least be using it to build a prospect list. On your home page, take off the top AdSense block, to make sure visitors get drawn into your sales letter.

    The yellow box at the bottom is perfect for an opt-in… your copywriting is even pretty decent 😉 Just take out the paragraph about “”That’s Right” No Sign-Up” and leave the rest as-is. Then right below where it says “So Again, Enjoy the Videos and Articles…” put your opt-in form.

    A good way would be to use a script like Butterfly Marketing or Motivated Marketing, which has a built-in member area. But I would use Aweber to host the list itself (http://www.ericstips.com/aweber/ ). If you start getting traffic to the site, you will regret it later when you realize you could have been capturing those leads (I regret that very thing on many sites I built before starting to build a list). If you turn it into a free membership site and build that list, you’re building a BUSINESS and not just making money with AdSense.

    AdSense is great, and obviously I’m a big fan of the IAT templates, but you’ve got some good content which should be monetized by more than just AdSense. Turning those visitors into members and building a relationship with them will give you a long-term income. And hey you can even put AdSense inside your member area if you want.

    I would suggest studying the BM manuscript and apply its principles to your site. Once you’ve got the membership thing figured out, add an OTO with a generous commission, and give your site the opportunity to go viral 🙂

  14. Eric Post author

    Ryan- I’ll be sure to mention the next IMME. And HyperVRE is working well. At least the Gold version is anyway, I haven’t tested the latest free version yet, but the Gold version is working great for me. I’m gonna make a video of it real soon.

  15. Cliff Hammock

    Hey Eric, I saw this neat quote this morning.

    “Life is like a taxi. The meter just keeps a-ticking whether you are getting somewhere or just standing still.” — Lou Erickso

    I don’t ever want to be caught standing still. That is why I have so many irons in the fire at once and I continue to press forward to achieve my goals in life.

    Have a great day!


    http://www.amilliondollarmemorial.com (make a small donation, please)

  16. Ron Martin


    Thank you very much for the review, I have read your post for awhile now and you have seem to just tell it like you see it. That’s what I like about you.

    So, I have already bought JVManager about a month ago. I am trying to learn how to use it…………..It’s kinda hard with working all the time and trying to get these sites up at the same time……..Would JVManager do the same thing your talking about?

    After thinking about what you stated in your review, You’re right! I should have an opt-in box on the front page……….the Videos have a lot of great tips and tricks on getting instant traffic to your blog. I think I can put in the opt-in box and hook it to Aweber. But, I would have to take the videos out of the navagation bar and create a membership, so they could get in and out, Right?

    If I do this, would the written article still be good? or would I take them off? or would they be inside the members area? See, the newbie thing is showing through now! Gee’s I’m sorry, I’m 50 years old now and I’m trying to teach this old dog some new tricks……..:) (You “can” teach an old dog, I’m learning, I have gotten this far…..:)

    Anyways, I will go up to your link and check out the BM and see what it is and how much. You wouldn’t believe the money I have invested on this online business………….does it really pay off, if you keep trying? Well, I’m hanging in there……………We’ll see……….:)

    Again, thank you very, very much for helping me and pointing me to the right path………..Next thing is to figure out a membership……….Go read and figure out JVManager, if you think it would do the same thing?

    Again, Thanks Eric……….Like I said, I have no-one to turn to………….Sometimes I just need a “little” help, so I can help myself!

    Ron Martin

  17. Ron Martin


    Sorry, it’s me again, O.K. As I stated above, I went up to your link and I read the sales page to the BM and I bought it. Now, I’m at the OTO for the whole package and I’m not sure what to do. I have never wrote a whole membership before…(as far as, all the pages)…….How do you know what to say and where to place everything? …

    It says a plug-and play membership software. Does this mean that all the pages inside the membership have a overall general copywrite, that someone has already written and all a person has to do is change it to there own product or ideas, add to it, to fit there application?

    Can I rework my video site and make it fit in there…………I have other training videos I was going to set up a membership site with, even bought domains (videoarticlesite.com and video-articles.com) I haven’t done anything with them yet but, plan to……………that’s why I bought the JVManager program.

    Well, I have bothered you enough and I have to go. Just one thing, I did buy the Transalation program and I was wondering if you new of anyone that would translate the audios on my Video site to the same Lanuages that the translation program has…………I can’t change to words, if I can’t change the video’s audios…………..:-)

    Again, thank you for all your help………….I owe you Big time……….

    Best Regards,

    Ron Martin

  18. Eric Post author

    Hey Ron

    Yes the plug and play membership site software would work great for your site, but so would JVM, or MMS for that matter…so it’s up to you which one you think looks the most like what you want your site to be like.

    Translating the audio is a cool idea. There are many translation service providers on the web, but from what I’ve heard, often you can find them cheapest on RentACoder or Elance.

  19. Donna M. Cherrick


  20. Travis


    Thanks for all your hard work. I think your offer is excellent, I have been looking for a hostgator for sometime. I have also been looking for something to manage a membership program. I am trying to review one product, but finding it difficult to even install… Is MMG my solution? What is the difference between lite and standard versions? What is the upgrade cost?


  21. Goldie

    Hi Eric

    I was one of the marketers that took the butterfly marketing offer early and paid my $$$ …unfortunately not through you; your e-mail came in a day or two late.

    I have read through the entire manual and it does have an excellent modality about it…

    I heard through one of your e-mails that you were doing an offer of a free butterfly manual if we did what?… some software that I would be interested in…..

    I lost the link to that site…I like the way you write and explain things…so fire it at me one more time?

  22. said hassan



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