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LESSON #85: Affiliate Traffic

We’ve been talking about web traffic for the past 13 lessons, and finally we’ve arrived at one of my favorite methods of getting traffic. It also happens to be one of the most powerful traffic generation methods on the Internet… (Watch this video – it may take a couple minutes to load after clicking it…) […]

How To Host Multiple Domains On One Web Hosting Account

This bonus lesson is essentially an addendum to lesson #24, in which I talked about choosing a web host. I recently discovered that some Eric’s Tips subscribers were not aware of how to host multiple domains on a single hosting account. Furthermore, it seems that some people may not even have been aware of the […]

LESSON #84: Over 400 Free Web Traffic Sources

We’ve been talking about web traffic since lesson #72 and we still have a few more traffic lessons remaining. In this lesson I cover more than 400 websites where you can potentially get free web traffic (plus I give you links to some directories with a combined total of more than 700 additional sources listed… […]

LESSON #83: Mobile Marketing

While there is a lot of traffic to be acquired from mobile marketing, there are also a lot of misconceptions about mobile marketing, and a lot of hype that’s been swirling around. In this lesson I hope to dispel some of those myths, and clarify mobile marketing for you. (Watch this video – it may […]

LESSON #81: Introduction to Social Media for Internet Marketers

(Part 1 of 2) We’ve been talking about web traffic strategies for 10 consecutive lessons now, and finally we’re getting to the topic that I know a lot of people have been waiting for: social media! This is basically going to be a two-part social media crash course for Internet marketers. (Watch this video…) Main […]

LESSON #80: Video Marketing

In the previous lesson we discussed Article Marketing, which can be a powerful long-term web traffic strategy. Today we’re going to learn about another potent strategy that has been proven to work in virtually every niche. (Watch this video…) Main points: Benefits of this video marketing strategy: 1) Ranking the actual videos for your keywords […]