How To Host Multiple Domains On One Web Hosting Account

By | July 23, 2012

This bonus lesson is essentially an addendum to lesson #24, in which I talked about choosing a web host.

I recently discovered that some Eric’s Tips subscribers were not aware of how to host multiple domains on a single hosting account. Furthermore, it seems that some people may not even have been aware of the possibility, as I’ve noticed them ordering separate hosting accounts for each of their domains.

In this lesson I hope to help you streamline your business and save money on hosting costs, by hosting all your domains for one price!

(Watch this video – it may take a minute to load after clicking it…)

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  • Method #1) Forwarding & Masking

    – Most affordable, because you can use the most basic hosting plan.
    – Not ideal.
    – Not good for SEO.
    – OK for single landing pages where SEO doesn’t matter.
    – See video for demo.

  • Method #2) Add-on Domains

    – Second most affordable option.
    – Good for basic websites.
    – OK but not ideal for complex or scripted sites. Some scripts may have issues.
    – Easy to set up.
    – Not as much flexibility as Reseller Account.
    – See video for demo.

  • Method #3) Reseller Account

    – More expensive.
    – Best long term solution for most marketers.
    – Ability to also sell hosting, or host your own clients.
    – Every domain has its own Cpanel control panel.
    – Maximum control and flexibility.
    – See video for demo.

    Recommended Web Host:

    Click Here for Web Hosting

    Coupon Codes:

    Action steps:

    1) Consider your multiple domain strategy, as it pertains to the long term goals of your business.

    2) Choose the hosting account that best meets the needs of your business.

    As always, you are welcome to post your questions and comments below 🙂

    Have a great day!

  • 43 thoughts on “How To Host Multiple Domains On One Web Hosting Account

    1. Vince

      This is really good Eric… thanks for this detailed tutorial. But the real disadvantage of hosting all your sites in 1 host is when a hacker inserts a script for spamming or something that kills a site. If that happens, all your sites can be gone.

      Backup should be pointed out with this one. For my experience, ordering a backup feature from your host especially if you have tons of sites in it, will do a LOT for you especially in times of trouble.

    2. Anthony

      We are interested to be official hosting provider in ASIA

    3. Scott Branden

      Eric, maybe you could clear this up where you said @ 4.17 “so lets say you have an additional domain called” Eric, where did this domain come from if I started with only Why is it forwarded again? Is this to help SEO? thanks for your help with this. S

    4. Eric Post author

      It’s an additional domain that you registered. Perhaps it’s related to the website you’ve already got, or maybe it’s a new business idea. It could be anything.

      The reason to forward it would be to host it along with your existing website, without having to pay for hosting this additional domain. It has nothing to do with SEO, and the forwarding method (Method #1) could possibly hurt your SEO.

    5. cheryl

      Hi Eric thanks for the video…Im new to beginner status and I didnt understand what a reseller account was before know. And also I do have an addon domain and I wasnt sure if I had set it up properly…but from the video…It looks like I did…so now I know what to do if I wanted another domain name. I do have a question though….can you tell me what is the difference between the addon domain and subdomain?…I keep getting confused about these….Thanks again for the video….

    6. Eric Post author

      Sure thing…

      Subdomain is like

      The subdomain basically goes in place of the www

      An add-on is a completely different domain, such as

      An Add-on domain can be connected to a subdomain. For example, the add-on domain might point to (This is the directory where the add-on domain’s files are hosted). But when people go to they see in their address bar, not

    7. Michaela

      Hi! Eric, I have my account with hostgator for the last 3-4 years, and I am happy with it especially because of its support which is awesome.
      I have an baby account and I use extensively add-ons. But it is good to know about Reseller Account, who knows, maybe some day I’ll switch.
      Thanks for in informative lesson as usual.

    8. Sylvia

      Hi Eric,I have been following you for sometime now and value your opinion. I realise that this question is not related to your lesson but wondered if you had heard of Social Commisions. I was sent some information on this and it looks interesting but thought I would ask you your opnion?
      Regards Sylvia

    9. Mark Lewis

      Thanks for the additional information, Eric. Question, i have a two hosting plan with coollhandle, is it possible to move that to host gator without waiting for the plan to expire?


    10. Louis Kennedy

      Hey Eric,

      Great guide for some of us who are not tech savvy. It is enlightening in fact.

      Though I have known how to fix domain and hosting issues long time ago, there are tons of marketers out there who will find this post extremely helpful.

    11. Micah

      Hello Sylvia,

      Thanks for pointing out the product. We are unfamiliar with Social Commissions.

      If Eric feels that it would benefit his readers at this stage, he’ll be sure to do a review.

    12. Maria

      A question: do all the add-on Domains should be related to the original site?.

    13. Jon Williams

      Your video’s are terrific. I’m new and a little confused about ftp to multiple sites of a reseller account. One domain I had no problem setting up, but with two or more, I can’t seem to get the info to the domains?? thanks

    14. Jeff T.

      Thank you Eric! My current host enables you to add-on domains but the problem I had was when another domain was added and there was a problem with my site; I lost all of my sites and had to spend days doing them over. I have lifetime hosting but it really is no good because my host has terrible support and does not offer a reseller account. You sold me on the reseller account and as soon as I launch my next website, I am ditching my current host (and losing a lot of money for the lifetime hosting) and joining HostGator. And, I most definitely will use your affiliate link so you get paid. Thanks again!

    15. Micah

      Hello Maria,

      That does tend to work best. For instance, review sites work well for add-on/subdomains.

      You could review a wide range of products and services, all under the banner of a root domain such as, Maria’s Reviews.

    16. Renee A.P.

      Hello Eric!
      Back in May I asked you a question about revamping my website and should I just start adding content to it, or scrap it all together. You gave me the advice to move it off of GoDaddy and host it on WordPress. Well, I made the switch and I am almost done transferring everything over that I wanted to. I’ve revisited several of your early lessons to accomplish this, and I’ve learned a ton of things over the past few months in this process of transition…(pretty proud of what I could accomplish with your help). Just wanted to say thanks, and ask your opinion of what you thought of my site now.

    17. Micah

      Hello Renee,

      Your site is looking sharp!

      It’s nice to see activity in the comments section of your posts as well!

    18. Renee A.P.

      Is it wise to install the google analytics plugin for wordpress on my wordpress blog? Does the tracking code slow down page loads? Or maybe the bugs are worked out and others are using it happily? could you give me your recommendation?

    19. Ben

      Wow! Awesome bonus lesson. Though I took it ahead of Lesson 24 (I’m still on Lesson 16), it is giving me great info on managing those domains. I’m really a newbie on Internet Marketing who have never understood what I was seeing on those Cpanels. Am so eager to speed through these lessons as quickly as I can. Thanks again.


    20. Samuel Metz

      Gee, i followed Eric on all of the lessons on how to set up a blog. So, that I would not lose them, I put them on a DVD. Guess what? I can’t find the DVD. Is there any way I can get this information? I am all alone and it is frustrating not to know how to do the simple things that Eric explained so well in the course.

    21. Evelyn Guzman

      I bought Profits in Advance but the link they gave me did not work so I cannot watch the videos they sent me. I emailed them right on the same day I bought it and the issue has not been addressed yet.

    22. Carmen St John

      Ok, Micah or Eric. Thanks for these videos. They are easy to understand. I just want to clarify what was mentioned previously so apologies if you have to repeat yourself. I am just trying to understand in my head.

      So the question is, regardless of whether you are going to use a subdomain or an add-on domain, you still purchase that domain name, you just host it differently. Like in the example above. if main domain is, you get another domain for Product x and then on hosting you add as an add-on and url would be But it would show up in url as just ProductX domain, is that correct? Ok I can see when one would use an add-on domain with related domains but how about when would one use a subdomain?

    23. Eric Post author

      You do not need to register a new domain in order to add subdomains to your existing domain.

      For example, if you own you can create

      You are mostly correct about the addon domains. However, you don’t necessarily have to setup a subdomain for an addon domain. (You can but it isn’t required)

      Let’s say you own You register a new domain to use as an addon domain. When you create the addon domain in your cpanel, it will create a directory called inside the public_html directory of You would upload your files into that directory. Then if you go to it will appear to be its own individually hosted website.

    24. jon

      if i get the hostgator baby plan
      and get several domain names
      and build several websites each within a subdirectory of public
      and i install wordpress
      can i install various wordpress themes that will work only in a subdirectory_1 for example? and others that will apply only to subdirectory_2 for example ?

    25. Eric Post author

      Yes you can do that. You would need to install WP for each subdirectory, and each WP installation will operate independently of each other.

      1. Piet

        Hi Eric,

        I like your teachings a lot and thank you for all your help. I am a newbie at internet marketing but am learning a lot of stuff very fast, am just concern for a information overload. I just have a question; We have just finished a product that we want to sell on the internet and I need to put up a Landing Page with opt in for list building and a Salespage, Squeez Page and Thank you page for the marketing site. How do I do it? Four Pages on one site or a sub domain for each site with a WP for each one of them. Please guide me here.

        Thank You

      2. Kellie Westerbuhr

        I have Hostgator business account with three domains. Two are add on domains. I have spent hours trying to figure out how to install wordpress on the add on domains. Could someone explain to me how to do this?

    26. Olesya

      Hi Eric,
      When forwarding and masking a landing page, what goes into Title, Description and key words on Godaddy? Can those fields be left black? I am setting up PPC campaigns on Bing using landing pages.

      Thank you.

    27. Micah

      Hello Olesya,

      Do you have your hosting through Godaddy? Are they asking for that information in the SEO tools for your sites?


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