Christmas Cash!

By | December 7, 2006

Edition #100 – 12/7/2006

First, I just noticed that this is edition #100 of Eric’s Tips. Thank you to all of you who make this newsletter possible by reading it and supporting my business 🙂

Next, I want to mention that I did conclude the Traffic Geyser tests yesterday. As you will see in Video #3, I tested a less competitive keyword and was able to grab the top spots on Google within 48 hours. See the tests here.

Today I started thinking (yes I know that’s dangerous, lol)…

It’s now the Christmas season, and I haven’t promoted any Christmas-related sales as of yet. I’m sure you’ve seen the other marketers pushing some of them.

There are some interesting ones out there… but nothing that really piqued my interest enough to make me feel like I needed to tell you about it.

So I decided maybe I could do my own little sale. And then I thought… hmmm… maybe I could give YOU something to sell. That would be even better.

So I rounded up some new PLR material and put together the Christmas Cash collection, specially themed for the holiday season.

What’s really cool about it is that you will also receive the same holiday-themed sales page, so you can turn around and make some Christmas cash for yourself.

Click Here To See Christmas Cash…


I think you’ll like the price 😉

As always, you can leave your comments here in the blog.

Have a great day!

12 thoughts on “Christmas Cash!

  1. Jeremy

    Hi Eric,

    I made two quick videos. I opted not to use traffic geyser and decided to publish to 25 by myself. This is a site for churches and ministries for help with video and podcasting. I was able to get to the bottom of the second page on “sermon illustration” and “free sermon illustration” which are very competitive searches. For terms like “movie sermon illustration” and “video illustration for sermon” without quotes I am like 4 and 5 etc. and other on more pages.

    It did not take 15 hours or a week for one video like traffic geyser claimed. People can do this without traffic geyer if they just tag it right! I understand saving time, but this whole process is free. You could even convert audio to video for free by using Photo Story 3 or Windows Movie Maker.

    Just my thoughts on the issue.

  2. john james

    Once again Eric has not let us down with that wonderfull Christmas offer I will be busy reading for weeks now and I already know that I am changing because of erics tips ,I think Eric is more than a guru he is the oracle of truth and understanding, I will forever be greatfull for His imput and recomend Him to you, study Erics tips and put the knowledge to good use and success is already yours ,Thanks again Eric and happy marketing all , John James the kamoonster

  3. Eric Post author

    Thank you for the comments 🙂

    Jeremy- Thanks for sharing your experience. I would agree that you are right… you don’t need an automation tool to submit videos. But the value of the automation tool all depends on how many videos you’re doing, how big the files are, etc. One of the videos I made was about 80MB, which literally would have taken several hours by the time I uploaded to each site individually. You then have to consider the value of your time. My time is worth over $200/hr, so for me it’s a no-brainer. Each individual would need to consider that cost for their own situation.

    Cool topic by the way, I like your domain name 🙂

  4. Selvan

    Hi Eric

    Thanks for the information.

    I appreciate you for the marketing all with gapless effort….

    Wish you a merry christmas.

  5. Suzette

    Hi Eric,
    This is probably not the right place to do this, but I would just like to let your friend Russel Brunson know the definition of: “gift”. It is something voluntarily transfertred from one person to another WITHOUT compensation. 🙂 (And not only Russel. A lot of internet marketers seem to have a problem with the word “gift”)
    So technically he cannot call his twin’s birhday offer a gift of any kind.
    But his twins are the cutest little things. I pray that they will bring him and his wife lots of joy and happiness.
    And at the same time I’d like to thank you for your tips. I completely trust your recommendations.

  6. lucy

    Hey Erick, am interested in doing the xmas offers but am too far , and i need that cach badly help me lucy

  7. Andy Hun

    Just curious, did you create these PLR products yourself or do you have a team of ghostwriters doing this for you?

    In any case, great idea and nice pricing. What’s the recommend pricing for us to sell it?

  8. sajede

    hi eric,
    maybe i never became a internet marketer ,
    but i read all of your tips and try to undrestand what you say,
    i enjoy of them,
    your tips are useful in another aspects of my life,

  9. Patty Higuera

    Erics Tips;; thanks for the info. could use the money for a lot of things . how to get it is the next thing . can write to you & find out how. how does that sound. you give good notes . let me know if that is o.k. thanks. have a Wonderful New Year . no floods in your house. thanks

  10. Patty Higuera

    Erics Tips;; havent heard from you in a while is every one o.k. it has been some time hope every one is well . our weather is not bad how is your weather still got a lot of snow. hope to hear back from you .


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