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By | May 28, 2011

Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. In fact it’s been well over a month since I sent out a broadcast email to Eric’s Tips subscribers, and a few months since I’ve posted a video lesson– if you’re a subscriber you’ll know that’s uncharacteristic of me.

Yesterday I received an email from a friend asking if I was OK. So in case you were curious too; I am mostly OK, and I’ll try to post an update in the near future with a bit more info about what I’ve been up to (or not) lately ๐Ÿ™‚

Today I’m pleased to announce a new coaching club that I’m launching, along with my partners Jeff Wellman and Paul Counts.

Introducing the Real Coaching Club

It’s no exaggeration to say that people have been asking me for coaching for years. And for years I’ve refrained from offering coaching, for a few reasons.

For one, I have a successful online business, and make enough money already. To be a good steward of my time, I’d have to charge a lot of money for it.

Then, even if I charged a high price for my time, I still wouldn’t be able to allocate much time to the coaching. With a wife, 4 kids (5 soon), and other God-given ambitions in life, there just isn’t any “extra” time.

I considered doing what I’ve seen other successful marketers do– outsource the coaching.

In theory, it’s the perfect solution. I’m a big believer in outsourcing, and I think most elements of an online business can and should be outsourced.

But I just couldn’t do it in this situation. As a customer of many marketing-related products, I’ve been solicited to join coaching programs in the past.

I’ve received phone calls from so-called coaches, who used high-pressure sales tactics in an effort to get me to join. The prices seemed high, ranging from thousands of dollars all the way into the 5-figure zone. It seemed clear to me that these “coaches” were much more interested in getting my money, then they were in helping me make money.

As a successful marketer and product vendor, I’ve also been solicited by the coaching companies who want me to integrate their services into my business. It’s an attractive offer. All I would have to do is give them my customer lists, and they do all the work and send me a check for 40% of what they bring in!

They position it as a value-added service for my customers. It’s also private label, which means the coaches would appear to be my personal representatives. On paper, it’s a great deal. But I’ve not been willing to stake my reputation on any of the coaching companies that I’ve encountered.

I’m not willing to let them use their high pressure tactics on my customers, and charge exorbitant prices on my behalf.

A better solution would probably be to hire my own in-house coaches and personally train them. I’m not really interested in doing that, but even if I did… it brings up yet another sticking point:

Who would you rather be coached by…

A) Someone who has merely been trained to be a coach and makes an hourly wage for their coaching?

B) Someone who has successfully achieved what you are trying to achieve (and knows how to teach/coach it)?

It’s important to note here that we’re talking about building a profitable online business, which is a fairly specialized endeavor. There are some types of coaching in which this type of specialized knowledge is not needed.

For example, you might gain a lot of benefit from the motivation and accountability of a “life coach”. But no amount of motivation and accountability will result in a profitable online business if you don’t know how to build one.

So if you want to be coached in your effort to build a successful online business, I recommend being coached by someone who has built a successful online business.

Finally, I’ve found an ideal solution.

After partnering with Jeff and Paul on a recent product launch, the three of us came to the conclusion that we could utilize our partnership to create a group coaching program for our customers.

Since it’s group coaching (not one-on-one), we can leverage our own time to help more people simultaneously. And since there are three of us sharing the responsibilities, we can create a sustainable program in which we are personally doing the coaching.

Unlike outsourced coaches (who might not have your best interest at heart), and unlike in-house coaches (who may lack specialized knowledge), Paul and Jeff are both successful Internet marketers and excellent teachers who care about your success. I am 100% confident about putting my customers into their hands.

Paul and Jeff are known in this industry for being marketers with integrity, and I feel that they are a natural extension of my own values.

Likewise, the methods they teach and coach are an extension of the things I teach. This is the “official” coaching program of Eric’s Tips.

By the way, the Real Coaching Club is more than just a coaching program. It’s also a community, where you can network with like-minded people, and help each other along the way to reaching your financial goals.

For more information, please go here:

The Real Coaching Club

Right now we’re offering a special one-month trial, so you can try our coaching club for only $17, with a risk-free money-back guarantee. If you want to save yourself some time and sign up without watching the 20-minute video on the page above, just click here to sign up.

Thanks for checking it out, and I hope to see you on our next coaching webinar.

As always, you are welcome to leave your questions and comments below.

Have a great day!

83 thoughts on “New Coaching Club

  1. sheryl

    Hi Eric…Am I the first comment. Happy to see you are back. I hope all is well in you and your families lives. I have been reading your past posts whenever I get a chance. I saw a video with your partners I believe and I was interested but life got a little crazy. I can honestly say I have really appreciated all the free info you have given out. My daughter was in the hospital for quite some time so I had a chance to learn so much while she was sleeping. I will pop over and listen to your video. All my best, Sheryl

  2. jerry

    I have a very short list of people I would be interested in paying for coaching…and you’re close to the top Eric.
    It IS about time!

  3. chris

    Eric, I’m a 60 yr. old man, and need help in starting, right from creating a paypal account and onwards. I have no list, nor do I have a website, but have been enquiring about a home based business for about a year now. My wife & I are Christians and need to supplement our income. Will you please help? Sincerely, Chris

  4. Eric Post author

    Chris, I believe our coaching club, combined with my lessons can help you build a home based business on the Internet.

  5. Terri

    Eric, I’ve met you at JV Alert and have also met Jeff. I will vouch for anything you both do and recommend the coaching group highly. From pulling off the Internet Marketing Challenge video series with Joel Comm at one end, and taking your family to India and paying it forward, you truly are an inspiration.

  6. Income Insiders

    Hey Eric, I’m glad to see you back. I was wondering what happen with you. I’m curious to see what the Coaching Club have insight.

  7. Steve

    Hi Eric, and thank you for being one of the good guys in the IM industry. Your blog post about the unethical marketer who admitted to using a loophole in PP’s TOS to take advantage of people helped me win my case with my credit card company. I referred them to your blog post, and they decided the case in my favor. That saved me $500! The least I can do is watch your video, which I will do with pleasure. I hope all is well with you and your family. Best regards, Steve

  8. Michael J Ming

    Great to have you back – missing those wonderful regular video tips.Jeff & Paul are already part of my online “friends” and provide excellent service.
    The Aussie Battler

  9. Vanessa Reece

    Eric, I’ve really missed your emails. So glad you are well. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve just signed up and I want you to know I did that because you were the first person I found online who was teaching people ethically. You’re videos helped me a lot.

    From there I started to make money online. Not a great deal because I took my eye off the ball. But there was huge potential. I then went off and did my own thing. This was not so much a a mistake but a learning curve. lol.

    Needless to say I’m back where I started. I do work as a coach myself but it’s for small offline businesses who want to market online So it’s actually very basic stuff. However, I need to move this forward. I have faith – you, Jeff and Paul have people’s best interests at heart.

    I’m very honored to sign up to this Eric.

    See you in the coaching area. I cannot wait! It’s late here now in the UK but I will be focusing on this from Monday.

    Have a peaceful and blessed Sunday.



  10. Paul

    Hey Eric, I love your work and all the stuff from Paul and Jeff (I have bought great content from Jeff, Paul – but not you yet ๐Ÿ™‚ ) Having a mentor is the quickest way to succeed and this is what I am looking for. 1 Question please….? being in Australia I have a small issue in getting up at 4 am to listen to live webinars (2pm Eastern USA). With a newborn baby (11weeks old today) it just makes it a “little” challenging to be awake at this time. Could you please give me an idea of when many of your live events will be held. I would seriously like to interact with you awesome guys live” Please advise

  11. hagar

    Excellent news! Paul and Jeff are both not only experienced (and successful) marketers, but share a lot of your “core” values as well – which is where most of these kinds of business ventures fall apart. None of you has to wonder what the others are “up to” while you’re not looking.
    This is going to be great for newbies, as well as folks who can’t “get over the hump” and make a true living off the internet.
    Congrats to all three of you!!

  12. Marilyn Martin

    Hi Eric,

    I have been receiving your “Eric’s Tips” for a while now and I just love all the information that you share with everyone. It was so refreshing when I found your site and learned about who you are and the type of person you are online. It was great to see a “Real” Internet Marketer that tells the truth and truly cares about others, instead of all these rip off guru types that are nothing but thieves and liars trying to make a quick buck off of anyone and everyone without shame.

    I am definitely going to check out your coaching class. It is great to hear from you and to know all is well with you. I too had wondered where you were and I why I had not received any emails lately. I hope that you, your wife and family all are doing well.

    Take care and have a great Memorial Day!


  13. John T

    Ive been wondering where and why my 100 segment emails had stopped. Now we know i guess. But one thing is certain, There are numerous coaching programs available on the Internet. Many of them are not worth the paper they are written on. I know, ive purchased many of them and i am worse off now than when i first started my attempts to make a few bucks.

    I for one would be honored to join a coaching program that worked and took responsibility to make my sites profitable. The integrity to have someone do that is worth more than the coaching program.

  14. Eric Post author

    Congrats on the new baby ๐Ÿ™‚
    The live webinars are generally at 9PM EST. However, you can ask your questions ahead of time, and we then make the recording of each webinar available to all members so you can watch it on your own time.

  15. Eric Post author

    You are right about the core values. Not only have those two guys been good business associates, they have also become two of my best friends.

  16. mohd ariff

    Dear Eric,
    Your real coaching program could be overwhelming with people who really know you…..what’s about free your continuing coaching Online?
    We would to invite a few of our friends to join as to could be a good starting for many of them….and $17/- a single payments could be the most affordable for all your members to join. You deserve the fees for the real knowledge & the Online businesses that you need to share.
    Regards…take care of your good health…there is many people up there is waiting to get your help…….Mdarf

  17. ephraim

    thanks mr eric is been a while we are ready for yo tips god bless

  18. Chas

    Eric,Like Chris and his wife, I too am a Christian, and unfortunately a recently divorced father, and custodial parent of two small boys. With a limited income, and a freeze on state assistance for child care in the state of CO, I was forced to arrange to have my elderly parents (74 & 81 yrs old) watch my boys for the summer. You now know what my “why” is for wanting a home based business. My motivation is very strong, as it is fueled by our circumstances. Mom & Dad are both strong Christians as well, but I want to be home with my boys. I too have no list or website. I don’t expect a miracle, but I have an intense desire to “hit the ground running.” After not even being aware of the scope of this industry until about six months ago, I was able to quickly discern that you have to be careful as the IM waters are full of predatory business owners. I have been a subscriber of yours for a few months, and it is obvious to me and I’m sure many people, that you are a man of integrity. There’s no way I can really know this, but somehow I just know that I can trust you. That same feeling is extended to your partners Paul and Jeff. The three of you are quite authentic and after a lot of prayer, I decided I had been gathering information long enough, and it was time to narrow my focus and get started doing something. I’ve been getting Eric’s Tips for a little while. Now suddenly you’re offering a coaching opportunity that I can finally be comfortable with. Thank you so much! I’ve known for a couple of months a mentoring or coaching program is what I need since I absolutely cannot afford any financial missteps. I’m tired of living paycheck to paycheck, and tomorrow I’m taking my boys up to their “Mimi & Poppie’s” home in Rangely, then coming back on Memorial day to an empty house. My Redeemer will be my spouse for this season of my life, and you will be my business mentor. God bless, and let’s get busy! Yours in Christ, Chas Miller P.S. I promise you my ad copy will be much more concise:-)

  19. Auctions In Action

    Hi Eric
    I am not a newbie but have never seen any success in IM. I have taken coaching from gurus and spent a lot of money. Though I appreciate what you have done and been doing all these years I have a question. Is this course about social bookmarking, building backlinks, submitting articles, web 2.etc etc or is there something more to it? Thanks for answering my question.

  20. Anonymous

    Dear Eric, I have been following you for awhile and others so now I’m just confused. I have a “product” which I would like to share with the world but I need to put it all together can you help?

  21. robert

    Good on you Eric.
    Im not great,trying tobuild a website,look forward to you coaching me.

  22. Peter Fry

    Hi Eric, After your tips course, why do I need coaching. I managed to make a site. As you mentioned, you believe in outsourcers. I am only interested in info I can give to outsourcers to do for me. I have sourced an outsourcer at $50 a week (full weeks work) now I need advice on what to give him that will make me my target of $3000 a month asap online

  23. Dave

    Eric, I have benefited greatly from your Tips lessons (awaiting #81…), and am just about ready to launch out into the deep. A thought occurred: We could enter a JV partnership where you swap coaching for my babysitting skills. I could commute; I just live in nearby Indiana…
    Give it some thought. Cheers and blessings, Dave

  24. John E.


    I’m glad you are back, well enough to write to us again, and able to launch another IM product with your friends.

    The song “Lean on Me” by Bill Withers comes to mind here. One of the verses is…

    “Lean on me, when you’re not strong
    And I’ll be your friend
    I’ll help you carry on
    For it won’t be long
    ‘Til I’m gonna need
    Somebody to lean on”

    I’m glad that you are able to lean on Jeff Wellman and Paul Counts, if that’s what you need right now personally, to keep your IM business moving along out here.

    We’re listening as well.

  25. Carole Lesley Hyatt

    I became quite poorly working ridiculesly long hours and not getting very faso I deleted most all of my I M contacts but then decided to give it one last chance since I’d invested so much time and effort into it to give up ! I have all communications from you saved…I’ve been lost without that encouragement..I have a website set up but dont know how to progress with it…I bought the resell rights to your Trading Pro System…and have no idea what to do with it..I need guidance..from you…welcom back.

  26. Kevin P gillespie

    Hi Eric here’s my take. I 1st came across this biz 3 years ago, attended 3 bootcamps, been bombarded by gurus, poured over numerous DVD videos, been swamped with junk systems, been swindled a couple of times…..The few that seem to be on the level are either clever con artistes or haven’t cottoned on to
    one simple fact: there’s no reason at all to
    spin it out to make it look as if it’s worth the money. Put another way, the first guy that cuts the bullshit and says in effect “do
    this” “now do that”, keeps it short (like the Chinese language) and spares me yet another sob
    story or, worse still, the sob story that pretends not to be a sob story, bans those idiotic testimonials, undertakes to get me there without wasting my valuable time, states the price at the top of the page…..gets my bizness.

  27. Previous

    Thanks Eric for bouncing back. You have been a source of inspiration and information with incomparable passion. Like everyone else i was also wondering whether you are okay because of the long silence but thank God you are back with the coaching you have launched. I will be part of it.

  28. Al Garretson


    Glad that you Jeff and Paul have found away to make this coaching possible.
    Having purchased from all three of you guy’s in the past I can assure everyone that it will be no B.S to the point and over delivered as with all your products. The good guys will come threw.
    I have but one question? Some members will be new while others no doubt are more advanced.
    So how will you deliver this content? Drip feed,different types of membership,bronze,silver, or gold and time frame? I’m sure people would like to know these things.

    Thanks Eric

    Al Garretson (CEO) Automated Twitter Software

  29. Eric Post author

    First, thanks for your business.

    To answer your question, there are multiple components of the coaching club…

    One component is the video library, which includes my video lessons along with other courses which normally cost money. Those can be followed at your own pace. There is no drip; you get access to all of it. But we will periodically add new courses.

    Another component is the coaching webinars. The actual coaching takes place on these live webinars twice a month. All members can ask any questions. This way we can help everyone regardless of what stage of the process they are in. We strive to answer questions in a way that everyone listening can benefit and learn from it, not only the person who asked the question.

    Other components include the community forum for peer-to-peer support and JV’s, and a monthly PLR product.

  30. Alan Suter

    Dear Eric,
    Great to hear from you once again, unfortunately,I have tried so many times to commence in this business over past few years and spending lots. I also tried to follow your Erics Tips, but lost my way struggling with some of the technical bits.However,I fast heading towards retirement from NHS and need to earn additional income to supplement my income in the future.I trust God and Thank Him that you are offering another opportunity to venture forward again. I also am 60 yrs of age now and was ” on the verge of giving up!?” But no I refuse to accept defeat even now so am very interested in learning more about your coaching program.I look forward to hearing from you. My main problem has always been failing to build my own webisite and i will be focusing on this initially. May God richly Bless You and all your family.

  31. Eric Post author

    If my course is enough on it’s own, that’s great. But I’ve found that a lot of people do not stay on track, and still have trouble reaching success, even following my blueprint. The coaching can bridge that gap. The coaching club is for people who outsource too.

  32. Eric Post author

    If you’ve become confused as a result of following various teachers, then my advice is to choose one that you trust (it can but doesn’t have to be me) and follow their system/blueprint/advice to build your business. My lessons show how to take an information product from conception to the marketplace. The coaching club may be beneficial for someone like you.

  33. Eric Post author

    There are video courses included in the coaching club as a foundational system of learning, but the coaching itself is not a course. The coaching is the “filler” to fill the gaps in all the courses that you’ve taken. It’s the glue to put it all together. Whatever point you’re getting stuck at in the business building process, that’s what we want to focus on and advise you how to get past that obstacle.

  34. Eric Post author

    Don’t give up. If you’re considering the coaching club, I do think it could help you focus on the right business priorities, and help you overcome the technical hurdles.

  35. Eric Post author

    That’s some tough stuff Chas. Keep your eyes on Him. We look forward to answering your questions and helping you along the way.

  36. Eric Post author

    I still plan on helping people for free here on my blog, but as you’ve probably noticed, my capacity to do so is pretty limited. I answer as many questions as I can, but I don’t have time to personally help everyone to the degree that they may need help. The coaching club can fill that gap for many people.

  37. Trenna

    Hello Eric,
    Yes, I was wondering want happened to you for a while. I trust you and happy to see that you have the coaching club up and running. It looks so good that I joined. One thing I hope you don’t do is to remove the archive information (oct 06 to may 11 that appears on the right side of your webpage), that I am so accustom to referring too over the months I have been following you.
    Best of luck with your new venture and I look forward to and need to make money online to supplement my limited income.
    God bless all of you and your families.

  38. Eric Post author

    Thanks for trying it out Trenna. I don’t plan on removing the archive anytime soon.

  39. Bounama

    Amazing! You did a great job, Eric
    Thourough explanations, easy to understand.
    Keep it that way. thanks

  40. Noel Templeton

    Hi Eric
    I have been online 18 months now, I had other purchased mentoring programs but have followed you tips vidio’s through. They have been excellent detailed and focused.
    I wish you well in your new program but you will have a hard job to make them better than you have already produced
    Your Program should be great
    Regards Noel

  41. Self Hypnosis

    Hi Eric,
    We missed you. As a newcomer to the IM scene I burnt my fingers many times. There is one sure conclusion I reached – you are a person of integrity and the route you propose is excellent!


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