Free Top Level Domains From Belgium

By | January 29, 2006

Edition #19 – 1/29/2006

I got this tip from Dan Adkins, vice-president of Biodox and avid “domainer”. I didn’t tell him I was going to post it on my blog, but it’s so cool that I just have to share it with you all…

Apparently Belgium has had a lack of domain registrations on their TLD (.be), so they’re currently giving them away for free. Just go to…

Search for a .be domain. You will see that the normal price is 20.00, but when you add it to your cart the annual fee is 0.

I’ll admit, I sort of got out of the domain-craze game so I’m not going nuts registering .be domains. But there are a a few practical ways to make money with this opportunity if you wanted to. For example, you could register cool words and sell them on eBay for 100% profit. Or you could put up an SEO optimized site and any AdSense revenue would be pure profit since your cost was $0.

Anyway, I just thought I’d pass that on to you in case you’re interested.

If you’re looking for low-cost domain registration (other than .be) I would recommend:

Cheap domain registration here

6 thoughts on “Free Top Level Domains From Belgium

  1. Buzz

    Good info Eric,

    BTW I just got 2 .com domain names from YaHoo for $2.95 a year… so I took the 5 year option, $30.00 for two .com DN’s for five years isn’t bad.


  2. Charles

    Eric I ask around about this a month ago and no one would reply….I did not want to spend the $8.99 for domain registation, when the (.be) is free.

    I plan now many sense site….using the [.be] would be a savings…

    thanks for re-confirming this.


  3. Ben

    Did not work for me. Cost me 4 euro each. Perhaps I am doing something wrong?

  4. Eric Post author

    Ben, I’m not sure. On the price chart, it does say setup fee -16.00, so your 4.00 would make sense. But whenever I add them to the cart it says setup fee -20.00. So maybe their site detects what country you’re from? The only thing I could think of is maybe clear your cookies, and try visiting the site using a proxy…


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