Google Adwords Length Experiment

By | October 28, 2005

Edition #4 – 10/28/2005

I’ve been invited for a second time to participate in Google’s ad length experiment. Here’s part of the email from them…

Hello from the Google AdWords Team,

Thanks for your earlier participation in our longer ad text experiments.

Previously, you created ads up to 200 characters long for us to test run on the Google Network. We’d now like to expand our experiments to include ads of varying lengths, and we hope you’ll help us by submitting two additional descriptions for your existing ad. As before, not only will you help us test a new feature, but you could also gain higher conversion rates with your longer ads.

Although I’m leary of helping Google figure out new ways to take more of my money (I already give them enough!), I’m participating again because the longer ad text may just help my sales. Also, I wouldn’t mind having longer limits because it gives me more opportunity to be creative with my ads.

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