Hot Products to Sell on eBay Revealed Today

Special Edition – 3/28/2006

One of the biggest questions people constantly ask about eBay is…

Where do I find hot products to sell”

Well, my eBay expert friend James Jones has just released a huge resource that answers that question once and for all. You’ll discover EXACTLY where to get truly profitable, high-demand products to sell on eBay.

This is not just some ebook… It’s a real product with a 3-ring binder, and CD’s with audio and video. James personally told me that he only has a very limited number of copies available, and I’ve heard that it might sell out today.

(Link removed- product no longer available)

As always you can leave comments in the blog entry here. I’d love to hear your opinion after you check it out.

Have a great day!

9 comments on “Hot Products to Sell on eBay Revealed Today

  1. Lisa Simpkins

    I have ton`s of old post card,Paper money,Coins,Postal Stamps in mint condition & used,I also have some REALLY old toy`s.Can you see what the starting bid WOULD be If I sell?

  2. Eric Post author

    Personally I start all bids at one penny. The key is to list it properly with good photos and description, put it in the right categories at the right time. If you do those things, you should receive fair market value. E

  3. Björn Persson

    Another thing to keep in mind, use appropriate keywords in the description field, multiple if needed. Use as many as possible that people would search for when looking for what you sell.

  4. L E Tan

    Dear Eric
    Where do I register to become an affiliate to sell some of your products? Specifically on selling e-bay books.

    Thanks and regards
    LE Tan

  5. Eric Post author

    LE – To become an affiliate of my eBay ebook, just sign up at:

    (no longer available)

    You will see your affiliate link when you enter the member area.

  6. Patrick Whitson


    I can emphatically agree with Eric. Any eBay auction needs to have great pictures, along with appropriate keywords in the Title and Description of the item. Don’t forget to use your “My eBay Page” to build a list for your business.

    If you need any help with your auctions, feel free to contact me. I sell collectible comic books at my own eBay store (****).


    Patrick Whitson

  7. Ernest

    Eric (and group),

    You mentioned in your blog and in some of your writings that ebay was where you started to make serious money online. Please explain how one can determine which proper products to sell on ebay?


  8. Chuck Holmes

    You can really sell just about anything on eBay and do quite well with. I typically sell antiques myself, but I also go on Amazon and see what their best sellers are. Another good tip is to look at completed listings in eBay and see what is popular at the moment.


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