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By | March 17, 2006

Edition #31 – 3/17/2006

I just found a great little program that you should check out if you have a blog, or any type of site with an RSS feed…

After getting some feedback on the new HTML format of my “Eric’s Tips” newsletter, I wanted to make it easier to allow people to subscribe to my blog via RSS if that is their preferred method of delivery. I already had an RSS link, but most people have a certain feed reader that they use, and I want to make it as easy as possible for those people to subscribe.

I could have done it the hard way, which is to find every popular feed reader and figure out how to generate a link for them, find the right sized button, etc. That would have probably taken a couple hours. Fortunately, there’s a new program called Feed Reader Links, which allows you to do it almost instantly.

You will see in the video just how easy it was, and as you’ll see in the sidebar of my blog; the buttons look and work great….

(Video no longer available)

I saved a bunch of time, added a valuable feature to my blog, and made it easier for people to subscribe. I’d say that’s worth a recommendation. You can download this program from me right now at:

(Link removed – this product is basically obsolete because there are now so many free WordPress plugins that do this and more. Get your own website with one-click WordPress installation here.)

3 thoughts on “Instant Feed Reader Links for Your Blog

  1. helen

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  2. Patrick Whitson


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    Patrick Whitson


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