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By | July 22, 2006

UPDATE: This review is now outdated. I am leaving it here for informational purposes only. For the most up-to-date information and recommendations, please join my free newsletter.

Edition #68 7/22/2006

Yesterday Matt Callen launched a software program that I predict will spread like wildfire throughout the internet marketing world.

It’s called HyperVRE, and it’s a content-based website building application. In case Matt’s name seems familiar, it could be due to the fact that he’s had a couple other products, but more likely because he’s the brother of Brad Callen, creator of the ever-popular SEOElite software.

HyperVRE goes beyond the other content-site builders that I’ve seen to date. I can honestly say I was smitten with a bit of jealousy as I first checked out the program. I really wish I had beaten him to the punch by creating this program myself; he included almost everything that I’ve been looking for in a site builder.

Here are some of the things you can instantly integrate into a website with this program:

– articles (your choice of scraped free articles, or you can input them manually)
– keywords
– RSS feeds
– rotating definitions
– random descriptions
– AdSense or other PPC
– Amazon
– ClickBank
– PayDotCom

Plus he gives you a variety of options including keyword density, DHTML image or text layers on links, inserting the RSS feed INTO the article (I love it), and more. With the amount of options available, it almost ensures that you will not have a duplicate site as someone else using the software.

The system is template-driven, and Matt gives you 27 templates to get started with. His templates are pretty basic, but that’s OK because it leaves a lot of room for you to improve them and make them unique. Maybe I can even convince Matt to team up with Joel Comm and myself to make a special edition of high quality HyperVRE templates for Instant AdSense Templates. How cool would that be!?

Now I’ll tell you where Matt made a bold move that is going to put his name on the map of internet marketers permanently. Instead of selling this program for $167 like he easily could (I’d buy it), he’s giving it away for free. And not only is he giving it away, but he’s created a viral program in which YOU can give it away too.

Members have two main incentives for giving it away. First, you earn a commission if your referral upgrades to the Gold level. Second, each copy of the program that you give away is branded with your own affiliate links for Amazon, ClickBank, and PayDotCom.

It’s similar to the old Traffic Hurricane viral strategy (you could give away a site builder branded with your AdSense ID), but takes it to another level. Due to this impressive viral aspect, you’re going to be bombarded by promotions for this program over the next couple weeks as the gurus discover its existence.

I wanted to get my review out right away so you can know what to watch out for regarding this program.

The biggest thing to be aware of is the fact that if you don’t upgrade to the Gold level, your pages will be branded with the affiliate ID (Amazon, ClickBank, PayDotCom) of someone in your upline if you choose to display those links. As a Gold member, there is a place in your member profile to input your affiliate ID’s. Then whenever someone downloads the software through your link, it will be branded with your ID’s. If you leave it blank, I believe it will be branded with the ID of the person above you in your upline, so you might as well put your own ID’s in.

There are two reasons you need to be aware of this.

1) I don’t want you to unknowingly build sites with MY links in them. If you’re OK with that, then that’s great! You can make as much money for me as you want.

2) I think you should give the same courtesy to YOUR customers of letting them know about the links. Do NOT try to trick people into it. If they find out later, it could cause some serious backlash and damage to your reputation. I already know some people will make this mistake, thinking it’s an easy way to exploit the newbies.

The program currently has a couple of bugs, which I noticed reported on the Gold-level member’s forum. Due to the huge amount of customers Matt is currently getting, I can almost guarantee he’ll have those fixed pretty fast to keep everyone happy.

He’s also planning on updating the program, based on customer wish-list requests, so it’s bound to get even better. I recommend using your own articles rather than letting the program find free ones, so I’m hoping he will add a batch article text file upload function.

My only other complaint is a lack of support/contact info, but I’m guessing he’ll probably change that too. Once you upgrade to the Gold level, you have access to the helpdesk and forum, but if you don’t upgrade there is no contact info on the site. It is totally understandable that he can’t provide free support to the many thousands of people who will be downloading the program for free (I wouldn’t either), but what if someone has trouble upgrading? They need to know who to contact…

Overall I’ll give this program about one and a half thumbs up. The features are awesome. I will be using it for my own VRE sites. My biggest concern is the branded affiliate link aspect, which I feel potentially enables unscrupulous marketers to take advantage of newbies. But now that you understand it, you don’t have to worry about it 😉

Get Your FREE Copy of HyperVRE Here

Like I said, I wish I had been the one to come out with this program. But in this case, there’s no fighting it. This will be such a viral program that everyone will hear about it eventually, so you might as well hear it from me first.

As always, you can post your comments here in the blog entry. I’d be happy to hear about your experience with this program.

Have a great day!

127 thoughts on “HyperVRE Website Builder from Matt Callen

  1. John

    My download and install goes even worse of it, when i try to run it, it said
    “Run time error – 9”
    “Subscript out of range”
    Is this a scam or what and i even can’t contact matt about this issue

  2. Ckapkin

    2008 and both the free and paid software are still horribly broken. It never got fixed. Matt doesn’t answer. Most people installing this have said they tried it on multiple computers with the same problem. Google +hypervre +”run-time error” and see the plethora of posts dating back to the launch of people with the same problem that never got fixed. Hope you didn’t get taken by paying money for this thing.

  3. Mark

    Hypervre used to work well for me and I like it a lot. When I try and generate the pages I get this error:

    “Run-time error ‘5’ Invalid procedure call or argument”

    I get the error on 4 different PC’s at home. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall hypervre. The helpdesk can’t find the problem. Any ideas.

  4. mark

    i download and install the free program on a new laptop,
    right at the end when making the website pages i get a
    “Run time error – 5″

    sorry mat , no upgrade to gold for me until it works better..

  5. Zlatko Antic

    I have a problem with buying HyperVre software. I have tryed online with my credit card but I get message like: “We were unable to authorize your payment. Please make corrections and try again, or try a different payment method”

    I can not register with PayPal because I am from Serbia. I have sent email to Matt Callen asking to get me some other way to buy HyperVRE, like moneybookers but I did not get answer.

    Can YOU help me with this problem? I would like to buy gold membership because I have made with free version two web sites and I think that this is great software.

    Web sites I made are:

  6. Dwayne

    I have been trying really hard to make this hypervre program work. Run time error 5 on every attempt. I did contact support and they offered some suggestions like uninstalling and reinstalling, did that no change. I followed the manual in every way, still the same problem. So support wanted to see my files, zipped them up sent them over got a reply that everything worked fine on their end so the only suggestion again was to make sure I had the newest program, been there, did that and still get the same error. So no solution other then I can not use the program, and they will not have a client who can upgrade because if there free program doesn’t work why would the paid for version be any better.
    Good Luck to any others.

  7. Vivek

    The biggest weakness of HyperVRE is that one cannot use it from a cybercafe (whether he is a free user or a gold user). The reason is that each computer is only allowed to have one registered version of HyperVRE. So it becomes risky for any person who is not having his/her own personal computer. The risk is that in cybercafe there is not one but many computers. If suppose today I have been alloted a particular system of that cybercafe then it is just not possible that everytime I will get alloted that particular system only. Since HyperVRE gets locked to a particular system only, so where is the flexibility of this software? Even uninstalling the software will also not work from that particular computer of that cybercafe. If any other person installs HyperVRE software again on that same computer (for his/her personal use) then all my credentials (like my Email address & Registration number) will get disclosed to that person. So there is a fear of receiving spam emails. I feel very sorry that Mr.Matt Callen has ignored this aspect of customer’s privacy. This should be given the highest priority as fas as privacy is concerned. It seems that Matt has ignored a particular group of customers-those privacy-concerned customers who are not having their own personal computers and are surfing internet from a cybercafe. This is not a good business practice Matt. Very bad.

  8. Nick

    This software sucks… bIG TIME…
    It just won’t work… Yesterday it worked, and it created thousands of pages with the same content..

  9. Dexter

    I have used this software for some time and find it very valuable.

    It is a project management based program. Think of project management and the program will work very hard for you.

    It has a number of working pieces in it it as it requires working with different services by different third parties to make the whole thing work. It also depends on your internet connection working etc.

    Thats very powerful. It helps you leverage your work! However at times that means you might find a hiccup when that third party changes some code which prevents hypervre to do some part of its task. The hypervre folks work pretty quickly to make code updates and roll out the fixes to keep you running.

    Lately they have added some new features to the program without asking me to cough up more money. This is a great perk as so many of us are used to being told to buy a paid upgrade or be left behind. This has never happened with me with my Hypervre Gold membership!

    I am sorry about the fellow having problems with cybercafe. This is the risk of shared computer resources. By design most applications think they are being installed on a windows pc as a shared resource. So certainly personal information can be stored there. This is not unique to hypervre.

    One way to get around this is to have a web based only application. However you still would need to do your work to remove your personal information off the computer before you leave.

    Most shared resource systems usually have a conditions statement that warns you to be careful about private information.

    Most of the time it works great, but I do hear on a few occasions that people have been stumped. Still this is a great program and worth a spin!

    All the best

  10. Mike

    I have the same problem with other people here. I am receiving a “runtime error 9”. I tried to install it to other computer but still not working.

  11. tony

    hi ERIC,

    tks for all the valuable information on hypervre.
    you say to upgrade to the gold version is $97. but when i ried to upgrade it was going to charge me $147. am i missing something here?
    many tks

  12. George Feelgood

    Hey Eric,

    Seems this forum’s been around longer than one would image.
    HyperVRE has since made major strides in updating the software and removing the clinks it had…no longer seduction games with the uninitiated, if you get the drift…

  13. Ari

    Looks like this VRE is good enough, even many people said it isn’t. But personally, i prefer joomla.

  14. Australian real estate

    Well, this page and comments have been running for 2 years so Eric can you give me a summary of the state of play right now on September 24th 2008.

    Are the bugs geerally fixed.Does it still represent value for money and do it’s sites rank well ( all things being equal)or do they suffer from some sort of footprint problem.

    And what’s the best support club for templates/addons etc

    I’m currently using xsitepro and love it but I really like the rss feeds idea that’s auto in hypervre

    Thanks in advance

  15. Peter

    All said and done, the software looks nice a first sight. But to have people click your Adsense links you need traffic… lots of traffic. That can be achieved in 2 ways:

    1) Produce hundreds if not thousands of keyword focussed content pages AND generate enough incoming links. This is a process that can and will take months if not years…

    2) Start a money consuming PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign to have people visit your Adsense stuffed webpages and pray they WILL click the ads.

    Best Regards ,


  16. WAYNE

    hi eric i got an email about hypervre went on the site ,seemed ok went thru the whole kit and caboodle, then nearly at the end matt is offering monthly payments $19.95 and he’ll send you the templates every month already optimised ,loaded and ready to go. being a newbie i wonder if you still have to download the software. can you tell me please.offer disappears if you close the page. has matt sorted out the teething problems.

  17. dario

    hi Eric
    i dowenloaded Hypervre free addition just to try it, and if i find it is usefull ill upgrade to Gold eddition. i spent more than 10 days try to save the website i create but without any benefet. when i try to save my website i had ” runtime error 9…time out of range ”

    can u help me plz

  18. Eric Post author

    If you are a gold customer, then you can get help from Matt’s team, I think they would be the best to help you.

  19. bigdaddy

    ok people I have to give my 2 cents here after reading all the babies complaining. first of all you can give most people the golden secret to success and they will not even use it! this is fact and human nature. that’s why 10% of the people make 90% of the money in the world. if you are serious about making some money online stop looking for the magic trick that when you smash your keyboard money starts flying out of you monitor. it doesn’t work that way or everyone would do it. second I have no relation to any of these people pushing this software, I was just trying to find out about it like most of you. but, common people figure it out, your not going to get rich, the guys pushing the vre will. with that said, I downloaded this thing and made it useful for what I needed it for. I didn’t pay anyone a dime because I got the free version, built the sites I needed, opened my web editor program and did a “find and replace” on all those embedded links and put my own in. there is a million dollar tip for you right there for all the cheap wads. next I’m not selling anything to any of you and I will tell you what I do. I build thousands of sites and started small. I now have 6139 sites that make me a pretty good amount. also, my worst site makes $7.67 a month on average , so you do the math. basically just freaking start somewhere and go for it. you have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain. do the math on my sites and you will see why the power of dupliation is awesome. if I told you I own a website that makes $7 bucks a month you would think I was an idiot, but that times thousands homeboy is why I drive luxury cars, live in a mansion, barely work at all, everything I have is paid for and I have MASSIVE cash flow. so stop bitching and JUST DO IT!

  20. Rlhs76

    With the newest version of HYPERVRE when th pages are to generated I also get the error “runtime error 9 subscript out of range” that other people have mentioned. Any idea how this can be fixed or what I can do.

  21. Yon2000

    I literally disappoint with HyperVre Gold wich I bought it a month ago.
    The software DOES NOT WORK!! , there are many error or failure massages!!
    So I suggest for anyone don’t you get / upgrade to HyperVre Gold version, or you will loss
    Your $97!

  22. Vaninder Singh

    Eric please help me
    i know that hypervre is a good,effective and time saving software but the fact is that the content generated which hypervre claims is unique and fresh is searched by hypervre in different article directories and so we can say that it is copying the content and if it is so,will i not be banned by google adsense for copying the content.or my website may be sand boxed by google or i may also not get a high rank on SERP.i asked the same to hypervre help desk but i have not got a reply yet.please help!!!will it be really effective to use hyperVRE.

  23. Eric Post author

    At this point I would say its outdated. It’s still better than a lot of stuff out there, but there are much better ways to build a website.


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