LESSON #13: Getting a Vision for Your Business

Up until this point, we’ve essentially been covering the requirements and prerequisite knowledge necessary to increase your chances of building a successful online business.

Today marks a turning point.

It’s time to begin focusing on your personal situation, and to turn our attention to your future business…

(Watch this video…)

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Main points:

  • Without vision, your business probably won’t succeed.

  • I describe vision as being able to “see” a clear picture of your fulfilled goals in your mind.

  • It’s like the box cover of a difficult puzzle…

  • You must begin with the end in mind.

  • Almost every success in my life has come AFTER having a vision for it. (For example, when I won the state championship, and every time I launch a product)

  • The successful business owners that I’ve known ALL have vision.

  • It’s kind of like looking at the world from 30,000 feet. You see the big picture, and not the problems.

  • If you lose sight of your vision, you lose hope. And if you lose hope, it’s game over.

  • As we progress in the lessons, we’ll keep moving forward step by step, but if you don’t start by getting a vision, further efforts could be somewhat futile.

  • If you set your target too low, you may hit it, but there is almost no chance that you will exceed it. On the other hand, if you set your target too high, you may fail, but you will be further along than the “low” target. Therefore it’s better to set your vision higher.

  • One of the biggest things I see holding people back is a “victim mentality”.

  • “Formulate and stamp indelibly on your mind a mental picture of yourself as succeeding. Hold this picture tenaciously. Never permit it to fade. Your mind will seek to develop this picture. Never think of yourself as failing; never doubt the reality of the mental image. That is most dangerous, for the mind always tries to complete what it pictures. So always picture ‘success’ no matter how badly things seem to be going at the moment.” – Norman Vincent Peale

  • Many of us have taken on a “just get by” mentality.

  • The size of your vision will dictate the size of the result.

  • YOU are valuable. Don’t sell yourself short.

  • Here’s my “disclaimer” that I forgot to include in the video…. “The mind of man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” (Prov. 16:9)

    Action steps:

    I want you to take a moment to tell me your vision for your business. The vision can involve other areas of your life too, but since we’re working on building your business, it should be focused on your business.

    It’s important to write your vision down, so go ahead and post it in the comments below. This is YOUR vision, and there is NO wrong answer.

    Focus on the big picture. Don’t worry about the details of how you will get there. We’ll worry about that stuff when we learn about goal setting and business plans, and I’ll be talking about those things in the next lesson.

    As always, you are welcome to post your questions and comments below.

    Have a great day!

  • 1,826 comments on “LESSON #13: Getting a Vision for Your Business

    1. Larry

      With my online business, I want to generate a consistent income of at least $5,000 per month so that I can retire from my present job and my wife and I can still maintain our current lifestyle. I would like the income provided by the business to be two times that amount, $10,000 per month, so that Becky and I can do more traveling, buy better cars, make repairs and upgrades to our house, and still be able to give more to Compassion International and other such causes, help other people who have needs, etc.

      1. JJ

        Larry, I recommend that you make a decision. Do you want 5,000 or 10,000, or even 10,000,000. Pick ONE GOAL and focus on it. Also decide what you are willing to do in exchange for the money.

    2. Rino

      Make million a year in the first year, clear all debts vacation when I want with my family and help out needy charities

    3. Arnold

      My vision is to build several businesses that will help my countrymen around the world to improve their communication skills, promote undiscovered singers and make them avail basic commodities at lowest prices. I will employ and help people from my country help one another around the world, while making a net profit of at least $500,000 per year. I will be working from home less than 40 hours a week and spend more time with loved ones, my children and travel a lot into different places. It will be a greatest pleasure to have my success and give back to the community.

    4. Jos van Doorn

      My business has got two activities:

      1. Programming in AutoLISP
      2. Selling AutoLISP books

      With programming in AutoLISP I’m going to make RM
      100,000 per year in 2017. I’m AutoLISP programming 40
      hours per week and I get paid RM 50 per hour. I’m also
      finding fellow AutoLISP programmers.

      I give these fellow programmers an AutoLISP training.
      And I pay them RM 30 per hour. They too program 40
      hours per week. So they make RM 1,200 per week or RM
      5,200 per month.

      I will find three fellow programmers and I will engage
      a girl for doing the administration. Or it could also
      be a man. He or she will write the bills and do the
      financial administration.

      I have found three fellow programmers and a person for
      the administration in 2020. I will have a separate
      office. I’m no longer working from my home. I’m making
      RM 200,000 per year.

      I’m marketing my books to the subscribers of my
      newsletter. That will bring in 5 sales per week in
      2016. That will bring RM 42.50 per week or RM 2,210 per
      year. Maybe I write other books too. CAD books.

    5. Scottie Marrow

      “In these times of man-made and natural disasters… You need to be prepared! Total Armageddon? Probability… not likely… But are you prepared to survive and protect yourself and your family for 72 hours? Will you have access to food, water, and shelter? People across the nation are getting ready… Are you ready?”

      This is the opening header for my online store. Am I a “Prepper”? Most likely… And no… I don’t have more toilet paper in my garage than the Sam’s or Costco has on their shelves. Do I believe that there’s going to be a “Zombie Apocalypse”??? That thought really makes me laugh… I’ve actually had people ask me that question… If that is what I thought is going to happen. Too funny.

      I started this online store because, like most… I was so tired of buying “crap” or overpriced equipment online for my personal camping and emergency preparedness needs.

      Most of the companies I would find, would promote a really cool product or a piece of gear that looked really great online. The only problem was, I couldn’t really check it out to see if it was what I really wanted or needed like you can for the most part at a “Brick & Mortar” store. So I would hesitate and finally convince myself to buy it hoping… Or should I say “praying” that I was getting a good deal!

      Also… probably like most, I was buying a lot of stuff on eBay and Amazon… I found a lot of that stuff to be the “crap”, cheap, poorly made gear calling itself the “Best Price”.

      I pride myself with opening a store that specializes in high quality equipment, supplies, and long term food/storage for camping, hiking and emergency preparedness.

      My company strives to offer the best customer service in addition to our high quality products. I stand behind all of my products, so I offer a 100% money back guarantee on everything. I don’t like to have to give money back, but what’s worse… is having to give it back to an unsatisfied customer!

      There are so many “Big Box” stores and online stores that offer these items, but unfortunately, I have found most of these products to be poorly made, poor quality, and just basically, substandard if not flat out overpriced!

      Some emergency food and camping food I have tried… to put it nicely, I wouldn’t even feed it to my dogs… And they’re not real picky. The bottom line is, if I won’t use the product, I’m certainly not going to sell it!

      My Vision is to provide education and information, in addition to offering quality products for camping and emergency preparedness needs! And above all, to provide 5 Star customer service to my customers.

      Do I want to get rich doing this? I would be nice not to have to struggle to make a living just to barely make the bills. And not to have to rely on someone else to dictate how much money I bring home each week after commuting 7 to 15 hours a week, back and forth from work depending on traffic or where I’m working. That’s time I’ll never get back! So yes! As long as it’s ethical and my customers feel that they are getting a good deal in the process.

      Like Eric, I also give back to the church and the community. My goal is to have 10 additional people on payroll within a year. Right now it’s just me… And I haven’t even made a paycheck yet.

      I want to spend more time with my family while I can! I’m 54 and I need to start thinking about that “Nest Egg”… I want to travel! I want simple things. I want a car that I can rely on… Although I’ve always wanted a ’67 Shelby… Not to race… I just think she’s a beautiful car… I want to pay off my house and possibly build that Dog-Trot house in the countryside somewhere.

      These are my dreams… I just want them to come true…

      I thank Eric for this forum! This has made me think about a lot of things!

      I look forward to hearing back from any of you and look forward to any feedback you provide me… Good or bad!

      Best regards!

      1. Micah

        Hello Scottie,

        We recommend that you hang in there with Eric’s free video lessons at http://www.ericstips.com/. Eric’s lessons have helped many people to go from beginners, to successful online business owners!

        The lessons are presented in a sequence that starts at the very beginning, where the very first things you need to learn about online marketing are shown in the first few lessons!

        If you’re interested to go even more in-depth with marketing, you might also want to take part in Eric’s coaching club:

        Eric, Paul, and Jeff are expert marketers. They will be a great resource for you!

        What is included in the Coaching Club:
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    6. Gavino Berardesco

      My vision is to empower others with ideas that will help them create their own income rather than being a cog in someone else’s wheel, by being self employed and moving on to business owner which can be much more colorful and rewarding.

    7. Jessie Dudley

      Business vision: My business vision is to develop and implement an
      online business to sell info content products and ecommerce. The goal is
      to clear an annual income $250,000 or more and leave a inheritance for
      children and off springs for many generations. Success means to be
      debt free, help family members, to sponsor digging wells is deprive areas,
      feeding the hunger, preaching the gospel through and by Mass Media, and
      help others to do the same.

    8. Venkatesh Avadhany

      My vision is to generate $5000 a month. This will help me in arranging for specialised coaching and grooming young talented kids to become top class musicians and also assist students of classical language Sanskrit to pursue research in ancient Indian works in fields of Science and Medicine

    9. Bernardo C. Librea

      It is so clear in my mind that at the prime of my age I will have an online business earning millions of dollars. It would be a great help for my family to enjoy life with God’s Grace. Many of my fellow are now suffering poverty too much and with the help of my online business I can uplift their standard of living.

    10. Thomas

      Hello Eric,

      Thank you for this course. I have been looking for a system that would work for me. I spent a lot of money looking for a program like this for many years. A lot of information, but very little how to actually put it to work in the best way, so that there is the pay off we all desire. We have many things in common in our Christian walk and beliefs, but here is my Vision:

      I want to change the Church so She can again “Turn the world upside down for Jesus”!!!! I want to see the Church on Fire for Jesus once again. I love the Church, Christians and the Lost. But I believe the Church in general is “Luke warm” at best and in danger of being “Spit out” as spoken about in Revelations.

      I believe that many patterns that we have copied and still practice in our Churches today honor Man more than Jesus. Copied from a man ordained and man controlled System or Religion. There are small changes in our services that make a Big difference in if Jesus gets the Glory or man and the flesh, that rob the Glory. I believe the “Offering only” way that we fund Churches and Ministries with today also came from that man made system too. Paul and other Apostles had businesses that supported their Ministries. They received offerings, but just passed them along to the Poor and Needy. I believe that we should follow that Example instead, where “Business supports Ministry”, instead of the “Offering only” system that we have today. Pastors and Ministers could go to many places that are over looked now because there is not enough offerings to be gained. And instead they could give to the Churches and Financially Bless the people instead of being a burden to them.

      Just think of all the problems that would be eliminated if we were to follow Paul’s Example instead. I have seen Churches transformed instantly by making a few small changes and have seen the Power and Presence of God come in consistently after that for every service.

      So why did I share all this and what does it have to do with my Vision of an online business? I want to support my Ministry with several Online Businesses with this being the first. I want to Travel all around the world starting in Kenya where many of my Spiritual Sons have Churches. They have put these changes into practice and have become Churches on Fire for Jesus!!!!

      I want to do a half a million this year so that I will easily be on target to doing well over a million next year. There is much more that I want to do, but I do not want to share it here at this time. Please pray and see if the Lord would put it upon your heart to contact me. I have much more that I would like to share.

      May the Lord Jesus Bless you even more for all that you do.

      In the Name of Jesus and in His Service,


      P. S. I really like the Ministry in Belize called LOL Ministry. We also desire to set up and run Orphanages all over the world too. Awesome Ministry for the Lord Jesus!!!!

    11. Carl Davies

      My vision is to be running a successful business centred around my passion which is internet marketing. I want to help 1000 people be successful and help them make money online. Giving back to the community is important to me. I would like to spend more time with my family and the things I like to enjoy. Travelling more..

      1. Alex Kreston

        Hello Carl,

        I am just beginning on a path of internet marketing and could use help. Do you think I could be one of the 1000 people you help with getting it started. I am willing to put in all the effort and time necessary to be successful.
        Please let me know if you or someone you know is willing to help, i appreciate it.

        Thank you

    12. Alex Kreston

      My vision is to work less than 40 hours a week from home generating 1 or more million dollars per year. I want to spend time with my family whenever I want and take 2-3 vacations per year. I want to have time and money to focus on my romantic relationship with my wife. I want to be able to afford better cars, home remodeling and most of all have time to do the things I enjoy like finding games, music and movies for kids, wife and me, playing video games for an hour or more at a time and learning guitar and piano music.

    13. Ray

      My vision for my online buisness is to retire my martgage and allow my self to actually physically retire. I am 67 years young and I invision myself making $10,000 per month by having muliple streams of income from several different niches.

    14. Mary Daniels

      To pay ALL bills. To purchase a home that will include affordable/beautiful residence for the elderly. To have a cushion for my golden years

    15. Malia

      First of all, Eric thank you for your brilliantly put together coarse. I’ve gained so much for it.

      My vision!
      I am a highly sought after visionary and entrepreneur. I am on par with the BIG names in the internet marketing industry. I have reached a level of world class teacher, mentor, marketer, coach and consultant. I am able to help thousands and thousands of people reach their highest goals and potential.
      I am invited to travel the world, being an inspiration to people all over the globe. People greet me with honor and respect and shower love and blessings on me as I have given these things to them.
      I am a trail blazer and bring to people new, exciting, revolutionary ideas that can be easily implemented and in turn prosper from.
      I help people to expand their vision and their lives by opening them to new possibilities and changing and uplifting them to new heights. People realize their value and self worth on a grander scale.
      I help people to prosper and reach new levels of abundance in all areas of their lives. I thrive, an am replenished energetically with the work that I choose to do. I am financially extremely successful.
      I implement many new programs that seem to be inspired from a higher source outside of myself. I am enthusiastically living and enjoying life everyday. Every morning I wake up excited about what may come my way.
      My business is a blessing that keeps expanding and flourishing way beyond what I could ever imagine.
      I am able to hire capable, trustworthy, conscientious, enthusiastic people that are like minded and are delighted with helping my business to succeed and flourish. People love working for me they become my extended family.
      My business takes off easily and quickly but at a pace that affords me the time to adjust and upscale in the most focused, efficient, profitable ways throughout the years.
      Everyday, new people find me and are excited about what I have to offer, and purchase what I have to offer. They tell others how inspired and action oriented they have become after receiving and implementing the information. They are hunger for more. I receive glowing testimonials everyday on how the material has changed their lives and how I helped to encourage and inspire them to reach for their dreams.
      (As never before, that I am now and so it is!)

    16. Mary Thomas

      I’m learning all I can right now about traffic capture. I am mainly an affiliate, but want to own my own websites, keeping it simple, but content rich, and funnel in as much money as I can. My main goal right now is to begin making money. I have many Instaffiliate websites selling many products and one Amazon affiliate website, but I need quality traffic and I’m short on funds.

    17. Fred

      My vision is to create an online business that helps people to make money online. I would like to change the way people think about internet marketing and cause a new revolution online. I will make several million dollars in the process which I will use to help my family, friends and many different worthwhile causes.

    18. Angella Peters

      My vision is to earn €1000 per week easily and on auto pilot. To be able to live life on my terms to never have to work for anyone again and to teach people how to do the same.

    19. alan suter

      Dear Eric,
      My current vision is to build an on-line business promoting information products about memory skills/coping with depression/anxiety and managing your emotions which I have a passionate interest in having just retired from mental-health nursing and aim to retire from my my present part-time post as a carer in 6 months time when I want to be earning somewhere between 3-5,000 dollars per month from my business and eventually to expand this to 10-20 dollors a month in a further 6 months when I want to pay off my Mortgage in full. and also to contribute and tithe more to my local Church and community and support my chosen charities further.

    20. Gertrude Onwukwe, Nigeria

      I have a vision to
      1. Understand the world of Internet business
      2. Establish a viable Internet marketing business making an annual 7-figure turnover
      3. Encourage and mentor family members and interested public in finding sustained engagement in Internet business
      4. Give back to society by assisting the poor.
      5. Engage in tourism to places of interest.

    21. Juan Garza

      The vision I have for my online business is complete financial freedom for my wife and I, to never have to worry about the cost whether to buy a house, car, or to travel whenever I want. I also want to help needy children here in the US or abroad.

    22. Denham

      My vision is to develop my informational and marketing website http://www.globalnetinfo.com into a very successful business which will generate millions of dollars which will allow me to live a wonderful life style. I would like to travel the world and help the poor.

    23. Raymond

      Thank you Eric. Today you make me feel like a giant.. I was almost thinking that my vision is very high hence it has not been possible to take off. But now I know that my strong vision makes sence.
      Now My Vision:
      To have financial freedom to the tone of 5 – 6 figure a month. Yes! I mean it. I was beginning to lose hope wondering if this could ever happen. I am now sure you can teach me to get there. Yes YOU!!!
      I am not particular about travlling but I dream to create opportunity for others in diverse ways money will permit me to.
      Live a very quiet and comfortable life in the home of my dream. Assist my son to achieve his accademic desire and give my children those things I have not been able to provide for them before now for lack of money.
      And most important of all, have that ample time to be in the services of the Lord which I vowed to uphold to the end of my life. Practically, to be happy to live a hassle free life especially that where lack of money plays no more role

    24. Theda Erickson

      My Vision is to be debt free, pay off house, and credit card. To make at least $5000 a month and teach my 2 son’s that this does work.

    25. Linda

      I want to make $60,000 a year to pay off school debt, as well as other debt, buy a house and help others financially such as mine and my husbands parents when they need it. My end goal is $120,000/ year. I want to accomplish this by helping people lose weight.

    26. Wendy1

      My vision is to create an income from internet marketing of $1,250,000 a year by focusing on my passion of women forty and over in fitness, brain health, alternative health, and nutrition.
      I will work from home no more than thirty hours a week and many times less than that. I’ll be able to continue to do the things I love in my home such as planning and preparing healthy, nutritious, flavorful meals for my family and entertaining for both family and friends.
      I will also be able to form meaningful and lasting partnerships with a few of the online churches that teach and feed me spiritually on a daily basis, in order to support the uplifting programs they have that help people across the world.
      Not only will I travel abroad more but I will give to communities that don’t have the opportunities I have, as well as make it more feasible for my loved ones to safely travel abroad and give back to the world.

    27. Paulo F.

      My vision is to be wealth enough to enable me firstly, to once and for all clear all my debts and then at any given time to provide a house to a worthily homeless, to teach fishing to the starving, to comfort the friezed ones, to be able to give happiness to the sad, to provide hope to the needed ones. To teach people respect every others by what they choose to be, since those gave back the same respect.

      1. Paulo F.

        Ho, and thank you Eric for the time, patience and dedication you and your family had in allowing us to be presented with your knowledge.

    28. Rebecca

      My Vision for my online business is to build my income to $500 000 in my first year and grow that to over $1,000,000 per year after that. I am so focused to learn and create something that i can operate on my own time and be able to schedule my work around my children and my family. Be financially free!

    29. Martin

      My vision is the development of a successful online business centered on the themes of American conservative values. To be successful, the business must initially replace or phase out the income from my present consulting business (6 to 9 months) and double that amount after an additional 6 to 9 months. It must also provide sufficient income to retire all existing debt and to prepay all death and burial costs for me and my wife (a morbid goal, but a goal nevertheless)!

    30. Stephen Minter

      My Goal is to be able to work from home and be able to learn new things pertaining to online business, also to be able to be with my family and work when I want to work. Go on vacations and travel. Being able to make enough money to not have money problems and to be able to give to others .

    31. Ernest Blake

      Hi Eric I am hopeful I will be able to attain my dream of becoming a successful Online Marketer. Currently I have been diagnosed with heart failure, so working a 9 to 5 job is out of the question. I want my business to afford me some nice things in life. plus payoff my back child support. Generating a million dollars a year I think is attainable using your system, I hope. We’ll see. I.m eager to learn the nuts and bolts of how my business is going to accomplish this. I look forward to learning more each time I watch your videos. Needless to say generating that kind of cheddar I can buy pretty much anything I want.

    32. Charles aka 4Real

      My vision is to get my own successful internet business running selling all types of different digital information products as well as affiliate ones. I will also invest so that I can increase my income and plan for the future of my children as well as become debt free. I will also become a coach so that I can train people to be able to achieve the same things that I will achieve. I I want to start off earning at least £5-10k per month. No more selling my time. I want time freedom so that I can spend time living and travelling to have experiences with my family which is my life ambition above all. I will also set up a charity so that I can give back to people who are in need and set up a coaching program to teach young people to become successful entrepreneurs.

    33. Pooria Samarbafzadeh

      I would like to make enough money as an internet marketer so that I won’t need another job. I would like to get a Celta certificate( a qualification for teaching English to adults) and travel to the different parts of the world and teach English. I’d live to work less and earn more. I would love to have enough money to take care of the financial aspect of my dreams. I would love my business as an internet marketer lead to my feeling successful in life.

    34. Leon

      I want to make $50000 per annum by 31 March 2018 to replace my current income. I want to do this through business activities that is ethical, compassionate, enriching and fun.

    35. Shaun

      My vision for my Online Business is to make people lives a little simpler to live. I vision my self helping other to achieve there goal as well as mine. I also vision my online business to prosper to it full potential which it will allow myself to focus on a clear vision of the way i will live my LIFE.

    36. Andrew

      Four online businesses (product or service or combination) making $5,000-to-$10,000 per month profit within 3-to-4 years or less. Doesn’t have to be “my passion”, just needs to successfully solve a problem by providing a solution to a niche market. At least on of these four businesses will be a family business (wife and or children involved).

    37. Timothy W. Bethune

      My vision. I make 75 million a year and live in a 125,000 sq ft home/office/entertain on 1200 acres with a private lagoon for my 15 grandkids and greatgrand kids. I fly the world in private jets and own stretch trucks and vacation one week per month. I give 15% tithe to my church on the gross and donate 25% of the net to my charities.

    38. Linda

      I am struggling to set on a niche. I have a couple ideas but not sure which one would be best or how to niche it down. I have not seen any niche research ideas in this training. Can you give me any tips on how to do that ?


    39. Gavin Underwood

      My vision at 62 is to start a internet bisness with a monthly income £10.000 or more is my goal I love all of erics tips so far. Having brought some of erics products I need to get motivated planning out my future business because life is too short thinking about .

    40. Vlad Sandu

      I love your lessons so far. I will follow them to a tee. My vision is to become a super affiliate. I’m working at it for years. I made a sale here and there, but not enough to make myself a passive income stream. I also recommend Derek Halpern. I found him after a Google Search.

      P.S: I bought from you the 100 products with master reseller rights via Clickbank. I’m so happy with the purchase.

      Thanks again and we will connect into another lesson.

    41. Clark

      After 20 years of self employment I have had many victories and humbling failures. I have worked hard and overall done well, but I have not had much fun or satisfaction. Yes money is important, but at 53 I need to focus on a new plan of attack and stay on it daily. I must focus on the positives and build on them. Putting Christ first in my life and seek an online business that is scalable and consistently profitable to build long term wealth. I always have dreamed of being debt free, and managing my business anywhere in the world. I would love a business I can run while on a boat on a large fresh water mountain lake. My kids are grown and on their own, so now to invest in getting my life secure. Once that is completed, become involved in giving back to veterans and the community. I already am involved, put only in time. I would like to donate anonymously. I do not seek credit. Just doing His work

    42. feriel

      The buisness that i want to built is some thing that i would really like and never tired to enjoy.

    43. Sharon Mayer

      My business is to help other people solve their problems. I vision myself helping people in various areas of their life to make it easier for them to get the help. they need for with these problems . I want to be able to make a million dollars a year. I want to be able to work from home .I want to be able to give 10% of my income to my church and other aspca charites . I want to be able to help out my friends and neighbors and set a great example. and leave legacy for other people.

    44. Kenny

      My online business will allow me to become debt free,earn enough income to not have to have a job in order to support my needs. I will succeed because, I want to not only leave a legacy for my children and grandchildren, but learn to be able to teach others. I will start foundations and support ministries with not only finances but have the time to donate to worthwhile projects.

    45. itzhak assulin

      my vision is to run an online business in a way that is a full income of 5 milion dolar a year.
      so my familly can have a life that is financial worried free.
      and also help other to reach a similar goals.


      My vision is to have a successful online business that allows me more time to spend with family. Also leave a legacy for my kids to be proud of.

    47. Jerry Nielsen

      I have always thought of my self as a teacher and salesman, two professions I have practiced in much of my adult life.

      My goal is to build an online business focused on helping IMers who use Macintosh computers how to use their Macs more effectively and profitably. Using a variety of income producers like ebooks and adSense, I plan to earn $7500.00 per month, thus allowing my wife to retire, make needed repairs to our properties, and travel more.

      God so willing . . .

    48. Carl Davies

      My vision is to have a successful online business centered around my passion which is online marketing. I will show people how to quit their jobs and enjoy true financial freedom and time freedom this industry can provide.

    49. Matthew

      1. Retire into my $100000/yr online business within 1 year from now (31st December, 2016)
      2. Retire the profits into Real Estate in my country and globally
      3 Teach people how to create their online businesses of their own and retire into it ASAP
      4. Support Christian Missions
      5. Set up and Run Philanthropic Organization


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