LESSON #18: Should I Quit My Day Job?

By | August 3, 2008

Up until this point, I’ve been covering many of the fundamentals and principles of success that will help you create a solid foundation for your business.

In the next lesson, we’ll move out of this phase, and begin to put together the pieces of a new business, but first I need to answer an important question that many people have asked me…

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Main points:

  • Should you quit your day job? YES! But not yet. (*Based on two assumptions)

  • Conservative advice: Keep your job as long as possible. (90% of advice being given)

  • Liberal advice: Quit your job today.

  • I’m in the middle.

  • If your vision involves a life in which you’re no longer working at your present job, then at some point you will HAVE to quit your job in order for that vision to be fulfilled.

  • The only question now is “when?”

  • Questions to help you weigh the decision…

    1) Is your job hurting you? (If yes, it may be time to quit)

    2) Do you have a vision and a solid plan for your business? (If no, you’re not ready)

    3) Do you already have a written goal for quitting your job? (Could be helpful)

    4) Are you committed to the business? (Required)

    5) What do you have to lose? (If you have little or nothing to lose, it’s a good time to quit)

    6) How long will your savings last? (If you have enough money saved, it may be beneficial to risk some of your savings)

    7) How much income is your business bringing in?

    *Quit your job and go full time at the point where your business is bringing in the minimum that you need to make ends meet.

    8] What are you willing to sacrifice?

    9) Do you trust your gut? (And is it usually right?)

    10) Will you dare to do what others only dream of?

    Action steps:

    1) Decide whether you should quit your job.

    2) Decide what criteria you need to fulfill in order to quit your job, and then stick to it. (Don’t chicken out when the time comes)

    It is very possible that your job is holding you back from building the kind of business you’re dreaming of, so the sooner you can quit your job, the better. Just be wise about it!

    As always, you are welcome to post your questions and comments below. Feel free to let me know if you’ve made any decisions about quitting your job.

    Have a great day!

  • 263 thoughts on “LESSON #18: Should I Quit My Day Job?

    1. Vida Humphreys

      Hi Eric…actually I have a question. This may be covered in a future lesson, but….
      How do I send a d/l to my very small list? It it advisable to send the d/l straight from my documents? I tried sending from google drive – but the link is awful looking. Humm, can’t seem to get this figured out.

      Thanks for all your good info and tips!

      1. Eric Post author

        I would not send it as an attachment. The link to Google docs is fine, you could use a link shortener like Bitly or Owly to make it look nicer. Or you could upload the file by FTP to your own domain and link to it.


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