LESSON #4: 18 Ways to Make Money Online

By | June 16, 2008

Thus far, I’ve given my definition of what an online business is, and I’ve given you what I feel are a few prerequisites to becoming a successful online business owner.

So now let’s get more detailed as we drill down closer to what you’ll actually be doing. A lot of people say they want to make money on the internet, but they really have no idea what that looks like in real life.

One of the problems is that there are literally thousands of ways to make money on the internet…

(Watch this video…)

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Main points:

  • There are thousands of ways to make money online.

  • My way is NOT the only way.

  • Being able to follow a blueprint is great, but I also want you to be able to create your own blueprint when the lessons are over.

  • I want you to see the big picture so that you can look at my business model in the proper context.

  • Avoid the “bright shiny objects” and focus on one opportunity at a time.

    Some ways to make money online include (see video for details):

  • 1) Ebay

  • 2) Info products/Digital products

  • 3) Physical products

  • 4) Affiliate marketing

  • 5) Work from home job

  • 6) AdSense or other contextual ads (Ok here’s one affiliate link… If you really want to learn all about AdSense I do recommend my friend Joel who is the foremost expert: AdSense Secrets)

  • 7) MLM

  • 8] Coaching/consulting

  • 9) Service site

  • 10) Web hosting – Here’s a free 114 page ebook I wrote about how to be a web hosting reseller.

  • 11) Membership site

  • 12) Social network/web 2.0 site – maybe you will start the next facebook?

  • 13) Freelancer – My favorite freelancer site (where I hire the most people from) is vWorker (formerly known as RentACoder). Another good one is Odesk

  • 14) Paid Blogger – here are some blog posts listing a bunch of paid blogging sites: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 (UPDATE: The link I mentioned in the video is no longer valid, but the links here should work)

  • 15) Domainer – my personal domain registration site is LifeDomains

  • 16) “GPT” sites

  • 17) Sports betting arbitrage

  • 18) Trading (Stocks, commodities, forex, etc) – If you decide that this is an opportunity you want to pursue, I highly recommend my Trading Pro System

  • (This is by no means an exhaustive list)

    Action steps:

    Your action step today is optional. And it’s simple:

    1) look around and see how big the picture is, and how numerous the opportunities are.

    If you want to look around and see what else is out there, now is the time… NOT when we’re on lesson #55 and you’re in the middle of following my online business blueprint. Because once we get started, I want you to commit to following through and finishing it, because if you don’t finish it you won’t succeed with it.

    Now IF you do go out and research some of the opportunities I’ve just mentioned, remember what I said in Lesson #3… don’t buy stuff unless you know what you’re doing!

    I know this goes against the grain of what most marketers would do in my situation. I should be reeling you in and hooking you on my own idea. But I don’t want to do that. I want you to understand the scope of opportunity out there, and then choose to follow my lessons because you WANT to. Not just because you feel like its your only option. And if you’re confident in your decision to follow my blueprint, you’ll be much more focused, and you’ll be more likely to stay the course.

    As always, you are welcome to post your questions and comments below.

    Have a great day!

  • 499 thoughts on “LESSON #4: 18 Ways to Make Money Online

    1. Abhaskar

      Great Eric,

      This 18 types of business that you told here is great. The most important thing is that your initiative, interest on teaching others like me is great.

      I salute you for these information.

      Thanks Again……..

    2. Yolanda (Violet)

      Eric I believe I clicked on a link of one of the commenters on your blog and received an opt in message for a free sales funnel webinar which appears to be a scam. It appears your blog has been infiltrated by scammers. I was hoping that this blog did promote the practices of scammers.

    3. Yolanda (Violet)

      Excuse, I meant to say did not promote the practices of scammers.

    4. Eric Post author

      I do not pre-screen the links of all commentors. So please let me know which link, and I can remove it if it’s a scam. Links from commentors should not be seen as a promotion or endorsement from me. Thanks, Eric

    5. Carolena

      Hi Eric
      Thanks for all the options. I personally have seen many of these options and used some of them in a very basic way. I have made some profits but know i need more information and expanding my learning curve and that is why I am so interested in this extensive course. I do have one question and don’t laugh what is click bank and do I need it in reference to your lessons business wise. Thanks for your help. Oh yes where do I go to see your reply. Thanks Carolena

    6. Percy

      Eric, I ‘m fairly new to this whole idea of making serious money on the internet and apparently in my curiosity and effort to find something legitimate I click on one of your links. the 4th lesson is the only I’ve actually opened up and previewed, video included. What has kind of impressed me the most is what seems to be a true sense of transparency and honesty. I intend to go back thru my deleted emails to see if I can possibly retrieve the first three lessons. Thanks for the lesson and great information. Warm regards.

    7. Gary Jensen


    8. Anil

      This domain name expired on 05/03/2013 and is pending renewal or deletion

    9. George Al

      Dear Eric,
      Pretty much like Jeff Hunt, I am blessed with a son who is mentally and physically challenged. Jeff may have explained the difficulties associated with the time and energy in giving such loved ones the quality of life they deserve. So, I have been searching, trying (and mostly going through the paralysis of analysis syndrome) to find the right online business that would help me give my son my undivided attention and time.

      Though I am currently working some Network Marketing program, I bought your “No Cost Income Stream” training program because of your simple – down to earth – straight explanation, your honesty, and most of all your family values. Thank you for giving me hope that I CAN adequately look after my son through freeing more of my time with your decent online business.

    10. Heather

      I’m focusing on your other training program. I have been in sales for over 20 years, so marketing online is just so much easier and right up my alley.

    11. Don Karp

      Hi Eric–
      Thanks so much for offering an organized step-by-step approach. A month of searching has me overwhelmed and not sure where to begin.
      Question: I purchased the bare-bones, $17 NCIS = No Cost Income Stream, and then was sent this Eric’s Tips service. Was my spending premature? Should I get a refund and continue with this? I prefer the slower approach–but 5 am months is very slow. After researching each item on the Niche Fire Sale, it looks great to me. However, I do not fully understand the content, and feel I should pass this one up. What do you think? My third question–what’s your take on “social entrepreneurship” in which one’s social mission overlaps with a niche’s needs? I like this, but am not one who believes I can “save the world” by building a movement. However, I am a leader, and network building appeals to me.
      I did not see answers to these questions that I posted in #3, so maybe you are still thinking? Or should the answers become obvious in time?

    12. Ignacio

      Hi Eric this one video gave me confidence on what you want to share with me ,thanks for info.
      Best regards,


    13. Donna

      Hi Eric,
      I was laid off of my job last month and have spent a TON of time getting on mailing lists, listening to webinars, and being seduced by a few product pitches. However, I’m committed to being a successful online marketer. May I just say that I appreciate your stance: stop spending money! Done! I appreciate your approach!

    14. alex

      Thanks very mouch, i look forward to be
      hosting reseller By offering free templates that i Have in hands. Thanks a lot, those lessons are really usefull.

    15. C Fountain

      Lesson4. Plenty of meat on that exercise. HEAD DOWN AND WORK AT IT.

    16. Micah

      Hello Don,

      That’s a great course, that can also save you a great deal of money in the long run. I personally wouldn’t want to refund that one at all.

      Remember, that you can always take everything at your own pace.

      We’ve also since replied to your other comments.

    17. Per Deshayes

      Hi Eric and everybody on this post blog,

      Great info. can anyone tell me where ill get my answers on earlier lessons?
      I have post a few questions but never seen any responses? Ill thought they would be here and coming to my email? Do i have to go back and look under where i posted them again? I will keep this window open to see an answer

    18. Eric Post author

      We try to answer all the questions, so just let us know which ones we’ve overlooked. Theoretically you should get an email notification if you checked the email box. But that doesn’t always work. So you may need to go back to the page. Thanks

    19. Roger

      Eric, I really love your honesty, I have been looking and been buying shining objects You are the real deal, Thank you
      I seen an ad for Local Business Marketing and am wondering your opinion, could I have a resonse to this, Thanks, Roger

    20. Eric Post author

      I am not sure which course in particular you are referring to, but in general local business marketing is a legitimate opportunity. By nature it’s best suited for someone who likes to get out into the community and talk to business owners face to face. In most locations, there are plenty of small businesses who need help with their online marketing. But since this opportunity has been pitched as a bizop for the past few years, I’m sure it has become much more competitive also.

    21. Keith Reynolds

      Hey Eric, just want to say think you, I have been into E-commerce since January, and I must say its not easy! But I have managed to obtain some valuable information and strategies thanks to guys like you! I’m sure your quite familiar with the Google Sniper methods, they initially laid the blueprint for what I’m doing now, which is launching multiple sites, one at a time. Most of that however is focused on affiliate marketing. Then I came across your firesale and decided to go digital, hence my most recent site that I started building today. The road to wealth is a long one, but since I purchased your Firesale program, I have become more confident in being able to reach my goals! Every lesson here is a valuable one, and most appreciated! Keep up the great work! I hope to one day be able to share my knowledge and help others as you are doing!

    22. tim

      i was hoping for some thing new, but it doesn’t really matter if it gets the money thanks

    23. Terry

      Hi Eric,
      I’m hear on lesson 4 and you mentioned that information products are a good way to earn an income. Now I purchased a product from an Internet Marketing guru..so to speak..
      Without going into all the details I’ve had the website 5 months and need to find a cheap way to promote the site as funds are tight but without coming across as a spammer.Your advice would truely be appreciated,keep up the good work 96 lessons to go
      Many Thanks

    24. Eric Post author

      I cover many traffic methods in depth from lesson #72- #87. You can find a bunch for free traffic sources listed in lesson #84.

    25. Jorge

      Hi Eric tanks for your advise what are the ones you realy prefer regards wait for coment

    26. Micah

      Hello Jorge,

      Eric has had a lot of success creating/partnering on his own software and infoproducts.

    27. Rachna

      Hi Eric!
      Your lessons are wonderful. Out of the 18options given in lesson-4,what will be most relevant in India or is there anything that’s not relevant or applicable all over the world?

    28. Micah

      Hello Rachna,

      We’re not sure as to which is the best, since there are many successful marketers in India who use many of these strategies!

    29. Alfred Franklin

      I have a amazon affiliate web site but not being exposed to public and not producing results. What and how I can do to make it fruitful as I am about to lose $5oo as I spent to get .Thanks

    30. Eric Post author

      Basically you need to generate traffic to it, which I cover in lessons #72 through 88. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it would be a good investment of your time/money to send traffic to this site (I haven’t seen it). I do not know whether it’s a site that would effectively convert the traffic into Amazon referrals, and I also don’t know whether that’s the best business model for you to pursue, vs other business models such as creating your own product. Sometimes it’s better to cut your losses, and make sure you’re starting on the right foot rather than keep pouring effort into a losing site. I believe my coaching club could be helpful to you, as we could analyze your site and see if it is viable, and advise on which route you should take. Thanks

    31. Hariata

      Thanks so much for the inspiration and encouragement; I’m taking a look at what is “out there”!

    32. Jan

      Hi Eric,
      I’ve been looking at what business to start on line and your lessons have been very uplifting and encouraging so I will continue with them, I like everybody giving comments, have bought a ton of stuff but I’ve tried to keep it to info I woulld use in an on line business, thanks again very straight and to the point I like that! keep up the good work! also one more thing I would like to start a website but I don’t know what sort of hosting I should use so I will listen out for the other lessons where you will tell us what ones are best!
      Best regards

    33. Bill

      I just looked back over my other comments and could hardly understand what I was talking about and I wrote it.I know I’m not ready yet to start looking at something else but I would like to learn more about the Trading Pro System,but at a later date.The one problem I seem to have is trying to check something out that I would like to know more about but I do not come up with the right words for research.I guess or hope that comes with more practice. Your student from Texas

    34. melvin williams

      Hi…I’m a newbee who is suffering from info overload. What I like about you and your program is it’s straight forward, interesting and seems like one stop…and that’s what I was looking for. Great job!

    35. Audrey

      I am actually still listening to lesson 4. What you are saying is so true! I love the way your site is set up. It is like what I wanted incomeforthegoldenyears to be. Finally I got frustrated trying to figure out how to set up my site I paid some guy on line $12 and ended up having to add something else to my site that I really didn’t understand cause I thought I had it already. Web hosting, then I ended up with another domain new.incomeforthegoldenyears.com, it promotes one product. So then I put another opportunity on my original domain following the instructions on the GPW website. Really what I want is what I see here. An interactive page where people can click on a link to get to different products and opportunities. Maybe I’ll learn how to do that here? Maybe not.

    36. Alec

      I love your lessons. You Seem genuine, but I have been ripped of by so many marketeers? I look forward to someone who really is going to show the way.

      We’ll See

    37. Dan Merryday

      Hi Eric,

      I love your point about sticking to one method until it works. I believe in the internet marketing niche, it is far too easy to get distracted with shiny object syndrome (I am still guilty of it occasionally).

      You also mention to give enough time using a method before deciding that it is a failure. How long a time do you recommend, or are there any other indicators that can reveal whether it is a losing bet?


      1. Micah

        Hello Dan,

        We can’t guarantee that your idea or business will be successful, but the people who don’t quit, but try again and again with new ideas, often find great success!

        We have seen people earn money on their first day in some cases though. If you work hard, it’s possible for you to build a successful business too!

    38. shafi

      Hello Eric

      Great post !

      But, Can you write a post about promoting CPA offer for newbie, if possible video pls.

    39. Kay

      What a refreshing change from what I am always seeing from other marketers! Thanks for providing a good example or honesty and integrity for the rest of us to follow. I found you on Clickbank because I was looking for a product to promote that I could honestly recommend. You certainly fill the bill. I’m looking forward to hearing more of your tips!

    40. Pat

      Hi Eric,
      As a newbie, I’m guessing I shouldn’t start with Adsense, right?
      Many thanks for clear teaching.

      1. Micah

        Hello Pat,

        AdSense is perfectly fine to start out with. Some people have had successful businesses focusing solely on AdSense.

    41. Nur Wijaya Asmara

      Hi Eric..
      Thank you for your good information.
      I will focus to all your lesson and I hope I can understand and follow.

      Best regards.

    42. Joan Aprea

      I don’t have a website yet but have been on FB for a couple of yrs., luv it.. Thanks alot. Joan

    43. Trang

      Hi Eric,
      Thanks for sending to me Lesson $4. Your picture is very big and the opportunities.shall be great. Your own comments on each way are precious. I’m just a starter. I look forward to receiving your next lessons
      Have nice weekend. Trang

    44. Mayans

      Thank you Eric. You’ve ‘REELED-ME-IN’ already. I do have a couple of queries before I get totally wrapped up in your easy,(so far) to understand lessons. Is the information suitable for 2014? What are your views on FREE web hosting and auto responders? Please don’t bother replying if the answer is in later lessons.
      I’m totally hyped. Keep-em-coming!

      1. Micah

        Hello Mayans,

        Yes, these lessons are very helpful in today’s market! Free web hosting and autoresponders are not always ideal, but they can be a great resource if you don’t have much money to work with in the beginning.

        We recommend that you check out our latest item, called the No Cost Income Stream 2.0:


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