Million Dollar March Bonus

By | March 4, 2008

Edition #156 – 03/04/2008

The bonus is no longer available, so I have removed it from this page. For the most up-to-date information and recommendations, please join my free newsletter.

45 thoughts on “Million Dollar March Bonus

  1. Stacey Derbinshire

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

    Stacey Derbinshire

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  3. Elliot

    Hi Eric,

    Am very interested in your offer. However, can you just tell me if it will be a solo to your list or part of other things that are sent?

    In a lot of ways you are my hero 🙂



  4. Tajim

    I have been reading about you guys for some time now. I am really intrested in this product.

  5. Eric Post author

    Elliot – It will be a solo.

    I will edit the blog post so that other readers know this.


  6. Maddy Boone

    Hi Eric,

    I’m a new member to your list and so far like what I’ve seen. I have one big problem though, your offer is the greatest, but I can’t afford to buy the course (I’ve already received the info direct from Keith himself), as much as I’d love to have you revew my site and post it to your list (that’s something I still don’t have).

    I’ll have to battle on until I get the funds necessary for this course, for I’ve no doubt it’ll be worht it, but like all of those who battle to make ends meet, I’ll probably have to pay the higher price for it (when i eventually can afford to buy) and also lose out on your offer.

    Thanks anyway for all the good stuff you keep providing!

  7. Elliot

    Just one more…:)

    Will it be to your whole list like the promotion when out for Keith or for a sub-section of your list.



  8. Bill May

    Eric, I have been on your email list for a year now. I am interested in your bonus you are offering for a very specific reason and I could sure use your bonus. I am building a new site that will attract alot of attention. I will start by heavily using Google adwords untill the seo takes over. I won’t be live for about 4 weeks or so maybe even a little longer (not much). It is an affiliate site with over 20 different links that I am recommending. The purpose of this site, other then the obvious, is to build my own email list like yours. So as you can see I really would like to pick your brain for awhile. Is there any way to get your bonus (expeirence and advice) after I go live? Thanks for the emails.

  9. Bob Dotson


    When I clicked to go to the page to subscribe it was blank. Does that mean you have already sold out?

    Does MDM give newbies a glossary to give the meaning of words? Or, does it expect us to already know the Internet Bussness nomenclature?

  10. Franck Silvestre

    It’s an interesting offer Eric. The last time I got a bonus from you, I must say it was the best one I got since I’m online.

  11. Fred

    Hi Eric How To Teach A newbie From A-z Whats Steps does it take from. Ok I have this now how many steps and what Pages to make a sale,
    I mean, ( 1 ) Ok frist I make up a selles letter . ( 2 ) then a web Page How and
    Whats and How many pages and set ups does it take, I jhope you know what I mean.

    I do Really enjoy your emails Eric,

    please let us or me Know what it takes to make a sale
    thank you Fred Boggs

  12. Eric Post author

    Maddy- don’t lose heart… you can learn a lot for free, so keep learning all you can while you’re saving money to invest in your business. A course like this can just really put a newbie onto a fast track and cut the learning curve immensely.

  13. Eric Post author

    Elliot- It will be to my whole list like the one that just went out for Keith.

  14. Eric Post author

    Bill – I will be doing the reviews between 60 and 90 days from now. So it could be used for any product you have or develop between now and then.

  15. Eric Post author

    Bob- perhaps the site was slow due to a traffic surge, please try again as I am able to access it. MDM does cover the basics, and I can also give you a glossary of internet marketing terms if you remind me when you post your receipt on my helpdesk.

    Franck- thanks friend 🙂

    Fred- those are the type of things covered in Keith’s course. I do cover some of those topics in this newsletter from time to time too.

  16. Sam

    Perhaps (maybe not) this is the best product for newbies… for now.

    I’m sure we’ll see a lot more MDMs coming down the pipe. Considering the interest in online business and marketing is really just beginning, it’s a market many guru types are creating products for.

    The nature of the market is that products tend to get better as competition increases. This seems to be happening with newbie products. They get more comprehensive, more systematic, and so on.

    The problem is that most of these products are pitched as panaceas. “Work the system, and you’ll make money.”


    There’s been lots of talk among the gurus about choosing niches. Few talk about deliberately choosing a business model that fits with your strengths, time availability, and unique motivations.

    My recommendation? As a newbie, don’t buy anything until you have a sense whether the the product fits your situation and needs.

    Moreso, watch how products in your niche, and fit your model are marketed. Look for how the product and marketing systems work. Create swipe files for product launches, promotional emails, web copy, etc.

    You can learn a lot by watching and learning.

  17. Eric Post author

    Hi Sam, good tips… I’ve always been a big advocate of “watching and learning”. You are right that there are generally always new products and programs on the horizon. Just one caveat I would make though… as a newbie you do have to take a risk at some point. If you keep waiting for the next great study course, you’ll only be losing valuable weeks, month,s and years that you could be accelerating your business building process. I was much like you Sam, when I got started. I never did buy any home study courses as a newbie. But it took me several YEARS to find real success in this business. I wish I had had something like Keith’s course 8 years ago, and that’s why I do recommend that newbies should consider investing in a course such as this.

  18. Sam

    I agree with you Eric. It’s REALLY easy to procrastinate and do nothing. I know this first hand.

    I’ve bought and continue to buy training. It’s well worth it. So I’m not trying to rain on your parade. For some newbies, MDM may be just what they know they need. If that’s the case, go for it.

    On the other hand, there’s really no panic if you don’t know what your going for (and let’s face it, when you’re looking at many of these well crafted offers with compelling copy and scarcity sales techniques, sometimes it can be hard to know what you REALLY need to get you where you want to go).

    I’ve bought stuff before that I THOUGHT I needed (and didn’t or wasn’t ready for) based on the fact that I thought I’d loose out. It’s just not the case. Believe me, the sky won’t fall, and internet marketing products won’t stop being made because you don’t go for that $1000 dollar home study course this week.

    That said, the right product can help you a lot. And you do need to get direction from a credible, trusted source. Eric, from what I can tell so far, you’re one of those sources.

    One final thought…

    A friend of mine put to me this way when it comes to internet marketing products: buy something because you go out to find it, not because it finds you.

    I think that is good advice. First, figure out what you want to get out of your business, and how you want to do it. Then buy the tools to get you there.

    Hey, but this is nothing new…

    A prudent question is one-half of wisdom.
    Francis Bacon

    A man must make his opportunity, as oft as find it.
    Francis Bacon

  19. Eric Post author

    Again good insight Sam. I would agree that MDM isn’t for “all” newbies. Particularly those who aren’t sure if they really WANT to build an online business. A little more research might help them determine if becoming an internet marketer is really what they want to pursue.

    But I think it’s a good choice for the newbies who already KNOW that they want on online business, and are READY to learn and build their business. And especially for the ones who have been specifically asking or looking for a program that will teach them step-by-step. That would meet your criteria Sam, because I think there are a lot of people out there actively looking for something like this to fill their need for guidance in setting up an online business.

    Like you said, newbies do need to get direction from a trusted source, so it’s sort of an ideal situation for those who are “looking” for something like this. Think of it like this… if a newbie decides they need a home study course and they “go out there and find it”, as you say, I think they would have a 50/50 shot of getting ripped off if they just go looking for something to buy on the internet without guidance. After all, there are tons of marketers slinging useless junk and flat-out scams.

    But if they trust my advice and buy this particular course, at least they know it’s not a rip-off. Of course I can’t guarantee that they will get any specific results from the course, but I can certainly vouch for it’s veracity and relevance.

    BTW you should use your link instead of going anonymous 😉

  20. Todd Meyer

    Keith, I have been working on 10 domains and have studyed all kinds of different sites I been trying to get this one making some money, I’m going to be on disablity tell the end of Marth and I was hoping that I could get my websites makeing the money I need to tell my boss goodby, I need all the help I can get at this piont Thank You Thank You.
    Todd Meyer

  21. Carman

    Hi Eric

    The course sounds very interesting but I don’t like to buy anything any more unless I can actually see a sample of what is being offered. A short video showing the 4 newbie marketers being taught would be good. How does this compare with things like Success University and clickbank University – aren’t they all pretty much the same?

    A word of praise for you. I started on this journey in December and have been totally inundated with Internet marketing products, newletters etc. and have spent a lot of money and time buying, trying and reading several of them and it is driving me into overload. I enjoy your newsletters because I don’t get them every single day and they are not a million miles long, I don’t get sent complicated web sites with an overkill of free downloads – most of it outdated rubbish you don’t need to have or read. Coming from Australia I still have difficulty with the overkill factor and hype which seems to be part of the Internet culture in the States – no offence. Your newsletter is just plain good content without all the Bull.

    Keep up the good work


  22. Eric Post author

    Carman- thanks for the kind words, and yes that’s a good question.

    Success University is very different as it’s more of an overall self-improvement program including areas such as finances, relationships, sprituality, etc. S.U. is a great program from what I’ve heard, and I’ve met with the founder Matt Morris who is a very nice guy with a cool story. But I would liken SU to something more like Simpleology than to a marketing course.

    Clickbank University is totally different too. I have not seen the inside of it, but it appears to be a less comprehensive program than MDM, and obviously it only focuses on Clickbank. Now, Clickbank is a great avenue for selling digital products, but learning the ropes of Clickbank and building an online business are two different things. Knowing how to use Clickbank is just one of may skill-sets that you may or may not need as on online marketer.

    On the other hand, MDM is a specialized program to show you how to become an internet marketer, running your own business, from the ground up.

    In regard to a preview of the videos showing the 4 newbie marketers being taught. I might ask Keith if he or myself can upload a preview. But in the mean time, I will tell you that the sessions take place in Keith’s office. The video quality is probably a 6 or 7 out of 10 in my book, which is pretty good. And the editing is a 7 as well, which is rare in the internet marketing world (most internet marketers have terrible video editing). They built a nice little backdrop set behind where the 4 newbies sit, so it is fairly pleasing to the eye. I have only watched it on my computer, so I don’t know what it would look like on my big TV, but it looks good enough on my computer.

  23. Patricia Hagaman

    I would like to invite you to visit Edu 2.0.
    You will be able to teach a class or entire course for free…and it will always be free.
    You may want to teach for ~1 hour or 12 weeks~ which ever you want.
    You would also be able to promote your own Books and any other Resources.
    Talk about an opportunity. This is the College of the future. You might want to brush up on your languages.
    There are so many of us that just want an Education, not hype and sales pitches.

    This is where I have promoted your blog…
    Sometimes there are just simple questions, that could be easily answered in a class setting.
    And you would be in total control of the answers, no confusion of someone speaking for you.
    To your success…

  24. Amita

    Looks very interesting but I already have lot of meterial about writing on the internet. Once I finish that and know wether it’s useful or not than only I want to try anything new.

  25. Dhony Merapendra

    I very Thanks so much, I hope can promoted your blog and my blog. Partnership to publicity and join your million Dollar March. sorry to not buy your product, but I can promote to your Books in my blog. call me ti visit in my I hope you join me, and your marketing traffic in my blog. Safety and secret work.

  26. Adrian Lee

    Thanks Eric, the offer is so irresistable, but I have to discipline myself. Too much information overload. Let me finish my current strategy first.

  27. The Grumpy Old Chef

    Hi Eric,

    you’re still one of the few that I haven’t unsubscribed from.

    I can honestly say that, after two years of selling online I still haven’t found one single e-book, video, report (I won’t listen to rubbish audios of “webinars” or gurus reading scripts and pretending they’re being interviewed) or anything else online that has helped me make a single penny.

    I couldn’t read the sales hype about this course because the pop-up covered the entire page and couldn’t be closed.

    Regardless, if it was more than $5 it would be overpriced.

    Your tips are more use tan these scams ever will be.


  28. rames

    I am the the newest kid on the block from South Africa who is still trying to learn to type , let alone using the computer .

    Thanks in advance

  29. Graham in U.K.

    Hi Eric
    The price is too much for me
    Tell Old Grumpy he should have his ‘pop up’ blockers turned on then he would have seen the site without any bother! – I didn’t even see a popover.
    But I do understand what he’s saying about webinars and audios, most of them are just a sales pitch for their new programmes or products – a big waste of time (yawn!)
    Keep it coming Eric
    Graham in U.K.

  30. Mariana

    My website has been up and running since the beginning of January. I’ve had anywhere from 1 to 5 sales a week, but considering I charge $14.95 for my ebook diet, that’s not a lot of profit. I am thinking about raising the price to $27 here very shortly.
    I have a regular day job, so it’s been very hard keeping up, but I spend the majority of my spare time working on this project. I’ve invested a lot of time and money into this. I absolutely believe in my product, which is a diet program that is very unique, and I am living proof that it works. But I’m not a marketer, and of course I’m skeptical to buy anything, because I’ve been there before.

    I’ve just recently bought an ebook on marketing, followed the advice, and my sales have now dropped down with no hits on my keywords, only my google advertising gets me hits.

    Also, I see that you have emailed me two products, there’s the money making machines and then this program listed above. Now I’m being hit with two different systems, so am confused which ones to get.

    Your products sound so good, but I am just so skeptical right now because of all the money I’ve spent on this project so far.

    I’ve entered my website address for you to look at, and any advice would be greatly appreciated. I don’t want to get something for nothing, but I’m just a little leary about buying at this point, so I really need some convincing.

    Also, I am so confused about this blogging stuff, how it works when you have a business. It’s supposed to be unbiased people writing to each other, right? How do you write a blog that’s not considered spamming?

    Please help! and don’t forget to check out my website at

  31. Rockey


    wonderful site, most valuable site for every one.Internet marketing success can be achieved in a short amount of time if the proper care is taken to devise a plan of attack.

  32. Mike O'Brien

    Hey Eric thanks for the interaction and information that you give on this site,I know
    you don’t have to but you choose to do it and every little bit helps. I’ve bought courses in the past and have probably spent somewhere near 5,000.00 with domains ,websites,books, etc and I realize that this money is well spent because most entrepreneurs will tell you that you need to spend money to research your
    path before you get going. Although I may have exceeded the 500.00 that some
    of the gurus have said to invest,I still believe that there is no set price on information if you know that the internet is where you want to be.There are marketers on some of the courses that I’ve studied that have spent 20,000.00
    or more ,so it is up to you the newbie to figure out how much you want to learn
    and how fast

  33. Labrenda Youmans

    This program sounds just like what I need to help promote
    my business. I’ve been trying to make money online for years
    now! So you see I still feel like a “newbie” because I haven’t
    made any real money yet!

    It’s obvious I still have some things to learn; no one person knows
    everything! There are, as we already know, alot of scams out
    there; I’ve ran into many myself!

    I also like the information about the “step by step” teaching process
    in store for us; I can use money at the end of “any” month; so by the
    end of 60 days, any additional money would surely be welcome!!!
    Even the title of the company sounds very inviting…”The Million Dollar
    March”; sounds like a march I sure want to go on!!! (Smile!)

    Looking forward to new friends, and new financial success!

    Peace, Blessings and Good Fortune to Everyone in the program;
    and for those who come on board!

    P.S. I do have several home based businesses…Ambit is one of
    them (an ESCO) This will help people save on energy bills, and
    make money while doing so! We all need electricity and gas!
    Knowledge is something else I enjoy sharing with others. So,
    here we go!

    Labrenda Youmans (networker, and entrepreneur)

  34. Marek

    Hi Eric,

    Could I know how many opt-in subscribers in total you have in your mailing list?
    And is your list enough responsive?

    Let me know soon Eric.

    Marek Brezina, CEO

  35. Andy Immotna

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks a lot for the bonus! Glad I was able to get in!
    It actually motivated me to buy the course. lol!

    I’ll be digesting the course once it arrives. Hmm.. about
    a month or so -to Philippines.

    Also bought Mike’s 7th Figure Code but haven’t
    read it yet till now.. ;0

    I’ll do both once MDM arrives.

    Thanks again!



  36. Ulla

    I think this course could help me go further with my project…

    Perhaps I buy it.

    All the best,

  37. Akili Kumasi

    Sorry, I could not get the survey form to accept my input. Therefore, I am sending via e-mail.

    Hi Eric,

    I have three comments.

    1) In my opinion, you do not need to stop promoting “tools” that help to make marketers more productive and profitable as long as you also give up the freebies as well.

    2) Focus on free and inexpensive means of developing traffic, converting prospects to purchasers, and product development (non-internet marketing products).

    3) Affordable Affiliate promotions that are also productivity tools. For example, one of the few things that I have purchased through/from you is the AWeber service. Why? I appreciated the review you gave of the service and months later when I was ready for the service, I went back to your link to make sure you got credit for the sale. Hopefully you did/are.

    My point here is that loyalty will be inspired/maintained through good, honest products and services that help people become (a) more knowledgeable as well as (b) make more money.

    If there were a fourth thing, it would be how to take my whole family to Cancun …

    Thanks for your “direction”

    Akili Kumasi

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  39. Eric Post author

    Marek- Eric’s Tips is about 30k subscribers. Of course I can’t make any promises how well anything will convert, because that depends on the product and whether my readers like it. But compared to my peers with whom I’ve compared notes, I have one of the most responsive lists in this industry.

  40. Tom

    The thing I like best about you is that you call it as you see it. If it is a bad product, you let your readers know, and if it is worthwhile, you let them know that as well. As always, it is worth reading your review.

  41. Greg Smith

    I actually bought into the Million Dollar March a few weeks back. Up till now it has been non stop
    frustration. They are overloaded and take forever to get back to you. The products are in no way by a long chalk worth the 10k that is claimed in the video. (Mostly free stuff)The website they have eventually given me is an off the shelf copy from a PLR package that sells elsewhere for a few dollars. The webpage editing software is still so buggy it is impossible to edit my site anyway. So I am amazed that they are back promoting this when
    most of their existing members must be experiencing the treatment I am. So I don’t think you are doing any favours promoting here.
    Sorry, but that is my experience so far.



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