Radio Silent Mode

By | September 16, 2006

Edition #83 – 9/16/2006

In case you hadn’t noticed, I haven’t written a newsletter in the last 10 days.

Is it writer’s block? Lack of inspiration? Nothing to talk about?

Nah, that’s not it.

In fact, I can think of at least a few topics I’ve been meaning to write about for awhile.

But I can’t right now.

I’m in “radio silent” mode.

You know those spy movies and shows like Alias? Maybe you’ve seen when they’re entering the most critical part of a mission, counterintelligence efforts are present, and the stakes are high. They can’t risk the enemy intercepting a communication, so they go into “radio silent” mode.

The agent must stay focused on the task at hand and simply carry out their mission. That’s kind of what I’m doing right now.

As you may have heard, I’m launching a new product next month.

We’re at a critical point in the project, and it’s so important to me that I’ve had to literally shut down almost everything else so that I can focus on the task at hand. I’ve even stopped answering almost all email, and I won’t pick up the phone.

I’ve also passed up several opportunities to promote new products to my readers. These were opportunities that were essentially guaranteed to put a nice paycheck in my pocket, but here’s the thing. I didn’t feel that any of those products were truly good enough to warrant taking time away from my project to tell you about them.

Sure, some of them were good… but nothing that I would consider to be a “must have” product. If there had been some sort of ground-breaking, world-changing product that you absolutely NEED, then I would have made the time to tell you about it.

After all, keeping my readers well-informed is one of the top priorities of my entire business, but anything less than “life changing” simply isn’t justified at the moment.

So why am I telling you this?

I’m mentioning it because it might be exactly the message that you need to hear.

If you signed up for Eric’s Tips directly from my site, you might remember me mentioning that I would tell you WHAT I am doing, WHEN I am doing it. So keeping with that declaration, I should tell you that right now I’m implementing what I would consider to be a very important business strategy, and I think some others could benefit from it.

Here it is:

The ONLY way that I am able to accomplish as much as I do, is by creating uninterrupted blocks of time dedicated solely to getting the job done.

This means blocking out virtually everything that is non-essential to completing the task at hand.

Your distractions may be totally different than mine, but I’ve found that the biggest hindrances to this strategy are actually OTHER opportunities. Good opportunities, I should say. I’m talking about things that would be virtually guaranteed to put a paycheck in my pocket.

The problem is that by participating in those opportunities, I’d be taking my time away from something more important.

You need to decide what is the most important project for your business right now. If you don’t KNOW what is the very most important thing for you to be working on right now (you should be able to rattle it off instantly), then you could probably benefit from some good coaching or maybe consulting to help you identify your greatest areas of potential.

That’s not to say that you’ll always make the right decision (even with expensive “guru” coaching). There have been times when I THOUGHT I was investing my time on the best project, only to end in failure. But as I’ve become more experienced, I’ve grown better at recognizing my business priorities.

In an ideal business model, you should be outsourcing or delegating virtually EVERYTHING to your employees, but you need some working capital to get to that point. And since I believe in building a business debt-free, typically you will need to reach a certain level of success through the sweat of your own labor if you don’t have enough startup capital.

All this goes to say that if you KNOW that you know that you know that your idea will be successful if brought to fruition, then it’s time to GO FOR IT.

Is it time for you to go into “Silent mode”? Go ahead, and shut everything else down so you can focus on the important stuff. Just keep reading my newsletter though, OK?

If you succeed, then you can thank me for it, and if you fail…you can thank me for helping you get one step closer to success.

Let me know how it works out for you.

As always, you can leave your comments here in the blog.

Have a great day!

28 thoughts on “Radio Silent Mode

  1. Kathe


    Couldn’t have said it better! 🙂 Now, can I tell everyone over at TheHiddenVault that you told me to go into silent mode? hehe

    You are absolutely right. In all my years of business, I always used to tell those I worked with “if you don’t see or hear from me in a while, you’ll know something big (or good) is about to happen” or … “I’m too busy making a living to talk?”

    It’s our best “stuff” that comes from those times, honestly!

    You’re “right on” as usual! Do you read my mind at times? lol

    We look forward to seeing you on the flip side 🙂


  2. Rudy

    Hi Eric,

    I totally agree. I for one have been “wandering” around for over a year. Spent lots of money but not making any. I have hundreds of products to sell, info, e-books, scripts, etc. However, I haven’t learned how to set them up with my info and upload them correctly to my host server. That is my current focus. I am now on radio silence.


  3. Trish Jones

    Eric, only this morning I started unsubscribing from many of the emails coming in to me (yours is definately excluded!), for the very reason you’ve mentioned above. I was also fed up with getting “rubbish” offers that I know people are only promoting because it gives them some extra cash. When I told my husband what I’d done and why he told me “I only prayed to God this week and asked him to make you realise you just need to switch off your PC for a while and focus on your priorities.” Well, God spoke to me too and your email is just further confirmation that this is absolutely the right thing to do.

    Blessings to you Eric, Trish

  4. said hassan


  5. John Stankiewicz

    Eric, I commend you on the excellent implementation of a technique used by the best, and that is to keep folks’ interest up on what you are about to release… in fact, get them begging for it! So when you DO make the release, they will all come eagerly pouring in and buy your product. And this is NOT a negative comment. I will myself, buy release 2 of the templates even though I already have release 1.

    Kudos to you!


  6. Micheal Savoie

    You know, I feel that way, too. I am getting ready for a major project, but in my case, I need to form some alliances before I get completely into silent mode. Since my project involves setting up seminars, I am going to be needing to find people who are good speakers, who like to spread their positive attitude in everything that they do. So until I have surrounded myself with those people, I can’t completely shut down my communications.

    But I agree that when a project is ready to be completed, everything needs your attention, and you have to be able to focus.

    I will be glad when your project is ready, I will be saving up for it.

  7. Deanna

    Couldn’t agree with you more onthe whole thing. Now if I could just do the same I might actually be able to get more done. Focus is such an important thing and in this type of biz it is so easy to lose focus. There’s always emails to read or new sites or product to check out, etc. and once you get going down that road it seems hours just fly by and before you know it you’ve lost an entire day and are completely off track from what you should be doing.

    And this doesn’t just pertain to projects, big or small, it also or even mostly pertains to just getting your daily ‘to do’ list done. Maybe writing your newsletter or working on a new site or updating an exisitng one or doing research. Eveyone needs to take time to go into ‘silent mode’ as you put it on almost a daily basis just to focus on getting the priorities taken care of.

    So anyway, that’s my thoughts on the subject. 🙂 And with this in mind I’m back to the trenches on my own project.


  8. Brother Paul

    As usual, Eric, your advice is right on point!

    I’d seen over the last few weeks how chasing after tons of ventures, projects, and methods, that my business was getting scattered to the wind.

    But, for now, it’s straight forward, one project at a time. (The moment I did, I started seeing a return to regular income coming in.)

    Make it a great day!

    (and thanks for being my mentor, even though we’ve never “spoken.”)

    Brother Paul

  9. Galadri

    You’d really need to discipline yourself to do productive work if you need to concentrate on a project. Yes, time really fly by when you’re reading emails, posting in forums, chatting online and so forth…

    Thanks for the tip. It may seemed an obvious thing but when you’re in front of your computer daily, you’d tend to forget and before you know it, you’ve wasted precious hours on non-productive tasks…

    I guess maybe soon it’d also be my turn to enter ‘silent mode’….

    Good luck in your project!

  10. Anne Borg

    Trish For one is so , so right. You all are.
    I was gifted in my life many capabilities (chef, dressmaker,picture framer, artist)
    I managed them one after another. Now networking.
    But you have to put blinkers on, look straight ahead at your object.
    Cut through all the Hype, look for the Honest ,caring people who genuinely wish to help you
    I ‘ve been on the net 4 years , lost money ,been in and out of projects where all they want is your support of Fees. Have learned what is out there. Learned to see through them.
    You learn, It has to be real people. I found 4 and I have deleted and cleaned my machine out and am just concentrating my time where I am getting what I wanted, Revenue, Friendship , Honesty and enjoyment.
    I found you Eric through a Real True Caring Lady , you know her and thank you. both.

  11. Joe Lavery


    I here you.

    Stealth Mode at my home means a sign on my office door so my family KNOWS not to mess with me unless it’s life threatening.

    It works!

    I use a countdown timer too to focus on one task at a time, then take a short break.

    Stretch my feet, have an apple, get the mail… something, anything but work.

    Then I return to the next action task and repeat.

    Thanks for your insights Eric!

    Joe Lavery

  12. Jim

    Agree with you 150% Eric. The past week I received several prmotional emails for fantastic new sourcecode products and ebooks, one of which is steering up a huge hornest nest regarding Google Adsense.

    My goal now is to help others focus their efforts on one opportunity, so they can learn the one-step-at-a-time approach to making good money online.

    Home 1

    Look forward to the release of IAT2.

  13. John Grafflin

    Thanks for this post Eric. It got me back on track. Kinda goes along with what Robert H. Schuller said: “Don’t kill the dream…Execute It”!

  14. Charles

    Hello Eric.

    Thank you for the inspiration,all though i am a year old newbie now,i find that i have spent so much time reading emails that i felt discouraged information overload. I have now unsubsribed from nine news letters,now it’s time to put the knowlede to work.The way that you write Eric at the soul level your intent is pure.God is in your words Eric,As long as you continue this truthful way you will be ahead of this game.Follow your heart it knows the way.If you go within you don’t go with out.

    Yours in success.

    Charles.God Bless.

  15. Shirley Loflin

    Yes,I agree sometimes we must shut out everything else and focus on what’s at hand.Looking forward to your new release.May God bless you with this endeavor.

  16. Jeaanette

    I am trying to learn about the internet. I don’t know what this Adsense template is and I wish you would tell me what it is for ,how you use it ,when and what all can you use it for?
    Ido agree with you ,that you have to go with what is more important at hand.
    I enjoy getting you newsletters,so keep up the good work.
    What does this mean by: page protected by COPYSCAPE do not copy? Will you please answer my questions?
    Thank you

  17. Martin

    Hi Eric

    Yep. Recognising the right opportunities is the key. When you are a newbie it’s hard because you don’t usually have the right focus. I’m slowly getting there and learning to be more discerning about he latest “must have” product and which emails to open.

    Good luck with the launch.


    P.S. Thanks also for your offer on the Butterfly MS. Well done for getting second place. It shows that when you want something badly enough you find a way.

  18. Geoff Morris

    Thanks for that. As you know, I am already using several of your products, in conjunction with Article Underground. I can’t wait to see what this new Adsense template system will give me.

    Talking of radio silence, I am launching a new membership site in October, – highly viral, which means anyone with a list can soon make a great deal of money from it. There is a pre-sign up page on Jane’s web site.

    I’ll let you know more details closer to my radio switch on date.


    Geoff Morris

  19. Helene Solinga

    Hi Eric,

    Sorry it has taken me two days to post my comment. I’ve been busy riding in limos and having dinner with some handsome men.

    You are absolutely right what you are saying. I must learn to focus, focus, focus. I have my existing website and have two more in the works. I also have a full-time job, (which I happen to love so it’s not a J.O.B.). So I have to concentrate on my own goals and objectives and only promote to my list what I find to be the best sites on the Internet for them to go to. There are so many great sites out there these days, it’s kind of hard to be picky, but I will try. Perhaps I should put the words, “Focus Focus Focus” taped to my computer.

    I am looking forward to your launch, Eric.



    P.S. I’ll be watching your videos later today. Right now my roommates are fast asleep.

  20. Cliff Hammock

    Eric, thanks for not only the words of wisdom, but putting them into practice. I am an IAT user, so I am hoping to see some additional site templates in the near future.

    Since getting into Ewen Chia’s Super Affiliate Cloning Program, I have been pretty busy myself. After some pretty heavy self-promotion, Ewen and Sam selected me to host the SACP MasterMind Group website. So I have been heads down on that with only a limited amount of time to post about what is going on with My Super Affiliate Journey at Check out my blog for a few important items that I have been able to post.

    Looking forward to seeing IAT 2.


  21. Suzanna

    Hello Eric, I too had been wondering “Where did Eric go to?’ I always look forward to your weekly emails and tips! I totally understand your concentration on the subject at hand and am glad you spelled it out to all of us, Thanks again! Hope you and your new addition are doing well, any new baby pics?
    Cheers and God Bless Suzanna

  22. Bebe Dadu

    Helo, Mr. Eric !
    …Realy, you are RIGHT ! …As allways ! …When subscribing at your TIPS, I was in the quest of my RIGHT WAY …! …A lot of people were bantering me, because “at my 56+y.o.”, I am still “dreaming as a 17 y.o. boy”, and I am HOPING to SELFFINANCE my “dream” about the “Space Iron Industry Project”, by the INCOMES from my FUTURE “Shop On LINE” from the U.R.L. : (UNDERCONSTRUCTION) !
    …As you have “read my thougts” (…are you, may be, a Telepathic Specialist ???), I am in the “right line before the FINISH” (…wich WILL BECOME, of course, a new…STARTER BLOCK, in the MARKETING and SELLING of my… “Romanian X-FILES”, “Romanian INVENTORS and theirs INVENTIONS waiting for…STRONG Sponsors”, “The Romanian BOOK of Inventions’ …IDEEAS”, “The GOOD TASTE of OLD and Contemporary COOKING RECEIPTS for the NORMAL WEIGHT Recovering”, the Photo Album with “strange aerial images”, named “Hunting Clouds’ …ARTEFACTS” (24 August 2006, 11:13′ GMT – 12:38′ GMT, Bucharest, Romania, Europe, Terra Planet !), both of a LOT of OTHERS’ PRODUCTS, -…”Eric’s TIPS”, inclusively ! – wich I have “hunted” in the last 12 month, just like I have HUNTED the…”Strange, Aerial Phenomenon”, from my early youth, for about 53 years ago, when…- IT SEEMS like I was having a sort of 4th DEGREE Contact with some E.B.E., sustaining to be SUFFERING a sort of INCIDENT / ACCIDENT in the night of 4 April 1944, when my mother’s and my FUTURE native romanian city of DROBETA – Tr. Severin was suffering a barbarian BOMBS Attack ! …Being emerging from the HYPERSPACE, just BETWEEN the BOMBERS and the town, around at some 5,000.000 m altitude, the “Flying TUREEN” – …having around 30 metters in diameter ! – was “entered IN TOUCH” with a great, 500 kg “Flying Fortresses ” ‘ s bomb, without DESTROYING them but DOING GREAT DAMAGES on boards ! …so as…this E.B.E. “…from the High Intergalaktic Council, having the HeadQuarter in the CYGNUS Constelation”, both with a WONDERFULL greek Young Lady, “saved in the LAST MOMENT from the ITALIAN or GERMAN bombers’ attack”, were obliged to “…stay in the ATEMPORAL SPACE”, waiting that I am borning, I am surviving and growing up and …”were ATRACTED ME, in the 1st Night with FULL MOON, from the January 1954″…when they… “were OBLIGED ME” -…appearently by Subliminal Half-Sugestion ! – …to… “repair the Electronic Main-boards” …of more that 15 or 20 Pilots’ Commander Desktops with some “spare parts like …Litle Metalic Beetles with 8 feets” ….! …After this, I have asked a postponement, when they INVITED ME to REST on BOARD, suffering a RAPID GROWING UP, so as to…BECOME ABLE to…MARRY with the beautifull, greek Young Lady, the SINGLE TERESTRIAL BEING on BOARD, “they” being a…”LITLE …SomethingElse”, and GOING WITH THEM, on a lot of OTHER PLANETS …”like my Terra, some of them LITLE, some OTHER …BIGGER”, with… “beings LIKE me and the greek Young Lady”, but… NOT (…exactly ???)…IN THE SAME WAY…!
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    …As I am keeped informed NOW, in 2006, such “METEOROLOGIC Phenomenon” are HAPENED just when such a …”Strange Aerial Phenomenon” are …”landing off” with the …”main propellent” at maximum, BEFORE the MINIMAL ALTITUDE of 30,000.000 meters ! …If interested, you’ll may read MORE, about it, in my future “Romanian X-FILES”…!
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    …When I have geted it ON LINE, I will …”doing waves” to ALL MY FRIENDS, WORLDWIDE !
    …Be sure, you will be in the FIRST LINE, Mr. Eric, being between the FIRST, both with Mr. Mark, from the , and Mr. Billy Brigs from , wich was give me from your knowledge, from your “TIPS”, and was sustaining at a HIGH LEVEL my Psyhic Power, !
    …Shortly, I am thincking that I DOES WISH to YOU the BEST SUCCESS in your FUTURE WORKS, like I WISH for…MYSELF !
    …Really, I does to observe some …”Silentio Stampa” like the Italians are designating this “period before the …OFFENSIVE” !
    …Don’t worry, except some “technical problems” with my Internet Conection, -…it is hapening, sometimes, to be …BLOCKED by the…ANTIVIRUS, wich is TRYING to do the BEST in order to PROTECT against the “hackers’ attacks” or against the”furious vyrus’ atacks” ! -…except such “events”, I am able to READ EVERY DAY my coming MAIL, from my 8 – 10 e-mail accounts, yours inclusively ! …Before TODAY, I have NOTHING GOOD to signalise, that’s because I was in “radio silent MODE” as you are saying !
    The BEST WISHES to you and to yours friends, and…to GREAT VICTORIES in our On LINE Activities !
    “CORCIOVA” P.F.A. /romanian LEGAL ENTITY (alias “Bebe Dadu”)



  23. Ruth Shultz

    Hi Eric,
    About your home deal….hey it isn’t a deal if you got a meth contamination and as any good forensic person will tell you it is literally impossible to clean a home up after being infected. My advice is …DON”T GET IT NO MATTER HOW CHEAP. You are fairly young. You want to have an enjoyable life so don’t borrow trouble!

    On another subject….yours truly is going to prune her email. I am sick of the rubbish coming through in the email. I just pray that my emails don’t become rubbish to others. You are one of the exceptions.
    Best Wishes,


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