Taking Time to Relax

By | April 22, 2011

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in awhile. As many of you know, I was really busy earlier this year with 3 trips to the east coast, and product launches scattered amidst them.

Beyond that, I’ve been working behind the scenes on a new coaching program along with my friends Paul Counts and Jeff Wellman. People have been asking me for a coaching program for years, and it’s finally going to happen (look for it within the next couple weeks).

Lately I’ve been taking some time to just be creative. It’s important for your business–and for your LIFE–to regularly take time to do something OTHER than business. Something that will allow you to completely forget about your business. My favorite activities for this include fishing, windsurfing, and creating art.

Here are a few of the “creative” things I’ve done in recent weeks…

A painting (36″x48″ acrylic on canvas) of the scenery here where I live…


Easter is this Sunday, and I made an Easter-themed sculpture made from things found around my yard. Old wood to symbolize the cross, barbed wire to symbolize the crown of thorns, a stone representing the grave. The barbed wire and stone also symbolize sin entangling a hardened heart, which can only be made new through Christ…

Easter art

And I made a mash-up music video for a song that my younger brother recently wrote and recorded. My very long-time subscribers may remember his story, about how he was paralyzed in a car accident on his way home from college in 2004. I hope you find it to be an INSPIRING song and video, which features paralytics doing cool things…

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107 thoughts on “Taking Time to Relax

  1. Robert Cook

    Hey Eric, you have some great stuff on here man. I am serious, I was subscribe to you at one time, but haven’t received anything in a while. Anyway, keep up the good work!

  2. ashwini

    Hello Micah,
    Thanks, for you have gone through the website and given us vary valuable suggestions. Good to see that, you are also following Eric’s lessons. We would definitely follow your suggestions. Do you know any effective SEO tool? Please let us Know.I am also expecting Eric’s response in this regard.

  3. Samuel John

    I remember reading in your site long time ago that you are a Christian. I have news for you. I have started working with Kalima Evangelical Mission in India. It is founded by Pastor Shameer a former Muslim. Four other evangelists in the Gospel team are also former Muslims. The word Kalima is an arabic word which stands for “Word of God”. Please pray for us.

  4. Jolande Grade

    Hello Eric,

    Just reading your (health) story here. What more is there to add to all the nice things that has been written about you already? Just want to let you know you’re in my thoughts too with all best wishes. There’s no doubt in my mind to consider sharing your thoughts or concerns openly as a “weakness” or “bad for business” while we are all human beings.
    Maybe it’s even better to share it with complete strangers than with your own relatives, while we only know just a part of your personality AND … we are patience, already raven fans, so basicly,
    we believe any story you like to share with us anyhow, because we like you a lot already. It’s also a wellknown marketing fact that most people do symphatise more with “the underdog” than with the “rich jerks”, so no worrying about business! I got the idea that you use to live and enjoy your life to the max, so halfway of your energy is as good as it gets now and thats ok too, probably still even more than some people do give normally.
    A lot of great people with creative minds had some kind of trouble in their life to overcome (it’s also a mind thing to accept). Just to mention one example, did you know that Einstein failed to pass an examination once? (nice comparison he!)

    In my opinion you are a very nice, exceptional gifted and giving person beside a succesfull internet marketer with great marketing (blog)tips.
    I can relate to your lack of energy (heck…with 4 1/2 kids!, many trips and a business??) while I have had health problems in the past (but no kids).
    It makes you realise and humble that we can’t control our most precious gift of all, our health (fysically or mentaly) and we tend to forget that often in daily turmoil, it’s out of our control.
    Just take your time to feel better. As long as you don’t cut off your ear and keep on painting, it’s alright! (by the way: i liked your painting!) The only thing you have “to do” is “to do nothing”, other than the things you already like (baby number 6? – just kidding) There is a time for everything and there is more in life than blogs and marketing or even annoying fans :-). I hope you’ll feel better very soon and take care to your family and soon with the newborn baby (talking about taking a rest!).
    Hope you’ll let us all know if it is a boy or a girl? Thanks for sharing your personal thoughts, appreciate it as much as all your marketing stuff :-),
    Jolande Grade, a loyal subscriber
    (english is not my native language so be nice to my mistakes)


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