Rich Jerk X-ray Domination Uncovered

By | March 18, 2007

UPDATE: This product is now outdated, and I do not recommend it any longer. I am leaving it here for informational purposes only. Additionally, I have removed the links from this article. Interestingly, a couple years after this launch, Kelly Felix (the guy behind Rich Jerk) came out publicly and admitted that he basically HAD been a rich jerk. He then launched a new site called Bring the Fresh, in which he takes a “real guy” approach to teaching SEO. To get the most up-to-date information and recommendations, please join my free newsletter.

Edition #117 – 3/18/2007

I’d say it’s about time that someone lifted the curtain on all this Rich Jerk X-ray Domination hoopla, and separated the facts from the hype.

The buzz surrounding this launch has steadily grown over the past couple weeks, and with less than 48 hours until launch time, I’m now receiving about a dozen emails per day about it. I can only imagine how many promotions we’ll be bombarded with on Tuesday.

There have also been several other factors and recent developments that have added some serious confusion to the issue. I’m going to address some of those things, and hopefully put things into the proper perspective for you.

Let’s start with the Rich Jerk himself. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the Rich Jerk is really more of a brand name than a person. I might add that it’s a brilliant concept, and has become a powerful brand in our industry.

As you may have heard from other marketers, the guy behind the Rich Jerk (we’ll just call him RJ) is actually a pretty normal guy– and yeah– he really is making millions of dollars online. I’ve met him twice; last year in Vegas, and last month in New York. In fact we shared a limo ride down to Manhattan.

While I do think he’s got a good marketing concept, I don’t like the rudeness of his emails, and I’ve said so in a past edition of Eric’s Tips. It’s one thing to be edgy and sarcastic, but quite another to use foul language, and demean women and others– even if it is just a marketing tactic.

Had I not met the real RJ, I would probably not even be wasting these words on him now, but like I said he at least seems like a decent guy in real life.

Next let’s talk about the pre-launch marketing strategy that most of us have now seen employed for this launch.

Maybe you’ve seen some emails that say stuff like “Someone’s gonna get fired over this–“

They’re using the “leak” strategy, which has really become cliched in our industry over the past year or so. They started by releasing a video purported to be one of RJ’s employees logging in and spying on RJ’s AdWords account without him knowing it.

The bottom line is, I know my readers are smart, which is why I didn’t participate in those shenanigans. Anyone with half a brain can figure out that it’s an orchestrated pre-launch tactic.

And while I wouldn’t try to pull the wool over your eyes, I don’t think they’re trying to be “deceptive”. I see it as just a fun way of releasing pre-launch info. My mastermind group (the Secret Six) did something similar when we launched Product Launches Exposed last year.

We didn’t do it because we thought people would be “stupid enough to believe it”–we did it because we thought it would be a fun way to get people involved.

Anyway, if you’ve watched the prelaunch videos, you’ve heard a guy who goes by the name of “Ryan from the Rich”. Coincidentally, I’ve met Ryan too. He even showed me some cool “sleight of hand” magic tricks with his business card. If you ever meet him you should ask to see it.

I don’t want to sound like I’m trying to defend the Rich Jerk or his actions, I’m just trying to shed more light on the entire situation.

The next thing that has left a lot of people confused is the fact that RJ launched his new Rich Jerk Evolution website in such close proximity to the X-ray Domination launch.

In fact, I saw at least a couple of marketers who got their promotions wrapped around the spokes, so to speak. They actually confused the two launches. They thought they were promoting X-ray Domination, but the link was for Rich Jerk Evolution (or vice versa), which is a totally different thing.

Rich Jerk Evolution (aka Rich Jerk 2.0) is basically the new evolution of the original Rich Jerk ebook, formatted as a membership site with various types of content. I did take some time to check out the site, and I would say it’s got some valuable info. He’s got some good tips in there, like how he puts his banner ad all over MySpace without having to pay per impression. Along with that tidbit, there were several things I actually LEARNED from the member area, which made it worth it for me.

I didn’t take the time to promote it to you last week though, because I didn’t feel it was essential. Besides that, there were about 5 major launches going on (all of which I was invited to promote), and I decided you probably had enough promotions flooding your inbox. I hope you don’t mind that I decided not to contribute to the noise.

I still wouldn’t be devoting this much space to Rich Jerk Evolution, EXCEPT I just learned that Rich Jerk Evolution members will get a chance to purchase X-ray Domination a full hour before everyone else. And since they’re supposedly limiting it to 500 licenses, it could be a factor. I have no idea how quickly it will sell out (I don’t even know the price yet), but I figured I’d at least let you know.

OK, so we’ve cleared that up, now let’s talk about the X-ray Domination product itself, which is launching on March 20th at Noon eastern.

The idea is this: it is a tool to use in conjunction with your PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns which allows you to track the results on a per-keyword basis, even when you’re using an affiliate link.

If you’re using PPC to drive traffic to your OWN website, it’s easy to track the results on a per-keyword basis, simply by putting a small snippet of code on your thank-you page. Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and most other PPC providers offer this ability.

But if you’re promoting products and services as an affiliate (such as ClickBank products, or Commission Junction), it is generally not possible to put YOUR tracking code on the thank-you page of the vendor’s site.

Fortunately, most affiliate program providers (such as Commission Junction), allow you to place a tracking variable in your affiliate link. ClickBank recently added that capability also. However, it is still a somewhat complex and rather tedious process to put all those moving pieces together into a system that will allow you to actually see which keywords are converting for you.

The X-ray Domination program gives you a tool that automates most of the process, and also includes extensive training materials that show you exactly how RJ uses this technique to make millions of dollars of affiliate commissions.

In case this all sounds familiar, maybe it’s because the concept is very similar to the Landing Page System, which I helped launch in January.

The X-Ray Domination system basically picks up where the Landing Page System left off. X-Ray Domination provides a smoother interface, much more training material, and the ability to import your stats directly from ClickBank, CJ, and LinkShare.

Just to let you in on a little secret, the X-Ray Domination program actually utilizes a technology that is not owned by RJ. The software itself was created by a programmer named Wes who has worked with me and Joel Comm before. In fact, I spoke with him on the phone this morning to make sure I had my facts straight for this newsletter.

The good news is that this programmer is top notch, and he and his team will be supporting the software.

The other good news is that I’ve been a beta tester for the program for the past several weeks, and I’m pleased to say that it lives up to its claims.

OK, so that’s what the product is all about– now let me clear up a couple more issues.

Today, a “clone” of the software was launched on a forum. I’m not going to mention it by name, because the owner of it was nice enough to give me a review copy. But I will say that the software itself is clearly inferior in my opinion, and the manner in which he launched it is really not ethical.

He is leeching off the X-ray Domination launch, by directly naming RJ’s product and saying that his does the “exact same thing”, when in fact it doesn’t. For one thing, the “clone” does not even have the ability to import your data from the affiliate program providers.

I don’t blame anyone for “leeching”, but he definitely crossed the line, and I know legal action is being taken against him (although I’d be doubtful it would have much impact due to the difficulty of prosecuting outside the US).

It’s interesting to see this happen though, as it’s similar to what we saw last month when Mike Filsaime’s VFG launch was sabotaged by other marketers. It used to be that the copycats would launch their products a week or two after the big launch. Now, they’ve gotten to the point where you can almost expect a copycat to be launched BEFORE the release of anything big from a guru.

It goes to prove a point. Whether you’re a guru or not, it’s probably best to keep your product a secret until the launch (especially if it’s something truly new).

Finally, let’s clear up one more potential misconception before we finish up.

You may have heard about another product launching this month called “HexaClick” (the product behind “The New PPC”).

I want to make it clear that HexaClick is NOT a clone of X-ray Domination. It serves a different purpose.

On a side note, HexaClick was originally slated to launch on March 15th, but has been delayed probably until late March or early April (I’ll let you know).

I met the developers of HexaClick, Amish and Larry, and they seemed to be nice guys. Perhaps the delay of their launch speaks of their ambition of perfection for their product. From a marketing standpoint, they definitely should have kept their original launch date which would have let them launch before X-ray Domination, and likely would have resulted in a larger market share of the PPC marketers in our industry.

Fortunately, their product is different enough that it shouldn’t hurt them too badly.

I’m ALSO a beta tester for HexaClick, and it’s an entirely different beast than X-ray Domination. I won’t get into all the details here (I’ll write a bit more about it when it launches), but I’ll give you the basics because it might help you decide whether X-ray Domination is the right tool for your business.

HexaClick is not designed to track affiliate links. It’s designed primarily to automate PPC marketing for campaigns in which you can directly track the results by placing the tracking code on your thank-you page.

But there’s a lot more to it than that. The server-based program actually interfaces directly with your PPC accounts (AdWords, Yahoo SM, etc).

More importantly, it can actually automate the bidding process. You simply tell the program what ROI you wish to achieve. It will then track the profitability of each keyword, and adjust the bids accordingly to match your ROI goal.

That’s huge, because it’s like having a virtual employee doing all the work to manage your PPC campaigns. There are actually a couple of programs that already offer this capability, but they are very expensive. I’ll talk more about it when I do my review of HexaClick.

So if you’re using PPC primarily for your OWN websites, HexaClick may be the best choice.

If you’re using PPC as an affiliate marketer, X-ray Domination is the best thing I’ve found so far.

Ultimately, someone WILL combine these two concepts and cater to people like me who use PPC for my own sites AND affiliate marketing.

But I’m not going to wait until that happens, because this is something that works NOW and there is money to be made TODAY.

I consider PPC marketing to be an integral part of my business. Last year I spent about $150,000 on clicks. I hope to increase that to $100,000 PER month by the end of this year.

You might be thinking, OK that’s easy for you to say Eric, but I don’t have $100,000 to spend on PPC.

When you understand how this business works you’ll understand why I have money to spend on clicks, and why you do too!

Let me put it this way– could you afford to put $1000 of clicks onto your credit card if you knew it would result in receiving $2000 of commission checks at the end of the month?

Could you afford to put $10,000 on your credit card if you knew it would result in $20,000 of commission?

Regardless of your credit situation, you would find a way to afford it. (Note: I’m NOT telling you to go out and run up a PPC tab on your credit card if you don’t know what you’re doing. You can also lose a lot of money in this game if you don’t do it right. So you should start small, and learn from experts.)

That’s how the game works. I’m going to keep playing the game, and if you want to join me, I recommend getting a tool such as X-ray Domination to help level the playing field.

As always, you are welcome to leave your comments here in the blog.

Have a great day!

93 thoughts on “Rich Jerk X-ray Domination Uncovered

  1. Karen

    Hi Eric,

    I need a bath. Just made the mistake of clicking on the “bathroom
    video” on RJ’s site. I’m far from a prude but that was disgusting. If that’s where good marketing tactics are headed, I’ll happily keep my day job. And, my self-respect.

    No, I’ll never be as “successful” as the pro-RJs but at least I can live with that.

    Long live the “nice guys & gals”!


  2. TS

    In addition showing (totaling) # of sales per keyword, will it also…. Show total comissions earned per keyword?

    (essential for campaigns where the commision amount is not constant ie. being paid a percentage of a vairable gross sale)

    Like your Tips Eric,

  3. Hans

    Eric, you said “Had I not met the real RJ, I would probably not even be wasting these words on him now, but like I said he’s a decent guy in real life.”

    The way RJ expresses himself in ads and other places is REAL LIFE! If he PRETEND to be a nice guy when he meets you, don´t let him fool you Eric!

    His ACTIONS is what counts, not his words. But you know that already, right.


  4. Doug

    Veronica, You can easily find out the real name of Rich Jerk, just by searching.
    You will find that his previous profession was probably instrumental to his created identity.
    If you knew that Disney was creating adult films, would that change your perception of Disney? That is why they use Touchstone for their non-family shows. Does that make Disney a fraud, or a bad company.
    If RJ didn’t work, it wouldn’t be around. It does, and you have a choice, just like everyone else. But you can’t be too turned off if you are still reading his emails, or visiting his pages.

  5. Tom Brownsword

    Too much hype and too much cash for too little actionable information. I learned my lesson from the original ebook and won’t be burned twice.


  6. MrKenn

    The INternet Marketing Seminar

    The Rich Jerk Was Awsome today at The Internet Marketing Seminar IN Dallas, He added a great comic effect

    I hope everyone had a chance to catch the first live Internet Marketing Seminar, Technology has really improved, As I was Watching the Seminar, I realized that I should and could be doing much more!

    There was so much information that it made my head spin, there is definatly a big future in PodCasting.

    I think all the hoopla around list building is insane, it’s all about conversion, and the most important thing is to test, test, test, untill you get your site converting. then roll it out to the masses.

    I cant think. Its about 4 in the morning now, I am going over my notes from the seminar! still wondering why, why have I not made a single dollar Online, what is it that I am doing wrong.

    I am still missing a small piece of the puzzle, I think it is the ACTION Part, I spend so much time at my day job, that this should be my day job, designing and creating web pages all day long.
    chatting on Blogs, developing online friendships and Most Of All NetWorking,

    I bet it is a blast when you catch the wave, I keep asking my self, why is it I can make a good living, in the service industry, with my website, but I can;t make money from promoting Affiliate sales, what is wrong with my site, that it is not converting well.

    I do feel that I am a lot closer than when I started, I can basically tell you everything you need to do to, and where you need to go to start makeing money online, but I am not going to untill, I start Generating some of my own Profits.

    There is soo much Information floating around online today, that most of it is garbage anyway, and, how can anyone ethically charge someone for a Ebook that was written by a program, it does not make any sense.

    Well I have to cut this short, My GirlFriend is Calling me upstairs,


  7. MrKenn


    The Future is Baller Marketing,

    I am # 1 on Google out of 215,000 other sites,

    check it out just search baller marketing on google.

    The Baller

    I am finished playing around, and am going to start making my own waves.
    youve been warned

    Balller Marketing.

  8. Paul

    hi eric! thanks for all your tips. i’m new to the affiliate marketing game. i just want to know what is the best program to start off with when you have a limited budget. i’ve been looking at wealthy affiliate and day job killer. i’m also trying adsense but right now, i’m veering towards affiliate merketing.

    any input you can give me will truly be appreciated. i will wait for your reply.

    thank you.

    manila, philippines

  9. Jon

    Thanx Eric for the clarification. I subscribed to your list long ago and I appreciate the “real dirt” you come up with. Keep up the good work. Let me know when you do write “the missing 1%” lol.

  10. Queen of Suburbia T-Shirts

    That was a good review Eric and I for appreciate that you had the sense to take a wide berth of the more sensationalist aspects of the pre-launch.

    Over the last six months i have read your blog more and more for credible reviews of products and I think if you’d gone down the “looking over the rich jerks shoulder” route like others did, I’d have lost respect for you.

    Personally i’m finding the whole “WWE Wrestling” style of promoting RJ’s products a little played out, but that’s a personal preference.

  11. Mary

    Dear Eric,Always enjoy your emails.
    Would you please do an article on pay-per-lead?
    i.e companies in general who will make a payment for a lead, when a person goes to a website, or fills out a form, and then they pay you for the contact however, not just American companies as usually happens, but International Corporations, so that those of us who live outside the USA can build up this part of our business.
    Thank you for your time.

  12. Eric

    The all can be done with simple php code. And best of all it cost nothing.


    [not Eric’s Tips Eric]

  13. Sam Meilach


    Sure, if you are a heavy hitter and have thousands of PPC campaigns that span Google/Yahoo/MSN and hundred of thousands of keywords in total and you use Clickbank/Commission Junction/Linkshare….I agree that it can get to be too much to analyze that with a spreadsheet. Perhaps MS-ACCESS would be better there. And, probably there’s ways to automate getting that data into Access…

    But — if someone is just starting out and is doing, let’s say, 4 to 10 campaigns in total, it can be managed in a spreadsheet quite easily. Didn’t the Affiliate Project X say that the most successful affiliates are doing under 10 campaigns at any given time?

    I bet someone else will start working on such a system that does this kind of analysis, where it goes into these companie’s data from your account and download it all automatically. There’s many programmers out there and many companies that can do this, I’m sure. And, it won’t be such a huge price of over $1,000 ! Even though this is a vertical product, $1,000+ is way too much for someone just starting out. Ok, for you Eric, since you do so much PPC it will make business sense. But for someone just starting out, I don’t know…maybe it will be seen as too expensive.

  14. Suzanna

    Hello Eric, as always your post are very informative and helpful. Concerning the Rich Jerk, even though he may be a nice person does not excuse his use of offensive language to sell something. There is enough of that out there in the world now, as considered normal. I personally do not wish to be associated with someone that uses that type of promotion just to sell a product or idea. Guess my morals are just to high even though I do think it works. As always enjoy what you have to say, keep it coming.
    Cheers and God Bless!

  15. Abhik


    Does anyone know what the URL is for Amir’s apparent knock off software of RJ’s Xray coming out tomorrow??? If anyone know’s Eric…Amir…if you’re reading this I’d be grateful for a reply.



  16. Michael

    Congrats to Amir for starting work on Xtreme Conversions in December 2006 and coming up with a “patented procedure that obviates the need for you to modify anything in your adwords campaign.”

    Too bad it takes three to five years to get a U.S. patent, and everyone except Amir knows it.

  17. Dena

    Hi Eric.
    I too enjoy your newsletters. I don’t know WHAT this Anthony guy’s story is, but after hearing his recorded testimonial it seems a bit ridiculous. Just moooooooove on. Here’s to Pollyanna gurus!
    About RJ, I liked his first book but I eventually unsubscribed from his newsletter because I found it VERY offensive and, as you said, demeaning to women. YECH. I’ll stick with the Pollyannas.

  18. Jerry Holliday

    Thank you for your invaluable insight into this latest rich jerk launch. I’ve listened to the car audio of the guys from rich jerk and it certainly sounds interesting. I actually don’t mind the rich jerk marketing, but yes I can see how it could be viewed as offensive. That’s marketing folks!

  19. Silvee

    When I read offerings from marketers I look to Joel Comm, Mark Joyner, Dan Kennedy, etc. This rich Jerk doesn’t seem to have anything substantive enough to build a lasting brand or presence. Someone will quickly trump his tactics and draw way his audience, I predict. I just have to say though, guys, as a female, I don’t think he’s particularly demeaning. Those girls in his videos, they want to be there; it’s fully their choice, as it should be. I find the notion of the government mandating that young girls be innoculated with a HPV shot much, much more demeaning (not that the vaccine is a bad thing, but requiring it, that is just unacceptable).
    But I stray. Thanks, as always, for your great tips.

  20. Sam Meilach

    Eric, you know what the Internet Marketing arena needs?

    We need *the* Donald Trump to come in and shake things up. We need someone from the *real* business world to help out the little guys out there and to curtail, as much as possible, all the I.M. crap that is prevalent out there. John Reese was going to do something like this, but what’s happened to that ? Not a word from him yet. If someone with tons of money can come into this market and create tools, courses, etc, the proper way, and cost effective, I say, go for it. Just hoping !

  21. Akili Kumasi

    This was a very informative blog entry in terms of the products discussed. I learned a lot about the world of internet marketing.

    It was also interesting to see what subscribers think about the tactics that different people will use to make money. Many people seem to subscribe to “Situational Ethics” – that is – their ethics depend on the situation at hand.

    Eric, small compromises can lead to big compromises. It is not always easy to take the meat and leave the bones – without getting dirty in the process. I know you stand above the crowd and can see where your help comes from. It’s good to read your insights and your up front way presentation.

  22. Ken

    Hi Eric,

    It is nice to know that RJ is a nice guy, but I still resent his marketing style (I personnally see nothing funny in it, or perhaps you were speaking of the other parts of his campaign). I have absolutely no use for vulgarity and my first exposure to RJ was one of the most vulgar pieces of “copy” I have ever encountered. Nice guy or not he lost me on the first letter. When I see RJ involved in any letter I receive, whether from him or some one else, I simply delete. It was out of respect for you and your news letter that I decided to see what you had to say about the situation rather than delete. I can find no justification in the use of vulgarity in marketing and choose not to reward any individual who uses it.

    Thank you for the insight.

  23. Gal


    Huhu … of all your bonuses being offered, I just love no. 4 …!
    Will you be Fedex-ing that and does it include the plate and fork? 😉

    But seriously, I really enjoy reading your blog posts … keep on reviewing and thanks for your tips.

  24. Brent

    G’Day Eric and thanks for responding to my previous post re burning too much money for no return.

    Eric, I know I am doing something wrong but I cannot determine what it is. I own and have read Google Cash, Project X, Day Job Killer, Adwords Made Easy, AdWords Miracle, Google Wealth Wizard, and The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords plus a whole lot of bonuses etc.

    I get averages of 2, 3 and 4% CTR for campaigns with keywords hitting 25% CTR individually. I have used the “Leach” method and even copied ads with no response. I use landing pages, cloaked links, direct linking to sales pages. I have ads that show in position 1 – 4 on search, keywords in the headline, text from the top of the sales page in the body, price/no price but nothing.

    I think I need a mentor or at the very least someone who knows what to do to have a look over any single campaign and point out the error(s). Problem with that is that I have tried that in the past as well and unfortunately hooked up with “Mr. X” from the System Seminar and quickly found that he didn’t have a clue. He had been extremely lucky with his first foray into IM, made a fortune and thought that he knew it all. Useless and wouldn’t give a refund.

    People like Shawn Casey want huge money for their course and also want telephone access which is just not practical with the time zone difference. I cannot and will not pay $5,000 for mentoring of dubious value.

    Chris, (and other readers) my apologies for the rant but I am sure there are many others who are having the same problems as me and would appreciate some help other than yet another b#$%^y ebook with the same content. I am prepared to be the guinea pig and post the results on my blog as I have already been doing.

    I can’t believe that I am that bad at writing ads or landing page copy but perhaps I am.

    Want a new challenge? I bet that a blog that shows the steps and the ads and the results would have more traffic than RJ has cuss words.


  25. Amir


    I just learned that I can’t claim to say something is patented or that I have a patent while it’s a provisional patent. So I wanted to correct the statements above.

    The patent is a provisional patent, and the procedure is patent-pending.


  26. saundra


    Not to start a debate, just to make a statement. As a Christian, I find the statement “everyone is doing it” does not make it right. When I stand in front of Jesus I do not want him to say “I knew you not” because I following the crowd. You can make a decent living without all the hype.

    As your kids get older they will say that statement a lot. Will you accept it from them?

    Remember out of the mouth the heart speaks.

    I will never buy from those who have a foul mouth or demean people.

  27. Hamant

    Hi Eric Thanks for your answers.
    Do you not think that too many of us want an automatic script for almost everything that we do and that the newest script will solve all the “ills” regarding the money that we out to be making.

    Above Mary was asking of you would d an article about Payper Lead programs.
    In fact Eric If I may menyion this on your blog here – I attended a Deminar in Toronto by a very good marketer named Gauher Chaudry – He makes his living on precocely this field CPA ( Cost Per Action)
    In fact that was one of the most eye openning few days –
    He is actually releasing his home study course today – and its a no fluff absolutely down to earth kind of guy – ( This is not my affiliate link by the way )
    If any of you want to know about CPA marketing – He is your man –
    I mention it here because Eric you mentioned that your other business was making money from Insurance Leads and so on.
    The reason why it was such an eye openner was the kind of money young kids are making in this field. A chat with one of the CPA reps told us that there were kids 18-21 years old clearing $1,000,000 a Month…..Yes thats’ a Month …
    If you rteally want this link here it is –

    This is what I do now –

    By the way I am in a Video Testimonial – and I am not doing this as a favour or anything. This guy just does not believe in sellling anything if you are not going to do anything with it. Reminds me of you Eric.



  28. Stephan

    Hi Eric,

    As always, a great and thorough review. And even though I don’t always agree with your opinions, I believe you really are a nice guy.

    RJ however… well, if it looks like a rat, walks like a rat, talks like a rat, and leaves a trail of ratshit behind it, it probably IS a Rat.

    Even if it scurries around waving a newspaper in its grubby little paw declaring it to be a fancy miljonair entrepeneur.

    Yes. I really like hard, blunt and raw copy, IF it serves a specific purpose.

    But (and this is one big but…)

    I will NEVER buy a product from a person (or copywriter) that’s trying to get me on his side using offending, faul and demeaning language, even if it serves a specific purpose.

    Here’s another big (kick in the) but…

    I don’t care if the Rich Jerk is really more of a brand name than a person. So what if it has become a powerful brand in ‘our’ industry? And who gives a shit if it believes it’s flogging the best damn mousetrap ever developed?

    I will NEVER buy a single product from an anonymous or aliased salesletter written by a fataly flawed human being who actually believes he is better then me.

    Does that make me a loser, a moron, retarded, in other words (RJ’s words)… a complete idiot?

    Maybe in ‘your’ industry.

    Who knows?

    I may be a 21 year old budding entrepeneur, or I may be a 44 year old veteran in sales, trained to perfection in direct responce marketing strategies and tactics, with a reach that exceeds your grasp.

    Think about that for a minute and you’ll get it.

    Yep, it’s all about having a clue.

    And looking at all the incestues emails from almost 2 dozen affiliate ‘marketers’… including some of the ‘big’ names in ‘your’ industry… all promoting the Rich Jerks Crap… and almost all signing off with rather ridiculous nicknames…

    Not ONE of these self-proclaimed ‘marketers’ seem to have a clue about the most basic marketing lessons.

    Damn this Internet Marketing Crap looks bad.


  29. Anthony

    So Eric…

    You PAY for Google Adwords all you wish.

    I get ALL my keywords indexed on the first
    4 pages of Google minus the charge you
    idiots pay Google. I know more than you,
    the rich rich jerk, and the other crowd of
    dunces you hang with. As a matter of fact…

    I am going to reveal my secret to advertising
    on Google without paying a dime soon.

    Then I’ll watch all you idiot guru wannabees
    not promote my site to your subscribers and
    deprive them of some real powerful secrets!

    “The Guru Slapper”

  30. V


    I was having a hard time deciding if I should buy the X-RAY software by the “Sick Jerk”, but this post of yours and the comments that followed really cleared a lot of dust for me. I have decided NOT to buy the software and the rehashed training material. I have had enough of buying the over-hyped stuff out there. Even I got a lot of offers from the several big-name “Gurus” and even an offer from Mr. X of BlackBookDVDS.COM offering to ship me his whole set of DVDs if I bought through his link. I really dont think his DVDs are worth the money since I bought myself a copy of Day Job Killer – even though it doesnt have videos, the strategies are not very different and serve the same purpose – you only need to scratch your head for a while lol. Anyways, the truth of the matter is that, I really won’t like to buy any stuff from anyone who does not respect me. If anyone says I am a loser, an idiot or I will never make as much money if I don’t buy his/her product – I will just say “Get the Hell outta here!!!!!” And if I really get heated up, I may even put my karate skills to test lol!! Ok, so now I am feeling better that I don’t have to think about buying a thing that I can, being a programmer, develop myself. Is anyone thinking about outsourcing? I am sure anyone of us can hire a programmer to do the same for us – perhaps for a 100 dollars? – Well this is just a suggestion for the “WINNERS” like me!!:-D

    I would also like to mention that I am sick of the top gurus teaming up to make a fool out of their subscribers. Btw, the next time a guru tells you he is going to tell you how you can develop a quick product and make a fortune – you can get a fair idea of what his product is like (ha ha ha) lol!!

    Vaibhav Kumar,
    SEO Manager

  31. Kabir

    Eric, being nice does not mean person act or deal things morally or at least consciously. You will find lots of nice people in real life but they know how to twist things around, most of time don’t care providing values to their clients diligently. On the other hand, you will find people who are really jerk but they do care others well beings.

    Anyway, what is about X-ray domination? Sorry, I did not have lots of time to read whole thing. I am sure that it will not benefits me since I am into stock market business for long-term creating values by analyzing stock market information in other countries.

    Thank you in advance,

  32. Chris Cheeks

    Hi Eric n All,

    First of, thanks for your review of the RJ tracking tool. This is the first product from the rich jerk that has taken my fancy as Im not into the terminology used to sell his products and I know many are not into it either but fair play to him for having the balls to divert from the “usual routes to success” and succeding at it..I dont condem the strategy, but It just simply doesnt appeal to me.

    When I first heard about the tracking software I was very interested, as I am a huge fan of tracking results and think it is a fundamental part of online success. I am new to online marketing but have been at it online since 2000 were i started on ebay (after school hours – part time) and have achieved a great deal since, graduating to full time ebaying and putting my degree /career on the backburner. My ebay achievements are down to many things but testing and tracking are the big players in the ebay game for me without a doubt.

    As I am now begining the online marketing game (been at it for just over 18 months now and doing ok) I plan to take a simmilar route as I did with ebay. Track, test, track and then more tracking and testing ;@)

    What I would like to know is:

    1. How can I track my subscribers? I need to know what keywords they are using to find my webpages. I have searched google but havent come up with anything descent. I guess the principle would be a script on the thank you page, but at the moment I cant get my head around it (marketing info overload!). Any advice would be welcome on this one..

    2. Is there a way to track what keywords were used to generate the sale? would the RJ software deal with this part of the equation?either way, are there any good alternatives..

    Advice on the above issues are very welcome from anyone who might be able to suggest or help.

    Keep up the good work Eric

    Speak soon

  33. Hamant

    Hi Chris – If you are looking to tracking software – to track your own product sales – then you obly need something like adtrackz or similar package – a very powerfull kit and very reasonable priced creating links on the fly etc for tracking –
    If you are only wanting to know the keywords that people who have landed on your site then you dont even need that- because your raw logs from your hosting account will give you that. You can access the raw logs or use AW Stats within Hosting account – Hostgator gives you that free anyway –

    Obviouslu from what I can gather its a totally diff. ball game when it comes to tracking who have been sent by you to an affiliate site and that is where Xray domination comes n. But I was sure that there were alternatives and I bumped into one after doing some research and frokm what I can gather this does what Xray does – unless I am mistaken –
    Here is the link if you want to take a look – Maybe Eric can give us a run down if he knows about it aswell – and if it does then this one is a heck of a lot cheaper alternative

    x conversions

    I am very mindfull of saving people money especuially when you are spending approaching a grand. I’ve been there and spent redicilous amounts of money on products which have not deliverrred.

    Take care


  34. Chris Cheeks

    Hi Sam & Hamant,

    Thank you very much for your advice with the tracking software. The info is much appreciated. I am now deciding which one to try between the landingpage system or the xconversions..


  35. Rian

    Eric….great tips…it awesome to find a “real” IM blog sharing some killer stuff.

    I did break down and get Keyword Xray. I had a bunch of problems getting access (they didnt activate my account)…but finally got in to take a peak.

    so far it looks awesome…there is so much that it does that is left to be desire by google/clickbank etc. I imaging though eventually Google will implement keyword tracking and put some of the software packages out on the streets. But till that day comes…keyword xray seems to be the real deal. now I read some of the above comments and read how people hate the rich jerk because of his “pooping video” or whatever. you know…I dont care about that. That’s just his marketing technique…and apparently it is highly effective. It was just like with Howard Stern…..he had a bigger audience with the people who hated him than those who liked him. Why? because he was shocking…and people flock to others who say what everyone else wont.

    I bought keyword xray because truly think there is going to be a ton of information in there, and it is going to be out of reach for most people. did I really have the $1500 bucks…no….but then again…I’ve wasted plenty already on crap that is really just that…crap. now the rich jerk knows he’d have instant refunds if he delivered the same ol’ recycled stuff. its gonna be good…just going over day 1 material, I can tell we’re in for some surprises. in fact…just started a keyword xray journal if anyone is interested in following along with someone who has actually bought the thing and is going through the training.

  36. Penny


    Forgive the intrusion.. but doesn’t Brad Callen’s Keyword Elite do everything that both Underground Profits and X-Ray Domination, (and more), and it’s been around for a lot longer and you don’t have to pay a fortune … and you can run it from your desktop.

    Am I missing something, it really seems that KeyWord Elite is heaps better than both of these and although I was all hyped up when I saw both those products, when I went searching deeper because I just didn’t wanna part with that kind of money, I found KE and man, unless I’m missing something, I reckon that Keyword Elite is better…?

    I haven’t bought any of them yet, still searching around the reviews trying not to get ripped off, but just putting it out there because when I came across it tonight, I’ve been mesmorized by the how-to videos thinking that those other one’s dont even come close, and similar to Underground Profits, I won’t have to spend my own money to find out what keywords are paying (see Project 5 Video)..

    Kind Regards,


  37. BSM

    I’ve been looking in detail at both systems, RJ’s and Amirs solutions both have their + and -.
    The biggest difference is in the way they track: One is by inserting PHP code and the other one is using javascript. Depending on some situations, you should already make a choice there.
    Also, one has a little more functionality included (but it is not indespensible) such as matching the registered keywords with the affiliate tracking code.
    All in all, I think both could still enhance their software and make the ‘killer’ affiliate tracking software.

  38. Revanth

    Hi everyone,

    This is Revanth.I gone through this website and found some various information which is
    useful to the people who are interested to do business.The Rich Jerk X Ray Program Reviewed.
    Rich Jerk’s Evolution/2.0 program is the newest software and training program online that
    will supposedly help you make money as an affiliate marketer. I watched one of their videos
    done buy a guy by the name of Ryan and I would have to say that I was really impressed with
    the overall presentation. We have a site which deals with the same category Rich Jerk

  39. Lauren

    You say you have met “the Rich Jerk” in person and that he is a decent guy.How can that be? Your definition of a “decent person” needs revizing I think.

    A decent person would not demean Anyone at Anytime for profit.

  40. Eric Post author

    I have not seen him in about a year and a half, but when I met him he was very nice in person. But I do not agree with his demeaning marketing tactics. I would also say that even though RJ is a fictional persona, I can not help but question whether certain actions are indeed a reflection of the person behind the curtain.

  41. Kathy Filia

    If you think like a marketer then you need to ‘think outside the box’. That means that the whole world is part of your tactics, it means that demeaning people can be a tactic too. The main reason is that this tactic, though disliked by some, is also an effective way of gaining attention too. You gain attention and you also gain ‘traffic’, you also gain other people’s interest which means your word spreads, it amuses, it evokes response, it builds on itself. It’s unusual therefore it attracts. All equates to traffic and no doubt sales and success.

    Think outside the box and you’ll probably do a lot better (at marketing) than trying to be like everybody else. If you’ve tried it and it doesn’t seem to work, then other ways need to be tried. Some of them may even seem a bit disagreeable, but if you’re prepared to ‘wear’ that, then perhaps you’ll make more money.

    Talk some more?


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