Russell Brunson? Anik Singal? Affiliate Manager Madness

By | June 26, 2006

UPDATE: This review is now outdated. I am leaving it here for informational purposes only. For the most up-to-date information and recommendations, please join my free newsletter.

Edition #61 – 6/26/2006

You’ve probably seen a lot of hype lately about Affiliate Manager programs. Russell Brunson recently launched Affiliate Inferno, which is a $1497.00 course teaching the techniques that Russell used to build his affiliate army of 30,000.

Several of his guru JV partners are promoting the course by proposing to “hire” new JV Manager’s who purchase and complete the course (through their link of course).

I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with that, but from some of the negative flack I’ve seen posted on other blogs lately, I think a couple of them might have gone a little overboard in their approach. I also think some of them might have jumped on the bandwagon without thinking it through enough.

I’d dare say that most gurus would rather hire someone who has experience and is well connected in the industry, than a newbie who just completed an at-home study course.

That said, I’m not really dissing the gurus… but this whole thing has created a bit of a cloudy atmosphere around the Affiliate Manager courses.

To make matters worse, Anik Singal is now launching an equally hyped program, and it’s left a lot of internet marketers in the middle not knowing who to trust or where to turn…

First of all, I’m not promoting Russell’s program because I just haven’t had time to check it out.

However, I have checked out Anik’s course, and I’m happy to report that it is fantastic.

Anik Singal

Anik was nice enough to ship me an early copy of it so that I could check it out. The first thing I noticed was that it was HUGE. The delivery guy left it on my front porch, and when I picked it up I was like whoa… this ain’t just a few DVD’s.

The material is very thorough, and I can say without a doubt that this course is worth the price that Anik is asking for it.

I was going to do a review of each item in the course, broken down into their components, but my buddy Joel beat me to the punch and made a 15 minute video showing off everything that comes in the box. You can check it out on Anik’s blog…

(Link removed – product no longer available)

I may even send out a reminder *if I have time*.

Lastly, today is my 7th wedding anniversary, so I better get back to work so I can take my wife out for a nice evening tonight!

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26 thoughts on “Russell Brunson? Anik Singal? Affiliate Manager Madness

  1. Ross

    With regard to your remark that “most Mormons are” good guys here’s a quote from Brigham Young, Mormon leader from 1801-1877:

    “We have the greatest and smoothest liars in the world, the cunningest and most adroit thieves and any other shade of character that you can mention….I can produce Elders here who can shave their smartest shavers, and take their money from them. We can beat the world at any game”.

    Read “The Poet and the Murderer” by Simon Warrall. The London Times said “An adventurous and sensational narrative”. The Financial Times: “An astonishing tale…enthralling”.
    Published by Fourth Estate, 2003

  2. Ken Little

    Hi Eric
    Thanks for the latest issue of Eric’s Tips.

    As always it was informative and a touch controversial.

    I’m particularly interested in yours and Joel’s new product
    as I’m reading Joel’s “The Adsense Code” at the moment.

    I’ve been considering purchasing a similar product –
    Don’t know the guys name. There is no money back guarantee but the
    product sounds really good – I would value your view on it.

    Can you let me know if the price of Total Adsense ( $89.99 ) compares
    to your new product’s price.

    Success Belongs to You Eric
    Ken Little
    I was interested to read of your PrayWay Ministry today. That Ministry
    is such a blessing to the Body.

    Thanks also for your valuable contribution on the Mastermind calls.
    Listening in to you and the others has the experience of a lifetime.

  3. Tony B.

    Hi Eric

    I’m a new member so this was the first email I received from you. I haven’t had time to look at everything but looks pretty good so far.

    Anyway, really just wanted to say ‘Congratulations’ on your wedding anniversary and I hope you and your wife have a really nice evening.


    Tony B.

  4. Steve Nimmo

    Tim Congratulations on you 7th anniversary today…..30 yrs today for me!

  5. Eric Post author

    Thanks for the comments and congratulations.

    Ken- The thing about the site you mentioned is that they’re selling them as a turn-key solution, full of thousands of pages of content. Similar to a set of sites I sold awhile back:

    The problem is that these type of sites are not going to make you a lot of money. The kind of site that will make you a lot of money is a site that YOU develop and put your own content into it.

    Those pre-built sites are OK to use on parked domains (it’s a lot better than nothing), but they are not the key to AdSense success. In fact, I’m going to be putting a note on the top of that sale page I mentioned, with a link to Instant AdSense Templates.

    That little template sale that I did (the $19.95 one) was a huge seller, and to be honest I’ve had almost 100% positive feedback about it. That got me to thinking… if people like these crappy sites so much, just imagine what they could do with a high quality set of templates!

    And that’s part of the reason I partnered with Joel to build them. We actually will be including a set of fully pre-built sites as a part of it, because I know how much people enjoy them, but that’s not the crux of the program. The point of our templates is that they will help you build your OWN high quality site…

    I’d say you should definitely hold out until July 5th and see what we’ve got…

  6. Rajesh

    Hi Eric,

    Heartiest Wishes on Your Anniversary.

    I saw Joel Comm “Instant AdSense Templates” prelaunch notification site. What I don’t like in this that he is standing on the Currency Notes with this shoes.

    I can never do such an insult to the money hard earned by me. This is really very disgusting and insulting. Does Joel Comm has no respect for money?

    I am sure that the same money, under his shoes is being spent by him for feeding himself & his family.

    I am sure that their are some other nice ways to show that the “Instant Adsense Templates” has made Joel Comm more richer.



  7. Eric Post author

    Hi Rajesh

    I think you’re reading a little too much into it… But actually I created that picture in Photoshop so you can’t blame Joel for it 😉 It’s a symbolic juxtaposition, he’s not actually standing on cash. And that graphic won’t be on the site after launch anyway…


  8. Kathe

    Hey, great day for an anniversary 😉 Congrats…to you both!

    …you sure are hanging close to your Alma Mater here…you could be visiting ‘this country’ again before you know it 😉 hehe

    You’re Appreciated!


  9. said hassan


  10. Jambhala Rinpo

    If anyone is interested in some Free Affiliate Manager resources, I’ve put together a package called the Affiliate Super System that is absolutely FREE. YOu may have downloaded some of the resources within the package from other sources at some time because some of it is resell rights products.

    But I’ve taken all the stuff I could find, that I can give away for free on Affiliate marketing, including Affiliate Manager training, and you can get it by visiting the webpage below and clicking on the third link for the Affiliate Super System:

    Peace & Prosperity,


  11. Ken Little

    Thanks for the advice I will wait for the launch of your new product.

    And Happy Anniversary Eric.

    I would love to be able to promote it to my list as soon as it comes out.

    Success Belongs to You

  12. Alfonso

    Hi Erick!!

    Congratulations on your 7th anniversary

    Best wishes


  13. Cris Morgado

    Hi Eric

    Just recently joined your tips. And would like to say Hi and congratulate you and your wife on your anniversary.

    I’m based in London and after having attented a Derek Gehl presentation a few weeks back and now the World Internet Summit this weekend. I have made a conscious decision to join the internet marketing world.

    After looking around for some great content and tips I decided to join your tips.

    Thanks for having me on board and I look forward to the day where we could partner together.

  14. Georjina

    Hi Eric,
    I’ve been getting the newsletter for a few months and the information is always right on. As for the ‘new’ packages that are launching, I think it wise to let your new readers know – get the basics down first, once you start making a little money, then branch out. My goal was to make my first $300 with my internet business..not a lot, but I did hit my target. Ok, it took me 6 months – with a full time job and 4 hour commute.

    Waiting to see what you come up with next. Congratulations on the anniversary.

  15. Shoji

    I have read on another website that this person is promoting spam. I am a concerned parent and I can’t face my children looking at spam type websites.

    Eric, I read your blog everyday, and just a worried parent as to how the internet is progressing.

  16. Eric Post author

    Shoji- Which person did you hear about, and can you give us the link of the website allegation? I know Anik and Joel do not promote spam…


  17. Liz

    HI Eric

    Just read this post and wanted to say congrats on your anniversary. Hope you guys had a great time!


  18. M.H. Wright

    I’m glad I stumbled onto you Eric (not sure where at this point – probably a giveaway site somewhere) as I find your newsletters very informative. I’m glad you’re a little controversial as I like reading other people’s opinions about all the stuff that’s ‘out there’ because most emails I receive say how wonderful something is, but few are brave enough to give a contradictory opinion from their personal experience.

    I find your comment about Russell Brunson interesting. I don’t mean to diss Russell as I’ve never heard from him personally, and certainly don’t know him. What I have experienced, however, was my very first resale rights information package I bought promoted as a bonus lifetime access to Russell’s site – however, once installing the software, I never managed to access his site.

    Not one to let that deter me, months later I ended up joining as a member of Audio Monthly (Josh Anderson and Russell Brunson). At one point I received an email from Russell’s site saying payment hadn’t been received, so I sent off an email to Russell, and also loaded a ‘ticket’ on what I thought was the appropriate site, but never received a reply.

    Last week, I discover I could no longer access the Audio Monthly site. A day prior I’d managed to get onto it and there was a message saying they wouldn’t be taking any more money out automatically, because they would be changing things. The next day I couldn’t even log in. I discovered all this by accident – not having received any notification from either Russell or Josh that there were ‘problems’ – however, my June membership fee came out automatically from my account. I’ve tried sending emails to both Russell and Josh Anderson asking what’s going on, but have received no reply. So please forgive my skepticism about your comment about Russell.

    Having said that, I really related to Ross’s comments (dated 26th June) about Mormons.

    Keep up the good work Eric.

  19. Howard A Brown

    So that’s it, huh! The Mormons!

    Here in New York City I don’t get a good sense of ye Mormons. So your remark about them in the same breadth about Russell got me into “aha!”

    Among the scores and scores of paid and unpaid subscription sites to which I belong Russel Brunson and his Lost Files site were among the first to strike me as “O, there are really human beings behind these shops; not just killer machines.” He’s one of few “internet” folks I’ll stop and listen to.

    And yes I did stop and listen in on all about the Affiliate thing. And tho I declined to participate, he got my ear in the first place because he struck me as someone trustworthy.

  20. Floyd

    To All:

    Can we get rid of judging people by what religion they happen to claim to be a part of?

    Instead why not judge people by the value they bring to the table instead? I can’t tell you the countless times hypocrites have promoted their snake oil solutions, ‘In The Name of God’ and separated people from their money. And it runs the gammut of all religions, not just christianity btw. I’ve seen scams from Mormons, Evangelicals, Hindu’s, even Muslims. My conclusion is judging people by their religion is a great way to get ripped off. Instead, put your thinking cap on and judge people by perceived value instead.


  21. David Frey

    Your comments about Mormons saddens me. It just shows the ignorance of so many people. Anyone who puts down another person because of their race, religion, or political leaning is a pitiful soul.

  22. chick

    Anik has been spamming me relentlesly. I’ve asked him to stop, to no avail. VERY, VERY unprofessional! (And illegal.)


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