The Ultimate Search Engine Loophole Reviewed

By | November 5, 2008

UPDATE: This review is now outdated, and I do not make any current claims regarding this product. I am leaving it here for informational purposes only. To get the most up-to-date information and recommendations, please join my free newsletter.


I wasn’t planning on reviewing this. Normally, when I review a product it’s either because someone asked me to promote their product, or because my subscribers have asked me to check something out and provide my opinion.

In this case, I actually purchased the product for my own use without expecting to review it. But after taking a look at it, I decided it would be worth reviewing it for you.

The product is called The Ultimate Search Engine Loophole, and I purchased it solely because of the claims made in the sales letter.

Essentially the claim is this:

Using their secret method you can rank #1 for any keyword on the MSN search engine.

For me the decision to buy it was simple…

I spend hundreds of dollars every day on clicks from search engines. I also don’t enjoy spending a lot of time on SEO. So the opportunity to get organic traffic by exploiting a search engine “loophole” is obviously very attractive. Their price of $67 for this information made it a no-brainer. The investment will pay for itself within one day of free traffic… if the system actually works.

So the question is…

Did the product meet my expectations, and does it work?

I’ve got some good news and a couple of warnings.

The good news is that the method seems to be totally legitimate. I’ve seen some products in the past that I decided not to even review because they were just a total waste of time (like all the “get Free Google Adwords” junk). This is not one of those.

They are very clear on the sales page that this is not a “course”. It’s a 20 page PDF that reveals a “trade secret”. That much I can verify. The method is concise, and while it is somewhat technical in nature, it’s fairly simple if you understand the basics of website building.

The warnings are that there were a couple of important points that the sales letter seemed to gloss over.

Warning #1: You have to buy something else to take full advantage of the method.

The sales letter states “If you follow the blueprint and set up your “linkubaiter” exactly how we show you, there’s simply no way you won’t see results.”

What they don’t tell you is that you have to purchase the “linkubaiter” separately. You can get it during the one time offer for $47, or for $97 if you decide to buy it later.

As stated in the one-time offer, you DON’T necessarily have to user the linkubaiter (which is a software program sold by the author). The PDF does include instructions for using the method without the linkubaiter.

However, if you decide to use the non-linkubaiter version of their method, you still have to buy an additional plugin, which came as a bit of a surprise to me.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with having to buy something else, as long as the expectation is not set to the contrary. So I guess it’s up to you to decide whether my expectations were unrealistic to begin with.

I’m sure I’ve been guilty of doing similar things with some of my products and sales letters (it’s easy to set your customers expectations too high when you’re selling information), so it’s a good reminder for me to feel what it’s like to be on the consumer side of the transaction.

And to their credit, the linkubaiter is a perfectly executed upsell. It’s tied directly to the main offer, and makes you feel the need to buy it. And they’re not paying their affiliates commission on the upsell, so I’m sure they’re making as much profit from it as they are from the front end offer (I mention this because it’s an interesting example of a profitable OTO for you to study).

In addition to this, you will need to have several domains and seperate C-class hosting for them. For someone like me who has tons of extra domains lying around, it’s not a problem. But if you’re looking at startup expenses, it’s something you would need to consider.

OK, so here’s the 2nd warning…

The sales letter implies that the method is completely innocuous… saying it’s not even “grey hat”.

After all, they say “we’re actually not abusing or violating MSN in any way.” The sales letter also states “we are not scraping content”.

However, part of the method does involve scraping content from another site… which probably violates the TOS of that other site.

If you’re a serious internet marketer who understands that even the search engines themselves are content scrapers, then it’s probably not a problem for you.

The context in which they are scraping is not blatantly “abusive” in my opinion, and I’d be willing to give it a try. But they really shouldn’t be calling this a white hat method. I’d say it’s grey.

OK, so in spite of these slight “misunderstandings”… is the product worth it?

If you’re an established internet marketer, I’d say yes it’s worth it. Just keep in mind that this is a traffic TACTIC and not a foundational component of your business. While the author states that he is not worried about MSN getting wise to the loophole at any point in the near future, I wouldn’t be so certain.

I’ve been around this game long enough to know that these kind of tactics can get wiped out overnight.

But that’s not a reason to avoid it. After all, if you know a way of getting free traffic NOW, you should do it!

Who is this product NOT for?

This product is not for people who don’t know how to set up a one page website. In other words, it’s not for the rank beginner.

Who is this product for?

This product is for someone who knows how to set up a website (knowing how to install a WordPress blog is helpful too). Additionally, you should have a method of monetization for your website, whether that be a product of your own, an affiliate promotion, or contextual ads. And as mentioned in the review, you’ll need a little startup capital beyond the price of the information.

If you meet the above criteria, and you want to grab some MSN search engine rankings, I recommend this product for you.

You’ll also have the advantage of going into it with your eyes wide open, thanks to my purchase experience 😉

Click here for The Ultimate Search Engine Loophole

The method is supposed to take between one week and two months to grab your rankings, so let me know how it works for you.

As always, you are welcome to leave your comments here on the blog.

Have a great day!

73 thoughts on “The Ultimate Search Engine Loophole Reviewed

  1. Clive

    I bought it and have set up where people can save on hosting fees by simply swapping dead sites/blogs to use the Loophole system ( which involves using unique C-Panel IP addresses).

    It’s a free resource set up by me to facilitate my using the system but, by definition, I need people to ‘swap’ with!

  2. Computer Repair Man

    Very straight forward review. I purchased the product before coming to this site.

    I did pass on the aditional script costing 47 dollars. I figured the Loophole could be used with out it and they were just trying to do the whole up sell thing. Not the case after all. You really do have to have a script to make this thing worth your while. Other wise it will take way to many man hours.

    Also for this to work you will need several call C IP’s and blogs with content.

    In my case this product is still well worth it because I have many domains and products that I promote and have the 700-1K upfront to build the network up and will make far more off of it.

    For those that are new to the game you may want to pass on this for now. After all in just another day this loop could be closed. I am sure it is on it’s way out already

  3. Telly

    Just a note to those thinking of buying it…

    If you follow the video on their website they show you examples that you can trace back to msn.

    If you follow their examples you’ll notice one site, has slipped from position 1 to 3 only a month later.

    That’s ok right? Wrong. If you search Google you’ll find out that website has been BANNED from Google.

    Getting a #1 site in MSN that is slipping at a constant rate is only ok if it doesn’t affect your ranking with engines like Google. If you get banned by Google then I guess it is tough luck.

    So definitely I’d consider this to be at least grey hat if not black hat.

  4. Dave

    Like many here, I wasn’t keen on shelling out the $$$ for LinkUBaiter without really understanding how the program worked and why it was needed. But once I understood how the system works, there was a portion that became very tedious to so manually. So I built my own version to accomplish what was needed that anyone can use at

  5. Nick

    Hi Eric,
    I bought the msn loophole, and your right it is not for beginners. I do have an online business selling paintball gear from my website, but I have a hosting company that did everything for me. They built the site from scratch added the bells and whistles and submit it to the search engines and they showed me how to add my products, descriptions, keywords, meta tags, processing orders and some other stuff that I have been working on for about a year now and only made back about half of my investment of about $5,000.00. So when I bought the loophole I thought it was going to be an easy way to bring traffic to my paintball web site, but is not easy at all. I fact I have no clue about any of the things they talk about in this program. I have no idea how to build a website or even a webpage from scratch, I have no experience with php or html or class c ip, so I would consider myself a beginner. I could not figure out how to upload the linkubaiter. I never worked with severs or data bases at least not that I know of and when I asked for help I felt like I was being a pain in the neck and that this was way over my head.
    Then I watched one of your videos Eric and I thought wow! this guy really knows how to explain things and right about my speed, maybe even a little slower but thats o.k. I would rather be well informed then left behind. I really want to learn how to make a full time income online and I’m willing to spend as much time as it takes, sure i’d love to jump on one of those over night success deals and be a internet guru but I’m also realistic. I know there is much to learn and it is an ongoing process. I just need the right program that stars from scratch and allows me to work at my own pace. I also have a remodeling business which is my full time work and I’ve been in business for 19 years, I’m married with three children and my body is not getting any younger. So I decided to play around on the internet to see if there was some way of supplementing my income, something that I could make a little money with when my remodeling business was slow and maybe put some hours in at night and on the weekends. Well I did, my paintball business, but it is very time consuming and not very profitable, so I’m still looking for other programs that might work better with less effort, not that I’m lazy but if I’m going to put my hole heart into something I do expect to get a decent return on my investment. So I’m looking at your video’s and hopefully I will be on my way to a new carrier that doesn’t involve strenuous physical work for the rest of my life. Again I’m by no means lazy, I just prefer my physical activity to be on the golf course or the basketball court or fishing my favorite hole at my favorite vacation resort. Well, it was nice venting, I got a lot off my chest and it feels good. If anyone actually finished reading this hole what ever you want to call it, god bless you and thanks for being there in my time of need.

  6. Ashley

    Afer I had confirmed with Arbitage and read the rules I read that they will charge me every month.
    I cannot afford to pay anything out and tried to cancel.
    I have had no reply from thier support address. Can you help please.
    I enjoy reading your tps,thank you.
    R W Ashley.

  7. Dulce

    Hey Eric — I installed LinkuBaiter… now I’m trying to install the code into my wordpress side bar and footer files, and I’m receiving errors. Do you have more detailed instructions for wordpress?


  8. Tony

    I’m wondering if anyone is actually using this and getting results…I bought on launch day, and have had my blog network on 10 different c-classes for months, have had my monet sites made uploaded and everything since November, and have even bought into their linkumate program to plug my sites into their HUGE bog network. I added 5 money sites, and 5 of my blogs…Nothing…Not in the first 100 results for any of the 5 money sites…which by the way aren’t even that heavy of key words…none get more then 30-40 searches a day in MSN…Is anyone doing the loophole process with positive results?

  9. Richard Roper

    Thanks for your review Eric.

    It sounds like you have to know what you are doing to use this product. Which probably lets me out. At least I know now.

    I really love it when people give reviews on products, it saves me heaps on products that sound real interesting but in the end I wouldn’t (or wouldn’t understand how to) use and gets me on to ones that are rally helpful.

    P.S this is my first entry into your community.


    1. Vicente D, Abulucion

      I am a beginner. I think I’m not ready for this software yet. Thanks for your information and guidance. God bless.

      Pastor Vic

  10. Andy, Send Flowers To Singapore

    Wow Eric, this is a great review. I just stumbled over your site and I’m enjoying many of your honest and transparent reviews about PPC Classroom, Arbitrage Conspiracy, etc.

    Your inputs are really open and helpful.

    I found another review at but honestly, you’ve peeled away more rosy layers than this one. Great job.

    I was initially ready to purchase, but having read all the inputs, I’m reconsidering, at at least, I’ll be making a really educated decision when I commit.

  11. White Label Dating

    Hi Eric,

    I was looking for an honest review of the ultimate search engine loophole, and after checking a few sites I am glad I found yours.

    The review mentioned in the previous post isn’t – as some people say – an unbiased review. It just looks like another sales letter where the guy tries to sell his affiliate product (the msn loophole) or his own product (a substitute for the linkubaiter script).

    All in one, thanks for reviewing this with honesty, I’ll probably buy from your link because I am convinced that this can work, and most of the additional expenses, just like you, are things that I already have (domains, C-blocks, blogfarms with auto-generated content etc…).


  12. Suzie

    Hi, Great review! Just a couple of quick questions, will it work if you can work in WYSIWYG, or do you need scriptwriting skills?
    (Is is simply “cut and paste” or does it involve quite a lot of implementation?
    I can pull a page together in WYSIWYG with adwords etc, however anything more involved may well faze me somewhat!

    Also, be interesting to know which sites (and their relevant niches) out the 100 didn’t work
    and why…

    Anyone able to comment?


  13. Dwayne

    I guess since NO PAGES were indexed in google – he decided to sell the site mentioned in the video re: “”. HE sold it for $1750.00

    Obviously NOT making any money? Go ahead and check the link yourself.

    Just sayin’

    (maybe I’ll wait till next week for the next “loophole” – but for now I found “Mass Money Makers” WORKS! Page one (#9 – but I’ll take it!)in google in 3 days with over 18 million pages indexed. Now This is a system that works for ranking in google. Haven’t made any money yet BUT – it’s only been a week since I purchased and these things take time.

    Mass Money Makers – intermediate to pro skill – beginners may have a bit of a struggle since alot of the terms used are pretty common among IM’ers. Use yer own CB ID to get a “discount” 🙂

  14. Bill E. Sheers

    If you call making $1750 “not making any money” then I’m not sure what kind of business you would want. Probably took 5 minutes to make that site and it was sold for $1750.

  15. Jessie L. Dudley

    I purchased the plr package and the sales page.
    Thanks for the free material. my websites were
    outsourced before I started this training with you.
    I started before and quit,but this time I must get
    through this excellent training. I am more
    comfortable with language and tools and
    their function plus I have no choice. Outsourcing is
    very expensive, Thanks, Eric, God bless.


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