Let Them See You Sweat

By | June 6, 2011

I’ve decided to tell you about a difficult situation I’ve been experiencing lately, but I want to tie it into a quick lesson… after all, the main objective of this website is to provide you with Internet marketing tips.

Let’s start with a flashback to the 1980’s…

From what I gather, the phrase “never let them see you sweat” originated from a deodorant commercial in 1984. While I may have been exposed to it as a 5-year old during commercial breaks between Saturday morning cartoons, I certainly have no recollection of it.

I do, however, remember hearing this phrase spoken from the stage at an Internet marketing seminar several years ago. Apparently after serving its duty as a deodorant slogan, “never let them see you sweat” became a business principle of sorts.

The idea is that you should never let your ________(fill in the blank) see you “sweat”, because it is basically a sign of weakness. This includes customers, prospects, fans, followers, competitors, subordinates, and bosses… just to name a few.

In other words, you don’t want to let any of those people see your weak side, because it will affect their opinion of you.

The speaker at the Internet marketing seminar was teaching that you should never appear to be frazzled or portray a lack of confidence in the projection of your image to your online prospects and subscribers. Instead, you should always appear to “have it all together”.

There are times when this makes sense. Anyone in a leadership role (whether it be a parent, T-ball coach, or President of the United States) must instill confidence in the minds of those he or she is leading. To this end, there are times that it is appropriate to hide your emotions and appear to have it all together.

I would even go so far as to say there are situations in which you should never let them see you sweat. For example, if you’re in a war, you shouldn’t let your enemy see you sweat. Revealing a weakness could mean instant death.

If you ever have to hire a lawyer, you probably don’t want one who sweats profusely and exudes a lack of confidence in the courtroom.

I’m also aware that marketing can be likened to war, but I propose that the concept of “hiding your sweat” is overrated as it pertains to business.

Things to consider when hiding your sweat…

First, there’s an inherent problem with never showing weakness. The problem is that we’re human. We have weaknesses.

To confess weakness is to accept that you are human. This can have a positive effect, because humans can relate to other humans. As a marketer, this can be advantageous in gaining trust and portraying authenticity.

I will admit that revealing weaknesses can also have a negative effect upon a business. I remember a few times in recent years that the stock of the Apple company plunged as a result of negative news about Steve Jobs’ health. Last month Apple lost $10 billion of market capitalization in 5 minutes, possibly due to a health rumor.

Those are serious consequences, but publicly traded companies have an obligation to their shareholders to reveal certain “weaknesses”. To avoid doing so could be unethical at best, criminal at worst. Therefore, revealing a weakness can actually be a sign of integrity.

Second, it’s a myth that showing emotion (ie. letting them see you sweat) is always a sign of weakness. While much of our society does believe this myth (and unfortunately this may result in negative consequences for leaders who show emotions publicly), there are plenty of examples of leaders who have dispelled it.

I watch very little TV, but last week I turned it on and caught the second half of an episode of Undercover Boss. This episode featured Sheldon Yellen, the CEO of Belfor– a huge international company. Throughout his undercover experience, some of his own weaknesses were revealed (inability to use power tools, disconnection from his own employees), and his emotions ran wild… this guy cried like a baby on national TV!

While this may have been interpreted by some as a sign of weakness, I’d be willing to bet that his display of authenticity did more to instill confidence in his employees than any motivational speech he could have possibly delivered. It appeared that his employees loved him more for it, and were more committed to the company as a result.

This goes along with what I wrote earlier this year about authenticity. It’s no longer enough to say you’re real. You have to BE real.

So next time you’re faced with concealing a weakness versus showing your humanity, keep these ideas in mind and remember that it may or may not be best to hide your sweat.

OK, that’s the end of today’s lesson…

In case you hadn’t perceived it already; I wrote the above article as a way of processing my own thoughts, and justifying my decision to share my own weakness with you.

The reason I haven’t written much lately, and haven’t created any new lessons in the past few months is because I haven’t had the energy to do it.

I’ve been experiencing what is probably best described as Adrenal Fatigue. In case you’re curious about it, there is a very good article explaining it here: http://www.lammd.com/articles/adrenal_fatigue.asp

I’ve had several symptoms, including a severe lack of energy. Those of you who know me, know that I’ve enjoyed an active lifestyle which included frequent exercise, fishing, windsurfing, playing with my kids, etc. Lately, I’ve only had a few hours of workable energy per day, and it’s barely been enough to take care of myself and keep up with email, let alone do the stuff I enjoy.

In my case, I believe this condition is most likely the result of many years of poor sleep habits, constant blood sugar spikes, and internalizing my stress and anxiety.

Various medical tests showed that my adrenals simply aren’t doing what they’re supposed to do… resulting in various chemical imbalances in my body. For example, I’m not producing much cortisol, which has several physical ramifications. To aggravate the situation, my adrenals are compensating by producing too much epinephrine (adrenaline), which results in a lot of anxiety and psychosomatic symptoms.

I’m following what I believe is a good treatment plan, and I expect to make a full recovery!

Of course it’s been tough in the mean time. My wife is expecting our 5th child any day now, and I’ve had to grapple with the question of how am I going to help and support her like I did at the birth of our other four kids?

So you can see why I’ve put business stuff on the backburner. By the way, other than neglecting this website, my business is just fine, and I think it would run for many years with minimal input on my part. That’s one of the benefits of building the type of business that I teach in my lessons! 🙂

(Note: I do not anticipate my coaching club being negatively impacted during my recovery. Paul and Jeff already handle most of the time-consuming elements of it, and in any case that I’m unable to be on a coaching call, they’ll be there.)

OK, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way…

I want to convey that I know life is hard for EVERYONE. Your pain is probably worse than mine, and it’s a part of our human experience.

I’ve had friends and relatives die in the time that I’ve been writing tips on this website.

I’ve also had subscribers die, and I’d be willing to bet that not a day goes by without some of my subscribers experiencing a tragedy of some sort. With over 60,000 subscribers around the world, it’s pretty much a given.

I also know fellow Internet marketers who have been through, or are currently experiencing MUCH more difficult circumstances than I am. Some of them are battling cancer, chronic diseases, and some have already died.

So this is NOT about me complaining. It’s also not about seeking sympathy. Prayers maybe, but not sympathy. I’m thankful for all that I’ve been given, and I KNOW that I am indeed blessed.

This post is about me being a little more real with you. I say a “little more”, because there are certainly other things that I haven’t shared with you about my life.

In the past couple years, I’ve been compelled to be “more real” when it comes to my public life. Perhaps this is a step in that direction.

Showing my sweat to keep myself humble?

I’ve probably participated in our culture’s collective move toward Internet-enabled narcissism more than I would like to admit.

The phenomenon of online narcissism is well documented, and you’ll see it everywhere if you look for it. People use their blogs, Facebook accounts, twitter accounts, and other public-facing avenues of communication to control their image. They provide only the information (status updates, pictures, etc) that they believe will best conform their image to the way that they want it to be seen.

Went on a cool vacation? Post it. Had a great dinner? Post it. Hung out with a celebrity? Post it. Got angry with your child or spouse, lost your temper, and broke something? No one needs to know.

I despise it, and yet I’ve been a purveyor of it. In one respect I’ve even taught it.

So yes, this is me keeping myself humble. Believe me, I’d much rather be known as the energetic windsurfing family man, than the tired Internet marketer who burned out his adrenal glands.

I also had one more ulterior motive for sharing this with you. I knew it would give me an excuse to share my faith with you too.

OK, this is where I’m gonna hijack this conversation and get “religious” on you…

No, I’m not turning this into a religious website. Based on the demographics, I’m aware that I have thousands of subscribers who are Muslim, Hindu, and no-doubt countless other faiths represented. I’m not here to force my convictions upon you, and I never will.

But I didn’t want to share my pain with you, unless I also shared my hope with you. In fact, it wouldn’t be right, because it would be a totally incomplete picture.

I believe that there is a spiritual realm that supersedes the physical world as we know it.

In spite of how I feel, I’m actually healthy and strong. In spite of what our society says, perception is not reality. In spite of what my doctor’s reports say, there is a greater truth to be found.

Of course many religions share this sentiment, as do believers in the Law of Attraction, which has become so popular in the Internet marketing world. But here’s where I part ways with those folks…

You might think I’m crazy, but I believe that approximately 2000 years ago, Jesus Christ (the actual son of God) came to earth, died on a cross, and came back to life again. That’s reality. And if that’s true, then the Bible is totally validated, and it’s true too.

The ramifications are huge. The Bible says that the same power that raised Jesus from death is available to me, and in fact is already inside of me (Romans 8:11)! While it is controversial even among Christianity, I believe the most accurate interpretation of the Bible proves that Christ’s atonement included healing for sickness.

I’ve seen first-hand that God still heals people today. In our church we see people healed every week. Some are healed from small things, and some are healed from big things like cancer and heart disease. We’ve seen numerous verifiable x-rays and doctor’s reports which have confirmed miraculous healings.

I share this to let you know that not only has my healing been paid for by Christ; yours has too.

The following is a song called “Name of Jesus”, which is on a music album by my sister-in-law that I executive produced a few years ago. To make the video I used scenes from The Passion of The Christ. So if you’re offended by the blood of Jesus, don’t watch…

This song has been inspirational to me lately, and I hope it is for you too.

As always, you are welcome to leave your comments below.

Have a great day!

370 thoughts on “Let Them See You Sweat

  1. Michaela

    Eric, by the way, did you try to suppress completely sugar intake? Sugar can make you tired, in addition of aggravating other conditions. I did this, it was easy, but I like my coffee to be a little sweet…. so I replace sugar with truvia or stevia (NOT with equal which is a horrible chemical)
    Also check if you tolerate or not gluten… as it is all over in all we buy…
    It was an interesting story in tennis world. Novac Djocovic who has been a good tennis player on place 3-5, all of a sudden start to have great performance and advanced in position 2. He confesses on an interview, that the doctors find that he is not tolerating gluten, so he starts a diet eliminating completely gluten-products, his mother cooks for him now, and he gains a tremendous energy.
    So I think you have to try everything possible until you will find something which is working for you. All the best, keep fighting and you will be fine.
    Pray for you! How your wife is doing nowadays, I know that the 5th one will come soon.

  2. Sergio online soccer


    so nice to hear from you again, but so sad to hear about your health. You need to look after yourself especially now that you partner is due to have your fifth child, she is going to need your help man!

    I understand we you are coming from. I am also struggling to keep my new IM business running ( I also have a well paid full time job!) and trying to find the time to run your business in my case work full time and interact with your family…heck it is exhausting!

    I am one of your many loyal and proud subscribers and I will wait patiently for your recovery.

    In the meantime I wish you and your family all the best

    Talk soon


  3. Robert Sams

    Hey Eric,

    Thanks so much for sharing from your heart.

    Before I underwent a radical prostatectomy in 2008, I leaned on Jesus and these 2 scriptures in particular, among others: Psalm 9:9,10 The Lord will be “…A stronghold in times of trouble. And those who know Thy name will put their trust in Thee; For Thou, O Lord, hast not forsaken those who seek Thee. Also, Psalm 34:19. “Many are the afflictions of the righteous; But the Lord delivers him out of them all.”

    He healed me completely and I just prayed for you, friend. Thanks for all the help you’ve given me. I’m looking forward to more. Joshua 1:9 ‘commands’ you to “…Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Blessings to you, bro.

  4. Eric Post author

    Not completely suppressed it, but I’d say about 90%, and using stevia.

  5. Ernesto Villagante Jr.

    Hi, Eric,
    Hope you’re doing fine now. With your simple and humble words given above,I knew you even better you’re not only sharing your personal testimony but as a whole the true Christian way of life. The life that is full of faith on Christ Jesus. God bless!


  6. Janice

    Hi Eric,

    Thank you for being REAL with us. I’ll be praying for you and your family. I’m praying to God, especially for your physical healing.

    I know from experience, that when we share our difficult times, it helps others feel closer to us, and more a part of our lives.

    I praise God for the courage you had to post your “religious” thoughts and video, showing us where you are placing your faith and trust. This is such a great testimony, and even though it is definitely controversial,and you may lose some members, I know God has you in His hands. Many times we don’t even recognize His hand in situations, but He will reward you for being faithful to Him.I’m trusting with you, that some lives will be changed by your willingness and obedience to share this with the world.

    This has already been a wake up call to me, as I have been working an average of 70 to 90 hours a week for almost 5 years, and I’m 70 years old. You’ve certainly gotten my attention. I’m sinning by mistreating the temple/body God has given me.

    God, please forgive me.

    I’m forwarding this on,as it will be a great blessing to so many hurting souls.

    As you know, “God is our refuge and strength. A mighty help in time of trouble”. He is there for you.

    Thank you, and may God bless you as He begins your healing, and as you witness for Him.

    Janice Foxworth

  7. John F. Moore


    Sorry to hear of your misfortune… I’m sure you’ll pull through and gain strength from this experience. Pray to God for strength and wisdom and everything else will fall into place! 🙂

  8. Linda Basta

    Dear Eric
    I’m so blessed by your post.
    Your video was wonderful too. I wondered why I was no longer getting your Tips like I used to.
    Thank you for your openness. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. It has literally stolen the life that I once knew and even changed my appearance.My energy level is zilch.
    i’m just now timidly beginning to let on to my internet contacts about the ‘real me’. Your openness is giving me the courage to share more.
    In the name of Jesus,I pray your receive a complete healing.
    He is your strength!
    God bless you,



    Morning Eric
    I subscribe to your lessons as I’m attempting to find an alternate income to me and my wife’s social security incomes. Have experience many scams and it’s to a point you don’t know who you can trust anymore, so it makes the pain of finding someone that’s willing to GIVE BACK a little and in return God will always, always reward the individual who gives.
    To be truthful I haven open many of your lessons but I have most if not all saved and I promise to go back and review the lessons. Surprising enough the reason I even saved your lessons is because I got an overpowering feeling to do so, as my spirituality let me to you for what I was asking for. All the others, well let’s just put them in the “don’t get involved file”
    I just read your post and was sad to read about the medical condition your experiencing. Since as I mention earlier I had this over powering to get involve with you and your lessons I now feel this energy to let you know there may be an alternate path that may help eliminate your health condition.
    As you may or may not know all things are made of energy it’s just God gave us eyes not to see it, just like you can’t see the energy turn on a light, etc. So is the body made of energy and with corrections emotions and physical pain can be addressed and eliminated. I share this with you because I practice these energy corrections on myself and family but I’m not a practitioner. I got involve because my sister had many illnesses and her doctors were just filling her up with all kinds of pills to where she was taken 29 a day, and for me to believe the body can adjust to that and all the side effects was out of the realm of believability. So I read books and study several types of energy healing. Found two I now work with but the one I like to share with you is the one below I like you to open and review dealing with EFT Tapping. The Chinese have use this form of principle for thousands of years but as time moves on needles have been replaced in the western world of Tapping the Meridian points to overcome just about anything .Open the below site review it and I suggest get a practitioner near you and call and see how they may help you. You can even down load the manual it’s free. I’m confident enough to shear this with you as like yourself I enjoy helping people including my family.
    My Best Wishes and Prays will be with you and Family
    A Student
    Rick Rodino

  10. Grant Callant

    Eric, you have been such an inspiration too me. I see internet marketers come and go, but when I first bought stuff from you, and I found your personal blog, and read your testimony, I thought, “Wow! Now, here is a *real* guy.” You live sweat and bleed, just like Jesus did. Jesus is God, and yet even He did all of those. I think if Jesus had the balls to be a real man, and sweat *blood* for us, I think that is the greatest sign of strength. What more manly man was there than Jesus? I know that some things that can hinder your body is demons. There are of course many demonic influences which can affect us spiritually, and physically.

    I just recently uploaded a video of Don Dickerman’s Deliverance series which you can find.

    Here’s the URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3qOzratG2M&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL

    We are a temple, tri-part beings, a new-birth comes from the spirit. We are not casting out demons from people’s born again spirits, they are cast out from the body, and the soul of people, just like Jesus cast out people from the temple, even though God was present in the temple in the holy of holies, but there was evil in the outskirts.

    Take a look at it.

    I am praying for you sir. Know that Jesus is the truth, and when you know the truth, it shall set you free!

    Sincerely, in the name of our Lord and Savior forever and ever Jesus,

    Grant M. Callant II

  11. John Estes

    God Bless you Eric, I knew there was a reason that I have been following you. This was the shot I needed to make me realize why I am doing what I am doing on the net. You are the shot of true inspiration that I needed.

  12. Andy

    Hello Eric,
    I am very sorry to hear of this, I had wondered why your emails had stopped.

    If I may share something with you. 22 years ago when I was 25 I suffered a nasty back injury, after an operation I was retired from my job, I was a aircraft mechanic. Unable to work I became very depressed, I went from being an active young man to a shadow of myself without a future. I do not know if this is going to sound silly but in the middle of the night during this bleak period I had a very vivid dream, I saw myself working in an office writing software. I wanted to do that soo badly but I did not even know how to stitch a PC on let alone write code. I enrolled in a home study course and for the next two years I was broke, I sometimes could not grasp the information. But, after a lot of study and most importantly the undying belief in myself I persevered, it paid off.

    The human mind can overcome many things and I know you will overcome this illness. Some time in the future you will look back on this period as just a blip, a slight deviation in the course of your life.

    I wish you and your family all the very best.

  13. Eudaldo Alarcon

    Eric.thanks for all your help and for being real
    thank you for your testimony god will reward you
    for it remember nothing is impossible for god he
    is all love and mercy and don’t forget justice
    our lord jesus have your health insurance in he’s
    name u will be heal thanks u have given more than u know blessings to u and yours god loves
    u always keep the faith

  14. sandi Adams

    Always a joy to hear a testimony of how our Jesus heals and transforms. After a lifetime in church it was such a relief to finally understand His great exchange and be able to fall into His Arms of Love. Such a relief to have The Mind of Christ and be able to sort out life and find the safe path. Congratulations on your remarkable recovery! When will we stop being surprised what He can do in our lives. His Name is Jesus!

  15. Carlos

    Thank you for sharing Eric…I have been on your list for a while and have enjoyed many of your tips. I know the time and work involved in all that you do. It does take work, and time, to share your knowledge and experience with others and at times, it does take a toll. Just the feedback you have been receiving shows how much help you have provided people all over the world. My prayers are with you, as I know many will keep you in theirs too. Great post…Wish you the best, and keep the faith 🙂

  16. Mike Davis

    I started following about a year ago and you have truly been a blessing and inspiration. Yes, to God be the Glory…the blood of Jesus NEVER fails. The blood from his back paid the price for your healing. Just believe and where 2 or more agree so shall it be. So I (and all your subscribers) stand in agreement that your healing is done! And think, you have used your biz and this platform to further the Kingdom with this testimony. Thank you to your wife also for her strentgh…praying for her as well.

  17. Joyce Parker Hyde

    Eric reading your account of your reflections makes me think of shaking out the rugs after the winter. Shake them, sweep them, beat the dirt out of them-then give them a soothing vaccum and the beauty shows through again.
    Best of success to you and your family.

  18. Yvette Samuel

    Hello Eric,
    Sorry to hear that you’re ill. Make sure you take some time off to take care of yourself first so that you can take of others. You commitment to giving us free lessons is totally unselfish. So we can wait until you are totally up to it. That’s only fair. You should not apologise for your belief in God. Everyone needs to have a faith. It is what substains us in our darkest moments. Keep the faith and remember only God knows the heart. Take care and God bless. We wish you a speedy recovery.

  19. TJ

    You and your family will be in my prayers. As long as you know Jesus is your Lord and savior and believe he can heal you, you are already healed.

  20. Billy

    Thank you for showing me how to Stand up for Jesus. You are an Inspiration for my life in so many ways. The Lord Bless and keep you always.


  21. Jude Cresswell

    Hello Eric

    I am a homeopath with some experience in dealing with these kinds of symptoms. If I can be of any service please get in contact. Love and best wishes

  22. Ray Main

    Amen brother! I have challenged those who downplay praying for the sick to show me “one” place in the bible where anyone came to Jesus for healing and “didn’t” receive it. If He is the “same yesterday, today, and forever”, then, of course healing is for you if you have accepted Him. God Bless you and your’s.

  23. Joseph

    Hi Eric,

    Great post and I feel ya man, I am also an internet marketer, I have had one hell of a ride the last 10 years as well 🙂

    I hope you feel better and keep on blogging!

    BTW – I just found your blog today when I was downloading on of your ebooks,

    Thanks for the ebook and of you ever need anything ( even just another manic guy to talk to ) email me,

    I hope you feel better <3

    I will keep you in my prayers.

    Oh and on a side note, One of my good seo friends died 2 years ago, His name was Dan Schultz ……I miss him so much <3

    Lots of love man !!

    I really liked this post and really enjoyed your web hosting ebook, And I have been in this industry since 2001…coding since 1984 ( yea, I am that old )



  24. Eleanor Harper

    Hi Eric, Thanks for the article. I appreciated your testimoney and the music touched my heart. I too have been perplexed with many heart attacks and two bypasses on my legs. But as I look back for the last 7 years, it has been the best years in getting to really know that I cannot do anything on my own, my strength comes only from God. You too will be able to say this someday and thank God for what he is doing and has done. Be anxious for nothing but in all things with prayer and supplication give thanks . . . God Bless you and your family. You are in my prayers. A verse precious to me is Romans 8:18, For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is going to be revealed to us. Take Care!!

  25. Scott Brooks

    Eric, this is probably the most authentic post I’ve ever read written by an Internet marketer. I appreciate your honesty and boldness. I’ve been working part time online for the last seven years to make extra money. I have also been serving full time as a minister for over 15 years. I’ve realized some degree of success online, but have backed away from my online business for almost a year now. The lack of integrity in this profession is unbelievable. I know several professing Christians who have successful Internet market businesses. However, most of them seem to compromise their values and integrity in order to make as much money as possible. I’m thankful for guys like you who keep it real and aren’t compartmentalizing their faith. Praying for you brother. Joshua 1:6-7

  26. Barbara E

    Oh,how precious is that blood, that flows from Emmanuel vein. Where sinners plunged beneath the flow lose all their guilt and shame. He did it all for me, each and every one of us. It was love that kept him nailed to that Cross.

  27. Cameron

    Hi Eric
    Thanks for being real. You’re literally the only Internet marketing expert I subscribe to because of your honesty. And loved the song – how great is Jesus! God bless you!

  28. Tim

    Hello Eric,

    Glad to see this post. Not because of the illness you are fighting, but your outlook. My wife and I have been recipients of and witness to, many miracles and healings during our lives. We too, believe Jesus paid the price and was our substitute for everything in our lives. Salvation is only one part of His sacrifice. An important part most assuredly, but only one part. Healing is another. I noticed your link to JVIM that you recommended. I would also like to recommend to you Andrew Wommack Ministries at http://www.awmi.net. On the homepage, you will see “extras” in the middle on the left hand side of the page. You can review healing testimonials, and listen to his teachings. I would recommend “God Wants You Well”, “You’ve Already Got it” and the “War is Over” for starters. Remember, just one drop of Jesus blood is more pure and more Holy than any sin, sickness or disease. Every name that is named, must bow its knee to the name of Jesus! I looked forward to hearing the testimony of your healing…God bless you and your family.

  29. Eric Post author

    You will be glad to know that my mother-in-law lent me a bunch of Andrew Wommack CD’s and ordered me to listen to them. I’ve already listened to God Wants You Well, and You’ve Already Got It. I’m now listening to You’ve Already Got It for a 2nd time, because there’s a lot to it.

  30. Michael Rogers

    Thanks for validating ‘being real’ online. I too have highs and lows: One is losing weight for better health and the other was our brand new car was broken into a few days ago.

    One thing that I’ve learned over the years that like any event life serves you, this too shall pass.

    God speed and miraculous healing is my prayer to you, Brother.

    May the Lord continue to wrap His hedge of protection around all aspects of your life and that of your family. If you ever get better and slip south to Colorado Springs give us a courtesy heads-up.


    PS: I went on a retreat with Andrew Wommack years ago near your area. Awesome manly fellowship. The was a song we men sang that says “When your get up and go has gone up and left, praise the Lord, praise the Lord, praise the Lord.


  31. Dinah

    As the great Master had said to the lady who touched His hemline so she could be healed “your faith has made thee whole”. Likewise he declared: “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I have said you are gods’. Meditate on these words. This affirmation combined with visualization (guided imagery to others)work wonders to myself:”I and my Father are one” without a doubt meaning your faith is whole. I grew up so sickly that I had 2 NDE’s (near death experience) My meditation back then was I termed it crude cause I really had no idea in the 70’s how to meditate. Focus your gaze in the 3rd eye (seat of Christ Consciousness between the eyebrows). It’s dark in the beginning then eventually you’ll see the pearl like light in your spiritual eye. This is the portal to the infinite. Feel that which is unseen but is Real, the Holy Spirit. That’s when you say “I and my Father are one” repeatedly. Just continue having a dialogue with your Creator. This is what is real, the unseen world. Ask what you want for one of the great promise is “Ask and you shall receive”. Believe me, I was worst than what you’ve experience now. As I’ve said I died twice once in the hospital battling typhoid fever in the 60’s and the second one at home fighting for my life with asthma-bronco-pneumonia cause I don’t have the money to go to the hospital. In Philippines, no money no hospital. I simply seen my kids pediatrician as she was my doctor too cause she was really good. She made me promised to take the broad spectrum antibiotic religiously. I died and experienced my second death. What brought me back was LOVE. I felt my 4 children’s LOVE while I was with a Guide. It was my 13-month old son’s longing for a mother’s care that brought me back to this plane. When I came back I was just completely healed. My kids nanny asked me if I’m well already when 3 hours earlier I was battling a 105 degrees fever. Godspeed Eric. With God nothing is impossible!

  32. Pete Kici

    I will pray for you.
    I have been listening to you for a while and your truly a Guru an amazing person.

    Thank you
    Pete Kici

  33. Kadhim Mohammed

    Dear Eric
    I feeling sad for you ,I never till now find any one nice like you as a personality in the online marketing ,you are straight and honest guy ,
    I am going to pray for your in my pray five times as a Muslim and asks god to heal you ,this is the life bites most of times the nice guys,I wish you and your family all the best .

  34. lidy

    thank you eric for reminding me to be real and congrats on the video and to your sinster-in-law for the music. just beautiful and very moving. stay well. 🙂

  35. Richard Pyatt

    Hello Eric,
    I just (1 hour ago) discovered your site and while trying to figure out where lesson#2 is I came upon your video…was moved my it all.
    I have a Christmas CD I produced and the url is dickpyatt.com……once I learn from you how to download a separate MP3, I will send a complete song of any on it if you like.
    Best regards,

  36. DANIEL

    Thank you, Eric for your testimony. Your faith has glorified our Father in Heaven and I know that God will bless for this. This message came to me at the right time. I recently was laid off and I’m currently looking for work. I take God promise to that He will never leave me nor foresake me and I will never ashamed. I believe He will provide for me in His time. May God Bless You and keep you and your family happy and safe. Blessed be the Name of the Lord forever for He is Worthy to be Praised!

  37. Denise

    Hi Eric

    Thanks you for the post and being real. Funny just today I wondered why I had not had any emails. I was drawn to open this today our solstice how appropriate. A time of reflection. I think you video is stunning and an opportunity to be inspired by the real law of attraction.
    Take care of yourself. The planet is changing and many key people like you are being challenged and hit by energy and forces. It seems especially those meant to do the work they are here for. Bless you Eric because of you I had the courage to write my first sales letter put up a website and launch a product. In case I had not said that thank you.
    Take care and love to you and the family.

    Denise x

  38. Gus

    Hi Eric:
    You are an upstanding guy. I’ve learned a lot from your wisdom. If it is time for you to take other paths I wish for you and your’s the best of luck.
    best regards,

  39. tunukwa

    Hi everyone! Thanks for sharing Eric and for all the info you have given so freely over the years.Please allow me to mention a ebook Easy Exhaustion Cure which can be found on the net. I mention this with the hope that it may be of help and interest to yourself and your readers. I am not an affiliate for the product nor am I associated with its promoters. I am a vegetarian and have used holistic healing on myself and many others over a forty year period of time.

    God Bless

    Tunukwa Neal

  40. Dolle

    Standing in agreement with you for healing; no doubt…you are redeemed! There IS power in the Blood.

  41. barrie Armstrong

    Congratulations on your honesty and admission of a personal problem.
    I am not a christian as the world accepts it, but I do have a faith in a universal being that can and will cure us,providewd the mind will accept the cure.
    Your courses and partners and family look to me to be doing OK by the rest of the world and for that you will all receive blessings … who cares when and from whom, but it will happen.
    I wish you a speedy recovery and greeat health in the future


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