Happy Thanksgiving 2019!

Happy Thanksgiving! About half of Eric’s Tips readers are in the USA, where Thanksgiving is a national holiday today, but like I say each year… gratitude transcends all borders ?

This is the 12th consecutive year that we’ve done this. I rarely post on this blog these days, but I still think it’s a good place to have this annual Thanksgiving tradition!

For me personally, it’s a great opportunity to be reminded of how thankful I am for all of the subscribers and customers that have allowed me to have this business for so many years.

So I want everyone reading this to know that I’m thankful for YOU. Without you, Eric’s Tips would not exist. Whether this is your first time participating in our annual Thanksgiving contest, or your 12th, thank you for being a part of it.

Here are a couple of freebies as a token of my appreciation. This year I’ve got a couple of ebooks with rights for you…

(Do a right-click “Save link as” to save it to your computer)

1) 10 Day Detoxification (I’m including private label rights with this one, so you can rename it and sell it as your own product. I’m thinking detox is a good niche for the time after Thanksgiving and Christmas feasting, and for the New Year. I haven’t done this detox, I just think it’s a good niche.)

2) How to Make Money with Twitch.TV (This is a new ebook that I had ghostwritten, and is totally unreleased until today. I’m including Master Resale Rights for this one. Twitch is a really hot site, and I haven’t seen many others teaching how to make money from it.)

Now, here is the 12th annual Eric’s Tips Thanksgiving contest!

It’s a good thing to express your gratitude for what you’re thankful for. In fact, it’s been shown to have health benefits.

So once again, we are going to do a group exercise to demonstrate our thankfulness.

All you have to do is post a comment below saying something you’re thankful for… and I want to do it differently this year by limiting your response to no more than THREE WORDS.

(It’s not that I don’t want to read longer comments. I like comments, in fact I just noticed that I have manually approved over 38,000 comments on this site.)

We’ve just been doing this so long, I figure it would be fun to change it up a little. Sometimes it’s difficult to boil your thankfulness down to just a few words. It could be three different things like: Faith, food, family. Or it could be a three word phrase like: Thankful for family.

I’m NOT going to disqualify entries that are more or less than three words, but let’s try to keep it to three because I think it will be fun for all of you to be able to skim through all the responses quickly.

In a few days, I will choose 10 comments at RANDOM, and will send $20 via Paypal to each to those 10 people! It’s a small way for me to share a bit of the harvest. I will also announce the winners here on this post, as usual.

If you need examples or inspiration feel free to check out any of the previous years.

Here’s a picture of my family taken this past month on our property here in Colorado:

We normally would have taken the photo with hills or mountains in the background, but it was VERY windy the day of the photo shoot, so we ducked into a small ravine that runs through our property!

I’m thankful for: God and family

Please post a comment below and let us know in 3 words what you’re thankful for 🙂

Have a great day and a happy Thanksgiving!

NOTE: As usual I will be periodically be approving comments just a few times a day, so don’t be worried if yours doesn’t show up right away.

209 comments on “Happy Thanksgiving 2019!

  1. Dennis

    Gratitude, Perseverance, Success

    1. Eric Hook

      Family, Inspiration, Life

  2. Jared

    Love, Life, and God.

  3. Dave C

    God, Family, Shelter

  4. Barney Greenway

    Live, Laugh, Love!

  5. Johan

    Thanks for kindness!

  6. keith minor

    Health, Family, & Freedom

  7. Mark

    Appreciation Grateful Thankful

  8. Julius Dahne

    Thanks for the gifts!

  9. Richard

    Saved by Grace.

  10. Austin

    Thankful for hope.

  11. Rich DeMarco

    Gods Unfailing Love

  12. Shandee Niswander

    Friends and Community

  13. Steve Lincoln

    Life, liberty, Levin

  14. Arthur Kerr-Sheppard

    For His Grace

  15. Michael Scalzo

    The Father, Son and Holy Ghost!

  16. paul kappel

    Heart, Light, Love.

  17. Zetta Williams

    Family, friends, memories!

  18. Zhanna

    Hello Eric,

    Thanksgiving you and your family for your advice, gifts and training.
    I wish your family health and happiness.

  19. eric chin

    alive and healthy

  20. Manuel Muniz

    My Savior and my church.

  21. Victor

    Life, family, understanding

  22. John

    Friends, Food, Shelter

  23. Pat

    God’s amazing grace

  24. Brent Marking

    God, Health, Family

  25. Natalie Tolliday

    Living in democracy

  26. Ross A Myers

    Love, Family, and Healh.

  27. Michael Gaumer

    All The(e) Above…

  28. Samuel Ameyaw

    People Like You

  29. Edward A Brooks

    I am thankful for children, grandchildren, greatgrandchildren

  30. Lorena Velasco

    Thanks for the water, for having other humans around and for the health.

  31. Wapang

    Thankful to Jesus, Family and Friends.

  32. Tabitha Lopez

    Thank you ! happy thanksgiving to you and all your loved ones as well. I am thankful for family and being able to have that family to share a thanksgiving meal with. As i am aware that there are many in this world that do not have the warmth of a family. And for that i am extra greatful for what i have.God bless!



  34. Mike Peters

    Grateful for everything!

  35. Michael Sweeney Shvedov

    Wife and children.


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